Episode 1: New Beginnings, Part II

Jun 14 2003, 03:53 PM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Bridge

Halliwell looked at Tanik as he followed the captain, "Good luck," she whispered softly to herself looking back down to the console, Things aren't looking up she thought.

She watched the sensors carefully, "still got em," she whispered partly to herself and partly to the rest of the crew. Sith shifted slightly and his hands twitched over the keys in anticipation, and ready for anything.

  "Engineering to the bridge," came a voice over the comm.

Halliwell looked at Sith, then back to the comm, she pressed the button on her console, "Bridge. Halliwell here."

  "Commander," came one of the voices, "It's ensign Taylor. We require some assistance down here."

"What do you need?"

  "We need Commander Tanik down here," he replied, she listened in, it sounded like extinguishers going off, "We've taken a great deal of damage."

"He's with the captain," she replied calmly as she could, "You'll have to deal with it as best you can."

  "There's something else..."

Halliwell shook her head, Always a bloody catch - "Go on."

  "One of the guys needs medical attention."

"Get him to sickbay," Halliwell said clearly, "Anything else."

  "That's just it," Taylor replied, "He's been knocked out and none of the medics to know what to do."

"Call the doctor then," Halliwell suggested drumming her fingers along the console.

  "You left him back at the base."

She looked up to Sith and got out of her seat, "I'll be right down there."

"Ma'am?" Sith asked.

"Can you do me a favour Lieutenant?"

He nodded slightly.

"Keep on eye on these sensors," she said walking quickly over to the turbolift.

"Where are you going?"

"Engineering," and with that she disappeared.


Halliwell stepped out and looked round, her hand flew to her mouth.

Taylor ran over to her, "Commander," he said motioning for her to follow him. She looked to the crewman on the floor. She knelt down and felt his pulse.

It was steady.

She looked up to Taylor, "What happened?"

"He was working in this section when one of the conduits blew," he replied.

She nodded checking his face, "He has severe burn," Halliwell commented, "We need to get him up to sickbay quickly."

"Yes ma'am."


Taylor and one of the other ensigns carried him into sickbay. Halliwell ran straight over to the desk looking at all the medicines she required, "What's name?"

"Crewman Dwyer, Michael."

Halliwell quickly gained access to the logs, she quickly found his name, she had to check to see if had any medical conditions or allergies, he didn't. She carried on searching for what she needed.

"Oh my god," Taylor shouted.

Halliwell turned back to him and looked to Dwyer, "Don't hold him down," she replied quickly filling the hypo-spray and running over to them, "He's having a fit," he looked up to her blankly, "It's just the shock," she held up the hypo-spray and put it in his neck, he quickly stopped, Taylor looked up to her and smiled, "He's stabilizing."

A female ran in, an ensign, "Commander Halliwell?"


"I'm Ensign Gillian Sadler, I've come to assist you."

"You a medic?"

"I am a nurse, yes," she replied looking at Dwyer, "What's wrong with him?"

"The burns are no concern of mine," Halliwell replied, "I think that he took a blow to the head when he fell and he's been fitting, he appears to be in a state of shock."

She ran over to the doors, "Commander, where are you going?"

"I'm needed back on the bridge," she looked at the hypo-spray in her hand and through it to her, "If he starts again, use 2cc's of Delactovine," she ran off to the turbolift.
Jun 14 2003, 04:26 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - U.S.S. Domtar
  Security Officers Log - Supplemental

"The Domtar has been attacked by an unidentified ship. We were unable to locate the ship, and I believe their cloaking technology to be superior to anything we have encountered before. We suspect that the ship was Romulan, but we cannot be sure of anything at this point. Systems across the ship are failing, and we have received casualty reports from every deck. All weapons are offline at the moment, so we are dead in the water, waiting for the enemy to strike. I fear that should the enemy attack again, we will be unable to fight, forcing us to die dishonorable deaths. We must do all we can to defend ourselves until we are rescued, and the Domtar's chief engineer is hard at work as we speak, attempting to restore systems, but things do not look good.

Additionally, the Captain of the
Domtar is missing. His life signs are not appearing anywhere on the ship, but no body has been found, so I have no choice but to conclude that he was captured by the enemy when our shields failed. We are unable to scan the enemy ship because of their superior cloaking device.

Life Support is failing, and we can not survive for any length of time if someone from
Starbase 001 does not come to find us soon."
Jun 14 2003, 06:02 PM

Lieutenant Commander Tanik - Captain's Ready Room

"Why the hell did you hold that information back until we were out on the
field?! If you told us beforehand, we could have-"

"Done what?" Tanik finished his sentence with another question.

Major took a breath and calmed down a little, "It just makes me wonder -
what else do you know that could help us that you aren't telling?"

"A lot. However, I'd be breaking my orders to tell you. In fact, I already have broken them with that tachyon business," Tanik replied.

"What? Who's order's?" Major asked incredulously.

"A rather unpleasant Starfleet intelligence officer... I think his name was...
Hardgrove. He's a Fleet Captain. I also believe he is assigned to the

Major stood there, his mouth practically gaping.

Tanik seemed surprised, "You did not know this?"

"Tom and I need to have a little chat... intelligence sneaking around my
station..." Major shuddered. "Anyway, I need to know what you know
about this. I don't care if this... intelligence officer told you not to."

"That probably would be prudent. However, I don't think you're going to
like it."

"What's to like?"

Tanik chuckled. "I was once stationed on a prototype warbird in the Old
Neutral Zone, when I was in the Imperial Navy. We would proceed under
cloak and use a paralysis field to disable Federation starships that ventured
too far into the Neutral Zone. We would then abduct the crew and..." Tanik
paused, "... perform experiments on them."

Major's eye's widened, "What kinds of 'experiments'?"

"Biological and chemical."

There was an eerie silence.

Tanik broke it, "In fact, that is why I and the others defected."

Major looked back at him.

Tanik continued, "We were once a great empire. A long time ago. But then
we became obsessed with... stealth... and subterfuge. I refuse to be a part
of an empire that advocates cowardice above all else," Tanik looked sad.
"But, the Federation stands up for it's ideals. It never breaks them," Tanik
said, almost proudly.

Major turned away from the window he was staring out of.
"If there is anything else?"

"Not right now, sir."

"Dismissed, Commander."

"Aye, sir." As Tanik turned around, he said to himself, "A long time ago..."
He sighed sadly to himself.

Then, It seemed as if inspiration had taken a skillet and knocked him upside
the head with it. "A long time ago!"

Major turned around, startled. "What is it, commander?"

"Well, sir, we won't be able to keep them on sensors for very long."

"Yes, I know that."

"But, we can still do a passive scan for impulse engine exhaust. It would only
show up on an impulse turn, however."

"Okay... what are you getting at?"

"There should be a comet, Icarus IV, nearby."

Enlightenment dawned across Major's features, "I see! James T. Kirk!"

"Yes, Captain. You know your history, sir."

"We could herd them up through the comet - it would make them visible!
Get down to your engine room, commander! We need Warp asap!"

"Aye, sir."
Jun 15 2003, 09:27 AM

Lieutenant JG T'Kila - U.S.S. Domtar
  Science Officer's Log - Supplemental

"Our ship was recently attacked by an unidentified vessel. Security chief K'Rak believes that it may have been Romulan, but he is not sure at this time. Life support is failing, and we have determined that the Captain is no longer onboard the ship.

We have determined that the hull of the
Domtar is intact and undamaged, but all systems across the ship are failing. We only have approximately 6 hours left until we run out of life support.

I believe that our attackers used some sort of advanced weapon to damage our systems without affecting the structural integrity of the ship."
Jun 15 2003, 12:40 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Bridge

The Pollux drifted in space, on a slow rotating axis, venting plasma. "In about half an hour we'll be out of transporter range of the Domtar." Sith checked the Helm.

Captain Major had just entered the Bridge before Halliwell. "We have a plan for the Romulans, but not the Domtar."

Commander Halliwell went over to the Console and conducted a multi-phasic scan of the Domtar. "Some kind of energy dampening weapon scattered all the Federation technology. It's also blocking any scans for lifesigns."

Sith turned around thinking, "It's possible that same weapon was used on our Nacelle earlier."

Halliwell nodded, "Either the Romulans think the Pollux has been affected by the weapon, or the Pollux actually has been affected by the weapon and it just hasn't kicked in yet."

The Captain knew he needed to get around this, fast. "There has to be a way to neutralize the effects. Is there anyway to correlate the data of the damage to the our Nacelle with the data to the Systems of the Domtar?"

Halliwell glanced to to the side in thought, "Perhaps."

"We'd have to be on the Domtar." Sith thought out loud.

Captain Major nodded. "Take an Away Team to the Domtar. I want that Ship online." He went over to a console to view an update from Tanik in Engineering. "In the meantime, we have some Romulans to take care of..."

USS Domtar - Deck 14

An Away Team including Sith beamed into one of the Hallways of the Domtar. It was empty and dark, with defective lights flickering the distance. "Sorry, this was the best I could do." Someone remarked.

The Team split up to get to work on the Systems. Sith nodded to them and turned to go down two dark hallways, finding an Operations Console barely online. He accessed it and placed a power device next to the panel.

"Click! Click! ...Chrip." Sith's 'shoulder angel', Zeta, scurried around.

"Not now Zeta! ...I have to get this working." Bringing your pet Android Spider along an Official Away Mission; great idea.

"Chrip! ...Click, click!" Zeta stood off of Sith's forearm, alert.

"What Zeta!?" Sith yelled, annoyed. "What's your problem?"

Sith heard a noise and turned his head to the right. Out from the shadows of the dark corridor emerged a Romulan. The Romulan stared right at Sith, not intending on letting him get away...
Jun 16 2003, 01:44 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - U.S.S. Domtar, Armory

Security Chief K'Rak entered the Armory, intending to check the status of the ships weapons. He found phasers scattered all around the floor. After testing them, he determined that none of the weapons in the armory were operational. He bellowed a curse in Klingon, and touched his communicator.

"K'Rak to bridge."

There was no response.

"K'Rak to the bridge," he said more urgently.

Still, there was silence from the bridge.

K'Rak walked to the turbolift, only to find that it too was not operational. "****!" he yelled, heading for the nearest Jeffries tube.

I must get to the bridge and find out what in the name of Kahless is going on here, he thought.

He was startled by the sound of disruptor shots coming from behind him. Whipping around, he pulled out his phaser instinctively, cursing to himself when he remembered that it wasn't working.

Must've been that cowardly weapon the Romulans used to disable us, he thought with contempt.

He dove into the Jeffries tube next to him, slamming the grate closed behind himself. As he crawled as fast as possible through the tube, he heard the enemies footsteps as he approached the tube...
Captain Archer
Jun 16 2003, 02:54 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-In His Office

Michael sat alone in his office staring out the window, wondering what the Admiral had in mind. He said he would meet him here in a few hours to discuss his plans, but what could it be.

Just then the comm went off.

  "Incoming subspace transmission."

"Route to monitor" Michael told the computer. The black screen was soon filled with the lovely face of his long time friend Jen, from Earth.

  "Michael, I heard you were back in the area, how are you?" she asked.

"I've been better to tell you the truth." He looked into her eyes and so wanted to tell her that he loved her but just couldn't work up the courage.

  "I've been wanting to talk to you in person, would it be alright if I came aboard the station?" Jen asked.

Michael's heart stopped "Sure, uhh, how is tomorrow for you? We can have lunch."

  "Great." she said "I'll see ya tomorrow then Michael."

The screen went black again, he turned back toward the viewport and began speculating about what she wanted, just then the door chimed.

"Come." Michael yelled out.

"Michael, we have some things to discuss, but before I do, I need to know I can count on you, no matter what." Admiral Garrison started talking before the door shut.

"Sure thing Tom, what's on your mind?" Michael asked inquisitively

"...Saving the Federation from making a big mistake."

Michael arched up in his chair and motioned for the Admiral to have a seat.
Jun 16 2003, 03:54 PM

Lieutenant JG T'Kila - U.S.S. Domtar

T'Kila sat in the Captain's chair on the Bridge, being the only senior officer there. The only other person was the helmsmen, a young Ensign named Limestone. Security Chief K'Rak should be back by now, she thought worriedly.

He had left for the Armory about fifteen minutes ago to check if their weapons were working, and he still had not returned. T'Kila pressed her communicator. "Bridge to Lieutenant Commander K'Rak." she said.

There was no response.

"K'Rak, please respond."

Still nothing.

"I am going to the Armory. You have the Bridge, Ensign," she informed Limestone. She tried the turbolift, but it wouldn't open. Before she had a chance to react, several Romulans beamed onto the Bridge.

"S***!!!" yelled Limestone. "Romulans."

T'Kila turned around. One of them shot Limestone, who immediately slumped to the ground. Then all of them headed after her. She tried to defend herself, but even being a martial arts expert she was no match for four Romulans.

Two of them grabbed her by the arms, and another one held up a pistol to the back of her head. "Follow me!" Barked the final one.

Secret Room

To T'Kila's amazement, the Romulan who appeared to be the leader opened the Turbolift with no trouble at all. "Deck 8." he said.

They arrived very quickly, and they started walking down the corridor.

"Where are you taking me?" T'Kila asked.

"Shut up" the one with the pistol said. "You will find out soon enough."

The Romulan leader led them into a room which was vacant quarters. They shoved her down into a seat. Then the leader spoke. "T'Kila." he said. "I need some help, and I think you are just the person to give it to me." He gave her an evil smile.

"What kind of help are you looking for?" T'Kila asked neutrally.

He smiled again. "The Federation is growing weak. My followers and I are set to take over it very soon. However, we cannot do it without the help of a few... friends... that are members."

"So you want me to spy for you?" T'Kila asked him.

"Exactly. We have more important jobs that need doing also, but as you know, you are not one of Starfleet's most trusted members." he smirked at that. T'Kila looked down, remembering with guilt that incident so long ago. "Ah, I can see you still feel bad about that. But they had no right to demote you! It was an accident! You don't owe Starfleet anything. This is your chance to get back at them for what they did to you."

"What happened was my fault. I have no reason to be angry with the Federation."

"No? Well, if you don't agree to help me, I will have to kill you. I cant risk this information getting out. So which will it be?"

"If those are my options, I guess you will have to kill me."
Jun 17 2003, 09:14 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - U.S.S. Domtar

K'Rak ran through the Jeffries tube, plotting a course of actions. He climbed the ladder to Deck 8, where the guest quarters were. He entered his quarters, and removed from the wall a ceremonial bat'leth from the 24th century. It would have to do, since all of the phasers were out of order. The next course of action was to locate the other members of the crew. He stepped carefully over several dead bodies lying in the hall outside his room.

Suddenly, from down the corridor, he heard muffled conversation. The voices sounded Romulan. Cautiously, with bat'leth in hand, he walked toward the room the voices were originating from, only to find it locked. Taking a step back, he prepared to knock down the door....
Jun 17 2003, 09:34 AM

Lieutenant JG T'Kila - U.S.S. Domtar, Secret Room

The Romulan leader grabbed T'Kila by the neck and jerked her up. "Listen here, you little..."

T'Kila kicked in the... important area, really hard. He howled with pain and stumbled backwards. Two of the others advanced towards her. She whirled around and kicked one of them on the face, but the other one managed to grab her and shove her down on the ground.

The other one pointed the disruptor at her again. "One last chance to change your mind," he told her.

She just glared at him. Suddenly they heard some loud thumping noises on the door, and it collapsed. In charged the heroic K'Rak.

He gave a loud warriors cry and ran towards the one with the disruptor. He sliced his head off in one clean jerk. The leader stood up, not hurting as bad anymore. He pointed his disruptor at K'Rak but before he could fire K'Rak chopped off his head too. The one on top of T'Kila stood up to fight K'Rak. He dodged K'Rak's blows and pulled out a long sword. Unnoticed, T'Kila snuck up behind him. She kicked him on his lower back, and when he turned around she did a nerve pinch on him. He fell to the floor unconscious.
Jun 17 2003, 03:10 PM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~U.S.S Domtar ~ Deck 13

Halliwell after successfully convincing the captain, she walked carefully along deck 13 on the Domtar, armed with her trusty weapon and a tricorder. She looked to the two ensigns with her. They both looked as nervous as herself.

She shook her head and looked down to the tricorder, "Oh dear," she whispered. "Romulans," she whispered and looked round, "This way," she said running down the small corridor. She looked back round the corner as two walked straight past, she looked down to the tricorder, "There's some bio-signs here," she whispered, "Three, all very faint."

  She walked toward them, focusing hard on it, she turned a corner here and a corner there, "Sith to Halliwell."

Halliwell tapped her comm badge, "Go ahead."

  "Better watch your step," he replied, "There are Romulans wondering about like they own the place," she couldn't stop herself from smiling at the figure of speech he used.

"I know, two just went by," she whispered, "Have you found T'Kila and K'Rak yet??"

  "Negative," Sith answered sadly, "I'm doing the best I can. We're currently searching deck 14, no sign of anyone alive, Commander?"

"We're searching 13, I've located three bio-signs, very weak but they may have a chance."

  "Understood, be careful commander," he replied.

Halliwell nodded, "You too, Halliwell out."

She looked down to the tricorder, "Should be just behind this hatch," she looked at it, it didn't open for them, she looked at it and sighed heavily, "Stupid thing," she muttered.

"Pardon me Ma'am but if we just..." he watched as Halliwell aimed her weapon at the console and shot at it, she looked to him, "What? Time is of the essence."

She stepped in and ran over to the injured crewmen, she went to the first one and took his pulse, she shook her head sadly before running off to the next time.

A young woman and she went over to the final one, "He's alive," she said.


She looked down at him, "Rob?"

"Last time I checked," he replied and she nodded sadly.

"What happened?"

A shot fired, then another one. She looked behind her at the hatch and the two Romulans stood there, "Stay where you are!"

Halliwell looked to the ensigns who were with her, they were on the floor, she looked from them to Robert and picked up the phase pistol and fired at the two. She hit one then ran behind one of the containers as he fired, he smiled and took aim at Robert, she stood up to shot but she was too late. She looked on in horror as her friend died instantly, she felt tears well up in her eyes and glared at the Romulan as she pulled the trigger. She stood there looking at them, all dead.


"Sith to Halliwell."

He looked around confused, "Commander come in," he replied a slight panic in his voice, "Do you copy?"

Sith feared the worse for the first officer.
Jun 17 2003, 05:12 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Deck 14

He stood in the hallway, catching his breath from kicking that Romulan's ass. The Romulan lied unconscious on the floor, as blood dripped off his lip.

Zeta hibernated on Sith's shoulder as Sith made a run for it. He leaped over a broken container and clung onto a ladder that led up to Deck 13.

USS Domtar - Deck 13

Sith climbed to Deck 13 and turned a corridor. He stopped at the sight of Commander Halliwell in great distress. Her forehead was sweating as she was frozen in emotion but tapping at a console frantically. She was deactivating primary precaution commands. "Computer, initiate Emergency Self-Destruct. Authorization to be encoded."

Ensign Carley stood there, with a smoking phaser rifle. "Lieutenant! You have to stop her! I came in here and phasered a Romulan that was fighting her, and then she started talking about destroying the Domtar!"

Sith stepped over the dead bodies on the floor and approached his Commander, examining her facial expression, in confusion.

"We have to destroy the Ship... it's the only way to put a stop to these Romulans!" She continued tapping at the panels. A few working Red Alert lights pulsated in the background. The alert sound was in-operational on this Deck.

"Commander! You can't destroy the Domtar!" He shook her.

"They're all dead--- those Romulans did this... and Rob is--" She cried as she let go of the panel.

"There are still crew onboard! We're going to find them and get this Ship online!"

Halliwell shoved Sith away and went back to her console. She moved a few shapes around and tapped at them. "It's impossible! They're all dead."

Sith looked to the side. What if she was right? In the past, the USS Vitality was forced to destroy a Federation Science Post when the territory was claimed by Cardassians... This just helps to prove the Alliance stops at nothing.

"Lieutenant! You're not going to just let her destroy the Domtar!?" Carley yelled.

"Quiet Ensign, that's an order!" He grabbed Commander Halliwell's shoulder. "We can't do this. We have orders from Captain Major to---"

Halliwell knocked Sith's arm away. Sith brought it back over and pulled her away from the station. "Stop! We have to do this!" She went to push Sith, but Sith quickly arched his arms between hers and knocked them to the side.

Cloaked Romulan Chaltok Class Warbird

"What is happening to the Invasion Team? We haven't heard from the Tal Shiar Squad yet!" The Commander was upset.

"They are probably convincing Lieutenant T'Kila as we speak..." The Commander's Lacky reassured. "If that is unsuccessful we can always use the remaining crew survivors for... well, the Science Department would be an accurate claim." He stretched an unsettling smile.

USS Domtar - Deck 13

Sith blocked a swing from Halliwell. She cried. Carley quickly pulled up his rifle and phasered her. Halliwell fell unconscious in Sith's arms. "Ensign!!" Sith yelled in shock.

Carley went over to the console to deactivate the Self Destruct. He knew what she did to get it online and could reverse it. "You know that had to be done!"

Sith slowly laid Halliwell to the floor, glancing at her. He felt really bad for whatever was troubling her. "Err... thanks."

Carley moved a few shapes around. "No problem. You did the same for me at the Bolian Bar on Starbase 001 earlier."

Halliwell lied unconscious as Sith checked her pulse. She was okay. "I think I know how to stop the effects of that weapon." Sith said, recalling his scans of the Domtar's systems.
Jun 17 2003, 07:13 PM

Lieutenant JG T'Kila - USS Domtar, Deck 9

T'Kila and K'Rak ran down the corridor as fast as they could. As they went, they passed several bodies of dead crewmembers, but they found none alive. They came to the turbolift.

"Please be working." T'Kila muttered as they walked up to it. Tada - the doors opened automatically. "Yes!!" she exclaimed.

They got off at Deck 10. T'Kila scanned for biosigns, but nobody on the deck was alive. So they got back in the turbolift and went up to Deck 11. When they got off, they read 1 Human biosign, and 3 Romulans.

"The Romulans are on the other side." T'Kila stated. "I believe we can get to the crewman without being caught."

K'Rak nodded in agreement. When they found the human, he was lying on the floor groaning in pain. He had blood dripping out of his mouth, and he looked like he had been punched on the face several times.

"Ensign, are you alright?" T'Kila asked, kneeling down beside him.

"My head..." he whispered. "The Romulans came."

"We know. You need medical attention immediately. Lieutinant Commander K'Rak will assist you to Sickbay." she turned to K'Rak. "I will search Decks 12-14."

"Very well." he replied, and they headed in their separate directions.
Jun 18 2003, 09:22 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - U.S.S. Domtar

K'Rak looked at the carnage beneath their feet, and was proud of himself. I have fought honorably, and killed the dastardly Romulans.

K'Rak entered the turbolift pulling the wounded Ensign along behind him. "Sickbay" he told the turbolift. Perhaps, he thought, if the turbolifts are working, then the phasers are now working too... K'Rak did not have a phaser with him, but he reached down to the now unconscious Ensign, and removed the phaser from his belt. Setting the phaser to stun, he aimed it at the wall and fired. The wall of the turbolift glowed red, and K'Rak holstered the phaser.

The turbolift doors opened in front of sickbay, and K'Rak hauled the Ensign out. He was relieved to find that the doors to sickbay were now operational. However, he feared the worst as he entered Sickbay, and his fear was proven correct when he found the ships Chief Medical Officer Slumped over a table, a knife in the back of his neck. K'Rak set the Ensign down on the nearest biobed, and tapped his communicator.

"K'Rak to bridge" he said, but there was still no response. Everyone on the bridge must have been killed, he thought. He pulled a hypospray of anesthetic from the doctors table, and injected the Ensign, and then began the messy job of cleaning the Ensign's wounds.
Jun 18 2003, 12:10 PM

Lieutenant JG T'Kila - U.S.S. Domtar, Deck 12

T'Kila stepped off the turbolift and looked around. No sign of any Romulans. There was one human biosign on this deck, very faint. She headed towards it.

"T'Kila to K'Rak" she said, touching her communicator.

  "K'Rak here." came the reply.

"Sir, have you successfully reached Sickbay yet?"

  "Yes. The Doctor is dead. I am treating the Ensign's wounds."

"Very well. I will keep you posted on my progress. T'Kila out."

She was saddened to hear that Doctor Nixon had been killed. He was very nice, and him and T'Kila were starting to become friends. She came to the holodeck, where the life sign was. When she entered, she found a female Lieutenant lying on the floor.

Before T'Kila could even reach her, she stopped breathing and died. As T'Kila approached the body, she saw that the woman had gashes all over her body. Trying not to make a face, she quickly exited the room.
She had to quickly duck behind a bulkhead when she got back into the corridor, because a Romulan walked by.

As soon as they were past, she hurried to the turbolift to go up to Deck 13. She found nobody, dead or alive, on Decks 13 or 14. She reported this to K'Rak.

  "Meet me in Sickbay." he commanded. She agreed, and down to Sickbay she went.
Jun 18 2003, 01:38 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - outside Sickbay

Sith carried Halliwell down a corridor towards Sickbay. He stopped in his tracks as he faced two Romulans, holding disrupters. The floors of this Deck were horibly littered with dead Officers and Romulans. "...Oh crap."

Both Romulans fired thier disrupters, missing Sith as he kneeled quickly to the floor. Zeta leaped off of Sith's shoulder as Sith was letting Halliwell down. The robotic Spider spread its legs through the air and clung onto one of the Romulans' faces, taking that Romulan to the floor. - "Ugh!!"

The second Romulan fired again, but Sith dived over Halliwell and rolled closer. He stood up in the Romulans face and with great speed, force-palmed the Romulan in the chest. The Romulan was shoved back, letting go of his disrupter, but kept his footing. - "You pathetic Human!"

He stepped up to Sith, cornering Sith against the wall, but Sith quickly swung open a nearby upper optic plasma hatch and the hatch door hit the Romulan in the face. The Romulan punched Sith in the stomach. Sith opened a far hatch and that door swung open and hit the Romulan in his arm. Sith then double-jabbed the Romulan in the chest, then the face, and kicked the Romulan back.

The other Romulan got up, throwing Zeta off him as his friend fell into a collision. Both Romulans hit the floor clumsily. Zeta crawled up Sith's arm to watch the Romulan's reaction.
"Get off me!"

Sith kneeled and rolled over, grabbing the fallen disrupter and shot twice at each Romulan, knocking them out. Sith then got up slowly to bring Halliwell into Sickbay.
Jun 18 2003, 01:46 PM

Lieutenant JG T'Kila - USS Domtar, Sickbay

T'Kila and K'Rak turned around as the Sickbay doors opened. They instinctively drew they phasers and aimed. T'Kila relaxed when she saw that it was not Romulans.

A man wearing a Starfleet uniform carrying a woman stepped forward, "Lieutenant Rune Sith, of Starbase 001," he said.

"Lieutenant T'Kila of the U.S.S. Domtar. May I presume that members from Starbase 001 are here to find us?"

"Yes, that is correct. We need to find everyone who is alive on the ship and get off here right away."

"We are the only survivors" she replied, motioning to herself, K'Rak, the wounded Ensign, and two other people. "We have checked the entire ship."

"We should beam out immediately." K'Rak stated.

Sith contacted to Pollux, and all of them gathered around to prepare to beam out.
Jun 18 2003, 02:06 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Sickbay

  *We've drifted out of transporter range. The Pollux's engines aren't online yet.* Captain Major replied over the comm before he cut it out.

"Crap!" Sith replied. He placed Halliwell on a biobed. K'Rak walked over and Sith nodded to him. "Commander. I spoke to you last week."

"Yes," K'Rak replied. "We must get Commander Halliwell conscious." He went over to get a hypospray.

"I just remembered, Ensign Carley is still onboard. We found a way to get what's left of a few Systems online." Sith said.

"What if we get the Engine's online? We can move ourselves into transporter range of the Pollux." T'Kila suggested.

Halliwell sat up. "...Agreed."

"We'd have to get to Engineering then." Sith explained.

"Let's proceed with it, and get out of this bloody nightmare." Halliwell suggested, her head being somewhat clearer.

K'Rak and Sith helped her to her feet. "Are you alright, Commander?" Sith asked, concerned, as everyone headed for the doors.

"I don't know..." She searched her memory and feelings for what happened earlier. "Thanks, but go on. I'm right behind you."

Sith nodded, "Alright. Take it easy, Commander. --Come on, Zeta." He turned and headed for the doors as well.

"Click-- click."
Jun 18 2003, 02:14 PM

Lt. JG T'Kila - USS Domtar, a Corridor

T'Kila, K'Rak, Sith, and the three Ensigns strode quickly down the corridor. Due to her excellent Vulcan hearing, T'Kila was able to discern that Commander Halliwell was not behind them. She turned around, and when the others saw this, they stopped.

"Commander Halliwell must still be in Sickbay. I will go to assist her." T'Kila said.

"Be careful." Sith cautioned.

T'Kila hurriedly walked back to Sickbay. Suddenly she heard someone walking beside her. She turned around and punched them before she even saw who it was. Fortunatley for her, it was a Romulan. He stood up and charged at her.

"I will not let you get away with this information!!" he cried. He tackled her. She managed to roll over to where she was on top of him, but as soon as she stood up, he shot her. oops.
Jun 18 2003, 02:26 PM

Lieutenant Commander Tanik - Pollux Bridge

Tanik walked out of the turbolift to the bridge. "Engines are fully operational,

Major turned, "Good work, Commander-"

The comm officer interrupted him, "Sir, we are getting a message from the away team. They wish to beam up immediately."

Major looked relieved and hit a comm panel, "Transporter chief, lock onto the away team and beam them up now."

"Aye, sir," the chief responded.

As soon as that was said, the Romulan Warbird decloaked.

"Oh, crap." Major hit the comm panel again, "Do you have them?!"

"Yes, sir. However, it was rather difficult. It was as if someone was trying to snatch them away at the last moment."

"Understood," Major terminated the channel quickly. "Red alert!"
The klaxons sounded. Major walked over to Tanik, "They were right on top of us. Why didn't we detect them?"

"I don't know, sir. It appears that they have adapted their cloak to be undetectable with at tachyon scan," Tanik replied. "Mind you, that if they went through the trouble of upgrading their cloak, we probably will not be able to detect impulse maneuvers. We'll have to come up with another plan."

"****. Well, they are very visible right now," Major looked at the viewer,
thoughtfully, "What are they waiting for?"

The Warbird was just sitting there.

Tanik answered, "They could be thinking over their next move. This may be our chance."
Jun 18 2003, 02:51 PM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Pollux

Halliwell sat up and looked round her, she looked next to her and saw a Vulcan, she recognized her as Lt. JG T'Kila, she crawled over to her and checked her pulse, it was steady, she looked round again and everyone else had disappeared, presumingly to their stations.

She looked at the chief, "Get her to sickbay," she replied getting up slowly and looking concerned, "It shouldn't take her too long to wake up." He nodded and tapped his comm badge.

Halliwell stood up and lent onto the wall, she felt like she had a hangover, strange she wondered what had happened to her as she walked over towards the nearest turbolift, she got in and looked round, That light's bright - "Bridge."

Major turned round as Halliwell walked in, "Nice of you to finally join us Commander," he replied turning back to Tanik, she quickly walked next to him and stood there, he looked to her, more like glared, he was going to have to have a little word with her later.

Sith looked over to her from her position, "T'Kila's injured," Halliwell finally said looking round "No damage done though," she grabbed her head and shook it.

"I feel terrible."

Major looked briefly at her, "That's cause you were shot."

"Wha..." she replied.
Jun 18 2003, 05:27 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - U.S.S. Pollux - Bridge

During the transport, K'Rak had felt an odd tugging sensation, like he was being pulled in two directions at once. that was... odd.. , he thought to himself, and made a note to find out what had happened. He carried with him his now usable phaser, and the bat'leth from his quarters. He was most happy that he had had the opportunity to use this revered Klingon weapon, especially against an enemy so vile as the Romulans. On this day, his honor had been preserved.

The Captain of the Pollux approached him.

"Captain David Major," he said, hand extended. K'Rak reached out to shake his hand.

"I am Lieutenant Commander K'Rak, it is an honor to meet you sir."

"Commander, give me a status report," said Major.

"Sir; our internal scanners indicated that the Domtar was boarded by 8 Romulans. 5 of them are confirmed dead, and one has been brought here as a captive, after being disabled by Lieutenant T'Kila. The other 2 are believed to still be on the Domtar. Only 5 of us survived and were able to escape. The ship's Chief Medical Officer is dead, and the Captain has dissapeared. I believe he has been captured by the Romulans."

"What would the Romulans want with him?" mused Major.

"Sir, the most likely assumption is that he will be used as a hostage. However, there are ...rumors... that the Romulans have been capturing humans to use in scientific experiments. Guinea Pigs, if you will. I believe this may be the reason why our ship was left intact structurally when they boarded. It may be that they wanted the crew for these experiments. "

"Dear God," said Major, "What kind of sickos would do that kind of thing?"

K'Rak's face was grim. "Romulans sir, Romulans"
Jun 18 2003, 05:50 PM

Lt. JG T'Kila - USS Pollux, Sickbay

T'Kila slowly opened her eyes. It was dark in there, wherever she was.
"Nice to see you awake, Lieutenant." an unfamiliar voice said.

T'Kila spoke, but her head throbbed when she did. "I told you..." she whispered..."I told you I wont do it."

"Erm, Lieutenant, you are on the Pollux. I am Medic Antley."

"Oh." she muttered. She tried to sit up, and after a moment was successful. "I... cannot see very well."

"Yes, that is one of the effects of the weapon that was used on you. You should regain full sight in a few minutes."


"Would you like something to help your pain?" he asked her.

"Yes, please, that would be very nice."

He gave her a hypospray and after a moment her head didn't hurt anymore. A few minutes later, she could see just fine.

"I need to get to the bridge." she said.

"Ok, that's fine. But if you feel any pain or experience any odd symptoms, let me know immediately."

"Of course." She nodded at him and left Sickbay, headed to the Bridge.
Jun 18 2003, 07:00 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Bridge

Sith walked by just as K'Rak stopped him. "Lieutenant." Sith stopped. "When we get back to Starbase 001, we will go over station security protocols."

Sith nodded and smiled, "Just wait 'till you see how big that station is."

He left K'Rak and went over to the Helm which was abandoned. Sith scanned space for a second and picked up some strange readings. "Captain, the Romulan ship is positioning themselves closer to us..."

Out in space, the Chaltok Class Warbird moves to an angle above the Pollux, it powers its quantum disrupters.