Episode 3: Alone, Part I

Jul 8 2003, 01:40 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office
Admiral's Personal Log, Supplemental

The Federation has been saved... at least for now.  Ambassador Larkin succeeded in delivering the message to the Cardassians, and as planned the Federation became aware that the Alliance now possesses the knowledge about San Francisco Shipyards not operating at full capacity.  So, at least for now, Utopia Planitia Shipyards will remain open.

Tom sat back in his chair, and thought about the log he had just recorded. Maybe it isn't such a good idea to put that in a log, even if it is a personal log, he thought to himself.

"Computer, delete that log entry, and begin recording again."
Admiral's Personal Log, Supplemental

The Federation has been saved... at least for now. It appears that, for some reason, Utopia Planitia Shipyards will remain open.  I do not know why, but I can't say I am unhappy with this decision.  Perhaps somebody in the Federation finally realized how dangerous a move this was, and how it would be sending a very bad signal to the Alliance.

Speaking of the Alliance, there isn't much of anything new with them lately.  They have been quiet for a couple weeks now.  In fact, the only border skirmish reported in the last month was the recent incident with the
Domtar.  And since then, there hasn't been a sound from them.  The rumors are flying that they are up to something, but from what I have been able to learn, our intelligence doesn't have a clue what is going on.  Also, the Captain of the Domtar remains missing.  I wish I could send another ship to help with the search, but our resources are already stretched so thin... and besides, I don't even know what they would be looking for.  All the escape pods on the Domtar were accounted for, and he wasn't on the ship, dead or alive.  I wish I had more answers, but I really don't know what happened to him.

As far as
Starbase 001 itself goes, the transition to the new crew has proceeded fairly smoothly.  There have been the usual bumps along the way, but David is an excellent Commanding Officer, and I don't expect there to be many problems.  There have been, however, several recent break-ins into the main computer.  As of yet, no classified information has been accessed... only star charts and communication frequencies.  Captain Major has assigned the two most senior Security Officers on the Starbase to track down the culprit.

Finally, there have been a few reports that the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gao Gent-al, has been acting 'strange.'  I don't really know the details, as I'm not in command of the station, but I believe it has to do with him not showing up for his shift several times, acting like he didn't know how to treat simple ailments, and being very moody.  David has ordered him to begin seeing the station's counselor, so hopefully that should help.

"Computer, end recording."

Tom sat back in his chair, and found his thoughts turning to Ambassador Larkin, who still hadn't checked in. I hope you're OK, wherever you are...
Aug 2003

Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove - Admiral Garrison's office

Hardgove slowly strode into Garrisons office carrying a pad. Looking up to Garrison as he entered. "Sorry about not getting down here sooner Tom I was finishing up decoding a transmission we received before we docked." Garrison looked up from his display console.

"Good news I hope" he said with some excitement.

"Not quite I'm afraid. You wanted to speak to me about something?"

"Yes. There's something up. Larkin won't tell me, he says he can't. And I can tell that Command is keeping something from me. I am the damn Fleet Admiral, and I'm being left in the dark here. What is going on?"

Hardgrove took a seat and cleared his throat. "Computer Admiral Garrisons office." The computer beeped several time indicating the sweep then confirmed the room was clean of all surveillance devices. "First of all Tom, my superiors are extremely displeased. What Larson did was extremely foolish and risky. An ambassador should never try to do our job. Yet he was able to accomplish something we would never had. The information retained from the shuttle he commandeered had record logs of meetings in the Gamma quadrant. We believe that the Alliance might be dealing with the Dominion."

Garrison just stared at Drayson. "Oh my god. It's going to be just like the Dominion War all over again... except this time we will probably lose. Is Command or Intelligence doing ANYTHING about this?"

Hardgrove smiled "Officially, no. Yet I have unofficially made an alliance with both the Smugglers Coalition and a band of Orion Pirates. Tripling the number of ships in our fleet."

Garrison took a minute to let sink in what Hardgrove was saying. "An alliance with... the Smuggler's Coalition? And a band of Orion Pirates? My God, things are getting more desperate than even I realized. How long do you think you can keep this a secret?"

"As long as we have to. They are silent partners"

"We?" Tom sat down, thinking about everything he had just learned. Drayson just stood there, allowing him several minutes to process the information. Finally, he looked up at Drayson. " 'We' it is, I guess. I don't want to have any part in these kinds of activities, but I guess I don't really have any other choice. As long as Command continues to do nothing while the Federation slowly loses power, somebody has to act."

"We all ready did, but it gets worse. That transmission we received... It was from my contacts on Bajor. Just before we left with the Ambassadors, they found one of them dead. According to the crew manifest, that ambassador was aboard our ship when they found the body."

"What are you getting at?"

"We may have been compromised already."

Hardgrove's eyes wandered to the window looking very puzzled.

Garrison looked at him "Drayson?"

Looking to Garrison Hardgrove spoke with shock, "Tom, look," he said pointing to the window. "Earth - it's gone?"
Aug 2003

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom jumped up in surprise at what Drayson said. He turned around and looked out the window, and sure enough... Earth was not there. But there was something else missing as well...

"Drayson. It's not just Earth. Look closer."

Hardgrove stared out the window for several seconds, when suddenly the realization hit him. "My god, Tom. There's no stars out there either."

Tom just shook his head in affirmation. "Drayson, we'll continue this conversation later. I don't think we're finished yet, there's still a great deal to talk about. But I have to figure out what is going on."

Drayson nodded. "As do I."

The two men both left the office. Drayson turned right and headed towards a nearby turbolift which would take him to his ship, in the docking bays, where he would most likely be running his own analyses of what was going on. Tom, meanwhile, turned left and headed for the OCC. He entered the OCC, and found it in a state of barely controlled chaos. Officers were running about everywhere, but Tom managed to locate Captain David Major off to one side, taking to Lt. T'Kila.

He walked over to Major. "David," he said as he approached. "What's going on."

"Sir, we have no idea. About 1 minute ago, all communications went dead. As did all sensors. And as you are probably aware, we are receiving countless reports of viewports showing nothing but black. No stars... no planets... not even a view of Earth from the viewports facing Earth. Just nothing."

"What's causing it?"

T'Kila looked up from her console, and answered Tom's question. "At this point, sir, we have no idea. But I'm running every test possible, and I plan on figuring it out soon."

Tom sighed. After everything else that has just happened, this is the last thing I need... He turned back to David. "Keep me informed." And then he left the OCC, heading towards a turbolift. He intended to seek out Captain Hardgrove, and continue their discussion.

Gao Gent-al - Brig

Gao was sitting in the brig, trying to come up with a plan, when suddenly he heard shouting from the security office adjacent to the brig. He looked up, and saw Commander K'rak running into the brig. He began speaking to the prisoners.

"Your attention please. We are transferring all of you to the brig of the U.S.S. Pollux. There have been some strange things happening here all of a sudden, and we are moving you all to a brig with power systems independent from the station. Anybody who fails to cooperate with myself or any of the other security officers will be... dealt with." The way he said those last words sent a chill down Gao's spine. But he knew he had to think quickly, because this transfer would probably be his best chance of escape.
Aug 2003

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Quarters

Halliwell looked at the blank screen for a moment, she had been cut off from a conversation with her father and reached for her comm, she stopped short when she looked out.

She quickly ran out her quarters to the nearest turbolift. As she made her way she saw crewmembers looking out viewports, at what she wasn't sure, there was nothing there at all.
Aug 2003

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Transporter Room 4

Sith's re-materialization staticked on the Transporter Padd. His molecules returned to an intact state. "What's going on?"

The Transporter Chief went over the console. "I don't understand, sir. I don't have a lock on anything."

"Ensign, I have a Brother to meet in a very big Restaurant in North Carolina. I'm already 5 minutes late."

"I'm sorry, sir... I can't pick anything up."

Sith stepped off the Padd and checked the console. "What the?? ...I'll go see what's happened."

Sith left the Transporter Room.
Captain Archer
Aug 2003

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Councelor Rasin's office

Michael sat in a large chair at the far end of the office, looking at Rasin. "So Ambassador..."

"Please call me Michael."

"Michael, I understand that you've been having trouble sleeping, nightmares that sort of thing."

Michael looked up at the ceiling "Yes, I keep seeing the man who....interrogated me."

Rasin seemed intrigued by this so he continued.

"Sometimes I'm in my quarters and he comes in with the device he used to activate the implants in my bodies, now I'm starting to have hallucinations. The other evening at dinner, he was standing at the bar and warned me not to discuss something with the Admiral." Michael felt stupid the second he said it.

Then he heard yelling out in the corridor, he looked at Rasin then they both strode out to the hall and followed the voices. They found a group looking out a viewport, "All right break...."

Michael stopped in mid sentence as he stared out the viewport which used to be trained on Earth, but now only black emptiness. He looked over at Rasin. "Looks like you've got bigger problems at the moment Councilor." They both looked back out the window.
Aug 2003

Captain David Major - OCC
  False Hopes

David stared out the view port and massaged his temples. The immense blackness was intimidating, confusing, and yet intriguing - all at the same time. Part of him wanted to be scared, the other part to figure out what this was and how to fix it. A commotion near the ops station drove him out of his thoughts.

"Sir, I think we've found something." David found himself almost running to answer T'Kila's voice.

"Yes, what is it?"

"I was examining the sensor logs from when we lost contact with earth." She pointed down at her console. "Right here is about 2 seconds before the occurrence." She advanced the timeline. "And here is 1 millisecond AFTER the occurrence. Notice anything odd?"

David nodded. "The Dolamide readings....they're off the scale! But why could that be? Dolamide's used in power generators, reactors, short-range transporters..." Major's voice carried off. "Lieutenant, could it be that the entire station was transported?"

T'Kila shook her head. "No sir, I've already thought of that. Any transporter activity would produce Tetryon particles in addition to Dolamide. Plus, the Dolamide readings wouldn't be this high, no matter how big the thing was."

"Very well. Keep looking."
Captain Archer
Aug 2003

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Turbolift

Michael walked away from the viewport and thought he would try to get some sleep.

"Habitat level," Michael said as he strode into the turbolift.

The lift took off, and Michael was again lost in his thoughts, Counselor Rasin must think I'm insane. I mean voices, what were you thinking telling him all that stuff?

Michael was snapped out of his thoughts when the turbolift doors opened. He keyed in the code to his door and walked in, and at the far end of his quarters staring in disbelief was Commander Hurst.
Aug 2003

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom sat at his desk, drumming his fingers over and over. Suddenly he stood up, and started walking towards the door. Halfway there, he paused. No. I can't go waltzing out onto the OCC demanding to know what's going on. Captain Major is in command of this station, not me. Doing that would be compromising his authority.

Suddenly, the lights went out.

Gao Gent-al - Brig

K'rak growled at Gao. "All right, Ferengi. Let's go." Gao was the last of the prisoners to be transferred to the brig on the Pollux. K'rak hit a holo-button on the terminal off to the side of the room, and the forcefield lowered. "Try anything, and..." K'rak didn't need to finish the sentence.

Gao had taken two steps forward when suddenly the lights went out.

What the hell... he thought to himself.

"FERENGI!! DON'T MOVE!!" Gao heard K'rak bellow.

Now's my chance! Always knowing the day might come when he would be captured, Gao had taken the time to study the security systems and offices quite extensively... including the layout of the brig. Even with the lights off, he knew his way around perfectly. Being as quiet as possible, he walked towards the wall, counting his steps. When he reached 8 steps, he held out his hand, and sure enough, there was the access panel for the ventilation system.

He pulled off the panel, all the while working completely in the dark.

"FERENGI! Where are you? Answer me or I will start shooting!" he heard K'rak yell.

Gao slipped into air duct, and pulled the access panel back into place. He began scurrying down the corner. He heard phaser shots behind him, in the brig.

"Answer me, or I will keep firing until I hit you!" He heard K'rak yell again, but his voice was fading as Gao made his way farther and farther down the air duct.

About 10 seconds later, the lights came back on.

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

About 20 seconds after going out, the lights came back on.

"Ah, to hell with worrying about David's authority. I want to know what's going on here," Tom muttered to himself. He left his office, walked down the corridor, and entered the OCC. He walked over to Captain Major, who was standing beside T'Kila talking to her.

"David. What just happened?"

"We experienced a momentary power loss. The backup systems only partially kicked in for some reason, so non-essential systems such as lights, terminals, etc. were all automatically shut down by the computer to conserve power for life support, artificial gravity, etc."

"Do we know what caused it?"

"Not yet, but Tanik is hard at work on trying to figure it out." Anticipating Tom's next question, David continued. "And we haven't made any progress as of yet on what's going on. We're still all in the dark on this one... literally and figuratively."
Captain Archer
Aug 2003

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Quarters

"Can I help you with something Commander Hurst?" Larkin asked in the most diplomatic voice he could muster.

She stood and looked at him, "I wanted to talk. I figured if I waited here you'd show up sooner or later." She smiled and Larking suddenly felt weak.

"Okay, have a seat. Would you like something to drink?" He walked toward the replicator.

"Nothing for me Michael." Jen sat with her back to him, he replicated a cup of coffee and took a seat across from her. "I was worried about you. Have you been seeing someone? I know what the Cardassians do to their prisoners."

Michael let out a sigh, "Yes I'm seeing Counselor Rasin. He's a good officer. I'm sure he'll be able to help me through this." Michael took a sip of his coffee and then sat the cup on the table. "Jen, the last time you were on the station, I was getting ready to tell you something. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to finish that conversation before you say anything else."

Jen cocked her head to the side and said, "Sure, you had my complete attention, and you'll have it again." She sat back and crossed her legs.

"I wanted to tell you that I've been thinking about you lately, to be more specific, us." He stopped to gauge her look. She sat back up straight in her chair. That can't be a good sign. Michael thought to himself. "Let me finish," he put his hand up, "I've wanted to contact you for a long time and tell you but everything just started happening to fast around here."

She smiled once again. "Michael I can't say I'm shocked. I've noticed you've seemed uncomfortable of late. I would be open to taking a step into a relationship, but we have to agree to not let it interfere with our work." As she said the last word the lights in Michael's quarters kicked off. "What's going on?" Jen asked him. "I don't know." Michael responded.
Aug 2003

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Security Office

"We've got search Teams going throughout the entire Station for him," Sith read a report on a padd.

"Argh! How could that little Ferengi get away!?" K'Rak slammed his fist into the table and then left the Office.

The Deck

After that, Sith left too only to find that Zeta was crawling along the wall nearby. "There you are. I was looking for you yesterday."

Zeta just continued crawling away. Sith walked faster to catch up.

"Hey, what's the matter? ......You're not still mad I reconfigured your vocal responses?" The robotic spider leaped onto a bridging walkway that passed over the second level of the Deck. "Come on, Zeta it was just a joke!"

"Click, chhhh--rrriipp, cclikkk??" Zeta launched a metallic cable out into the air, which clung onto a far wall.

Sith stopped in his tracks. His friend's behavior wasn't normal at all. "Zeta? What's the matter with you?" The Spider just crawled up its metallic cable and continued on to the far wall.
Aug 2003

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Security Office

"Damn!" K'Rak slammed his fist into the wall, leaving a noticeable dent. "How could the Ferengi bastard have escaped?" He had been kept under close guard at all times, and the one moment that he was not secured happened to be the moment that the lights went out. K'Rak turned to the computer.

"Computer, run a scan on the Starbase, and find the location of Gao Gent-al." The computer beeped in acknowledgment, and began scanning.

   After a moment the computer announced: "Gao Gent-al is not on the Starbase."

"What in the Hell? That is impossible!" And with communications to the outside completely down, it will be impossible to track him, K'Rak thought. I must inform Captain Major. "K'Rak to Major."

  "K'Rak, what the hell is going on down there?" Major asked.

"Sir, Gent-al has escaped, and we have reason to believe that he is no longer on the Starbase. With communications out, we have no way to alert Starfleet of his escape."

  "Understood. But how could he have gotten off the Starbase?"

"I do not know, Sir. But I assure you, we will find out." K'Rak ended the communication, and headed to the Deck, in search of Lieutenant Sith.
Aug 2003

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - Main Engineering

"The Quantum Induction Core is functioning perfectly, sir," Ensign Sarah Shannon told Tanik.

"Thank you, Ms. Shannon," Tanik said as he took the PADD from her.

What could it be? What have I missed? Tanik was obviously perplexed and frustrated. I've gone over every major system twice... Tanik then thought of something new - What if it's affecting a minor system instead? Tanik went over to a small panel at a small alcove on the other side of engineering.

The crewman manning the console was asleep. Tanik came over and flicked him as hard as he possibly could on the ear. Needless to say, the crewman awoke with a start.

"Yes, commander?" he said shakily as he quickly rose to his feet.

"Crewman, were you asleep at your post?" Tanik asked sternly.

"Uh... well, sir -"

"It's a yes or no question, crewman."

"Well, uh-"

"YES, or NO?"

"Yes, sir!"

Tanik looked at him hard. "Commander Tanik has a hard time with sleepy-heads in his engine room. Commander Tanik is not hard to get along with. That is good. However, you weren't doing your job. You decided to regress back to crewman's kindergarten days and take a nap. Unfortunately, we're a few years beyond
kindergarten. These 'goings-on' do not happen in my engine room. This is not good. Do I make myself clear?"

"As crystal, sir," the crewman said, now fully awake.

"Well, I was going to do it myself, but now why don't YOU run a diagnostic on the auxiliary power systems?" Tanik asked, the question obviously rhetorical.

"Yes, sir," the crewman ran over to the station and fingered the controls. "This could take awhile, sir."

"Oh, I know. You stay here and monitor."

"Sir, it's break..."

"Tell somebody who cares, son."

"Yes, sir. Where are you going, sir?"

Tanik raised an eyebrow, "On break."

"...Of course, sir."

"Beep my commbadge when it's done - I'll take it over from there."

The crewman acknowledged. Tanik left with the other engineers, leaving the lone crewman behind.

Tanik walked over to a computer terminal. "Computer, location of Lt. J.G. T'Kila?"

  "Lt. J.G. T'Kila is in the OCC."


Tanik walked into the OCC and went straight to the science station. The atmosphere in the room was quite chaotic.

"Got any ideas?" Tanik asked T'Kila.

"A few... none of them completely jive with what's happened, though... You?"

"I'm running a diagnostic on the auxiliary power grid, to see if anything interesting comes up." As soon as he said that, his commbadge beeped.

  "Commander, there is a .0001 phase-variance in the auxiliary fusion reactors."

Tanik looked up, "Good work, crewman. Go and take a break. Try not to fall asleep."

T'Kila raised her eyebrow. "A power drain?"

Tanik looked at her, "More like the power is being siphoned off somewhere..."
Aug 2003

Lieutenant Rune Sith - The Deck

The robot spider, Zeta, began crawling along the ceiling of the Deck. It was planting metallic cables all over the ceiling, one crossing over the other. A web was being created.

From way below, as the Deck had a really high space, people and passer-byers were frequently noticing it and pointing up at the web in surprise. Sith just stood below, tapping on his tricorder-padd while K'Rak approached.

"What is going on here?" K'Rak asked.

Sith continued scanning. "I think Zeta's malfunctioning. I'm doing a positronic scan to find out."

K'Rak just looked up and watched it creating its own home. "I meant to ask you before, but what is that thing?"

"Zeta? He's a robotic Spider, origin Omicron Theta. He seems to be out of control at the moment and I don't know why."

K'Rak quickly took out his Phaser, "Why waste your time with scans? I will destroy it!"

Sith quickly pushed K'Rak's Phaser down, "No! ...Zeta's not just a machine. He's my friend. ...We've known each other for a year or so now."

"You are friends with a computer?" K'Rak asked.

"Zeta is a sentient being."

"Fool! Do you not remember your history? ...The battle of the Androids?"

"I know my History! ...I'm telling you, Zeta's different. He's not like what happened back then..."

K'Rak shook his head and sighed. "Very well," he tried to relate feeling as Klingon as possible, "...I hope Zeta does not malfunction." He slapped Sith on the back.
Aug 2003

Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove - Office

After hours of investigation aboard the Gambit, Drayson had had enough. He had come to deliver the current situation to Garrison and had done so. Given the current status of 001 it was impossible for the Gambit to depart; which could make his job very complicated... that was, unless he had help. Although he and his ship weren't able to leave, it didn't mean his job couldn't be done here as well. The Admiral was too caught up in the politics of the current ill-fated Federation to be his Agent... but perhaps there was someone able to on board? But whom??

The seclusion of his thoughts were interrupted by a reminder from his chronometer. He had planned dinner with Sam within the hour and had promised himself not to miss it. Closing his display, he encoded his latest work and headed to his quarters to prepare.
Aug 2003

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Security Offices

As K'Rak analyzed the latest Security scans, he marveled at the idea that a human could be friends with a machine. From an early age, he had been taught to distrust any non-organic life forms. The attack by rogue androids on the Klingon homeworld in 2475 had started a deep-seated hatred; and many still felt resentment against the Organian's intervention between the Klingons and the Federation, in the 23rd century. His time in Starfleet had helped him learn to be more tolerant of all types of life-forms; but he found it hard to reconcile the idea of a mechanical ..friend.. with his Klingon upbringing. Well, he thought, there's a first time for everything.

Suddenly, his communicator beeped, interrupting K'Rak from his deep thought, and he jumped up.

  "Sith to K'Rak."

"Yes. Have you made any progress?"

   "Well, come to Main Engineering. We've found something you might want to see."
Aug 2003

Counsellor Othoniel Rasin - Bridge

The Bridge was devoid of all major officers, it was night, and most were probably asleep. As the lights flickered, and then went out, the officers, including the Counselor looked around, trying to find out what was happening. The ensign at the climate controls asked if they should wake up the first officer, but before no one responded. After a moment of silence the Counselor responded.

"No, no, I think we should run a few tests before we call them. Might as well let them get some sleep. I'll help out."

"Um, thanks, but what do Counselors know about power relays and technical things?" the climate control officer inquired.

"And navigating the mind of hundreds of species is simple?", he smiled, intrigued, then continued, "I took a few other courses at headquarters other then simply counseling ensign." He laughed lightly, not offended in the least

  "Operations, what is happening?" said Ambassador Larkin through his badge.

"We are still trying to find out, Ambassador, we are currently running several diagnostics. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to, you can give us a hand." replied Rasin.

"No, its alright," he laughed, "I'll continue what I was doing. Good Luck."
Aug 2003

Admiral Tom Garrison - Quarters

Tom lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling. He had been laying there for hours, he just wasn't able to fall asleep.

"Computer, what is the time?"

"0250 hours"

Tom sighed. He sat up, rubbing his eyes. Guess I won't be sleeping tonight either. He walked to the replicator, and ordered a glass of water. Taking the glass to his desk, he sat down. This was becoming a familiar routine for him, he was barely sleeping at all anymore. He felt like the entire weight of the Federation was crushing down on him. There was the dwindling size of the Federation, there was the incompetence of Command, as demonstrated time and time again. And then there were all the new things he had recently found out. The possible involvement of the Dominion. The Captain of the Domtar possibly working for the Alliance. Gao's treachery, and now his disappearance. Hardgrove's alliance with smugglers, and even worse than that, the realization that Tom needed their help just to keep the Federation together.

Command... they do nothing. We are slowly fading away into oblivion, and they do nothing. I don't understand it, it's like they don't care anymore. And the Federation Council as well, they've become a joke. All they do is sit around and discuss trade routes, Warp Speed Limits around the busier solar systems, and other completely mundane details. Neither of them will even acknowledge how bad things are. If the Alliance decided to launch an attack, we'd be finished in a heartbeat.

The lights flickered, then went off. This time, however, the rest of station power seemed to be on, just the lights went off. He considered contacting the OCC, but decided not to. I'm not in command of this station... they don't need me.

He went back to worrying about the future of the Federation. The blackness of the room, as well as the blackness of the void outside his window, did nothing to help his mood.
Aug 2003

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Engineering

K'Rak entered to meet up with Sith and Tanik. Tanik walked around the Quantum Induction Core handed a Security Report to him. "There is nothing on this," K'Rak looked at it.

"At first we thought someone was redirecting energy from the Fusion Reactor's," Tanik started.

"But then we followed the drain and realized it was being caused by the natural space around us," Sith finished.

"I see." K'Rak looked at them.

"Sith arrested Ensign Carley." Tanik told on him.

Sith pointed at Tanik, "It was his idea!"

K'Rak placed his fingers on his forehead in stress, "Ggggghh..."
Sith took the Report away from K'Rak and directed him to the Quantum Core. "Look, the point is, space doesn't naturally drain energy the way it is doing it right now."

Tanik continued, "Then we looked at the Phase Variance... It seems to be in sync with Earth's rotational output in the lower bandwidth's before we lost contact with it. Being in sync like that is an infinity to 1 chance."

"Are you saying Earth, and the Quantum Induction Core, is the cause for this?" K'Rak asked.


"Well, what exactly are we in...?" K'Rak asked again.

Sith and Tanik glanced at each other. "We're not sure," Sith said, "Another plain of existence?"

They all glanced at each other thinking about the possibility.

"We must speak to the Captain. Perhaps it is time for a Briefing."
Aug 2003

Admiral Tom Garrison - The Deck

Tom strolled casually along The Deck, taking in the sights of everything around him. As usual, the place was bustling with activity, people hurrying back and forth to their destinations. But it was different this time, he could sense a quiet apprehension in the air. Everybody was trying to go about business as usual, but the unsettling black you saw out of all the viewports had everybody worried, and rightly so.

Tom headed toward a restaurant he hadn't yet tried. Without the ability to contact the Fleet, he found himself, the Fleet Admiral, without alot to do. About halfway towards the restaurant, he heard Captain Major's voice over the comm system.

"All senior staff, report to the Conference Room for a briefing in 5 minutes."

Tom paused, and thought for a moment. I don't usually go to these... but... why not. I don't have anything better to do, and I'd like to know how much progress is being made. He turned around, and headed for a nearby turbolift.

Conference Room, 5 minutes later

"I see we've all arrived, good -- " David trailed off as the conference doors opened, and Tom stepped into the room. Tom looked around at the assembled staff for a moment, they seemed surprised to see him there. David broke the silence.

"Sir? Is there something we can do for you?"

"No, not at all David. I just wanted to attend this briefing, to see what sort of progress, if any, has been made." David looked at him for a moment. He could see the added ... and I'm bored out of my mind clearly in Tom's eyes.

"Well, sir, come in, sit down."

Tom nodded, and walked through the doorway and sat in a chair at the far end of the table.

"Anyway, I was just about to get started," David said. "I guess we should start..." He was interrupted by the doors opening again. Everybody looked up and saw Captain Hardgrove standing in the doorway.

He looked around at everybody. "I have come to... monitor... things," he said. With that, he strode to the end of the room and sat down next to Tom.

Tom looked at Drayson for a minute. Poor man, he must be even more bored than I am. He can't even take his ship out... wait a minute... Tom suddenly had an idea. He looked up, and saw Captain Major talking about something that Tom hadn't been listening to.

"... so nobody has any clue what happened to Gao?"

K'rak shook his head no.

"Commander K'rak, I don't need to emphasize how important it is that this man is found. Pull men from other departments if you must, but find that Ferengi!" There was anger in David's voice, it sounded like he didn't take kindly to having Gao betray him, and everybody else, like he had. "Now, let us turn to the current situation. T'Kila, any idea?"

Before T'Kila could speak, Tanik spoke up. "Lt. Sith and I have been discussing something, maybe now would be a good time to bring it up."

Tom sat there listening to it all, and decided now would be a good time to interrupt. "Excuse me for interrupting, but has anybody tried taking the Pollux, or perhaps the Gambit," he added while looking at Drayson, "out away from the station?"
Aug 2003

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Conference Room

She looked up to Garrison as he asked the question.

"Well, has anyone?"

Everyone shook their heads. "The thought hadn't even crossed my mind," Halliwell said half to herself and half to the rest of the staff, she looked to T'Kila, "Could what's effecting the station have the same effect on the two ships?"

"If you can get them the right distance away, there is a strong possibility there will be no interference," she answered calmly.

"Only way to see is to test this theory then," Major said finishing for her.

"I wouldn't feel comfortable trying out the Pollux. There are still repairs to be carried out after the last time," Halliwell said quietly looking to Major and getting a nod of acknowledgement.

Garrison looked over to Hardgrove, "Well the Gambit it is."
Aug 2003

Fleet Captian Drayson Hardgrove - Conference Room

Hardgrove shot a look to Halliwell then turned to Garrison, "Why not test a lone probe or shuttle craft lest risking a entire ship? We may be currently cut off from the rest of the universe but do remember that we are out numbered and to lose a ship to an unknown on a theory is unacceptable."
Aug 2003

Admiral Tom Garrison - Conference Room

Tom sat back in his chair for a moment, considering the options. "David, what do you think."

Captain Major looked around the table, his gaze lingered on Hardgrove for a moment, then came to a rest on Tom. "Sir, I agree with Commander Halliwell on this one. 001 is not equipped with any probes, there just isn't enough of a reason for a starbase orbiting earth with at least one starship always docked to carry any. As for our shuttles, well frankly sir, they are old."

"Old?" Tom asked.

"Again, same with the probes really, there just isn't much need for this starbase to have a large supply of shuttles. We have a few, for the necessary transport to and from earth in cases where transporting may not be preferred, or possible, for one reason or another. But with the mass transporter system that's installed on the station, there just isn't much of a need for them."

"What does that have to do with 'old,' " Tom asked.

"Well, the few we have are just that... old. Originally built about 100 years ago, they've been refit somewhat, but their sensor, communication, and propulsion systems are all quite out-dated. It would probably be much more... helpful... if we had a ship with current systems, like the Gambit, do this, if we're going to do it at all." David could feel Drayson's eyes burning into him.

Tom thought how to proceed for a moment. Ordinarily, he would leave this to David's decision... he was the CO of the station, Tom was the ranking officer here perhaps, but he wasn't really in command. But on the other hand, Drayson outranked Major, and could refuse. Tom outranked Drayson and could order him to do it, both as simply an admiral to a fleet Captain, and due to the fact that Tom commanded the entire fleet. But whether or not Drayson would even follow that order, being that he also was affiliated with Starfleet Intelligence, Tom didn't know. It was a tricky situation, and he knew he had to step wisely.

"Does anybody else have any other ideas we can try, before we get any deeper into this situation here?" He looked around the room, hoping somebody would answer.
Aug 2003

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Conference Room

"There has to be at least a hundred ships at 001; wouldn't one of them carry probes? I'm sure the Gambit or the Pollux must have them." Sith broke in to this battle of Commanders. Back in his day he'd normally be afraid of the higher ranks and possible criticism of his actions.... but ever since his serving on the Vitality and encounters with the Alliance he knew men were just men. Shaolin teaches to know your space, and everything around you. If there was a barrier surrounding the station, it must be tested, both by small objects and then... big.