Episode 8: The Changing of the Guard, Part I

Jul 31 2004, 03:40 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Corridor outside Cargo Bay 3

Tom paused outside the large doors leading into Cargo Bay 3. He tugged on the collar of his dress uniform, trying to ease the discomfort he always felt wearing one. I hate these damn things, he thought to himself. Finally he stopped fidgeting and entered the room.

Against one of the walls a platform - almost looking like a small stage - was set up. There was a podium set atop the platform. Also, standing on the platform were Commander Hurst, Commander Halliwell, Lt. Commander Tanik, Lieutenant Rune Sith, Lieutenant Daniel Clark, and Ensign Lyra Cephei. The rest of the cargo bay was filled with spectators. The rest of the 001 senior staff were present, along with a good number of other Starfleet officers and civilians.

Tom walked up to the platform. He stepped up onto it and set a holoPADD he was carrying down on the podium. He looked out over the sea of faces for a few moments, and then began to speak.

"Three weeks ago, we all lost Captain David Major to this terrible war." He paused for a few seconds of respectful silence. Images of the funeral, held a few weeks ago, quickly flashed in his mind. Shaking them off, he began speaking again.

"To honor his memory, and give us all time to grieve, no changes have been made in the command structure here on 001. And while we must always remember and honor the past, it is now time to look forward to a new future, to a new chapter of life."

"The rank of Fleet Admiral brings with it many unpleasant duties," Tom continued. Again he thought of the funeral. "It brings difficult choices that must be made everyday. But it also brings pleasant duties. None of us have had much time to enjoy pleasant duties, so I'm happy to share one of them with all of you today." Tom had been speaking gravely, but now his face broke into a wide smile. "Promotions."

There was a quiet murmur in the crowd. Some of them couldn't even remember the last time they'd seen Admiral Garrison smile. Tom chuckled to himself, then he held up his hand in a silent request for silence.

He activated the holoPADD in front of him and read the prepared script. "Effective immediately, the following changes in Starfleet rank will be made. Ensign Othoniel Rasin, who has already joined the U.S.S. Intrepid, increased in rank to Lieutenant and assigned as the Intrepid's counselor." A few people broke out in applause.

"Lieutenant Commander K'Rak, who has already joined the U.S.S. Enterprise, increased in rank to Commander and assigned as the Enterprise's First Officer." A few more people joined in the applause.

"Ensign Lyra Cephei increased in rank to Lieutenant and assigned as the Starbase 001 Chief Science Officer." Again the applause increased.

"Lieutenant Daniel Clark increased in rank to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the Starbase 001 Chief Engineer." The sound of applause continued to grow. Tom now had to raise his voice to be heard.

"Lieutenant Rune Sith, who just a few weeks ago we thought we had lost, increased in rank to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the Starbase 001 Chief of Security." The sound of applause now filled the room. Tom raised his voice another level.

"Lieutenant Commander Tanik increased in rank to Commander and assigned as the Starbase 001 First Officer." A few cheers joined the sound of applause. Tom was now yelling out each word in order to be heard.

"Commander Jen Hurst increased in rank to Captain and temporarily assigned command of the U.S.S. Gambit, to be assigned a permanent command at a later date." Without pausing, Tom continued. There was now a wide smile of his face as the excitement of the crowd filled the room with a bubbling energy.

"And last, but certainly not least, Commander Samantha Halliwell increased in rank to Captain and assigned as the Starbase 001 Commanding Officer."

"Signed, Fleet Admiral Thomas Garrison, Stardate 429696.5" His last words were barely audible.

Tom left the podium and walked along the line of newly promoted officers. He stopped at each one, affixing the appropriate new rank pips. He shook each person's hand and offered them his personal congratulations. He then stepped back to the podium and joined in the applause.

After a few moments, he raised his hand, again asking for silence. The applause slowly died away. "There will be a reception immediately following this ceremony in the Double~Helix to celebrate the promotions. Everyone is invited." He turned to look at the newly promoted officers. "Congratulations to all of you," he said with a smile. "Dismissed!"

Everyone began to file out of the room, eager to start the party.
Aug 1 2004, 02:10 AM

Lattrel Ottel - the Double~Helix

Ottel walked out of Cargo Bay 3 before Garrison was done with his speech and headed for the nearest lift. I need to get to the bar as fast as possible, he thought, fastening his pace. Part of him was regretting his offer to use the bar for a reception, but it had, unexpectedly, become an official gathering hall for the senior staff, and everyone else for that matter. He thought back to his first days on the station, when he stepped out of the Tilibos onto the landing platform in one of the main shuttle bays... he couldn’t remember which one.

Back then I would be happy to provide for such a large gathering, he thought, big profits. Today, I’m thrilled to do it, because... I want to.

Ottel turned a corner. The turbolift just ahead. He could already hear the voices of all the people who were beginning to exit the cargo bay. He began walking even faster. A few seconds later he was at the lift doors.

“Hi,” he smiled to an ensign, waiting for the lift.

The two stood silent. No attempt at a conversation from either one. Just as Ottel tried to ask something, the doors slid open. They walked in.

“Level 3, the Deck,” both of them said, almost simultaneously, then looked at each other, smiling.
“Busy day, huh?” Ottel said, looking at the greased up sleeves of the ensign’s uniform.
“Oh, this?” he noticed the grease himself, “I was running diagnostics on a shuttle engine. Found a problem that required an old fashioned approach.”
“I know what you mean,” Ottel nodded. “Where are you going? Why don’t you join me and everyone else in the Double~Helix?”
“I’m on duty, actually,” the ensign answered, with clear signs of regret in his voice, “my CO sent me... eh, you don’t want to know.”

Once again, there was silence. Ottel began to slowly rock back and forth. Any minute now, he thought.

“Uh... the Double~Helix? Isn’t that the place where they used to serve ‘Romulan Pale’?”
“Used to?” Ottel was a bit surprised, then, “I suppose so.” The ensign looked at him, strange.
“Tell you what,” Ottel continued, “why don’t you come in when you’re off duty, and I’ll whip you up a ‘Romulan Pale’ you’ll never forget.”
“You mean you’re...” his words were interrupted, as the doors opened once again.
“Yes,” Ottel shouted, almost jumping out of the lift. The young ensign soon disappeared in the distance. One more corner, and he was there.

“I hope you folks are all ready,” he said, walking into the bar.
“We’re as ready as we’ll ever be,” Hrag said, preparing for the onslaught of happy customers.
Aug 1 2004, 09:07 AM

Captain Samantha Halliwell ~ Cargo Bay 3

Samantha Halliwell watched as everyone began to make their way out. Without thinking, she felt the top of her uniform where a fourth pip now rested. It felt weird, it had been weeks since her Commanding Officer had passed, since the funeral. She didn't feel right wearing the rank, she had expected it but not this soon.

Garrison walked over to her, "Everything alright...Captain?"
She mustered a small smile, "It's gonna take me a while to get used to that title and I'm fine, just thinking, that's all."
"Not surprising, David would be glad that you're the new commanding officer," Garrison said in response.
"It's just that I never expected this to happen, especially not to soon," Halliwell said as they walked over to the doors. A phrase ran through her mind, something about it's the things you don't expect, something like that anyone. "I suppose one never does."
"No," he said a little sadly as they exited, "I suppose not. You're make a great Commanding Officer, Sam."
Halliwell brightened up, "Thank you sir."

They exited the launchbay and made their way down to the Double~Helix.
Aug 1 2004, 12:39 PM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - The Double~Helix

Sith, with Zeta, had been standing near the back two tables in the Double~Helix. He was chatting with Lieutenant VoKaila as the place was now starting to get busier and busier.

"I'm going to need a kind of first in command for security on this Station, and I'm glad it's going to be you," Sith continued, tapping her glass with his.
VoKaila smirked at him jokingly rather than taking a sip and walked away, "You're going to regret saying that."
Sith shook his head a little confused, but shrugged it off assuming he was going to find out sooner or later.

He noticed Lieutenant Clark just finishing a conversation with one of his Engineers and walked over.

"Hi, I didn't even get a chance to formally introduce myself earlier," Sith shook his hand.
"Rune Sith. So you're the lucky survivor from Alliance Territory I've heard so much about," Clark let go smiling.
It was still an uncomfortable subject for him, but Sith didn't want to ruin the mood, "Yeah. Remind me to tell you about thier Starship traffic one day."
Clark chuckled.

Sith smiled for a moment but then noticed Clark was holding a hover-padd with a hover schematic of some strange vehicle.

Clark noticed the confused look and then explained, "Oh one of my men just handed me this. Do you like antique cars?"
"Yeah, well aparently with the civilians on Earth there has been this sudden popular obsession with land vehicles."
"You mean a fad of some kind?" Sith leveled.
"Yeah! The word is, someone on Earth has begun programming parts old style."
"What's so big about that? A lot of people write programs that go back to the ancient days."
"But this guy's going all the way now; He's building Official new Vehicle types and distributing his programs throughout Earth."
"New Vehicle Types?" Sith's interest was now peaking.
"The only way for someone to even crack one of his Car-Program's is to actually race the Vehicle. Then it becomes yours," Clark scrolled through an engine schematic that they both looked at.
Sith's interest was now peaked, "You and I need to have a little talk..."

Sith and Clark stepped over to the Bar to continue talking. By this time, the Double~Helix was packed with newcomers and late-arrivers. Ottel placed two more drinks before Sith and Clark, on the house, and then moved on to the next few people.
Jun 4 2004, 03:03 PM

Commander Tanik - Double~Helix

The bar was flooded with Starfleet officers and enlisted personnel. Tanik waited patiently to get a drink when he saw several officers sitting down with musical instruments. A musical recital at a promotion party? Tanik asked himself quietly. At that moment, the conductor stood up and tapped the microphone.

"If I may have everybody's attention," he directed to the crowd, which immediately gave him what he asked for. The conductor continued, "I am Chief Petty Officer Goldsmith, and I will be directing the Starbase 001 Symphony Orchestra today in honor of these newly promoted officers, and in honor of the Federation in these desperate times." He turned toward the orchestra.

The orchestra immediately went into a soul-stirring rendition of Tanik noticed that Garrison slowly raised his hand into a salute, and the other officers followed suit. Tanik raised his closed fist to his left breast in the Romulan tradition, and he received a smirk from Clark. The song seemed to say what Tanik and everyone else on the Deck were thinking: We've sacrificed a hell of a lot and then some, but in the end, we'll get through this together.

When the song reached it's climactic final chord, everyone broke their salutes and went into an overwhelming applause. Tanik cheered. Halliwell clapped hartily. Clark whistled loudly. Garrison smiled wistfully, but with a genuine happiness Tanik had not seen from the man in... well, in all the time he could remember. Perhaps Tom had found something he had lost before, someting that had kept Tanik going through thick and thin - a sense of self-purpose.
Aug 1 2004, 02:34 PM

Lieutenant Commander Daniel Clark – Double~Helix

Clark sat back down at the bar. This was one of the most exciting and terrifying days of his life. It’s every officer’s ambition to climb up in rank, reach the next level, but 25… Chief Engineer… this was going to take a lot of getting used to. He used to wonder what it would be like if he ever became chief engineer of a starship. With his early promotion on the USS Valence, and the transfer to Assistant Chief Engineer on the Federation’s largest starbase; it was only a matter of time before he got his own command, so to speak. Not to mention Starfleet’s apparent lack in personal these days. Either I’m that good, or Starfleet can’t find anyone else. I suppose it’s not that much different from Assistant Chief Engineer, I’ll get used to it. He thought the words, but he didn’t fully believe them.

“Lieutenant Commanders,” Tanik said with a somewhat sarcastic emphasis on ‘commander’, “Enjoying the party?” He grabbed a drink.

“Doesn’t happen all that often sir, just enjoying it while I can.” Sith responded, “How about you? … Hello? …Daniel?” He gave Clark a shot on the shoulder instantly snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Oh… oh! Sorry sir, yes I’m having a great time…” He trailed off.

“You alright kid?”

“Do you get used to it?” He said in a somewhat annoyed voice, “The damn thing’s heavy.”

“Well, it’s always an adjustm-- what?”

“The third pip,” He said tugging at his collar, “I can seriously feel the difference.”

“Now that you mention it,” Sith said with his hand to his collar, “I can feel it too.”

“If that’s the only thing bothering you, you’ll do fine!” Tanik said with a loud laugh as he walked away to rejoin the group he had come from.

“Hey Sith?”


“Call me Clark.” He said with a smile and downed his drink.
Captain Archer
Aug 1 2004, 03:27 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-Double Helix Bar

Michael could here the celebration as he rounded the corner that would lead him to the bar. "Sounds like a hell of a promotion party, wouldn't you say...Captain." He turned and smiled at Jen. "Definatly. If it's one thing that we've all needed it a reason to throw a party. Since Captain Major's death, it been like a tomb around here." Michael nodded in agreement as they stepped into the bar "What can I get you?" Jen had to shout over all the noise of celebrating officers "I'll have an Andorian Ale."

Michael made his way to the bar "Mr. Ottel....two Andorian Ale's please." Ottel nodded and grabbed two tall glasses and filled them with the blue ale. "This stuff will put hair on your chest Ambassador, be careful." Michael laughed, "I hope so."

He took the drinks and made his way over to Jen, who had began a conversation with Captain Halliwell. "Ambassador it's nice to see you again." Michael handed Jen her drink. "Likewise, and congratulations on your promotion Captain." Michael began looking around the room "Something wrong Michael?" Jen asked him. "No, i'm just looking for Admiral Garrison.....ah there he is. If you two will excuse me." "Of course."

Michael made his way to the Admiral. "Tom, how have you been?" Garrison grabbed Michael's hand and gave him a handshake. "Great. Thanks for asking. Let's find a table, we haven't had the chance to socialize it quite awhile." Michael tooks a seat at a nearby table and the Admiral followed. "So how are things with you and Captain Hurst?" Michael couldn't help but smile "Excellent....In fact i've been thinking about how her promotion is going to effect our relationship." Tom got a bewieldered look on his face "How so Michael?" "Well, she may be getting a ship of her own soon, and I've heard that long distance relationships can be....difficult." Tom nodded "I see. I wouldn't worry about it Michael, i've seen the two of you make eachother happy and I can see how much the two of you love eachother." "Your probably right." Michael said with a smile and he took a swig of his Ale, which was much stronger than he expected. Ottel wasn't kidding
Aug 1 2004, 04:06 PM

Doctor Ullii Lauren - Infirmary

Ullii was invited to the promotion ceremony, but thought it best not to go. Even though people were being nice to her, and often appolgizing for her misfortunes, she could still see the caution in their eyes. It would take a while before the crew would adjust to her, and she knew it.

With nothing better to do, and no one in the sickbay, she decided to do a little research into the existance of her supposed half-sister. She went to the nearest terminal. "Computer, access all available information on Yasha Lauren of Romulus."

"Warning: Information retrieved from the Romulan Database may be out of date."


"Accessing....... No information found in Database on a Romulan of that designation."

"She should be about five to ten years older than myself. Do you have the birth record from Romulus matching the time frame of her birth?"

"Affirmative. No entry for Yasha Lauren found in database."

Hmmm... I wonder if my father was lying about her.

"Are there any entries with the last name of Lauren?"


Well since I happen to know that my father DID exist... I wonder...

"Computer, prepare a Medical Informative of Death to be sent to Romulus. Authorization, Lauren Echo Echo Tessa."

"Authorization approved."

A holographic keyboard appeared on the desk, and she began to type.

For Yasha Lauren of Romulus, from Starfleet Medical Authorities.

This is to inform you of the death of assumed family member, Xervish Lauren.
Time of death, cause of death, and autopsy report will be made available to
Yasha Lauren, Authorization 237 Gamma. Please contact Chief Medical Officer

She paused. Should she use her name? She decided to rephrase.

Please contact the CMO of Starbase 001 for further information. All communications
will be recorded for security purposes.

Signed with respect,
Starfleet Medical.

"Computer, send message."

"Message sent."

"Why did you do that?" It was Tanik, who was right behind her. Ullii jumped at the sound of his voice.

"Sorry, I didn't see you come in."

"That's alright" he smiled, "So why'd you do it?"

"Do what?"

"You didn't include your name."

"Oh... well it's not because I'm ashamed of it or anything, I just don't want them to know... you see since there's no record of anyone of the last name Lauren, I'm assuming that records of their existance have been removed either because one or more of them were members of the Tal'Shiar. If she's on Romulus, she'll get the message."

"I see. And is this really just an informant of death?"

"What do you mean?"

"Family ties are strong, Doctor. Even amongst enemies, as you well know."

She had been found out. "I'm hoping to get in contact with her. I know it's unlikely she'll want anything to do with me, but... Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to congratulate you on your promotion!"

"Ahh, yes. A Romulan First Officer aboard a Federation ship. I'm sure the crew will be uneasy at first, but they'll get used to me... Or else!" Tanik chuckled.

Ullii looked down. "I don't envy you, Commander. I can at least usually hide what I am."

Tanik's expression became one of concern. "And what makes you think I'd want to do that?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude.... it's just that..." *sigh* "I dunno..."

"You've spent your entire life hiding from the ridicule of those who would judge you for your race."

She never really thought of it that way before, but he was exactly right.

He continued, "I'm not telling you what to do, Ullii. But a reccomendation from an expert on the matter, is to be proud of who and what you are. That bit of advice will get you far! On the outside, and on the inside. Even if you succeed at hiding the truth, and noone else knows about it, You still do. And that's not something that's easy to live with."

He was right, and she knew it. She just wasn't sure if she was ready to take his advice quite yet. She paused for a moment and changed the subject. "So, why aren't you at the celebration?"

"I didn't see you there, so I came to persuade you to come. You would be most welcome. And I'm not just speaking for myself."

Ullii smiled. Well, my message is sent, and all I can do is wait... I might as well go."Alright."

"Excellent! Glad to hear it!" Tanik responded pleasantly.

"You're getting into a habbit of including me, aren't you?" Ullii asked.

Just as they were about to leave, the computer chimed. "Incomming message from Romulus."

"Go ahead, Commander. I'll join you as soon as I can," Ullii said to Tanik.
Aug 2 2004, 12:27 AM

Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove - Double Helix

Hardgrove sat at a small table in the back of the crowded bar, a holopad in his left hand and a drink in the other. He had stareing at it for over an hour now and still handn't gotten trough it will all the noise going on. He tooka sipof his Warpcore breach and looked up to See Admiral Garrison and Ambassitor Larkin standing over him.

"Always working huh?" Tom chuckled

"I have to have something to keep my mind off losseing myship, don't I?" He smirked back

"I'm sure Captain Hurst will take good care of her." Larkin chriped in.

"Besides, I need Starfleets strategic command director here if were ever going to get this war coucil up and running."

Hardgrove nodded. "We'll talk tomorrow in my office before we head down to earth for the pleasntries. Mean while lossen up have anouther drink and go mingle thats an order Captain". Garrison said in a harsh tone

"Yes Sir, " Hardgrove sanpped back sacasticly and he stood at atention and then put away the pad.

Hardgrove made his way back to the bar and got a second Warpcore Breach, when he spotted Sam. He walked toward her slowly basking in her beauty. Darayson thaught back to their weeding day and how radient she had been ten years ago. Ten years ago had it been that long ? it was funny how a war made time pass by so quickly. He finaly made it to her side and smiled at her as their eyes meet.

"Congrandulations Captain Halliwell" he saied raiseing his glass to her as he motioned for her to join him at a near by table to talk.

Halliwell smiled back at him "Thank you,Captain. why i'd love to."

They both sat at the table and begain to talk in a low tone as if not that atract any more atention then the already had.

"I'm proud of you, your in command of the most important Starbasse in all of Starfleet. I know your going to do one hell of a job Sam."

"Thank Drayson. I heard your going to be on 001 on a more permanat basis now. i hopes this means i'll be seeing more of you. Please don't keep your distance from the crew on account of me."

Hardgrove smiled " As long as it won't interfer with your command."

Sam smiled back. "It's won't and don't you be a staranger to me ether, Your still my best friend."

Hardgrove smiled at her still lost in her beauty.

They contiued to chat long in to the night
Aug 2 2004, 05:08 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Double~Helix

Tom looked at the chronometer on the wall and blinked in surprise. He had been at the party for several hours, but it hadn't felt like that much time had gone by. Time flies when you're having fun, the old saying ran through his mind.

He drained his glass and set it down at the bar. He still had a lot of work to do before he turned in for the night, and it was already getting late. He turned to face the bartender. "I believe we need to talk," he said. "Perhaps you could come to my office tomorrow morning?" Ottel nodded, not saying a word. Tom then turned and walked over to a table where Ambassador Larkin and Captain Hurst were sitting together.

"Excuse me for interrupting," he said as he approached. "But I'm going to head off. It was nice catching up earlier, Michael."

Larkin nodded. "Likewise, Tom."

Tom thought for a second, then decided Hurst probably knew what he was going to say anyway so he didn't need to ask for a minute alone with Larkin. "Michael, the tribunal has reached a decision. Guilty. Drayson and I are beaming down tomorrow to deliver the news, and we'd like it if you came with us."

Larkin nodded. "I'd like that," he replied.

"We'll be beaming down at 1400 hours. Perhaps you could come by a little early, maybe around 1300 hours? We have a few things we should discuss."

Larkin just nodded again. "I'll see you then."

"Very good. Good night, both of you. And congratulations, Captain Hurst," he said with a slight emphasis on the rank. Then he turned and headed towards another table, where Hardgrove and Halliwell were talking.

"Captain," he said. Both looked up. Tom chuckled. "That's right, you both respond to that rank now. Captain Hardgrove, could I have a word with you?"

Drayson nodded. He excused himself and stood up. He and Tom moved over to the side of the room.

"Ottel's meeting me in my office tomorrow morning. It's then that I'll tell him about the War Council, and ask him to sit on it for the Smugglers. I'd like you to be there when he comes also."

Drayson just nodded. "I'll be there."

"Also, Michael has agreed to accompany us down to Starfleet Command to deliver their verdict. He's meeting me an hour early to discuss matters that have been left hanging for too long."

"OK. I'll be there an hour early also. We all have things to discuss."

"Fine, sounds good. I'll see you tomorrow. Enjoy your evening," Tom said with just a slight smile as he looked over to Captain Halliwell, who was watching the two of them with a look of slight curiousity on her face. "Good night."

He was about to leave the bar when he remembered the device sitting on his desk, the one left on the Gambit a few weeks ago. The science department had gotten nowhere with it, and he wanted to ask Tanik to see if he could get anywhere with it. He looked around and found the Commander standing at the bar, talking to Clark.

"... and whatever you do, make sure nobody falls asleep on duty. I've had some problems with that." Garrison walked over to find Tanik giving Clark advice on running engineering.

"Commanders," Tom said. They both stood up a little straighter.

"Sir?" Tanik said quizzically.

"Don't listen to him, Clark," Tom said. "It's your engineering now, run things your own way," he said with a smile.

Clark just nodded. "I wasn't listening anyway, sir."

Tanik just looked at the two of them with a mixture of amusement and annoyance.

"Anyway," Tom said with a laugh, "Commander Tanik, could you stop by my office before you retire for the evening? I have a job for you."

"Certainly, Admiral," Tanik said.

Tom said good night to the two of them, and left the bar for his office.
Aug 2 2004, 06:37 PM

Doctor Ullii Lauren ~ Infirmary

"Open message."

"Authorization Required."

"Authorization Lauren Echo Echo Tessa."

The computer chimed and a text message appeared on the screen. She had been hoping for something a little more personal; at least a video recording; but this would have to do. She read the message.

For Starfleet Medical. RE: Informant of Death,

Party stated among sent message is was never a registered citizen of the Empire. Nor is the individual who's death was mentioned. The proper authorities have been notified reguardless, and will be conducting further searches for these individuals.

Thank you for your respect,

Romulus Medical Headquarters.

"What on earth?" She read parts of the message over again, "'among sent message'? 'is was never'? Computer, download message into this Padd."

It's probably just bad translation... still I should show it to Commander Tanik.

"Download Complete."

She grabbed the Padd and headed for the Double~Helix.

The Double~Helix

She entered the bar and stopped at the door to find that everyone had stopped talking and were looking at her. She ignored them, and walked over to Tanik who was sitting with Clark. Soon, everyone was back to their normal chit-chatting.

"Ullii, so glad you could join us!"

"Yeah" Clark chimed in, "Have a seat."

Ullii pulled up a chair and handed the Padd to Tanik. "This is the communication I just got from Romulus. Do you see anything unusual about it?"

Clark raised an eyebrow, "Romulus?"

Clark was a little too loud in saying that, and a few near-by people quickly glanced over, but just as quickly turned back.

"I'm trying to contact my half-sister there." She turned back to Tanik who was still studying the message. "Well?"

"Ullii, I need to show this to the Admiral before I can speak with you further on the matter. I am meeting him this evening anyway. I'll bring it up then."


"This could be nothing... but if it is what I think it is... it may be a security issue. Was the message encrypted for you?"

"Yes, I need my authorization to open it. I was kinda wondering why..."

"Yes, this is suspicious indeed. Let me talk to the admiral about it. I'll let you know what I find out as soon as I can. In the mean time," He continued quickly to avoid arguement on Ullii's part, "lets enjoy the party, shall we? Here, I'll get you a drink." He looked at her as though asking what she wanted.

"Oh uh... Just a chocolate milk please."

"A... a what?"


She was interuppted by Clark "It's not alcaholic. This is a party, Ullii, common! Get her a Cranky Carddy!"

"Don't be ridikulous, that's far too weak! She's got Romulan blood! How about a Pale Ale?"

"Well actually, I'm not really much of a dri--"

"No, she's not much of a drinker, that'll be way to strong. I know, what about a Bolian Barber? Those are good!"

"What do you think she is, a six year old? I'll get her a--"

"Is there something I can help you with?" It was a waiter.

Clark and Tanik both started to talk at once, but Ullii stepped in before they could get a sylable out. "Chocolate Milk please."

The three of them laughed as the waiter left to get her drink. Tanik laughed the hardest. "Very well, to each their own."

Over by the bar, and unheard by the trio, the waiter stepped up to Ottel. "One chocolate milk for the Doctor."

Ottel looked at the waiter quizically, and then at Ullii who was deep in conversation. "Chocolate milk???" He shaked his head and started pouring a drink while muttering under his breath: "order chocolate milk in *my* bar? I don't think so."

The waiter came back to the table with a green drink that seemed to be burning blue flames of liquid at the bottom of the glass. She looked confusingly over at Ottel, and he waived with a smile.

Ullii laughed "Oh well. One can't hurt."
Captain Archer
Aug 2 2004, 09:08 PM

Commander Jen Hurst-Double Helix

Jen looked at the empty glasses in front of her and Michael It's not going to be a good morning tomorrow she thought to herself. "So, what do you suppose the Admiral wants to see you for?" she asked Michael. He slowly turned his head back in her direction, he looked a little dazed. "I'm not sure...I guess I'll find out tomorrow.......which isn't to far away it looks like." He motioned towards the chronometer on the wall. "What do you say we get out of here?" He said grabbing her hand. She smiled and clasped onto his hand "Let's go."

They headed out of the bar saying goodbyes on the way out, she noticed Michael stumbling a bit. "Ambassador, I didn't realize you were unable to handle your liquor." They both laughed "Come on I'll get you home." She wrapped his arm around her neck and lead the way to the turbolift. She tapped the panel to summon the lift. It arrived rather quickly and they stepped in. "Crewquarters Deck 2." The lift took off, the graviton relay's were a little louder than she remembered. "So....Captain of the Gambit, how long do you think temporary command means?" Michael asked her. She thought about her answer for a moment "I'm not sure. I hope not too soon, the Gambit has a good crew, but I will go where i'm sent if need be." Michael nodded "I thought as much." She didn't quite know how to take that comment. The lift arrived and she lead him down the hall to his quarters. "Okay, in you go." Michael looked over at her "Your not staying?" She patted his shoulder "We've both got busy day's tomorrow, we should get some sleep." "Your right, well sleep well Captain." "You just couldn't resist could you? Good night Michael." They kissed and he stumbled into his quarters, and she set out for the Gambit to get some sleep of her own.
Aug 3 2004, 12:03 AM

Lattrel Ottel - the Double~Helix

Ottel looked at the waiter quizzically, and then at Ullii, who was deep in conversation. “Chocolate milk???” He shook his head and started pouring a drink, while muttering under his breath: “Order chocolate milk in *my* bar? I don’t think so.”

The waiter went back to the table with a green drink that seemed to be burning blue flames of liquid at the bottom of the glass. She looked confusingly over at Ottel, and he waived with a smile.

Ullii laughed, “Oh well. One can’t hurt.”

That’s what you think, Ottel thought, laughing in his mind. He looked around the bar, at the faces of those who were still there. Not many of them now. He enjoyed watching the ambassador leave with the newly promoted captain Hurst, the lovers’ embrace always made him happy. His eyes veered off into the spacious openness of the Deck, as Larkin and Hurst disappeared from his sight. This is my home, and these people are my family now, he thought, wondering why that thought made him feel so easy.

“Um... Mr. Ottel?” it was Sith.

“Just call me Ottel, lieutenant commander,” he said, smiling, “congratulations, by the way.”

“Oh, uh, thank you,” Sith said. He paused for a moment, then, “about that Nausicaan friend of yours...”

“What about him?” Ottel asked. Where has he seen Mkrdij? Oh, right, during the battle.

“I was wondering if you could thank him?”

“For what?”

“He was quite helpful while I was in Alliance territory.”

Ottel’s face lighted up. A smile appeared on his face. He addressed Sith, his voice a little lower.

“I will remember to thank him... when he gets back. It’s good to know he was successful at infiltrating...” Ottel looked to see if anyone was paying attention. “I think it would be better if you don’t mention him to anyone.”

“Understood,” Sith said firmly.

“Meanwhile,” Ottel raised his voice again, “why don’t you have a drink, on the house.” He went on to make it, “I was thinking of naming it after you, an ode, if you will. I suppose, since you’re alive, you can name it yourself.” He handed the drink to Sith. “Take your time, young man. Enjoy the taste.”

“Thanks,” Sith said, walking away.

You’re welcome, Ottel thought. That sneaky Nausicaan! So, he’s still alive... I hope. At least he was successful. He put both hands behind his back, and cracked it. Man I’m getting old.

“Ahem,” his line of thought was interrupted. Ottel didn’t even have to look at the direction of the sound, he knew who it was. She’s here, he was giddy.

She walked up to the bar and slammed a holoPADD right in front of Ottel.

“Shani!” Ottel said, excited. “What a surprise?” He moved closer, for a kiss.

“In your dreams, ass,” she moved back. “Care to explain this?” she pointed at the holoPADD.

“What?” Ottel acted surprised, “I have no idea what you’re talking about?”

“Oh, don’t act like a moron,” she picked up the padd. “Here, I’ll read it to you.” She read:

From Lattrel Ottel,
To the Council of the Smugglers’ Coalition.

Respected Council members, as you know, I have been immersed in my duties as the Coalition representative at the Federation, and as you can imagine, it is extremely hard to balance my time between the very important, semi-ambassadorial duties you’ve kindly placed upon me and taking care of internal matters, such as crew evaluations, duty assignments, and other business. You know me as a man, who is well suited for the task of an ambassador, but I am not fit to manage the additional tasks. So, I request the help of another council member, one who is capable of handling the necessary duties. I would leave the decision up to you, but I know how busy you must be, so if it pleases the council, I request that Shani Tankian be assigned to Starbase 001 as soon as possible.

“You could have, at least, written a better request,” she said, staring at Ottel’s face, covered in a loving glare. God, I hate him... how can you stay mad... that look. It always melted her, no matter how angry she was. “For goodness sake, you used the word ‘duties’ at least four times.”

“Well...” Ottel kept staring at her. She looked amazing, as always. “Don’t act as if you don’t like what I’ve done.”

“That’s not the point,” she said, still trying to be angry.

“Come on,” Ottel almost climbed over the bar, his face inches away from hers, “now will you kiss me?”

“Come closer,” she said with a sexy tone. A tone she knew would have a desired effect on Ottel. He moved further and further over the bar, their lips almost touching. “Closer,” she kept saying. Finally, as half of Ottel’s body was over the bar, she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him. Ottel fell over a barstool or two and hit the edge of the table occupied by Tanik, Ullii and Clark.

“I’ll see you in our quarters, Mr. Lattrel,” she said, throwing the padd at him, and walked out.

Ottel got up, chuckling. He noticed the surprised faces of everyone in the bar. No matter. His eyes searched for Hrag, finally locating him in the back of the bar.

“Hrag!” Ottel shouted, “I’m leaving.”

“Alright, alright,” Hrag shouted back.

“It’s going to be a good night after all,” Ottel said, practically running out the door.

‘Our quarters’, she called it ‘our quarters.’
Aug 3 2004, 01:32 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom stared at his holoTerminal. He was reviewing the weekly status reports filed by all of the captains in the fleet, and found that he was enjoying himself. He usually dreaded these things, but for some reason tonight was different. He honestly couldn't remember the last time reports full of dull statistics seemed interesting.

Must be the promotions, he thought to himself. They always put me in a good mood.He loved watching the joy on people's faces as they reached up and touched that extra rank pip for the first time. There was something about the accomplishment of a promotion that always made people happy, almost to the point of giddy, and Tom enjoyed taking part in such ceremonies. Being the one to run the ceremony was even better.

He went back to the reports, fully immersed in his reading. After a few hours, he finished them and opened the file on the tribunal. He found the transcript of the section containing the verdict, and read it.

Sumit [acting as magistrate]: Civilian Tribunal, The people of the Federation versus Starfleet Command and the Federation Council. I call this tribunal to order. Members of the tribunal, have you reached a verdict?

Foreman: We have.

Sumit: Please read the verdict aloud for the record.

Foreman: For Starfleet Command: On the charge of breaking the oath to protect the Federation, we find all parties involved guilty. On the charge of dereliction of duty, we find all parties involved guilty. On the charge of conspiracy to commit a temporal crime, we find all parties involved guilty. On the charge of conspiracy to overthrow the Federation, we find all parties innocent.

Tom nodded with satisfaction as he read this last part. None of them were trying to overthrow the Federation, they all thought they were doing what was best. He didn't even know how that charge got included, but he was happy to see they were found innocent on that count. He continued reading.

Foreman: For The Federation Council: We find all parties involved innocent on all charges. It is the judgment of this tribunal that they were not involved at the same level. They allowed themselves to be manipulated by Starfleet Command, but they held no intent to commit a crime.

Sumit: Have you agreed on a sentence?

Foreman: We have. All members of Starfleet Command are to be stripped of their ranks and be dishonorably discharged from Starfleet. They will forgo all accumulated Federation pension plans, and be barred from serving in any branch of Starfleet from the remainder of their lives. All parties except Admiral Jenco will be sentenced to 10 years on the Lunar Penal Colony.

Foreman (cont.): Because of his position as the most senior admiral in Starfleet, Admiral Jenco shares a special responsibility to uphold the oath to protect the Federation. Because he broke this, our most sacred oath, he is sentenced to live out the remainder of his days on the Lunar Penal Colony.

Foreman (cont.): As for the Federation Council. While we find them innocent of any formal wrong-doing, they did not do their duty. They did not act in the best interest of the Federation. It is our finding that the Federation Council shall be disbanded. All members shall be returned to their homeworlds, to be dealt with however their respective governments see fit. New elections shall be called, to take place one year from this date.

Foreman (cont.): In the meantime, we authorize Admiral Tom Garrison, now the most senior Admiral in Starfleet, to set up a special War Council. This will serve as the governing body of the Federation until such time as a new Federation Council is established, or such time as the crisis situation involving the Alliance has eased and a safe transfer of power may take place, whichever event occurs second.

Sumit: If there is nothing else... [pause]. This tribunal is adjourned.

After he finished reading, Tom downloaded the entire thing into a holoPADD. Then he made a few copies of it and downloaded them into other holoPADD's. The Admirals who this sentence affect most would probably want to be able to read the verdict for themselves.

Tom sighed. He wasn't looking forward to the meeting down on Earth tomorrow. To go from a promotion ceremony one day to informing people who had spent their lives in service of the Federation that they were being dishonorably discharged and sentenced to prison... It just doesn't seem fair. Will I ever get to have two good days in a row?

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door chime. "Come," he called.

The doors opened and Commander Tanik walked in.
Aug 3 2004, 05:10 AM

Captain Samantha Halliwell ~ the Double~Helix

Halliwell downed the last of her drink and stood up, Hardgrove looked at her curiously, "Leaving already?"
"Yeah I promised Le..." she paused, "I promised myself that I would have an early night, that and have some reports to read." She watched him for a moment, he had a way of reading her. He didn't know he had a son, never mind the fact her friend, Leah Burke was his new nanny.
He smiled and stood up, "Then by all means, let me walk you back to your quarters."
"No need," Halliwell said stepping back, You're already acting guilty and suspious, no need to confirm them. "Thank you," she looked around the room for Ullii and Clark. She walked over to them, "Enjoying yourselves?"

"Yes Captain," Clark said. He found the words weird as he spoke them, then again most of them would have to adjust to new titles.
"Would you like to join us?" Ullii asked.
"Thank you but I'm heading off," Halliwell said brightly, "Have you seen Tanik?"
"He left," Ullii said.
"Oh, It'll wait til morning," she turned back to them, "Enjoy your evening," she said before leaving with Hardgrove.
Aug 3 2004, 03:52 PM

Commander Tanik - Admiral Garrison's Office

Garrison smiled at Tanik. "Take a seat, Commander. Congratulations on the gold pip."
Tanik smiled back. "Oh, thank you sir. It seems the gold is a little bit heavier than the black enamel."
Garrison chuckled. "Wait till you see how heavy the Admiral's bars are."
Tanik laughed hartily. "I imagine it will be quite awhile before that, sir." Tanik's expression grew serious. "Was there something you wanted me to see, Admiral?"
Garrison straightened. "As a matter of fact, yes." Tom brought out a small device. "Do you know what this is, Commander?"
Tanik took it from Garrison and gave it a once-over. "It appears to be a standard Romulan computer decryptor. However... it appears to have a tricobalt explosive embedded into it."
Garrison nearly jumped out of his skin. Tanik raised his hand into a comforting gesture. "It appears to be inactive. Well, this is interesting..." Tanik pressed a small rectangular depression, and a symbol on the device began to glow. "It's not Tal Shiar... that's very odd. These devices are usually only issued to Tal Shiar operatives." Tanik raised his eyebrow. "Well, if I may, I would like to study this later."
Tom nodded. "Of course, Commander."
Tanik cocked a half-grin and took out a padd. "There was something else I wished to bring to your attention, Admiral."
Tom smiled. "Go ahead, Tanik."
Tanik took a deep breath. "Doctor Lauren recently sent a notification of death about her father to her supposed half-sister on Romulus." Tanik attempted to guage Tom's reaction, but Garrison merely nodded for him to continue. "She received the following response." Tanik handed over the padd.

For Starfleet Medical. RE: Informant of Death,

Party stated among sent message is was never a registered citizen of the Empire. Nor is the individual who's death was mentioned. The proper authorities have been notified reguardless, and will be conducting further searches for these individuals.

Thank you for your respect,

Romulus Medical Headquarters.

Tom threw a questioning glance at Tanik. "A mis-translation?"
Tanik tilted his head. "Possibly. However, I believe this was done intentionally."
Garrison appeared confused. "For what purpose?"
Tanik's gaze grew more intense. "Garbled sentences like these were often used as code in the Tal Shiar. If I am correct, here's what it is: If you take the first letter in each word in the first sentence, you write down which number of the alphabet it is. Therefore, 'b' is '2' and 'c' is '3' and so on. Then you make each one that starts with an 'a' a '.' instead of a '1', you decrypt the code. So the frequency is '1619.191392314.18315205'."
Garrison raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Have you attempted to use this frequency?"
Tanik shook his head. "No, sir. Not yet."
Garrison nodded. "Very well. This will be the first issue I'll bring to the War Council. In the meantime, I would like you to work with the other command personnel. Also, I would like you to personally work on figuring out that device in your hand... I guess you should get the chief engineer to help you if you wish," Tom said with a grin.
Tanik smiled. "Yes, I probably will - assuming he's not too busy keeping everything going smoothly. Well, I guess I should go to my quarters and change my shirt - this is the last time I'm going to be wearing the green division color."
Tom chuckled. "Yes, welcome to the red, Commander. Dismissed."
Tanik stood up, nodded politely, and walked out of the office.

Tanik's Quarters

Tanik walked slowly into his quarters. "Lights, dim," he ordered. Something stirred from the couch.
"Hey uncle!"
Tanik jumped to the ceiling and clutched his gut, where the Romulan heart was.
"How was your day? I'm sorry I wasn't able to get to the ceremony, but I had to tend to my shop," Sabinus said.
Tanik was still breathing heavily. "You nearly gave me a coronary... but my day was very good." Tanik paused. "What shop?"
Sabinus smiled sweetly. "I just opened up a hat shop on the Deck. I'll have to take you by there sometime when you're off-duty. I wanted to do something... I couldn't just sit around and do nothing all day. It's counter-productive."
Tanik caught his breath. "Oh, I agree," he said as he moved over to the replicator.
Sabinus stood. "So... how does the gold pip feel?"
Tanik chuckled. "Heavier than the black one." He turned toward the replicator. "Computer - Red Command uniform shirt, authorization 'Quatloo'." A red shirt appeared instantly, and Tanik put it in the closet.
Sabinus laughed. "What in the world?"
Tanik chuckled again. "Clark told me that it was an archaic human monetary unit. Supposedly."
Sabinus laughed harder. "No, the uniform!"
Tanik smiled. "Oh, that. In addition to a higher rank, I have a new job. First officer."
Sabinus's grin grew from cheek to cheek. "Uncle Tanny, I'm so proud of you!" She gave him a firm hug.
Tanik broke the silence. "I know I haven't had much time to be with you recently, and things are probably just going to get more hectic - But I can't ignore my family."
Sabinus smiled wisely. "You haven't been ignoring us."
Aug 4 2004, 01:46 AM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - The Double~Helix

Zeta crawled along the bar and then jumped onto Sith's shoulder. Sith had just finished listening to a few jokes being told by the others and decided to step back without them noticing. He wanted to be in the party mood so badly, but it just wasn't hitting him.

As it was getting late into the night, the party continued on strong. He stood in the midst of the crowds of Federation Officers and looked upon them nostalgically. There just wasn't getting his mind off the Human civilians on Valecron City.

That's where he had been in his absence before all this.

Looking down at a padd given to him earlier, he felt a calm release. The only thing that actually made him feel better was the whole Land-Vehicle Program.

"...Yeah, so apparently they had an uprising in the last week or so," an Officer said to his friend.
"Oh, I heard. I never would have expected to see a people as small as the Evora win a million to one battle like that," the other Officer replied.
"No kidding, and against the Palmarians? They're a strong species. The Palmarians are down to only owning two planets now that the Evora reclaimed their independence."

Sith glanced over, not even realizing he had been listening to their conversation. Then it hit him, maybe if a small species like the Evora could have that insurrection against their Palmarian oppressors, then why couldn't the Humans survive their battle against the Alliance on Valecron?

He peered along the sea of crowds of celebrating Officer's one last time. It was then he replaced his confidence in his own people. They would win.
Aug 4 2004, 02:16 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom watched Tanik leave his office. Suddenly he remembered the last time Tanik visited him here in his office. Tanik's words echoed in his mind.

You lock yourself up in your office. You lower your crew's moral by being so macabre at the celebration ... That's just it. You haven't taken the time to know the people around you. To become part of their family. You're like a father who never took the time to get to know his sons and daughters. They look up to you as a patriarch... you should treat them, and trust them, as such.

Those words had haunted him for several weeks. He had been shocked to hear Tanik say them, but even more shocked to realize Tanik had been correct. Tom had always prided himself on his friendly nature, on being easy to get along with. It wasn't until Tanik finally shook him back to reality that he figured out he had changed, and not for the better.

Sitting in his office, Tom thought about how things were now. He was making more of an effort to become friendly with the crew. He was making more of an effort to appear friendly and easy-to-approach, things he never had to make an effort to accomplish before.

And it had paid off. He was happier now. He was sleeping better. He was finding more enjoyment in his job than he had in a long time. He realized he could finally let Tanik's words go, because they finally no longer applied.

"Thank you, Commander," he whispered to the door which Tanik had exited through moments ago. "Thank you." And he meant it.
Aug 15 2004, 11:27 PM

Lieutenant Commander Daniel Clark – Main Engineering

There it was again. The overly large doors leading to Main Engineering, and it wasn’t the first time he’d seen them today. He had tried three times in the past half hour to walk in, but something kept stopping him. He tried to tell himself it wasn’t fear… but he had never been good at lying to himself. Common! You’ve walked through those doors hundreds of times, this is no different. Again he didn’t believe himself, but this time he would do it. He had to. It’s no big deal. Stop making such a fuss and get over there. Apparently he had worked up enough courage when he noticed he was walking towards the doors; which seemed much larger the closer he got. He heard noises of chatter behind him and realized there was no turning back. He stopped, took a deep breath, and walked through with the calmest face he could muster.

The doors slip open to reveal the massive room, dimly lit, but illuminated by the cyan glow of the singularity generator. Seconds after he walked into the room there was a holo-padd in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. He quickly took a glance at the pad and sipped his coffee at the same time, heading towards his new office. He stopped in front of the door and handed the padd to the lieutenant that was following him.

“Calibrate the output frequency to systems monitor six, and reset the system.” Clark noticed the man kick himself for his error. According to the padd, he had tried monitor five and forgot to restart. “Don’t worry about it.” He added, “For such an advanced piece of junk, she’s pretty finicky.”

“You talking about me again?”

He spun around to see a young woman standing behind him. “As always lieutenant.” He responded, regaining his composure. She gave a mocking smile, and they walked into his office. Neala Helling was a taller woman with black hair, fair skin, and a love for sarcasm. They had known each other since the academy, which wasn’t so long ago, and had kept in touch after graduation when they were given different assignments. She was a little older then him, which he knew would make this a little awkward, but he was confident it would be like old times… only a little different. She took a seat opposite Clark.

“I’m glad your transfer went through.” He said as he set his cup down on his desk.

“This better be worth it.” She replied back, “I wasn’t planning on leaving the Dranton anytime soon. You know, just got promoted, nice new living quarters…” She would have gone on.

“This is worth it, trust me!” He laughed as he went to take another sip, but realized his cup was empty.

“I was six steps from Engineering. It doesn’t get better then that.”

“You want anything?” Clark set his cup on the replicator and ordered another drink.

“No thanks, I got a figure to maintain.” She knew perfectly well there was no fat in replicated drinks. Tanik had been skeptical about choosing her as the new Assistant Chief Engineer. He kept insisting there were plenty of capable personnel on 001, but Clark knew there was no one else better suited for the job… at least, no one that he knew… with him in command… and besides, that way he didn’t have to get to know someone new.

“Well… I suppose I should introduce you to the Engineering staff.” He started for the door with his fresh cup.

“Ugh, I’m way ahead of you. Todd I like, but Janice could use a manicure...” She stopped herself from going any further. “Here’s your morning status report.” She smiled handing him another padd. He shook his head, grabbed the padd, and walked out of the room.
Aug 5 2004, 01:05 PM

Doctor Ullii Lauren - Quarters

The computer chimed with an incomming message. "Medical Emergency! Engineering!"

She recognized the sound of Clark's voice. She didn't bother changing from her pajamas. She grabbed her med kit that was sitting patiently beside her bed, and ran for Engineering.

=/\= "Doctor Lauren to Engineering. I'm on my way. What's wrong?" =/\=

=/\= "It's ensign McCollins. He's got some really bad plasma burns." =/\=

=/\= "Understood. I'll be there in a minute. Keep him lying still." =/\=

=/\= "Understood. Clark out." =/\=

Not long afterwards, the turbolift doors opened to reveal the vast Engineering room of the Starbase. She immediatly spotted a group of people huddled around a body laying on the floor. She opened her medical tricorder and started to scan him as she approached.

"Third Degree Plasma Burns... Internal Bleeding... This man needs an operation."

A young woman stepped up who was crying, and obviously a close friend of his. "Is he gonna be alright?" She sobbed, "Please tell me he'll be alright!"

"He'll be just fine. Now everybody please step aside. Moving him is too risky, and I need to transport us to sickbay."

Everyone stepped back.

"Computer, emergency transport. Two to beam to the Infirmary." The scene of engineering quickly dissolved into the bright Infirmary. There were three nurses in the there that looked shocked at her sudden appearance. "Help me get him onto a BioBed!"

They rushed over and propped him onto the nearest BioBed. They still looked supprised.

"Why didn't any of you come to Engineering?!"

"What are you talking about?"

*sigh* "Never mind, I'll tell you later." Ullii tapped some controls on the BioBed and McCollins was transported from the BioBed to the Operation Room. Ullii and her nurses stepped through the OR doors and were swept by a Sanitization Field. Ullii took more reading with her tricorder while the nurses prepared her medical tools and various commonly-needed hyposprays.

"Right," she said as she snapped on her gloves, "Put him to sleep. Attach him to a plasma regulator so he doesn't loose anymore blood. Now I need a tissue-regenerator." All of the nurses got busy, and one of them slapped a small tool into Ullii's hand, and they got to work.

Two hours of surgery went by. After she had repaired the internal organs, and stopped the bleeding, it was only a matter of uncotting the blood and closing the wound. The Plasma burns only took seconds to heal with the technology at their disposal. She again tapped some controls on the Operation Bed, and the patient was transported into a recovery room. She was greeted by the worried face of McCollin's friend whom she had met in Engineering, as she walked back into the Main Infirmary. She was still sobbing. "Is he okay?"

"He's gonna be just fine. I just transported him into the Recovery room. He'll need to stay there for at least a week. Maybe two."

"Can I talk to him?"

"I'm afraid not. It's too early to revive him at this point. I'll let you know as soon as he's ready to wake up, ensign..." She noted her rank from her pips, but paused for her to say her name.

"Rask. Ensign Jennifer Rask."

"Alright, Jennifer," Ullii smiled, "I'll let you know the moment he's ready to have visitors."

"Alright, thanks Doctor."

"No problem. Oh, and here, hang on..." She got a HoloPadd from her desk and tapped it a few times. "Here, this is for Lt.Commander Clark. It's a request for you to have the rest of the day off. McCollins is your friend?"

"Yes mam, thank you. We've been friends since we met at the accademy." she took the pad. "Thank you again."

"No problem."

Ullii took a sigh of relief as she watched Jennifer leave through the doors. Her mind suddenly turned back to her half-sister Yasha. Tanik had said he'd talk to Garrison about it yesterday evening, and it was already the early morning... but no, it was too early to call him anyway. One of the nurses walked by, and Ullii stopped him.


"Yes doctor?"

"So, about Engineering... You didn't get the emergency call?"

"No, sir. In fact, we've had no calls all night."

"Hmmm..." =/\= "Infirmary to Maitenance........ Infirmary to Maitenance....." =/\= "That's odd..." She stepped ouside of the sickbay and tried again. =/\= "Infirmary to Maitenance." =/\=

=/\= "Maitenance, go ahead Doctor." =/\=

=/\= "We seem to be unable to use Station Communication inside of Sickbay." =/\=

=/\= "Okay, be right up." =/\=

Ullii rushed to a panel on the wall to check if there had been any calls for Medical Emergencys while they had been inside. Thankfully, there were none in the log. She looked to the nurse. "Wait here for Maitenance to show up and answer any questions I'm sure he'll have. I need some more sleep."

"Yes, sir."

She walked back to her quarters, and fell into bed, but she couldn't sleep. It was almost time for the early shift to wake up anyway. She decided to go back to the Double~Helix for a coffee. Maybe there would still be some people there that had stayed up all night. It was then she suddenly became aware of her hangover; and she remembered last night.

Ottel's drink was GOOD! VERY Good! After the fifth one, Clark kept pushing her off her seat and telling her she had only fallen! I've gotta ask him what that drink is called!she thought to herself. Oh well. It's early in the morning. I'm sure they've got coffee somewhere behind that counter.
Captain Archer
Aug 5 2004, 07:30 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-Quarters

"Michael....Michael...wake up." Michael parted his eyes through a pounding headache. "Jen, what....what time is it?" "0:900. I thought we could get breakfast before your meeting with the Admiral." Michael leaned up and kissed her "Sounds great, i'll meet you at the Double Helix in twenty minutes." Jen hopped off his bed and out the door. He flopped his head back down on the bed It's going to be a long day he thought to himself. He managed to make it to the replicator and order a black coffee.

Michael stepped into the empty turbolift. "The Deck." He stated. The lift took off but stopped after a moment, the doors slid open and Doctor Lauren stepped into the lift. Michael stepped aside to allow her room to enter "Good Morning Doctor." She nodded "Morning Ambassador." "Deck?" She nodded in agreement "Resume." Michael told the computer. "So how is your day so far Doctor?" She smiled "Early." Michael laughed "I heard that." The lift opened and the two stepped out and make their way to the bar.

"Over here." Jen was holding a hand up. "Have a good day Doctor." "You too Ambassador." She headed to the bar and Michael made his way to the table where Jen was. "So what's on the menu?" Michael asked. "I've already taken the liberty of ordering for you." "You take to your new rank very quickly. What am I having this morning Captain?" She laughed "We're both having eggs with toast, I hope you approve." "Sounds good to me....just as long as there is plenty of coffee."
Aug 6 2004, 07:23 AM

Captain Samantha Halliwell ~ Quarters

Halliwell moved reports out the way and attempted to sit down as she attempted to brush her long hair One of these days I'm just gonna cut the whole lot off... she thought, "Computer time," she said firmly.
"The time is 09:15 hours."
She looked at the mug of warm tea and stopped brushing to pick it up and have a sip, the taste was comforting and warm, "Now I can start the day," she muttered to herself.
"Mommy, who are you talking to?" Halliwell turned to see her son, Matthew standing in his pajamas.
"Myself munckin, old age," she said with a brief smile, he wandered over and gave her a hug, he looked at her uniform. "You finally got your promotion," he said.
"Yes sweetheart, I did," she taking time out to wrap her arms around him. He pulled back and she looked at Matthew for a moment, she realised for the first time that he had a lot of Drayson in him, especially his eyes. That took her back to last night:

Halliwell and Hardgrove slowly made her way to her quarters, "Any plans for the rest of the evening, Captain?"
She smiled brightly to him, "I will get used to being called that right?"
"I managed it," he replied.
"Plans," she said stopping outside her door, and shook her head. "Reports, sleep, eat. Kinda sounds like the rest of my career." She laughed lightly. He leaned forward to give her a kiss on the cheek, she turned her head and met him on the lips. He pulled back immediately and gave her a puzzled look.
Samantha smiled to him and pulled him closer to her, once again their lips met, the kiss ended softly. "Goodnight Drayson," she said. "Thanks for the drink." He said his goodnights and left. She had purposely waited for him to then entered her quarters, "Sorry I'm late," she said as she did so.

She surpressed a smile as she took another sip of her tea, "Mom!"
"Sorry darling, what were you saying?" she asked putting the mug down and proceeding to tie her hair back.
"Nothing, you looked like you were thinking," Matthew said. He may have only been young but he knew a lot.
"I was," she said. "Engineering reports, meetings, all boring stuff."
He lost interest quickly and wandered back to his room, she shook her head as he did so.

=/\= Tanik to Captain Halliwell. =/\= 

She tapped her comm badge, "Go ahead, Commander."

=/\= You wanted to see me, Captain?" =/\= 

That was right, she had completely forgot about it, she could picture him waiting outside her office with a confused look on his face. It made her smile, "Yes, erm I'll be in my office in 10 minutes. Halliwell out." Halliwell stood up, "Matthew..."
He ran out, "I have to go now, Leah will be here shortly," she grabbed what she would need and walked over to the door. "She'll make breakfast, no feeding up on sweets."
"Okay mommy have a nice day."
"I will," she gave him a kiss on the forehead then left.

Matthew watched the door shut then went on the hunt for these sweets his mother spoke of.
Aug 6 2004, 10:31 AM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - Weapons Locker Alpha

Sith stood before two Security Teams in the giant Weapons Locker room on the Station. He just finished dismantling the latest VX-122 Phaser Spirit Rifle in front of everyone. "This thing has one heck of a name."

As he placed a power-cell down he adressed the rows of soldiers, "Alright everyone, I want you to keep your eyes open for anymore traces of tetryon particles. Dismissed."

The Officers left row by row, except for one who approached Sith at the front table. "Sir, I just wanted to suggest a possible cause of the particle residue on the Station," VoKaila said. "They could be left over from the Personal Cloaking Devices that were used by Doctor Ullii."
"You may be right. It can't be from the Romulan Warbird because only rare smaller technologies nowadays use a tetryon-based configuration." He glanced over at her, "Either way, you never know."
"Aye sir."

After she left the room, Sith exited and passed a few of his own men who were talking together.

He just nodded to them and continued on.

Holo Arena 3

Sith with Zeta walked in slowly, looking around. The Arena was inactive and very large. He stepped inside with extreme caution, as if he expected something to go wrong.
*Click!?* Zeta blerted out through the silence.

The Lieutenant Commander let his nerves go and cautiously approached a control panel. "Well, I guess there's nothing left to do but check this out." He placed a holoPadd on the console and downloaded the new program.

After a few seconds of wait time the entire Arena flashed out in a blaze of white space. *Chirp!?!* Zeta blerted again.

Then after a second wait, rows and rows of Vehicles flew up from the infinte white-abyss below. In a loud swooshing sound, they surrounded Sith and Zeta, floating in the air. Sith placed his hand over a hovering-scroll button and moved it. "What the heck am I supposed to do?"

As he moved the scroll, the large rows and rows of large Vehicles scrolled along with it. Layers of Vehicles around him would fly up vertically, or sideways horizontally. But one thing Sith noticed about each of these Vehicles, was that they all had wheels of one type or another placed on the four bottom corners of them.

He selected a Vehicle causing all the hundreds of other Vehicles to fly up into the sky of white nothingness to never be seen again. The setting around him materialized into a random City street in the day.

The structures around him all looked normal and your standard 28th Century era building type you'd find on many places on Earth, but the concrete beneath him seemed to be made of gravel or something.

"Whoa, I never knew how shiny these Land-Vehicles looked back then," Sith placed his hand on the exterior of his Vehicle, which was now sitting on the concrete. He glanced over at an inscription on its side. "It says it's a Bugatti, Veyron-Omega."

The Vehicle was topless, so Sith jumped in the drivers side and placed his hands on the steering wheel. "Well, I drove one of these Vehicles before. Shall I take it for a test run?"
Zeta crawled along the dashboard and then the exterior. The spider locked itself on the side doors, and connected itself to the circutry in the door. Through this connection Zeta felt safe in knowing exactly how the Vehicle was operating at every single moment.

"Alright, if you want to stay out there... suit yourself." Sith tapped a code into a hovering control panel to his right and the Vehicle suddenly was activated. The Engine motored up like no other sound in the universe... the sound of a gasoline engine. "That can't be good," Sith said as he tapped his right foot on the pedal beneath it. The land-Vehicle then shot off into the distance along the uncertain gravel.
Aug 9 2004, 02:29 AM

Lattrel Ottel - Personal Quarters

Ottel could not stop staring at Shani. She was still asleep, calm as a child. Her head was resting on her right arm, her light brown hair covering a part of her face. Ottel gently removed the hair, uncovering the face that he loved. His eyes now moved to her lips, so full and endearing. There was a tiny little mole on the edge of her upper lip, left side of her face, barely noticeable, but that’s what he loved the most. He moved in closer and gave her a kiss.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“What?” Shani practically mumbled. His kiss had woken her up.

“Oh,” Ottel was surprised, “Good morning.” He felt her cheek with the back of his hand.

“Good morning,” she said back, smiling. “What time is it?”

“Um... I don’t really know.”

“How long have you been awake?”

“I don’t know that either.” Ottel chuckled. “I was just watching you sleep.” He turned around, looking for a clock. He knew he had it somewhere in the room. It usually sat on the stand next to the bed, but after last night’s mayhem... it had to be somewhere in the room.

“It’s 10:20 am,” Shani said. “I found the clock.”

“Oh, good,” he said. “Now, why don’t you make the bed, and then whip me up something to eat. I’ll be in the other room, reading some things.” He got up.

“Make your own bed,” she threw the clock at him, laughing. He dodged it, and then watched it hit the wall and break into small pieces.

“I paid a good sum for that thing,” he shouted, angry.

“It’s a Bolian product,” she answered, her hand at her hip, “and like anything else Bolian, I know, for sure, it was of poor quality.”

“Oh really!”

“Yeah, really!”

He slowly approached the bed. She moved to the edge of it. In one quick motion, Ottel threw himself on the bed and grabbed her.

“You’re not going anywhere this time”

“Look who’s talking!” she was genuinely shocked. “You’re the one who always goes away.”

He let go of her, and they both sat up on the bed. He looked straight into her eyes, serious.

“Not this time, Shani,” he said, “this time it’s definitely going to be different.”

“I don’t know, Ottel,” there was disappointment in her voice. “This is not the first time you’ve said it.”

“I mean it, honey,” Ottel dismissed her doubt. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I walk around this station every day, and I see people, people who’ve lost friends, close ones. Every day I leave this room and head for the bar, I pass a docking port where most officer head out into their ships, and I see their families and friends, standing there, waving good-bye, knowing well enough that they may never see each other again...”

“Ottel...” Shani tried to say something, but he put his finger on her lips.

“Let me finish, please.” Ottel tried to gather his thoughts. “The same port I pass by... there are times when I’ve seen people stand there... without purpose. It’s as if they’re waiting for a ship that will never come, their friend, son, daughter, husband or wife will never step through that port again. It’s when I see this that I realize that we can’t afford to lose another moment...” He stopped, watching her. “You and I, Shani... you and I, we...”

“We love each other, Ottel,” she finished in his stead. “Just say it Ottel! You never could say it.” She wanted to get off the bed, but Ottel held her down. He looked right at her, thinking, Don’t lose her now, you fool.

“I love you, Shani,” the words surprised even himself, but it felt right. In fact, it felt more right than anything else he’d done in his whole life. “I love you, Shani,” he said even louder. She was silent for a few seconds, uncertain of his true feelings.

“Oh my god!” Ottel kept on going, “I can’t believe I never said it. I LOVE YOU!” It was then Ottel noticed a tear running down her cheek and he also felt like crying.

“I love you, I love you,” the two kept saying, while kissing each other. Finally, they got off the bed.

“Um... what do we do now?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t really know,” Ottel replied. He then remembered, “Shoot! I was supposed to see Garrison.” He started to look for his pants.

“You’re leaving again?” she said, playfully. He froze up, with the pants in his hands. “Oh, don’t worry,” she calmed him, “I know it’s important. Besides, I wanted to acquaint myself with this station. I’ll see you when you get back.”

“I love you,” he said one last time and kissed her. “I won’t be gone for too long.” He exited the bedroom, grabbing his shirt on the way out.