Episode 7: Restoration, Part I

Jun 3 2004, 04:03 AM

Commander Halliwell ~ U.S.S. Pollux

Samantha Halliwell looked around the readyroom of the Pollux once and headed over to the small window, looking out to the Gambit. "Computer begin recording log," she said firmly. "Captain Major, Ambassador Larkin and Captain Hardgrove's whereabouts' still remain unknown. Commander Hurst guarantees me that she and her team are doing everything in their power to locate them. However we are currently in a compromising position," Halliwell looked out the window at the Alliance ships, "There are 24 Alliance ships blocking our way, the Romulan commander calls himself Jarek. Lieutenant Commander Tanik seems to know a bit about him, we could use this to our advantage."
"I've also had an update from 001, Dr Ullii and her accomplice still haven't been apprehended. Some reports have even said they may not even be onboard the station anymore, I find that hard to believe."

  "Commander. Commander Hurst is ready to speak to you."

"Computer end log." Halliwell tapped her comm badge, "Thank you, patch it through." She turned to her screen, Hurst appeared and from her surroundings she appeared to be in the Gambit's readyroom.
Jun 3 2004, 11:42 AM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Valecron City

Sith got to his feet and walked back off the roof. When he got to the ground of this quiant village aside the large city, he noticed the dawn entering the night. He entered the room where they stayed and found Julia stretching.

She smiled and playfully walked out the other door. Sith shook his head and almost laughed, "Hey..."

He followed her around a couple support beams, playing hide and seek until he got his arms around her.

"Hehe!" Julia laughed as she brought her face closer to his, "You know Sith, we're connected you and I." Julia brought herself closer, "We're connected on a deeper level..." There was a pause, "A part of me is inside you."

"What are you talking about?"

Julia placed her hand on his chest mysteriously. "We've been connected ever since we met... on the Tholian Ship. Remember?"

Sith then stepped away, "I'm afraid I don't understand." Julia let Sith take another step back. "You're not really Bajoran, are you?" Sith asked.
Jun 3 2004, 01:10 PM

Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove - Alliance prison cell

Hardgrove woke from a restless sleep and sat up with his back against the metallic wall. It was hard to see in the dim lighting, but he made out two bodies laying on the cots across from him. The appointed guard patrolled the cell block. Drayson shot a glance at the guard as he walked by again and then went to wake Larkin.

"Micheal, Micheal wake up." Larkin looked up from the cot.

"I'm awake, how could any one sleep here? Is David back?"

Hardgrove shook his head, "Sadly no, and I would think it's safe to say he won't be coming back."

Larkin sat up at the end of the cot. "What makes you think that?"

"Our cell guard patrols twice every hour. He's been here 32 times since Major was taken. Chances are David is dead."

Larkin paled. "Well at least we know the Gambit and the Pollux are on their way to rescue us."

Hardgrove frowned. "I'm sure they are on their way, but the chances of them rescuing us is slim. By now the Alliance has sent a squad of ships to defend it's borders. I doubt we'll here from them anytime soon."

Major Lietra sat up from her cot. "Are you saying we're doomed?"

Hardgrove smiled, "Not at all. I'm simply saying we'll need to escape some other way." He then took on of the rank pips off collar and depressed it. With in seconds he received a response.

  *Captain Hardgrove?*

"Yes, what is your location?"

  *We are in orbit of the base*

"Can you beam us out?"

  *Negative, your in a shielded area*

"How close can you get?"

  *Three levels up.*

"Send a strike force and get us out of here as soon as possible"

  *On our way sir*
Larkin looked at Hardgrove questionably.

Drayson smiled. "You did a good job setting up the receivers Micheal, yet it is always a good idea to have back up for your back up."
Captain Archer
Jun 3 2004, 07:17 PM

Commander Jen Hurst - U.S.S. Gambit, Ready Room

Jen sat in her captain's chair. Just keeping it warm, she kept telling herself. "Our science officer has conducted several scans of the Alliance fleet, and detected high levels of radiation coming from one of the Breen vessels."

  Halliwell tilted her head, "Don't take this the wrong way, but don't you think we have more things to worry about than elevated radiation levels."

Jen tapped a few controls and sent Halliwell a copy of the sensor logs. "We've matched the emissions from the vessel to the same readings we detected before we were forced out of the Transwarp conduit."

  Halliwell studied the sensor logs and looked back up at Jen, "It was a trap, they knew we we're coming."

Jen shook her head in conformation. "Not only that, I believe the whole thing was part of some kind of hoax. What they want or hope to accomplish escapes me at the moment."

  Sam let out a sigh "Did any of your scans detect Human lifesigns on any of the ships?"

"Negative. We should proceed under the impression that they are still on the planet that they were escorted too." Halliwell put a hand to her forehead. Jen took the moment to let down ranks "We'll find them Sam, alive and well."

  Sam smiled at Jen, "I wish I had your confidence." Halliwell removed her hand from her forehead, "So what is your recommendation Jen?"

Jen stood and looked out of the window towards the fleet. "We can't take them on. We're no match for them." She returned to her chair, "I recommend withdrawal. We should try and come up with a plan of action back at 001."

  Halliwell nodded, "I'll let you know in half an hour. I've got to talk to a member of my crew first. He seems to know the Romulan Commander Jarek. Maybe he knows something that could work to our advantage. I'll contact you. Halliwell out."

The screen went black and Jen left the ready room heading for her quarters.

"You have the bridge Lieutenant," she called from the turbolift.
Jun 4 2004, 03:03 PM

Lieutenant Commander Tanik - U.S.S. Pollux, Ready Room

Tanik walked into the ready room to face Commander Halliwell, who was staring out of the window.

Tanik cleared his throat to announce his presence. Halliwell turned around on her heel. "Ah, Lieutenant Commander. Please, take a seat."

Tanik did so, and Halliwell sat down across the desk from him. Halliwell spoke, "Well, if I may cut to the chase, I would like to know anything you can tell me about this Romulan Commander."

Tanik nodded and smiled faintly. "Jarek and I worked together in the Tal Shiar for many years."

Halliwell's eyebrows shot up in surprise. Tanik chuckled. "Yes, I worked in the feared intelligence branch of the mighty Romulan Empire. However, I worked in the more logistical areas of this branch, flying starfighters for reconnaissance and the occasional hush-hush combat engagement. He was squadron leader, so I took orders from him. He was from the richer segments of Romulus, whereas I was a simple farm boy from a backwater world. Even though we had a somewhat friendly relationship, I couldn't help but suspect that he always looked down on me... anyway, where I was getting at is that if you provoke Jarek, he will stop at nothing to defeat you. Even though he is a Warbird Commander, he can be headstrong, and the last word I would ascribe to him is subtle. Basically, he's an easy-to-anger pain in the ass."

Halliwell cocked her head to the side. "I thought you said you were enemies?"

Tanik's face fell. "Our relationship... changed, when my wife disappeared."

Halliwell grew instantly aware of Tanik's emotional state. "Oh... I'm sorry, Lieutenant Commander..."

Tanik smiled. "No, it's alright, Commander. I really don't even know what happened. There is a one week period of time of which I cannot recall - Somehow, my memory was erased. However, during this one-week period, my wife apparently went missing, and Jarek and I were seemingly not on good terms anymore. The High Command reassigned both of us to the Imperial Navy, where we served on separate Warbirds. The rest is in my Starfleet file."

Halliwell didn't quite know what to say. After a long pause, all she could come up with was, "Thank you, Lieutenant Commander. Dismissed."

Tanik got up and proceeded out the door. As soon as it closed behind him he backed up against the wall and closed his eyes.

After a minute, he proceeded slowly back to engineering.
Jun 5 2004, 01:51 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - OCC

Tom stood at the command station in the OCC, scanning his eyes over the screen in front of him. A steady stream of information came in and out of the OCC, and it was all monitored from this station. As usual when he was in command of the station, he felt a little bored. Except for the crisis moments there was so little for the Commanding Officer to do, it made him wish that Major was back in command so that Tom could get back to the Fleet Command duties piling up in his office.

With that his thoughts turned to Major, along with the rest of them. He felt helpless standing there in the OCC with nothing to do but worry about where Ullii had disappeared to.

And with that his thoughts jumped to Ullii, and he was filled with anger towards this woman. Trying to kill me, escaping, being such a nuisance... I haven't been this frustrated since Gao disappeared. I wonder what ever happened to him anyway...

By the time his mind had turned to Gao Gent-Al Tom realized he was having a hard time concentrating on anything. He left the OCC and headed towards his office, leaving a young Lieutenant in command. Arriving at his office he walked in and sat down behind his desk. He turned and stared out the window at Earth for several moments, then turned back and spoke.

"Computer, begin recording.

"I've been waiting for news all day from the Pollux and the Gambit, but so far there hasn't been any. I hate this feeling of helplessness, a feeling I've come to know all too well in recent months. All I can do now is sit and wait, and try to keep away the despair that I've finally shaken away recently.

"I tried taking Lt. Clark back to where he was attacked by Dr. Ullii, but he was still too weak and had to be brought back to the infirmary. He should be better by tomorrow, and then maybe he'll remember something that will help us catch her. Because so far she has eluded all attempts at capture, and actually, aside from this incident with Clark, we really have no way of even knowing if she's still on the station.

"Finally, as each day goes by and there is no sign of Lt. Rune Sith, the chances of him being alive decrease more and more. We've all been holding onto hope that he will turn up, but I don't know how much longer it can last. Soon it will be one more death certificate for me to sign, one more letter to family members to write."

Tom paused for a moment, thinking about Sith. He regretted never getting to know the man. I can't let that happen anymore, I have to get to know this crew better, he thought to himself.

"Computer, end recording."

He wasn't going to get to know the crew any better by hiding in his office. So, he got up and walked back out to the OCC.
Jun 5 2004, 02:14 AM

Lattrel Ottel - the Tyr

Ottel had been walking back and forth on the bridge of the Tyr, his hands behind his back, his head tilted down. Not that long ago he had left the Pollux and the Gambit amongst the enemy. For all he knew, both the ships could be destroyed, and their crews dead, but he didn't want to think about that now.

"How long until we reach the planet?" he finally stopped walking and asked.

"Another five minutes," Dearborne answered, after looking at the panel. He was now sitting in the captain's chair, given up by Ottel. "Of course, I believe the last time this area of space was charted was over fifty years ago. No Federation ship, or a Smuggler one for that matter, has been around here in decades. It might take us a little longer... or shorter."

Ottel just looked at William, surprised. Why is he telling me this, he thought, so what if we get there earlier or later?. Perhaps William was simply trying to talk to him, or thinking he had some kind of a plan, for which time was essential. In any case, it didn't matter now.

"Aga Lattrel," Rayla spoke, "if you don't mind me asking, how do we know whether they're still on the planet or not?"

"We don't, I suppose," Ottel said, "but right now, it's the best option we got."

"Is there a plan of rescue?" William asked this time.

"Not quite, Mr. Dearborne. I'm making one up as we go."
Jun 5 2004, 09:46 AM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Valecron City

"It has to be that. You've been hiding something all this time. It's so obvious that you have." Sith told the woman. The sun rising and people preparing the Market Place could be seen behind them.

"No," Julia looked down for a moment, disappointed in herself. "It's hard to explain, but I'm a Prophet." She looked back up at him to see his reaction.

"A what?"

"A Prophet. I took this form because I needed your help, Sith. You're the only one who can help me."

"Wait a second... A what?"

"The first time I saw you, I knew you had potential. I knew you could do these things that the people around you couldn't."

"You just said you were a Prophet...?"

"Yes. I'm sorry... But I'm injured, and I can't do things on my own anymore. You see, the Prophets and the Pah'Wraiths have been at War with each other for a better part of a Century."

"You're a what?"

"Maybe even longer. But I was engaged in one of many battles with a Pah'Wraith when your vessel, the Tsengate, had happened by. I lost and was injured, so I and took refuge on your ship."

"A what?"

"I merged a part of myself into your cells, to protect you. Because I need your help. There's a Pah'Wraith somewhere on this planet. If we strike now, we'll have a chance!"

She moved in closer, but Sith stepped away in fear. "No! ...You lied to me." He continued walking backward, "I felt..." But narrowed his brow in anger and then turned around. "Leave me alone."

Sith ran away towards the open countryside. He just had to get away from her. He came to stop when he reached the destroyed remains of the Ketrine. Resting his hands on his knees he continued panting for air. But Sith knew there was some truth to what she said... Because he began to sense his surroundings again, just as before. The whole planet came into his conception. Sith squinted his forehead in confusion, "Captain...?"
Jun 5 2004, 11:56 PM

Lieutenant Ullii Lauren - Starbase 001 - MobileHQ

"It sends them where???"

"The Nexus... You've never heard of it???"

Ullii had finally convinced James to tell her exactly what Setting 3 on their phasers did to it's targets.


"It's a large phenomenon currently travelling about 100,000 lightyears ouside of our galaxy. When someone comes into contact with this phenomenon, they become trapped in a place where time doesn't exist, and everything you want comes true. This was first discovered when Captain.... Pike.. captain....... some captain realized it's illusion and used it to go back in time and escape the Nexus and his death... When the beam hits the target, it initiates a high-bandwidth direct-particle transport into the Nexus. This method of transport was tested for years by Section 31, and it works, but it kills anyone who uses it. That's why we chose to use it in a weapon, and transport the target into the Nexus. It's very painful, yes, but at least they're not technically dead. And like I said yesterday... they're happy."

"....... Weird..."

"Yea, well, we do our best."

"So what now? Do you have a plan?"

"Ullii, I need to know something. And I need you to be one hundred percent honest with me."

Ullii's expression became more grim at the sound of his tone. "Sure, what is it?"

" I need to know how far you're willing to go."

"You mean, if I would kill Admiral Garrison..."

"Exactly... Ullii, we need to do this, do you understand? The very existence of the Federation is at stake!"

"I... I..... I don't know James... Murder isn't something I want on my...", James put his hand behind his back and turned a dial on a small device on his belt. Ullii paused and continued, "But I suppose if the murder of one man will save billions of others from being murdered..."


"Yes... I would."

"Good. Just what I wanted to hear... Now I'll tell you my plan."
Jun 6 2004, 02:39 PM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Readyroom, U.S.S Pollux

Halliwell just stared at the table. It had been a full five minutes since Tanik had left the readyroom. This Jarek fella sounded like someone you didn't want to get on the wrong side of. She shook her head slowly, Like we haven't got enough problems to deal with. Her real thoughts were directed down different avenues. Her number one priority being the safe return of Major, Larkin and Hardgrove, she let out a soft sigh as she stood up and moved back over to the window.

Her second being her son, Matthew. She had raised him more or less on her own for the last seven years, he had grown up without a father and he only started questioning her about it in the last few months. Just coming out with it one morning over breakfast, one simple question yet one she didn't know how to answer. How could she? He had done fine without Hardgrove, but then again he didn't know he had a son. She wanted desperately to tell him, to tell both of them.

Sam didn't want her little boy to grew up without one of his parents the way she had. She had a choice, an option. Sure she couldn't turn back the clock, save her mother dying through childbirth. This though, she could help. Samantha Halliwell decided there and then that she wanted Matthew to meet his father.

Halliwell glanced out to the Alliance ships and glared slightly at them, yet there was a determination in her eyes. She sat back down at the table and tapped her comm badge, "Get me Commander Hurst," she said.

  "Yes ma'am," came the response. Halliwell sat on the edge of her seat while she waited for Hurst to get back to her. She looked down to the table, mentally planning out what she was going to say to Hurst. About what information about Jarek would be relevant. She didn't have to plan it for long. She glanced up to the screen as incoming transmission flashed out the screen, Halliwell closed her eyes and controlled her breathing for a second then pressed the button.

  Hurst's face appeared on the small screen, "Sam?"

"I said I'd get back to you, Jen." Halliwell said with a small smile, "I found out some interesting facts about Jarek." Hurst sat forward slightly to show she was listening, "He's a determined fighter, worked in the Tal Shiar for a number of years and then re-assigned to the Imperial Navy." She saw Hurst's face, "I am getting somewhere with this... trust me," Halliwell nodded slowly. "From what I'm told, if we provoke him he'll do whatever it takes to destroy us. In other words, shoot first ask questions later," she turned to another monitor, "That's all I have to go on at the moment."
Jun 8 2004, 04:54 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Valecron City, the Ketrine

Sith remained at the Debris Site of the Ketrine. It all made sense now that she was responsible for all those Tholian deaths on the Tsengate.

He was motionless for about 15 seconds when he decided that he would return to his previous mission of blowing up the station in orbit. He would do it even if that meant the loss of his own life.

Looking up, Sith noticed the approach of someone. A large Gorn. And behind the Gorn, two Romulans. They had journeyed from the edge-village to the crash-site just for him. They threw down the body of an old man... a human, the same that had welcomed Sith earlier. The old man was murdered.

"He tried to stop us from getting to you," the Gorn said. "You, who I've heard a great deal about. The Human who beat five of our men... some of our best fighters to be exact."

Sith held in his anger for what they did to the old man. He had to be careful here.

The very tall Gorn stood a calm distance away and eyed Sith, menacingly. "I find it quite amusing actually; that a Human would be able to move like one of us. The thought is laughable."

"I was going to say the same thing about you."

"Well I wanted to come here and see this for myself. You know, no one has ever beaten me in combat before. Where did you learn to fight, Human?"

"Starfleet," Sith admitted. He didn't care as much for blowing his cover this time.

"Bah ha ha! Starfleet? That pitiful excuse for an organization thinks they can breed worthy opponents? Even the Klingon's are looked upon as weak... and you rank beneath them!"

"Whatever you say."

Sith waited for an attack in the midsts of the Ketrine's debris. Sharp poly-tronic broken hull fragments were littered everywhere, around and above them. The interior of the sharp poly-tronic hull edges were fatally poisonous to organic beings, so if one of them were to be pierced they would be immediately infected and die.

The Gorn took off his alien-shaped overcoat and threw it to the ground. "Now you'll pay!!"

The Gorn then ran towards Sith, pulling his large clenched fist along and around. The fist swung for an incoming on Sith, but Sith leaned back, dodging it. Sith saw the other fist coming around, so he flung out his forearm to redirect it.

Whack! His forearm was held in place as the fist trucked on through to the corner of his eye. Sith was punched out, and went flying back until he slammed against a flat hull section of the Ketrine. Under his arm stuck a near miss, deadly, shattered hull edge.

When he noticed this he pulled himself off the hull as fast as possible. The Gorn leapt and kicked for Sith, but Sith quickly leapt himself up into the air and dropped a forceful heal onto the outstretched Gorn's.

While in mid-air the Gorn thrust a quick punch, but Sith grabbed the fist with his palm and punched the Gorn across his face with the other arm.

They then landed on their feet, in opposite placement to how they started. "Arrrghh!!" The Gorn threw out quick punch after quick punch, to which Sith redirected and blocked one redirection after another. He then returned multiple attacks of punches and kicks.

The Gorn grabbed Sith's right foot when it came close to the Gorn's waist and pulled him away. The Gorn threw Sith like it was nothing and Sith went flying over the Ketrine until he landed on top a hull section.

"Hahaha!" The Gorn laughed. "You're pathetic!" His Romulan lackey's watched as he lept onto platform after platform until reaching the upper section where Sith was getting up at.

Fighting on top of the broken Ketrine, Sith attacked with a multi-jumpkick, in which he came at the Gorn from above, pumping both his feet into the Gorn's chest repeatedly. When he landed on the hull, he kneeled down swinging a forceful foot into the Gorn's shins. But the Gorn lept up before that could happen and sped his own large boots down at Sith.

Sith rolled to the side as the Gorn missed and thrust a large dent into the Ketrine's hull. As he tried pulling out his feet, Sith got up and jumped a kick into the side of the Gorn's head. Holding placement above, Sith lept off the head of the Gorn, twisting in the air his latter foot around until it slammed against the frontal face of the Gorn.

The Gorn was knocked away and onto his back in searing discomfort and pain. Broken teeth and blobs of blood trailed through the air lining his fatal course. When Sith landed, he threw his foot into the Gorn's neck and looked down at the fallen opponent. "Not bad, Gorn. What's your name?"

"Mukondu..." When the Gorn spoke, another burst of broken teeth and blood splattered before his elongated mouth. When the teeth and blood fell and rained onto the hull, Sith pushed his foot even harder into the Gorn's neck almost cutting the air to his lungs.

"Had enough?"

"Not until I'm dead!" Mukondu pulled his stuck feet out the hull and gripped his knees into Sith's forced leg. He used his knees to throw Sith into and below to an open hallway of the Ketrine.

Mukondu got up and leapt down to Sith's level inside the ship and its crooked hallways, punching and hitting Sith faster and faster. Sith turned to the side, forcing the angry Gorn to turn around aswell, but in doing so, the Gorn ripped his arm by a sharp peaking hull fragment from outside.

Sith held his arched hands up but still, as he and Mukondu noticed the dripping blood off Mukondu's right trisep. "Rhuh!?"

There was a moment of suspense before the Gorn turned all his attention on his bleeding triceps. He grabbed it and looked at it. The pain shrieked throughout his body, as his skin began to shrink and rip.

Sith turned his eyes away in horror as Mukondu fell to his knees in pain. Mukondu took one last breath before his upper body thumped over. Gravity dragged him slowly down the crooked hallways into the darkness where he wouldn't be seen again.
Jun 9 2004, 01:07 AM

Lattrel Ottel - Ready Room, the Tyr

Ottel sat silently in the half lit room. His hand were resting on the silver colored, generic table, in the middle of the room. On the table were several padds, spread around haphazardly. One of them was laying in between Ottel’s hands, turned on, its green lights making strange shapes as Ottel moved his head. Out the window, stars were still flying by, the Tyr was still in a transwarp conduit.

“Dammit!” Ottel couldn’t stand it anymore. He had been in the room for only a minute and already he was getting impatient, the same reason he had left the bridge. He got off the chair and picked up the padd, just to keep himself busy, but it was useless. Who am I kidding? I can’t do this.

These last few seconds just weren’t ending. He had already been impatient before this makeshift “rescue” was underway. Even though he never had much belief that the Alliance would call for peace, he still wondered whether the talks would turn up positive results. It would change many things for him. Either way, the Smugglers’ Coalition had to be changed right away. For the last week he had been working on future plans, drawing up governing structures, going over personal records to find good men.

As he approached the window, he saw the ship exit the conduit. Finally, he thought and walked towards the door. Entering the bridge, he said, “Alright, people, I need scans. Give me anything you can, and make sure we aren’t detected.”

William stood up when he saw Ottel, offering the captain’s chair. Ottel shook his head, and instead, took the seat next to him.

“It’s your ship, Mr. Dearborne,” he said, “time for you to show us what you’re made of.”
Jun 9 2004, 01:14 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - The Deck

Tom had just gotten off duty a few minutes ago, and was now on his way to the Infirmary to see how Clark was doing. He walked along the Deck from the turbolift, looking around at all the people bustling about him. There was a sense of optimism in the air; it was subtle, the mood was only slightly different than it had been over the past year, but it was enough to make a difference. For the first time in a long time people weren't convinced the Federation was doomed. It made Tom feel good, it made him feel like this rebellion and war was the right choice.

He reached the infirmary doors and entered. For a split second he felt a rush of anger as he was reminded of Dr. Lauren simply by being in the infirmary. But as soon as it had come it had passed, and he continued into the infirmary.

He found Clark sitting on a biobed, arguing with a nurse.

"I feel fine!" he was saying.

"That's what you said yesterday, and you almost collapsed as soon as you walked out of the door. Just lay back down and..."

"You don't get it, I'm FINE!" he jumped off the bed to show her he was fine, and it was then that he saw Garrison standing there with an amused look on his face. "Admiral," he said in a surprised tone.

"How are you feeling, Lieutenant?" he asked.

"Fine, sir. If the nurse would just let me leave..." he shot an evil glare at the nurse, who returned it with an evil glare of her own.

Garrison turned to the nurse. "I think he'll be ok. Why don't you release him?"

The nurse threw her arms up in frustration. "Fine, he's released," she said as she stormed off. If Garrison had been in a worse mood he might have taken offense to her attitude, but he just let it go. He wasn't going to let anything ruin his good mood. He turned back to Clark.

"If you're feeling up to it, I want to take you back to where you were attacked. Maybe you can shed some light on our investigation, because right now we've got nothing."

Clark nodded. "I'm not sure how much help I can be, but I'll try."

"That's good enough for me," Tom said.

The two men walked out the door of the infirmary, leaving the nurse behind still grumbling about "stupid men" in the corner of the room.
Jun 9 2004, 06:35 PM

Lieutenant Daniel Clark - The Deck

"Deck 13, Section 8." Clark told the computer as the doors of the turbolift slid closed behind the two men. The lift was empty save for an awkward silence and the usual hum. "Coupling's out again..." Clark sighed absently to himself.

"Excuse me?" Garrison looked over at him, relived that he didn't have to start the conversation.

"Oh," Not realizing he had spoken out loud, "the magnetic couplings have gone out of alignment again... it's a steady defect with the new lifts. I tell you, if I ever get my hands on the man that designed it--" He cut off short as the hum slowed to a stop, and the doors opened.

The admiral stretched out his hand with a smile, "Lead the way."

"It was in here sir." Clark opened up a hatch a few meters from the turbolift and began crawling in, followed by Garrison.

"You know, you would think that they would have made these things a little bigger by now." The admiral said as the hatch closed behind him, "...or at least issue out knee pads."

"You have no idea how many times I've wished for some of those!" Clark laughed, "But, you get used to it." He opened another hatch and crawled out into an opening large enough for the two men to stand without discomfort. "It was right here, sir."

"Alright, lets go through this. What can you remember before being shot?"
Jun 9 2004, 09:04 PM

Lieutenant Ullii Lauren - The Deck

Ullii walked along the deck, crowded with people, as usual. James had given her a personal cloaking device, and she was following Garrison and Clark. James' plan involved some scouting beforehand, and gathering of some information. It was coincidence that she happened to be there when the Admiral took Clark back down to the maintenance corridor. "Don't kill him yet!" he told her, "You won't get away with it. We have to go with the plan!" She didn't really know what difference it would make. They already think she tried to kill him with the bomb.


"What was that?!" Clark paused his reliving of his previous encounter in this corridor to investigate the sound that seemed to come from right behind them.

Ullii held her breath and stayed as still as possible. She was at the mouth of the Jeffery's tube that led into the maintenance corridors where Garrison and Clark stood, looking in.

The Admiral whispered into Clark's ear, "It could be Ullii; or anyone from Starfleet, for that matter. They might have personal cloaking technology... you never know."

"Aye sir," he whispered back, and continued his recollection of events.

Ullii crawled out of the Jeffery's tube and stood just within hearing distance, about ten feet away.

"It was right here sir," he pointed to a hatch leading to another Jeffery's tube. "I was next to the hatch, repairing some isolinear circuits, sir. Suddenly the hatch flies open, hits me, and knocks me back. I look up, and there's Ullii with a strange looking phaser. I was about to call security when she shot me."

"This is strange..." Garrison went deep into thought.

"What is, sir?"

"Well, if she had no remorse about killing me, then why didn't she kill you?" Another thing... if she had no intention of killing you, then why did she throw open the hatch so hard to hit you? Unless..."

"What, sir?"

"Unless she was being chased..."

"That would make sense, sir; she may not even have seen me at all... maybe she threw open the hatch in her hurry to escape someone... and then shot me in a panic..."

"Do you remember if she stopped to switch the setting on the phaser to stun before she shot you?"

Clark thought for a short moment, "Yes sir, she did."

Ullii couldn't stand this! Standing here watching while others speculate on her motives!... She could tell them... yes. She's invisible. They can't catch her.

"Please don't call security."

If it had been a less serious situation, Ullii would have wished for a holo-recorder to capture the terrified faces of Clark and Garrison at the sound of Ullii's disembodied voice.

"Ullii!!" Garrison became filled with rage! How dare this woman try to kill him, and then dare to taunt him while he was unarmed! "Show Yourself!!"

"I'm afraid I can't sir, but I need to talk to you! It's importance is paramount!"

"I do not talk, doctor, to thin air."

Ullii hesitated, but turned off the cloaking device mounted to her wrist.

"Now, you'd better be quick in giving me a reason not to call security. There are two of us now. One of us will get the call through before you can shoot the both of us."

Clark gave a nod of approval to Garrison, who nodded back.

Ullii suddenly realized what she was doing. She remembered that she was going to kill this man. She had to kill this man. Why then was she about to explain everything to him? She was going to tell them about James and the MobileHQ, the splitting of Section 31, how she was framed... everything. But something in her took over. Not her will, but another. And she remembered her task.

Clark noticed Ullii's brief moment of confusion, and picked up an engineering tool from the top of a container that was right behind him. Garrison noticed.

"Well? You tried to kill me once, Miss Lauren...", His face became redder than a beet, "As you can imagine, I'm not exactly very happy about that, am I?! So say what you're going to say quickly!"

Ullii set her phaser to kill. "Only that..." she raised it and pointed it at Garrison, "The Federation will survive!"

She fired, but not before Clark jumped on her, causing the blast to hit the ceiling instead. Clark turned on the tool he had picked up, which suddenly sparked alive with electricity, and thrusted it into Ullii's stomach! She gasped in fierce pain, but kicked the tool away with her knee, turned the cloaking device back on, and ran away.

She heard Garrison in the distance: "Garrison to security!! It's Lauren!! Red Alert!"

"Ullii to James... Ullii to James, Transport me back! JAMES!... " There was no answer. She crawled through a jeffory's tube and into a turbolift. "Deck 26."

She stepped out of the turbolift and into the low ranking personal quarters area. She ran up to the door of a vacant room and tried to get in with her security clearance, but it didn't work, and force fields were suddenly erected around her, and gas started to pour from the ceiling.

She curled up on her knees to avoid the gas. "JAAAMES!!!"


It took a few long moments for her to catch her breath and gain her composure. When she did, she finally looked up. "James, where..."

She saw not James, but a female with pointed ears in an unfamiliar uniform standing in front of her. "Sorry you were expecting someone else, Miss Lauren... But the Tal'Shiar do not tolerate those who would try to foil their plans."
Jun 10 2004, 12:20 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Deck 13, Section 8

"Garrison to security!! It's Lauren!! Red Alert!" Tom shouted.

A second later the lighting in the small area he and Clark was in changed to a darker illumination level, and dull red panels along the wall began to flash.

  A few seconds went by, and then suddenly a voice came over Tom's commbadge. It was K'rak. "Sir, we have an unidentified signal isolated. We've set up forcefields and are flooding the area with gas. We... wait a minute." There was a pause. "Sir, it's gone!"

Tom pounded his fist into the wall. "Dammit!" he shouted. For just a moment he leaned his head against the wall in frustration. Then he remembered he wasn't alone, and quickly stood up straight, mentally chastising himself for such a show of weakness in front of a junior officer.

Tom turned to Clark. If Clark had seen it, he gave no sign. Tom looked at him for a second while he decided what to do next. Then he hit his commbadge.

"Garrison to the OCC. Stand down from red alert, but leave the station on yellow alert. I am also ordering a full lock-down, effective immediately. No ships are to dock or disembark and nobody is to beam on or off the station without my consent, until further notice."

  "Understood sir. And may I ask, what's going on?" it was the voice of Will Karelia.

"I'll be up as soon as I can to fill you in. Until then, carry out my orders."

  "Aye sir."

"Garrison out. Garrison to security. Commander K'rak, send a team to the location of the signal for an investigation. Also, I want you to bring a team down to my present location. I'm on deck 13, section 8, and Lt. Clark and I just encountered Dr. Lauren a moment ago."

  "Aye sir, we're on our way."

Garrison turned to Clark. "Well at least this time your encounter with her didn't land you in sickbay," he said in a rather pathetic attempt to lighten the mood. Clark just nodded.
Jun 10 2004, 01:27 AM

Lieutenant Daniel Clark - Deck 13, Section 8

Admiral Garrison turned towards the Jeffries tube as the sounds of K'rak struggling through the small corridor became audible. Clark decided it was best that he couldn't understand Klingon.

"Admiral." The security officer greeted as he approached the hatch, followed by two young officers.

"Commander," Garrison replied, obviously trying to calm himself down from the encounter with the doctor. "I want to know how the hell we didn't see her coming, and where the hell she went."

"Sir, her personal cloaking device must be more advanced then we anticipated." K'rak didn't sound the least bit impressed with the doctor's appearance... or disappearance. "We had a lock on her, and she just... vanished."

"Was there any indication that she was beamed out?"

"Not that I can see. Sensor logs indicate the signal we caught in this section just disappeared. No residual transporter readings, no sign of force field breach, nothing."

"Were there any witnesses? Did anyone see it happen?"

"There haven't been any reports since I was last informed, admiral."

Clark was lost in thought. He tried to take everything in that had happened in the last little while. The headache he still had from sickbay didn't help, but he ignored it. We don't have time for this! If there's something to figure out, figure it out! Common! Think!! His temples started to pound. Doctor Lauren was running. I was shot... I was shot... I WAS SHOT! Blood and ashes, it's energy!

"Very well comman--"

"Admiral, what was the initial report of my attack?!"

Admiral Garrison, completely taken back by Clarks sudden interruption, stared at him for a second.

"Sorry sir..."

"It's alright lieutenant," K'rak didn't look the least bit please by Clarks intrusion. "The initial report stated there were foreign energy readings found in the area you were shot. Ops couldn't make heads or tails of it..." He stopped talking as Clark feverishly grabbed a tricorder from the engineering kit and began to scan his shoulder.

"Clark to Opps. Transfer all available sensor readings of yesterdays attack to my mobile." The admiral and chief of security just watched him as he received the sensor logs. "That's it!" He yelled as he thrust the tricorder for them to see. "It was the weapons fire the sensors logged. It didn't set off the alarm because the internal sensors have never been programmed to detect this kind of energy! Hell, I've never even seen it before, but that's what it was. The energy signature is identical to the residual signature in my shoulder... where I was shot! Sir, if we find this weapon, we find doctor Lauren."
Jun 10 2004, 09:46 AM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Valecron City, the Ketrine

Sith climbed out of the open deck section of the Ketrine. He hadn't been tested like that since the Academy, and even then he wouldn't have lived through it. As he got onto a flat hull section, he looked down at the two Romulans who were suddenly afraid. "He's dead," Sith said. Even though Sith knew he didn't have a chance and would've died fighting if it weren't for the poisionus metals of the Ketrine.

The two Romulans turned and ran out of there. As they began to disappear in the distance, a sleek Valecron Hover Cruiser approached. Out of it jumped the Old Man's son who immediately fell to his father's dead body in despair. Sith made his way down and approached. "I don't blame you Sith..." The Son said. "It's those bastard Alliance soldiers!!"

Sith knew exactly how he felt, "Listen to me. You can't live like slaves on this planet like this anymore. Fight back. I don't care if you do chose to live with them. Fight for rights! Fight for anything!"

Meanwhile, Zeta scurried along the counrtyside in their direction as fast as his eight little legs could, which was about 60kph.

Sith and the other guy noticed Zeta, when Zeta suddenly slowed on approach. The robotic spider leapt onto Sith's arm in a hurry.

"Click, click!" Zeta said in alertness.

"What is it, Zeta? Is something wrong?" Sith asked.

"Chrip! Click! Click! Chirp!"

The Son looked over in fear, "What? What? You can understand it??"

"Not really. But it makes him feel better if I just pretend I do." Sith then opened a panel on Zeta and noticed a display of numbers counting down. "Damn! It's the Transport to the Orbital Station. It's leaving in the next couple of minutes!"

The Son turned to his Cruiser, "Hurry get in! I can take you there."
Sith nodded and leapt inside. The Son would have to come back later for his father's body. He sped the Cruiser at high speeds towards the village area.

"Wait!" Sith said, signaling the driver to stop the Cruiser.


Sith leaped out and looked around the village area. She was nowhere to be seen. "Excuse me, but have you seen Julia?" Sith asked a Human woman who shook her head.

Sith went into the Market Place and asked around as fast as he could but no one saw her. "She seems to have just disappeared," the jewelry salesmen said. Sith turned away in despair.

Maybe it's better that way... Sith thought.


The Cruiser flew through layers of Alliance traffic. It ducked under a huge hover-Transport Truck, and then swung around a lengthy hover-Tow Crane.

"Whoa! Where did you learn to drive?" Sith asked in fear for his life.

"Human's don't exactly get the privilege of driving here," the Son replied as he flew right over a sleek hover-Car.

They ricocheted off the hover-Car and went flying up and through upper layers of traffic, nearly missing other flying vehicles. Crash!! They suddenly hit the edge of a Transport Truck and went spinning through the glass windows of a tall Office Building.

Smash! The Cruiser spun through the large hallways of the Office Building busting through set tables, computers, and crumpling the rug. They broke out the glass window on the other side of the building, falling back into hover-Traffic.

"Ahh!!" Sith yelled in fear. "Please let me drive!"

"Here you go!" The Son finally handed the hover controls over.

  Before they knew it, Valecron Security was after them. A reinforcement Cruiser sped from behind and hailed. *Deactivate your vehicle immediately! This is your only warning!*

The Son looked over at Sith, "If they find out we're Human, they'll either destroy us or beam our vehicle away."

"What happens if they beam us away?" Sith asked.

"We'll be destroyed."

"Okay. I guess we have no choice..."

Sith sped the Vehicle down layers of traffic. Each layer he flew through was a risk they would be hit again. Dodging left, right, large Vehicles and small, the Cruiser finally reached the lowest level.

In the distance ahead of them behind a collage of hover-Vehicles, was a large Alliance Shuttle Launching Facility. There, a single Transport would be launched into the atmosphere once a day.

The Security Cruiser was right behind them now, having successfully survived the layers of traffic. They shot out tractor-beams in a futile attempt to catch Sith's constantly maneuvering Cruiser.

"Okay that's it. Just beam them to the Secuity Center!" One annoyed Alliance driver said.

But before they could tap at any controls, Sith pulled back on his Cruiser and flew directly above them. He then slammed his Cruiser onto the roof of theirs and pushed them into the concrete road below.

Pieces of the Security Cruiser tore apart in friction, sending fragments of their engines flying away behind them. When Sith's Cruiser let off, the Security Cruiser continued dragging along the concrete until they smashed into a light pole.

Valecron Transport Facility

Sith and Zeta leapt out the hover-Cruiser just as they came to the Transport Facility. It was about to launch.

"Sith! There's a Cargo Entrance in Section Diphex. But how do you expect to get there without being detected?" The Son asked from the open hatch on the Cruiser.

Sith revealed the device on his shoulder, "Detection inhibiter. I'll be fine."

"Good luck... oh and Sith! We're going to start fighting back. It's time."

Sith nodded, "Then good luck to you. When the Outpost is destroyed in orbit, that'll be your signal. I hope one day the Federation will know of you guys."

With that Sith with Zeta ran into the Facility. The Son closed the hatch on his Cruiser and sped away.
Jun 11 2004, 10:47 PM

Lieutenant Commander Tanik - His Office


Strange. Seeing and thinking of Jarek brings back memories and thoughts not of him, but of Rhiana. They came together I suppose, in what the humans call "memory lane."

My wife.

When I think of her, I think of how she truly, deeply, loved me. I think of how we were never able to have children of our own, due to those damned Alliance-controlled puppets that have the audacity to call themselves the Senate of the Romulan Empire - how they never truly cared for their own people, since they denied basic medical care even to those who served them.


That's the word that comes to mind when I think of my past. That week... If only I could remember! She's out there, somewhere... I can feel it in my bones. I find myself wondering - would she condone my actions? Would she have condoned me joining Starfleet? But whenever I ask myself that, I can think of only one answer - yes. THAT is why I have done what I have done. And maybe - JUST maybe - I'll be able to find her during my service here, in the Federation.


They run up and down my spine when I see Jarek's face and hear his voice. I KNOW he's a piece of the puzzle - but how so? But the overriding question to my whole situation is:

Will Karelia
Jun 11 2004, 11:23 PM

Lieutenant Will Karelia - OCC

Karelia was at his post in the station OCC, when a call came in from Admiral Garrison, somewhere on the lower decks.

  "Garrison to the OCC. Stand down from red alert, but leave the station on yellow alert. I am also ordering a full lock-down, effective immediately. No ships are to dock or disembark and nobody is to beam on or off the station without my consent, until further notice."

"Understood sir. And may I ask, what's going on?" Will replied back.

  "I'll be up as soon as I can to fill you in. Until then, carry out my orders."

"Aye sir."

Will began checking security sensors, closing off docking ports, and deactivation transporter pads. "If Lieutenant Lauren has any ideas about getting off this tub, she won't be able to now, not without setting off every alarm on the station."

He then began recalling the trial, his meeting with Ullii in her quarters, and the look on betrayal on Garrison's face when he represented her in court. Dammit, what did I see in her that made me believe her? This is disgusting, an officer planting a bomb in the Admiral's office, ambushing Lieutenant Clark at an access junction. And a doctor no less!

Karelia was sitting there, thinking about current events on the station when his panel beeped at him. It was telling him that all security measures were in place and the station was completely locked down. Then, a screen popped up on top of the main LCARS control and a red light began blinking. Docking Port 16 was not responding. Why did I ever leave the Enterprise?, he thought to himself as he grabbed a magnetic door handle and headed down to Docking Port 16.
Jun 13 2004, 12:16 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Alliance Transport

Sith wondered how good friends he and Zeta were. They snuck their way into the Cargo Area of the Transport before anyone could see them. "Well Zeta, this is where we depart. It's been great knowing you," Sith nudged his shoulder.

"Click! Chrip!" Zeta replied in a denial tone. He hooked himself onto Sith's shoulder even tighter.

"You're coming with me?" Sith was confused.

"Chirp, coming, Click!" Zeta mimicked. He wasn't going to let his best friend die alone up there.

Sith was touched, "Zeta... I don't know what to say..."

The Transport doors closed. The vessel then shook and took off into the blue sky. It was obvious beaming was restricted on Valecron for security measures.

As the giant Transport sped up through the clouds, Sith and Zeta sat patiently in the Cargo Hold. His thoughts wandered to Julia...

If she was a Prophet and really had been in some kind of free-space battle with her enemy, then the Tsengate must've accidentally ran into that battle. All the Tholians were killed except him because she had protected him somehow; the change to his cells; the fluxuations; the bad dreams and extra conception... Just after affects.

The Transport exited the atmosphere and sped through space towards the orbital Kintoka Outpost. Sith took his mind off Julia. He didn't even want to think about it anymore.

Starbase 001. Did Sith even want to go back? He was beginning to get attached to it. Unfortunately his priorities lay against the Alliance, and they had to come first. It was almost like an obsession... An obsession that would lead to his untimely death.
Jun 13 2004, 06:07 PM

Lieutenant Ullii Lauren - Location Unknown

"Sorry you were expecting someone else, Miss Lauren... But the Tal'Shiar do not tolerate those who would try to foil their plans."

"You Romulan BITCH!" Ullii screamed and jumped at the Romulan, but was held back by two others. "Where have you taken me?!! What have you done with James?!!"

"Now now, Miss Lauren. Stay calm. We don't want to harm you. We are simply interested in offering you a... proposition."

"I said Where Have You Taken Me!"

"Please, try to contain yourself. Have a seat, and I'll tell you everything you want to know." She motioned toward a chair. "Including, perhaps, some things you don't."

Ullii settled down, objectingly took a seat, and looked defiantly at the Romulan. "Well?"

"My name is Soral. And you are now aboard my ship, The Tzar."

"Where is James?"

"He's here as well, although I'm sure once we drain him of all his secrets, he won't be very... shall we say... communicative." She paused to analyze Ullii's expression of concern at the mention of James' fate. "You, on the other hand, have a choice."

"What do you mean?"

"You can, if you wish, choose to go with James to Romulus, where you'll both be held under the watchful eye of a Romulan interrogator..."


"Or you can help us."

Ullii became infuriated. "And let me guess... You have a nice little bribe to offer me. What is it, eh? A vault full of platinum? A nice home on occupied Risa?"

"Your ignorance is most disturbing, Doctor. I would call it less of a bribe, and more of a reward. Before I tell you what it is we want you to do for us, allow me to explain a few facts that seem to have gotten lost." Ullii just looked blankly at her. "I will begin with news of your father. Xervish Lauren."

My Father? What could he possibly have to do with all this? - "What about him?"

"Seems as though he's escaped from that dreadful little prison on Pluto. Last I saw of him, he was in the Mess Hall enjoying a plate of freshly replicated Kllhe."

"He's HERE???" Blurs of emotions and memories suddenly rushed through her head. She knew what he looked like mostly because of pictures. She had little memory of time spent with him. The memories she had, however, were now all rushing through her mind at once, like a broken slide show.

The Romulan continued. "Yes, he's here. And he's very anxious to meet you."

Ullii still didn't grasp what she had just been told. Her Father, a traitor to the Federation, and a Romulan Spy, was here on this very ship. And he wanted to see her... what could he possibly want with her? Would he be like the man she remembered, or would he be different? Would he hurt her?

"In fact, I've just had a wonderful idea. Why don't we let him explain everything to you." She tapped her commbadge. "Soral to Xervish..."

At least he didn't lie about his name.

"Please report to the briefing room."

I'm going to hear his voice... he's going to answer her... I'm finally going to hear his voice!

  A reply finally came back over the comm. "I'm on my way, Commander."

A surge of emotion overcame Ullii. She loved and hated her father. She didn't want to see him, but she missed him dearly! She was going to see him. He's on his way! What will he be like? What will he do to me? Maybe he'll tell me the whole thing was a mistake... that he wasn't really responsible for...

"I'm sorry to interrupt your little tear fest, Miss Laruen, but I hardly think you'll want to look like this when you reunite with your long-lost father."

She hadn't even noticed the tears falling down her face. She wiped them off and tried to regain her composure. She was right. Even though she hated her... even though he was such a terrible man... he was still her father, and she was still his daughter. She moved her hair behind her ears, exposing the pointed tips. Something she would usually never have done on purpose.

The doors slid open, and a large handsome Romulan entered, wearing the uniform of a high-ranking Tal'Shiar officer. He stood by the door and looked down at Ullii, who was still sitting in the chair.

"Ta krenn... Daisemi'Maenek Ullii Lauren. Menkha." He looked up to the Romulan Woman. "Leave us. I must have a word with the hybred."

The hybred? A small tear ran down her face once more, but she wiped it off before anyone took notice.

After the woman had gone, Xervish stepped up to Ullii. "Stand up."

She did as he said.

He immediately burst into tears and hugged Ullii. It was the hug of a man who had lost all he loved, and finally found it again. "I am sorry... My Daughter. My beautiful, beautiful daughter!"
Jun 14 2004, 06:15 PM

Lattrel Ottel - the Tyr

Once Dearborne had taken his seat, Ottel waited in anticipation to see his new right hand man in action. He knew that William was good, otherwise Shani and Hayrig would not have chosen to send him, but he still wanted to see for himself. Well, Mr. Dearborne, do your magic, Ottel said in his mind. He looked around the bridge at the still unfamiliar crew manning the ship.

At the helm sat Rayla, a wild and strangely attractive female. Ottel had heard about some of the “heroics” she had displayed on occasion, and she seemed to be as confident as ever. There was something else about her: the way she looked at Dearborne, with respect and admiration, and... something else... It’s as though she’s looking at a parent.

Ottel now shifted his attention to his right, where a new crewman, one that had been missing from the bridge, had now taken up the science console. Santara. That’s what Dearborne called her. This feisty Vulcan had entered the bridge laughing about a story, something that completely threw Ottel off. He had heard of Vulcans that had abandoned the teachings of Surek, but in all his life had never seen one.

The rest of the crew was off the bridge, a few of them in engineering, and a few more handling security. Ottel was quite familiar with this distribution of personnel: every smuggler ship, more or less, had the same basic crew compliment.

“Look alive, guys,” Dearborne nearly shouted, interrupting Ottel’s line of thought. “Scan for all possible vessels, look for any indication of cloaked ships. We know Romulans could be around.”

Santara, following the orders, immediately went to work on the console at a near frantic speed.

She’s good, Ottel thought, really good.

“Rayla, take us into standard orbit. Bring the weapons online, just in case,” Dearborne ordered. “Any updates?”

“As far as I can tell there are no other ships orbiting the planet. I am reading something irregular off our stern, but the signal seems to be too weak to be a vessel,” Santara answered.

“Perhaps they didn’t anticipate for the Federation to come to the rescue with a cloaked ship,” Ottel said, at the same time fearing the worst: Perhaps they’re not even on the planet.

“Well, Santara, keep your eye on that irregular signal,” William went on. “Now, we’ve come here to rescue people so let’s do so. Scan the planet’s surface for any human lifesigns.”

“I’m trying to, but there seems to be some kind of interference.”

“Could it be the atmosphere?” Rayla asked.

“I don’t think so. I’m reading electronic signatures all over the place. It’s some kind of a shield.”

“Whatever’s down there, one thing is for certain: they don’t want us to know,” Dearborne said.

“Sir,” Santara burst out excitedly, “a hole just appeared on the surface of the shield.”

“Scan it!”

“I am! Wait a second. A ship just came through it,” Santara continued reading his console, “it seems to be a transport vessel.”

“On screen!” William ordered. The bridge was illuminated up with an image of a small ship, the planet serving as background.

“I’m scanning it.” Her face lighted up almost immediately. She turned completely and faced Ottel and Dearborne, “I’m reading a human lifesign on board.”

“Just one?” Ottel said quietly. Where are the rest?

“Anything from the scans of the surface?” William asked.

“The hole was open for too short of a time. All I got was a few structures. They could be anything.”

Dearborne looked at Ottel, and the two men seemed to agree. “Follow the ship.”

As the Tyr began following the transport, both ships reached the opposite side of the planet. Through their viewscreen, the crew saw the transport approach a station.

“Well, this changes a few things,” Ottel said. Dearborne sat up on his chair again, ready to give new orders, but was interrupted by Rayla.

“Uhh, William...”

Both Ottel and William looked at her.

“You know that irregular signal off of our stern that ‘was too weak to be a cloaked vessel’?” she said, mocking Santara. “Well, it ‘followed’ the transport vessel just like we did.”
Will Karelia
Jun 14 2004, 08:45 PM

Lieutenant Will Karelia - Corridor, Starbase 001

Lieutenant Karelia walked down a corridor, carrying a magnetic door handle, his destination being the security hatch to Docking Port 16. He was fuming the whole way there.

Ugh, I have to go down almost thirty decks, change turbolifts twice, and walk a helluva lot, and for what? To close a damn door! I swear, sometimes I wonder if there isn't some poltergeist causing these problems for me on purpose. Sometimes I wish I could just--


"OW! What the hell?"

Karelia looked up to see himself standing in front of a section of corridor enclosed by two forcefields and containing several fluid kiloliters of some kind of purple anesthezine. He tapped his commbadge with a puzzeled look on his face, still gazing at the gas.

"Karelia to OCC. Who authorized the use of anesthezine on Deck 27, Section 52-Beta?"

  The voice of the young Ensign who took his place at Ops was heard. "No one, Lieutenant. Why?"

"Because I just ran face-first into it."

  A small chuckle was heard over the comm-line. "Should I vent it, sir?"

"Not yet, Ensign. I want Garrison to see this."

  "Aye, Lieutenant. OCC out."

Karelia taps his badge again. "Karelia to Garrison."

  Garrison responded promptly. "What is it, Lieutenant."

Karelia was still looking at the gas intently. "I... um... found a section of the corridor on Deck 27 filled with a tranquilizing gas, and it apparently wasn't authorized by Commander K'Rak or me. I figured you wanted to see it for yourself..."