Episode 1: New Beginnings, Part III

Jun 19 2003, 06:12 AM

Lt. JG T'Kila - On the bridge

Captain Major turned around as T'Kila entered the bridge.

"You must be Lt T'Kila" he said. "I am Captain Major."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Captain."

"There is a Romulan Warbird, and they are positioning themselves closer to us."

T'Kila nodded in acknowledgement and headed to her station.

"Sir, I recommend that we raise our shields." Lt. Commander K'Rak suggested.

"Agreed." said the Captain. Little did they know how little good shields would do them.

On the bridge of the Romulan ship

"Are weapons fully charged?" Captain Slevok asked.

"Yes, sir. They are raising their shields."

Slevok gave a long, evil laugh. "Those foolish humans. They truly have no idea what we can do."

He watched the tiny ship, the Pollux for a moment, trying to decide the most fun way to destroy it.
Jun 19 2003, 07:18 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Ambassador Larkin's Office, Starbase 001

Tom walked into the office, and sat down at the Ambassador's desk. He sat there for several moments, gathering his thoughts together, not saying anything. Larkin sat patiently, waiting for Tom to begin speaking.

"Before I say anything, I guess I should ask you this. Have you had any success?"

Larkin shook his head. "I've been blocked at every turn. Some have ignored my calls completely, some take them but say they are busy and must go after a minute, some just come right out and tell me that there is nothing they can do. I've gotten nowhere."

"Neither have I....." Tom looked past the Ambassador, staring out the window for a moment. Then he looked back to Michael, and opened his hand. In it was a data rod, similar to the one Hardgrove had given him earlier.

"I've obtained this data rod. How I got it isn't important, but I've got it. On it is a recording of a meeting between the head of Utopia Planitia, the head of San Francisco Shipyards, and a couple other top admirals. You would think that I, being the head of the entire fleet, would have been included. But.... apparently not. Now, this meeting discussed something that I doubt you know. The official Starfleet plan is that San Francisco Shipyards will increase production to combat the loss of Utopia Planitia. They won't cover the loss 100%, but the plan is for at least 50% of the duties of Utopia Planitia to be picked up by San Francisco. This still isn't enough, and if the Alliance attacked, we would lose. It would take awhile, but eventually the war would destroy our ships faster than San Francisco could build them. Now, that you already knew."

Larkin nodded.

"Here is what you don't know. San Francisco Shipyards recently had a computer malfunction, and Starfleet Command has decided to replace their entire computer core. This wasn't decided until after Utopia Planitia was scheduled to close, and Starfleet doesn't want to change their closing plans. So Utopia Planitia will close on schedule, but San Francisco will only be operating at 20% efficiency for the next 18 months."

Larkin's eyes widened in surprise. "If the Alliance finds this out....."

".... they will attack immediately, and we won't even last a month before the war ends. With no shipyards to produce new ships, there won't even be a war. There will be a massacre." Tom finished the Ambassador's thought.

Larkin sat there for several moments, processing this new information. "How exactly does Starfleet plan on keeping quiet, for 18 months, that they have almost no operating shipyards?"

"I wish I knew. I have not been given any information - I am not even supposed to know this!"

Larkin thought about his next words for a moment, then went ahead and spoke them. "I don't know what you are planning, but I get the impression it won't be legal. Before you even tell me what your idea is, before I am put in the position of either helping you or turning you in, I need to review that data rod. I need to see what is on it for myself, and also verify for myself that it is real."

Tom smiled. "I had a feeling you would say that." He set the rod down on the desk. "It's all yours. It isn't much use to me anymore, anyway. I already know what's on it, I've memorized every word spoken I've seen it so many times. Contact me when you've finished reviewing it, let me know what you decide."

Tom stood up, and walked to the door. Turning, he studied the face of Larkin. "I know I'm putting you in a difficult situation. You don't know what I'm planning, but it's no secret I'm asking for your help with something illegal. All I can do is promise you I'm doing this for the Federation."

He left the office, leaving Larkin sitting there.
Jun 19 2003, 07:48 AM

Lieutenant Commander Tanik - Bridge
  The Battle Begins  

"Captain, they have much more substantial firepower than us! Our advantage is our small size and maneuverability. If they get a lock on us, we will be destroyed," Tanik said, the urgency in his voice clear.

"Understood, Commander. Helm -" Major paused, Here we go, he thought
to himself. "Evasive manuevers."

"Aye, sir."

Bridge of Romulan Warbird

"They're powering up their impulse engines and commencing evasive maneuvers," an officer said.

The captain chuckled. "Good. Much more fun, wouldn't you say, Subcommander?"

The Subcommander hesitated for a second, "Aye, sir." He looked back at his screen. "They are swinging to port, sir."

"Rotate axis to conform with the starship's trajectory," the Commander barked.

"Aye, sir." The Subcommander looked at his display again. "Sir, they are too small and fast. This thing maneuvers like a pig, sir!" he quietly said to the Commander so that none of the others would hear.

"I know. I want them to think they have the upper hand. Eventually, however, they will overtake use and swing around the stern. I want you to power the aft Antimatter cannons."

The Subcommander looked enlightened, "Aye, sir," he said with the same stoic voice as before.

Pollux Bridge

"They are attempting to rotate to port, sir," Sith said.

"They don't want us to get to their stern," Major thought aloud. "Helm, give me everything we've got!"

Tanik raised his head, suddenly aware of the Romulan Commander's strategy. "No, sir! The only thing they have in their stern are the Planetary Antimatter Cannons. He wants you to think it is vulnerable by rotating away!"

They were almost all the way around. "Helm, full axis rotation to port, raise
elevation and take a hard turn to port!" He looked over to K'Rak. "Tactical,
prepare to fire all port phasers on my mark! Mark!"

The Pollux suddenly turned on its side and went up and over the Romulan vessel, its phasers blasting away while the Warbird's small but numerous point defense disruptors attempted to drive the Pollux off.

"We have finished our run. Minimal damage to the Warbird," K'Rak said,
obviously disappointed.

"What about damage to us?" the Captain asked.

"Shields at 93%, sir," K'Rak responded.

"Skimming the surface..." Major said to himself.

Bridge of Romulan Warbird

"They seem to have finished their run, sir. They are off to starboard, continuing away at 1/25 impulse power. Shields are at 96%, Commander," the Subcommander said, taking the ear receiver away from his ear.

"Impressive. I won't underestimate him again," Commander Slevok said, driven.
Jun 19 2003, 07:58 AM

Bridge of the USS Pollux

Suddenly the Warbird headed off at Warp speed. Captain Major looked around.

"I have the feeling they'll be back." he said.

"Probably with reinforcements, sir." Lt. Sith replied.

Major nodded. "We need a plan. Meeting in the briefing room in half an hour."

USS Pollux, Breifing room. (half an hour later.)

"Sir, I believe we should go back to Starbase 001 to drop off the injured crewmembers from the Domtar and get repairs, before we endeavor to go after the Romulan Warbird." T'Kila said.

"I agree." said K'Rak. "If there is more than one ship next time, we will not be able to prevail in a battle."

"That's what i was thinking." the Captain replied. "Does everyone agree?"
Everyone nodded.

"Very well then. Back to the Starbase we go."
Jun 19 2003, 08:31 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - U.S.S. Pollux - Docked with Starbase 001

K'Rak paced the bridge of the Pollux as it docked with the Starbase; wondering what could have been done to affect the outcome of their conflict with the Romulans. Eventually, he was forced to conclude that they had been at a disadvantage and were lucky to have escaped. In fact, it was likely that had it not been for the knowledge of Tanik, the Romulan engineer, they would have been destroyed. Perhaps he does deserve ...some... respect; even if he is a Romulan, he thought.

K'Rak approached the Captain. " Sir, I recommend that we put the station on Red Alert immediately. "

"Agreed." Major tapped his communicator. "All hands, this is the Captain. We are going to Red Alert. Man your stations and be prepared for my orders. " He tapped his communicator again. "Captain to the transporter room. Six to transport immediately to the bridge. "

"Aye, sir," said the Ensign in the transporter room, and K'Rak soon felt the familiar tingle of his molecules being torn apart one by one.
Jun 19 2003, 08:31 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ USS Pollux, Briefing room

Everyone walked out of the briefing room slowly, Halliwell stood up and turned to leave, "Commander Halliwell," she turned round slowly and looked at Major who was standing there with his arms folded and his voice sounded less friendly.

What is going on?
"Yes captain?"

He walked round to her and looked to her, "How you feeling now?"

"My headaches gone," she replied quietly, "You said I got shot."

He nodded and interrupted her, "That's correct." She looked at him in question, and he looked back up to her shaking her head, "Ensign Carey shot you."

"Why in the..." she began.

Major shot her a look, one that didn't register with her, "You were endangering the lives of all the people on that ship," she looked like she had no idea and she probably didn't, "You tried to blow it up, Sam. You rigged the thing to self-destruct."

Her hands flew to her mouth in utter shock, "I...I, I did?"

"Yes, you even fought back with Lieutenant Sith when he tried to stop you, Ensign Carley stunned you, you weren't very co-operative let's just say," she held her head down low, she felt very ashamed of what she heard and shook her head, "I can't believe I did a thing like that."

"Well," Major finally replied, "You did. You made a promise to me that you wouldn't do anything stupid, both back at the base and in this very room not hours ago," his voice was raised slightly, "I've got a good mind to take you back to the base and leave you there."

Halliwell folded her arms and looked back up to Major, "I'll accept anything you throw at me sir, I was out of line."

"I won't deny that," Major walked over to the window and looked out it for a moment, his back turned to her, "But I'm not going to," he turned back to her, "this is your last chance, this better not happen again, I don't want to lose you as First Officer but I will do what it takes to ensure the safety of the crew."

Halliwell nodded slowly to him, "Thank you," she whispered quietly and walked out.

She jumped when she saw T'Kila standing there, "Are you alright, Commander?"

"I'm fine thank you, how are you. You took a pretty bad hit," she replied as they walked down the corridor and T'Kila nodded to Halliwell, "I know, it's not as bad as other injuries I have sustained."

"Good to hear," Halliwell replied smiling.
Captain Archer
Jun 19 2003, 02:31 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Starbase Transporter Room

Michael stood in the transporter room waiting for Jen to materialize for their lunch, but his thoughts were far from meeting an old friend. He had every intention of viewing the data rod, but every time he went to put into the console, something inside him made him hesitate. Then he would pace his office floor until he thought he would wear a hole in the carpet.

Then he would be standing at the console again with the rod halfway into the computer, then he shoved it in. He had the computer analyze the data rod after he'd finally watched it. He thought that lunch with an old friend would help him pass the time while the computer finished the analysis.

A tap on the shoulder pulled him back into reality. He turned - "Michael, it's so good to see you again." Jen said giving him a big hug.

"Jen, my god it's been to long, you look great." Jen blushed a little, as did Michael, he had never said that kind of thing to her before. "Well shall we get something to eat?" Michael offered.

"Absolutely." she said with a smile.

The Deck

Michael pulled Jen's chair out for her, and motioned for her to sit. As she did he caught a whiff of her hair, it was intoxicating.

"So what's good to eat around here?" Jen asked.

Michael suddenly realized that he hadn't eaten any solid foods since he got here. "I'm not sure." Larkin said. "Let's check out the special."

They both accessed the menu's on the padd's. Michael found his thoughts again on the data rod until, "Michael, I need to tell you why I came here...I" Jen started to speak but was interrupted by the computer.

  "Ambassador Larkin, analysis complete."

Larkin nearly jumped out of his seat. "What's that all about?" Jen inquired.

"Jen I'm so sorry, I dragged you up to the Starbase and I have to cut our lunch short."

"It's okay Michael, just let me know when would be a good time to come back."

"Thank you for understanding." They both stood and hugged each other, then he proceeded to his office and she to the transporter room.

Outside Garrison's Office

Larkin reached up and tapped the control on Garrison's answer, he tapped again, same result. "Computer locate Admiral Garrison."

  "Admiral Garrison is in his office."

Larkin tried the bell again, still nothing. "Larkin to Security report to Admiral Garrison's office on the double." He waited for what seemed like hours, then the security men came down the hallway, "I need in this office, the computer says he's in their but he's not answering."

The tallest of the security officers tapped a few controls on the door and they all burst in.

Garrison was in his chair, slumped over his desk.

"Medical emergency in the Admiral's Office." Larkin yelled at the computer. "I want this office scrutinized, I want to know exactly what happened in here." Larkin told the security officer.

"No need Ambassador." Michael swung around at the sound of Tom' voice "I just fell asleep, I was exhausted."

Michael let out a sigh. "Thank god, I thought after what...." Michael stopped himself realizing that the security officer's were still their.

"Your dismissed." Garrison said to them. They walked out the door and stopped the medical team in the hallway, and they all turned out of the office and left. "I assume you've come to give me your answer Michael."

"Yes I have Admiral." Michael hesitated a moment, and said "I'm with you Admiral, we can't let this happen."

Garrison sighed in relief and then smiled "Excellent." he said

"So...what's next?" Larkin inquired.
Jun 19 2003, 02:47 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Starbase 001

K'Rak rolled his eyes inwardly after learning of the false alarm involving Admiral Garrison. Leave it to an ...Ambassador.. to make a mistake like that, he thought. K'Rak had always been distrustful of people who tried to negotiate their way out of situations, rather than taking the honorable road and slaying their enemies. Negotiation is for women and cowards he thought with a snort.

His thoughts were interrupted by the chirp of his communicator.

"Commander K'Rak, this is the Captain. Please report to my ready room for a debriefing."

"Yes sir, I am on my way." He hurried to the nearest turbolift. "Bridge." On the way, he prepared in his head to tell the Captain exactly what had happened.

When he entered the ready room, Major was sitting at his desk.

"Have a seat, Commander." K'Rak sat stiffly in the chair by the desk.

"Now, give me your account of what happened aboard the Domtar."

Slowly, K'Rak began to tell the Captain exactly what had occurred...
Jun 19 2003, 05:19 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - The Deck

People everywhere. Sith crossed his arms, and his right shin over his left foot as he leaned his upper back against the wall aside an open floor between restaurants. He faced his head down as his spikey hair pointed outward. He appeared to keep to himself, but in reality was aware of every persons movement around him. Decisions were being made upstairs.

The Deck was like an entirely separate world from everything else. Earlier he had witnessed the Ambassador eating with a friend at Resturant Alpha, a conversation between Ensign Lorenzo and Lieutenant T'Kila, and an alcohol-device malfunction at the Bolian Bar. But all he could think about was the Romulans... He wanted to kick some ass. He had enough of people pushing the Federation around. Enough.
Jun 20 2003, 01:43 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Captain's Ready Room

K'Rak began with the appearance of the Romulan Warbird.

"The ship appeared out of nowhere. We were unable to detect their cloaking device. They were traveling at 1/4 impulse speed, and we immediately tried to go to warp; the Domtar is not equipped to take on a Warbird. However, before we could go to warp, our ship was hit wath a ...wave... from the Romulan ship. The ship rocked, but was unharmed, physically anyways. Systems across the ship immediately began failing, and several crewmen died as a result. They suffered symptoms similar to a heart attack, but the doctor was unable to determine the cause of death before he was killed by the Romulan boarding party. I theorized that it was a carrier wave with a virus of sorts, that attacked biological and electronic systems. This would explain why the ship itself was intact, but people inside were killed.

After approximately 1 hour, the ship was boarded by a party of approximately 8 Romulans. They attempted to gain control of the ship, and took hostage Lt. T'Kila. I do not know what they wanted with her, but clearly they intended to kill her if she did not cooperate. We... disposed of these Romulans, and then proceeded to search the ship for the remaining Romulans. We found several crewmen, including the Chief Medical Officer, dead, most killed by Romulan disruptors. At approximately the same time, the rescue party from the Pollux arrived, and the 5 remaining survivors from the Domtar were brought back to the Pollux. We believe that 2 Romulans remained aboard the ship, but it is unlikely that they were able to survive without life support, and they were out of transporter range of the Romulan Warbird.

Also, the Captain of the Domtar has disappeared. We have confirmed that he is not on the ship, and he is not among the survivors. The only logical assumption is that he was abducted by the Romulans. We can only speculate on their purpose."

"Wow," Major said, "That's a lot to swallow. Well, your dismissed, Commander. Thank you for your time."

"All in the line of duty, sir." K'Rak exited the ready room, and walked to the turbolift.
Captain Archer
Jun 22 2003, 08:47 AM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - His Quarters

Larkin closed the lid to his suitcase and made his way to his monitor, he tapped a few controls, "Computer what is the local time in Ohio?"

  "The time is 19:00 hours."

Not that late, she may still be awake. -
"Open a channel to this monitor."


Michael waited for the computer to find the monitor, he had to contact her, considering where he was going, he may never see her again.

  "Channel open."


"Jen, I wanted to contact you and let you know I'm going to be gone for a few days, maybe a week. I can't tell you where I'm going, but I'm sending you a text message, I want you to open it only if you don't here from me in a week."

  "Michael what are you talking about...where are you going?" she asked with worry in her voice.

"I can't talk about it, but I can tell you that when I'm done the Federation will be far better off than when I left, goodbye Jen."

  "Goodbye Michael." He closed the channel and headed out the door.

Docking Bay 3 Several minutes later

"Good luck, Michael." Garrison said shaking his hand.

"I've left the co-ordinates of where I am going, if I'm not back within a week, I want you to send the Pollux to this area to search for me, the person I'm going to meet isn't very trustworthy." Larkin said.

"Michael, what should I tell the crew of the Pollux?"

"You don't have to reveal anything, just tell them that this was my last known location and you want me least I hope you want me found." Michael said laughingly. "I'll see you in a week Admiral."

Michael walked through the airlock to the shuttle.

En route to Chin'Toka System

Michael sat at the helm, watching the proximity sensors with a close eye. If he didn't get this information to his contact, the entire plan could fall apart.

  "Entering Cardassian space." The computer said coldly.

"Status of the cloaking device?"

  "Cloak is operating within normal parameters."

The last thing that he needed was to be intercepted by a squadron of Cardassian warships. "Computer alter course to 310 mark 215, increase to warp 5."

  "Warning, sensors indicate a Cardassian patrol ship, Galor class."

The Cardassians had been using the old Galor class warships as border patrols for years now.

"Have we been detected?"


"Time to co-ordinates?"

  "Fifteen minutes."

After making the two day journey he was finally within reach.

  "Approaching Chin'Toka system." the computer stated.

"Drop to impulse, takes us to the third planet."


Michael watched as the dark planet filled the window. "Open a channel to these co-ordinates."

  "Channel open."

"Larkin to Telle."

  For a moment thier was nothing but static, familiar distant and cold voice said "Michael, how have you been, I understand you have something for me? Beam down and we can talk."

"I'll be down momentarily."

  "Very well, Telle out."

Larkin looked at the planet a moment, thinking about what he was about to do. He got out of his chair grabbed a hand phaser, and a phaser rifle, and the data rod, the Admiral had shown him earlier. Then he hesitated, and turned back to the console. "Computer compose a subspace distress call, and key it to transmit to Starbase 001, to be activated when I tap my communicator. Give them my co-ordinates and tell them I require assistance."


Then he stepped up to the transporter, looked around, then said "Computer, Energize." and with that the transporter hummed, and he found himself standing in front of Telle.

"Welcome Michael."
Jun 23 2003, 11:12 AM

Lt. JG T'Kila - Starbase 001

T'Kila entered the debriefing room. "You wanted to see me, Captain?" she said to Captain Major, who was already there.

"That's right." he replied. "Sit down."

She sat down in a chair.

"Lieutenant Commander K'Rak tells me that you were taken hostage by the Romulans for a short period of time. Can you tell me exactly what happened, starting with when they abducted you?"

So she told him how they had killed Limestone and tried to get her to spy for them, and how she and K'Rak had fought them and escaped.

"They're going to take over the Federation??"

"They're going to try to, sir."

"Well, with the way things are going these days, they probably wont have much trouble. You're dismissed, Lt. Thank you."
Jun 23 2003, 11:51 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Security Chief's Office

K'Rak reviewed the transcript of T'Kila's debriefing, and shook his head. So, the Alliance is planning an assault against Federation, he thought. And it seems that they plan to attack from the inside. His face was grim as he realized what this meant. Even at this moment, Alliance agents could be on the Starbase. He decided that it was necessary to ask the Captain for clearance to closely screen anyone and everyone who entered and left the Starbase. No one was free from suspicion. K'Rak had heard the tales of the last staff of the Starbase, and their dismissal. He was determined not to let anything like that happen so long as he managed Security. He turned to his computer console.

"Computer, find all background information for everyone on the starbase." The computer began processing, and K'Rak decided to check out the Deck while he waited. He knew it would take days to review the information on the thousands of people living at the Starbase, but it was necessary in order to make certain that none of them were an agent of the Alliance.

The Deck was a mass of people, hundreds of civilians and officers interacting. He noticed Lieutenant Rune Sith, his Deputy of Security, across the walkway from him, and made a note to meet with him soon. Bored of all these people, K'Rak walked to the bar to order a drink and wait for someone to start a fight.
Jun 23 2003, 02:14 PM

Lt. JG T'Kila - Starbase 001, bar

T'Kila was off duty and had nothing interesting to do, so she decided to go to the bar. When she entered, it was pretty empty. She looked around to see if anybody she knew was there, and soon spotted Lt. Commander K'Rak sitting off by himself.

She walked over to him.

"Do you mind if I join you?" she asked.

"Of course not." he replied. She sat down. "How are you, Lt.?" he asked politely.

"I am doing well, thank you."

"Listen." he said. "I want you to keep a very close eye ob the people in your department, and report any strange behavior to me immediately."

"As you wish, sir. But may I asked why?"

"You can never be to careful when looking for Romulan spies." her replied. "I fear that there may already be some on this Starbase."

"I sure hope not." T'Kila said.

Just then Commander Halliwell walked over. "Can I join you guys?" she asked.

"Certainly." T'Kila replied.
Captain Archer
Jun 23 2003, 04:43 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Underground Caves on Chin'Toka Three

"Telle, what I am about to give you is to be taken directly to your superiors, you may access the information to judge it's authenticity if you wish."

Larkin cautiously looked around the cave, he noticed a Breen and a Cardassian soldier, with weapons in hand. "Not very accommodating are you Telle?" Michael said trying to break the tension.

"You can never be to careful these days my old friend, rest assured you have nothing to worry about, if it wasn't for you, I would have been dead by now." Michael had testified in a court case to the fact that Telle was innocent of leading a raid on a Federation colony along the border, while he was in fact with Michael at a conference.

"You would have done the same for me Telle." Michael said.

Telle just looked at him. Michael took the silence as a confirmation. "May I ask why you felt it necessary to betray your people?" Telle asked with a smile.

"I'm not betraying them, I'm saving them. If the shipyards are closed, we would be defeated in no time." Michael said agitated.

"I see, so your a hero." Telle said sarcastically.

"If we're done here..."

"Yes of course Michael, I will see that this gets to the proper people." Telle withdrew with his two comrades.

Michael tapped his comm badge and signaled for transport.

On route to Starbase 001

Michael sat back in the uncomfortable chair, thinking about what he had just done, he was knocked out of his thoughts by a sudden jolt. "Computer report."

  "The shuttle has sustained a direct hit."


  "A Cardassian patrol ship."

Michael sat up "Computer Red Alert, shields to maximum." The computer beeped in acknowledgment. "Computer identify attacking ship."

  "Cardassian Galor Class, Vessel Identification, Tragor."

That's Telle's ship
Michael thought to himself. "Computer hail that vessel." Michael became worried.

  "Vessel responding."

"On screen." Michael swung his chair around so he could see the monitor. "Telle, what the hell are you doing?"

  "Michael I'm sorry, but I have to take you into custody for violating the sovereignty of our borders."

"What?" Michael said astonished.

  "Drop your shields and prepare to surrender."

Michael thought for a moment and made his decision "Telle, I'd love to talk some more but I really need to be going." Michael closed the channel and tapped a few controls on the helm, and he jumped to maximum warp. "Computer, is the vessel pursuing?"

  "Affirmative, vessel closing at warp 9."

"How long until we reach Sector 001?"

"25 Hours, 16 minutes." Damn! Michael thought. "Computer scan for a planet with an M-Class atmosphere."

  "Stand-By." Michael waited, he glanced at the sensors and noticed the Tragor closing on his position, "Planet located bearing 133 mark 236."

"Alter course, maintain speed."


Michael saw the planet getting closer, "Computer, drop to impulse, and take us into the planet's atmosphere."

  "Warning, atmospheric contaminants will interfere with sensors."

Perfect, Michael thought to himself.
Jun 24 2003, 02:41 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Starbase 001, bar

Halliwell sat down next to T'Kila and K'Rak quickly and looked over to the bartender and held up her hand, "Cola please."

K'Rak looked at her oddly and just shrugged his shoulders and carried on downing his own drink, the bartender walked back, she took the glass with one hand and smiled, "Thank you," she took a sip as she turned back to K'Rak and T'Kila.

"Has the captain seen you both now?"

"Yes," T'Kila replied looking to K'Rak, "He's seen us both now."

Halliwell nodded absently and took another sip and looked round the almost empty bar, people here and people there.

K'Rak sat up finally, "I am going," he said getting up and leaving.

T'Kila just shook her head slowly, Halliwell watched him go, "What's wrong?"

"He's probably just nervous," T'Kila said moving slightly in her seat, "It's been a long day."

"That's for sure," Halliwell commented looking at her now empty glass.

"Are you alright Commander?" Halliwell glanced back to T'Kila quickly and nodded, "It's just that you seem a pre-occupied."

Halliwell put the glass down on the bar and looked back to the bartender, "Another one of these please?"

T'Kila looked at her confused.
Jun 24 2003, 06:31 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Security Chief's Office

K'Rak stared at the massive pile of background info on the inhabitants of the starbase, and groaned inwardly. With a population of over 4,000 people, the base was far to big for him to examine alone. He touched his commbadge.

"K'Rak to Lieutenant Rune Sith."

"Yes, sir."

"Please report to my office immediately."

"On my way sir."

When Lt. Sith arrived, K'Rak motioned for him to take a seat.

"I have decided that it is necessary to review all available information on every person on Starbase 001. I believe that the Alliance may be planning to, or may already have, put an agent on the Starbase. Now, with as many people as are on the base, we will have to divide up the workload. I will review all of the officers, and you will review the civilians. Since there are approximately 2500 civilians you may need to assign some of the work to another member of Security. Report anything suspicious to me as soon as you find it. In the mean time, remember to be very careful about who you trust with confidential information, and keep a close eye out for people who may be acting strangely. You have approximately 1 week to review all the files."

"Yes sir, I will let you know as soon as we are done."

"Dismissed, Lieutenant."

Sith left the room, and K'Rak began reviewing the files. He decided to start with the lowest ranking officers and work his way up. He opened the file of Acting Ensign Bob Smith, and started to read. As he read, he thought about his ..uncomfortable.. encounter with Commander Halliwell earlier. He wondered what had caused him to act like this, and decided it was probably just his nervousness over the fact that anyone could be an Alliance spy.
Jun 24 2003, 08:21 AM

Lt. JG T'Kila - Starbase 001, Bar

Commander Halliwell sighed as she took her drink. "I... I had a friend on the Domtar. Robert. We were old friends, we had known each other for a long time. I hadn't seen him in three years. Anyways, when we got to the Domtar..." Her voice cracked and she looked like she was trying not to cry. "We found him, and he was... dead."

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!!!"

"Thanks. Anyways, I... sort of went crazy. I tried to auto-destruct the ship. An Ensign had to shoot me. So, needless to say, Captain Major isn't very happy with me right now."

"It is understandable, though. You were greatly distressed at the time. Most Humans would react in a similar way."

"Yeah, I guess so. But that doesn't change the fact that I did it. And Rob... the last time I saw him, we had a huge fight. Then we didn't talk for three years. He died thinking that I hated him!!"
Jun 24 2003, 10:13 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Starbase 001, bar

Halliwell looked to T'Kila, "It may sound pathetic to you," she laughed lightly and shook her head, "I'm beginning to think the captain is right."

"Why do you think Robert hated you?"

Halliwell took the last sip of her cola, and put the glass slowly down on the table and drummed her fingers along it, wondering and turned back to T'Kila, "We had a huge fight as I said?"

"Yes, you have already mentioned that fact," T'Kila replied looking down to a PADD in her hand and Halliwell watched her and cleared her throat, T'Kila looked up, "I'm listening."

"It was, over something very stupid," she replied playing with her hands, "He didn't like my husband."

T'Kila raised her eyebrows slightly and looked up to Halliwell, "You were married?"

"Yes," she answered quietly, "It only lasted three years...needless to say I think Rob was right to hate him, even though I hadn't discovered it at the time."

"I did not know," T'Kila said.

Halliwell smiled to her, "No one knows, really. Not even the captain."

"Why would you choose to keep this hidden?"

Be careful what you say Sam "Let's just say it would have been awkward."

"I don't understand."

"You don't have to," Halliwell replied standing up, "It's been...nice talking to you, Lieutenant."

"It has been...interesting."

T'Kila watched as Halliwell headed out the bar.
Jun 24 2003, 11:07 AM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - The Deck

Sith just finished speaking with Helgger, a Bolian, at a table. "So my last question is... Is your history report correct?" Sith held a padd with the info.

"Yes, it is." Helgger nodded.

"Okay then, thanks a lot." Sith got up to leave.

"Wait! --What was this all about?" Helggen got up too.

Sith stopped. "Oh, uhh, nothing. I'm just deciding the... civilian of the month award."


"Yeah, you get your plaque on the wall and everything." Sith said.

"That's great! I hope I win. Did I mention I work out every week? I have abs."

"Sorry, I gotta go." Sith went down the hallway for his next interviewee. He used a tricorder-padd to simply localize the person on station's sensors. "Mr. Telgsworth..."

Sith began walking along side a strange looking alien, never before seen. "Um... what are you?"

"Excuse me?" Mr. Telgsworth asked. "That's awfully rude. You don't just ask someone what they are."

"Sorry..." Sith check his padd. "It's just that are so many species out there and--"

"I don't appreciate your racism!"

"It's not that. I just have to intervie---"

"Get away from me!" Mr. Telgsworth pushed Sith away and walked on.

Sith just put a star icon next to his name on the list, "I'll get back to him," and bumped into an old friend from the Vitality. "Neilson!"

Neilson used to be the pilot on the Bridge of the Vitality, until the Vitality was retired a couple weeks ago. "Oh-- uhh, hey Sith." He covered his stomach with his arms and looked around nervously.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were going to work on the Earth Core team?"

He continued walking. "You know I can't do that! I'm a pilot godammit! Why'd they stick me there?? You know I get claustrophobic!!" He seemed a bit stressed.

Sith tried to keep in step. "Neilson, we're doing a Security check on all the people on the Station. You can't be here, or you'll be a suspect. Or don't you remember your Romulan girlfriend last year?"

Neilson was hardly listening. "I just had a grey skin fetish. --Can't talk now. Gotta go somewhere open... yeah that's it... A big open space." He looked around at people and walked on, leaving Sith.

Sith just stood there, shaking his head in disappointment. "Hard times..."

Zeta slept on his shoulder, ignoring him.

"Well aren't you going to copy me?"

Zeta woke up, annoyed and jumped onto the wall to continue regenerating in peace.

"How rude." Sith walked away and met up with the next person.
Jun 24 2003, 12:25 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'rak - The Deck

K'Rak entered the Deck, hoping that he would be able to order some bloodwine from the bar. It has been a long time since I have had authentic bloodwine, he thought.

In his hand he held the padd with crew information on it. He had already examined the records of several hundred crewmen, only finding a few that seemed suspicious. Next on his list was Lieutenant JG T'Kila, the starbase's Science Officer.

Her record was almost spotless, except for one glaring incident. It seemed that during an away mission on one of her previous postings, she had mistakenly shot at fellow officers, mistaking them for hostiles. She had received a discommendation and demotion for these actions, but had continued to serve ever since. K'Rak believed that the reason that she had been kidnapped by the Romulans was because of this incident; perhaps the Romulans were trying to persuade her to betray the Federation. He decided that he would have to have a word with her. He saw Lieutenant T'Kila still sitting at the bar, and he approached her.

"Excuse me, Lieutenant, but I need to ask you some questions."


K'Rak sat down at the bar and requested bloodwine, and was pleased to see that they did indeed have it.

"First of all, I need you to describe to me, in detail, the incident that caused you to receive a discommendation."

"We were on an away mission, exploring the planet Omnicron VII, when an unknown alien race appeared, and opened fire on us. We returned fire, but myself and another officer hid behind a bush. The first officer and chief science officer ran by, and we, mistaking them for enemies, fired on them. Fortunately, they both survived, but I still received a discommendation and a demotion. I considered resigning my commission, but decided to stay in Starfleet. I received a new posting until this year, when I was assigned to Starbase 001."

K'Rak nodded. "Do you think that this incident had anything to do with your abduction by the Romulans?"

"Yes, sir. They mentioned the accident, and asked me to defect to the Alliance. I refused, and they were preparing to kill me when you appeared, and I was able to escape."

"So, you have no plans to defect to the Alliance?"

"Absolutely not, sir. I told them that I would sooner die than work for them."

"Thank you, Lieutenant, that is all."

K'Rak stood up and left, considering what he had heard. He would have to identify her as a possible risk, but he had a feeling that she was completely loyal to the Federation, and he was not worried about her being an Alliance agent. K'Rak scanned down to the next officer on the list, and walked toward the turbolift.
Jun 24 2003, 12:40 PM

Lieutenant Commander Tanik - The Deck

"Romulan girlfriend?"

Sith nearly jumped out of his boots. "I... uh... didn't see you coming."

"Good. Romulan girlfriend?"

It was as if Tanik's eyes were boring holes into Sith. "Uh, yeah. Neilson had a Romulan girlfriend last year."

"Who was she?"

"Sabinus, I think. Why?"

Tanik lightened up. "I see. Of course."

Sith looked at him questionably.

"She was a member of my crew that defected. Most of them are on Earth, but there are some up here on the station. Sabinus is my neice. I opposed her joining the Imperial Navy, but we ended up on the same ship. I believe she is on the station."

Sith now understood. He wanted to protect her.

"Well, I'm going to the bar. I need a drink."
Jun 24 2003, 03:44 PM

Lt. JG T'Kila - Starbase 001, bar

T'Kila sighed and ordered herself a glass of Tequilla. As she sipped at it, she was deep in thought. Why couldn't she ever get away from that incident on Omnicron VII? It was always coming back to haunt her. And now the Starbase's Cheif Security Officer suspected her of being disloyal to the Federation.

No, even after they had demoted her, she had stayed with them. As embarrassing as being demoted was, she knew it was her own fault. They never should have fired without being 100% certain who it was. She had hoped that when she came to serve on Starbase 001, she could leave the incident in her past, but it appeared that it wasn't going to be so.
Captain Archer
Jun 24 2003, 06:23 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-Atmosphere of Unknown Class M Planet

"Computer Report."

  The computer beeped, "Cardassian vessel holding standard orbit of planetoid."

Michael thought. After leaving a cloaked sensor buoy in orbit, he had fled into the atmosphere. He had been sitting here for two hours waiting on them to leave. "Computer, alert me when the vessel reaches it's farthest orbit from this position."

  "Acknowledged." Now all he could do was sit and wait. He started making sure all the weapons and the engines were running at peak efficiency. Just as he finished his diagnostic the computer beeped "Vessel has reached maximum orbital distance."

All right.
He tapped the helm and took off through the atmosphere, heading out into open space, "Computer, report the Cardassian vessel's position."

  "Unable to comply, no vessel in sensor range."

They must still be on the far side of the planet.
Michael opened an encrypted message to Starbase 001, "Captain Major, this is Ambassador Michael Larkin, I am under pursuit by a superior Cardassian force, I am on route back to the station after a meeting with some top officials, this matter is highly classified, I would ask that you not go into to much detail with your crew about this matter but, I need immediate assistance, please come to these co-ordinates as soon as possible, Larkin out." He keyed in the co-ordinates, and sent the message.

  "Warning, proximity alert, three Cardassian vessel's approaching at high warp." Larkin keyed the shuttle to go to maximum speed, but the three ship's were too much for him. Suddenly the shuttle jerked and Michael was thrown back a bit.


  "Cardassian vessel has locked on a tractor beam." The comm system came online, and Telle appeared on the screen.

  "Ambassador, you are outnumbered please don't make me destroy your vessel before I get what I want out of you." Michael was taken aback, what could he have that Telle would possibly want?

"Sorry Telle, I've done what I've came to do, let me go."

  "I'm afraid I can't do that Ambassador."

  "Warning shields failing."

Before he could attempt to demodulate, he was transported aboard the Tragor. He could only hope that Captain Major received his message.