Episode 3: Alone, Part III

Sep 15 2003, 08:02 PM

Counselor Othoniel Rasin - Captain's Office

After explaining the situation to the Captain, and feeling quite a bit better about himself, even though he did not cause the blackout, he slightly slouched in his chair.

"... and so you see sir, the alien was trying to contact us by appearing to me. We were some how pushed into an area of sub-space that these aliens live in, and they gave me instructions on how to fix it." explained the Counselor, taking a deep breath.

"Well, why didn't you just come to me? This could have been done without subterfuge." said the Captain, trying to embrace this long tale as quickly as possible

"That's the thing, sir, the way she gave me the instructions, was.... well, to sort of possess me... We shared a consciousness, she told me what to do and I just did it, I really did not have much choice. They didn't want us there, but understood that it was not our choice to be here either. The only way to ensure that we would leave as soon as possible was to guide us in what to do."

"I see..." replied the Captain.

Although Captain Major believed the counselor, he barely knew him, but there was a sliver of doubt as to the details of what happened. The captain dismissed him, trying to fully believe Othoniel. The captain, though, requested him to under go a psychiatric evaluation, just to make sure that he was fine after the possession, and partly to help confirm his examination. Until the results of the psychiatric evaluation were presented and he had a clear bill of health, he could return to his duties.

Ensign Baker approached Othoniel when he was walking towards his quarters.

"Hey Othoniel, wait up!" Ensign Baker called out.

Othoniel stopped, and waited for Jake to catch up.

"Thanks for helping out with the black out, I should replicate some t-shirts. Do you wanna go get something to drink? It would be fun, a chance to catch up."

He paused, thinking of what he wanted to do. After a few moments, he made up his mind.

"No, no thanks, I am just going to go to my quarters," said Othoniel, pointing toward the door, "listen to some music, catch up on some paperwork... some other time."

As Jake walked away, Othoniel knew that he never had turned down his friend a request to chat, but things were different now. He had work to do, they weren't at the academy anymore. He had a feeling that things would change a little bit with him after this, but tried to stay positive...
Sep 15 2003, 10:03 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - The Deck

Zeta crawled along the bridging structure between the upper walkways. He leaped onto another bridging walkway and made his way back up to the ceiling. In all of Zeta's lifespan, he had never been so devoted to pointless work.

Sith was below, scanning. "It looks like his auto-generative responses were knocked out of alignment." He spoke to Ottel who was paying close attention over his shoulder. "Wait a second. Who are you?"

"I'm Lattrel Ottel, owner of the Double Helix right over there." The bartender assured.


Sith went back to scans. "It must've been that sub-space area the Station was falling into... It completely threw Zeta off."

"But why create webs? Why annoy the hell out of me?"

"Zeta must've returned to his basic programming... I mean, he is a spider at nature, and spiders create webs right?"

Ottel was busy pouring a drink, "huh? Oh I'm sorry, were you saying something?"

"Nevermind." Sith had to get to Zeta and deactivate him, and it couldn't be done remotely. He knew a standard Federation Energy Dampening emitter had no effect on Zeta's technology.

Meanwhile, Zeta began obsessing with picking at the corner of the west cieling. He was going to create an electro-magnetic field to enhance the web. Little did he realize was that Sith was right behind him.

Rune Sith had beamed up to the cieling, grabbing onto the web. 35 feet off the floor, Sith climbed up onto the complicated web, standing on it. "Okay Zeta... I just want to check something on your interface..." He inched towards the abnormally large spider who then noticed him.

"Click! Click!! Ccchhrip!!"

Zeta became aggrivated and leaped unexpectedly towards Sith. "Argh!"

This was not good. Sith was taken down, falling off the metallic web. He quickly hung on before really falling. "Zetttta-- click!" The Spider hopped around above in excitement.

"Listen to me Zeta! This is not you. You're programming has been knocked out of alignment!"

But Zeta wasn't interested in that. The Spider hung upside down and flung two of its pointy arms at Sith's face. Sith quickly let go his left hand, leaving him hanging with only one, and blocked each swipe with his fore-arm. "Grgh!"

Failing, Zeta then decided to jab his two front legs forward at Sith, to which Sith dodged his fore-arm out of the way and hooked it around, grabbing the two spider legs from the side with his palm. He had him. "Click! Click!?"

People from below were watching in astonishment. This activity was not normal for The Deck.

Sith then tried tucking part of Zeta under his armpits to hold him so that he could access the interface on Zeta's back with his free hand. "Okay, let's see here..." He tapped a few tiny buttons and began repairs. Studying the energy flow in his systems, Sith's fears were confirmed, "I knew it. Beaming you out of here would've caused an override in your energy buffers. There would've been an explosion."

"Click? Explosion?"

Sith finished up and re-aligned the auto-generative responses. "There... how do you feel?"

"How do you... feel?" Zeta mimicked.

"Fine thanks."

Sith made his way to the wall and slid down a verticle web with Zeta on his shoulder. "Come on, let's go home."

Earth - North Carolina - Koloth's Restaurant

Meanwhile, on Earth... Sith's brother sat waiting at his table in the Restuarant the whole time, having expected him ever since the beggining. "Where is he? GGrrrggh!! You idiot Sith, you forgot our meeting!!!"
Sep 15 2003, 09:47 PM

Lattrel Ottel- The Deck: Double~Helix Bar

The crowd was beginning to disperse only a few minutes after the stars reappeared. One by one the officers were being recalled to their duty stations. Some headed to their quarters to take a long desired sleep, and others rushed to the nearest comm panels to contact loved ones or just friends to let them know about what had gone on. Ottel was relaxing on a comfortable chair in the far corner of the bar. It had been a tiring day for him. The new drink had gone pretty well with the customers and he had to work extra hard to prepare more.

The bar usually opened at this hour, but the circumstances of the previous day had forced it to stay open longer. First it was the wait for Hardgrove and then the large flow of customers due to the Alliance ship. All in all, Ottel had to admit, it turned out pretty well for me. The new shift had just arrived and they were cleaning the mess left by Zeta. I think I'll keep the bar open, he thought, to capitalize on the last night's success.

"I'm sorry, sir, I don't know how to make that drink," apologized the replacement bartender Ottel had hired upon his arrival.
"What do you mean? I just heard they have a new drink at the Double~Helix..." the man then turned to Ottel, who hadn't noticed him and continued, "Hey, Mr. Lattrel, mind making me a drink.

Ottel turned to look at the man. It's Hardgrove. He almost wanted to jump up, but knew enough to keep calm. He slowly stood up and approached the bar.

"For a regular customer? Why not?" he smiled.

Ottel prepared the drink under the bar and handed it to Hardgrove.

"What's in it?" he asked.

"You know I can't tell you, captain," Ottel replied, "it's an important secret."

Hardgrove took a sip. By the look of his face, Ottel knew he recognized something familiar about the taste of the drink. For a second there was a fear, then, What do I care? He already knows who I am, this is not going to do anything, Lattrel thought. The fleet captain then put the credit chips on the bar, and as Ottel approached to pick them up, he asked:

"I'd been meaning to ask you something, Mr. Lattrel," after getting the bartender's attention he continued almost whispering, "Do you shave? Because for all I know Bolians don't have hair."

Ottel silently picked up the chips and walked away from the bar without giving him an answer. Turning his back on Hardgrove, he lowered his head and closed his eyes for a brief second. Seeing this response, Hardgrove got up to leave, but as he was exiting the bar, Ottel talked.

"Captain," Hardgrove turned, "my mother was human," he said and went back to his seat in the corner.

That was a surprise. I wonder why the Starfleet intel report didn't say that about the Bolian. It may not be very important, but I could look into it, Hargrove pondered walking on the Deck.
Sep 15 2003, 10:57 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Quarters

Tom lay on his back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. He was still feeling groggy after the concussion. The door chime sounded, and he sat up in bed. "Come," he said.

The door opened, David walked in. He took a few steps into the room, enough for the door to close behind him, then just stood there for a moment looking at Tom. He then came closer, holding out a holoPADD, which Tom took.

"Here's the most complete report we've got on what happened, sir. It's not much, there are still many unanswered questions."

Tom scanned the report briefly, then put it aside. He found it difficult to focus on the words, it would probably take him another day or two until he was feeling back to normal. "So we still have no idea how we got pushed into that subspace in the first place?"

David just shook his head no.

"And who those aliens were? Or what the Alliance ship was doing in that region of subpace?"

Again, David just shook his head.


"No sign of him," reported David.

Tom sighed, and then he leaned back against the wall that his bed was up against. He sat there for a minute, trying to figure out what to say next. There was an obvious air of tension in the room, and something needed to be done about it. Finally, he spoke.

"David... this isn't easy for me, so bear with me. I hate to admit it when I'm wrong, but... well... I was wrong about you. Sure I was technically "supposed" to take over command, but as you rightly pointed out, there were plently of loopholes in that order so that I didn't have to do it. Bottom line is, I didn't trust your abilities. We haven't worked together for very long, and I just wasn't sure of your abilities. But I was wrong about you... you handled the situation wonderfully after I was incapacitated. I underestimated your abilities, and I promise... I'll try not to do that again. I'm sorry, David."

David just nodded in return. "Thank you, sir. Your apology means a lot to me. I really mean that, it does."

Tom looked at him, and the two of them made eye contact and held it for a long minute. Things were far from perfect between them, and probably wouldn't be for a long time, but this was at least a good first step towards resolving their conflict.

"If there's nothing else...?" David asked?

Tom shook his head no. "Dismissed."

David turned and walked out the door, and Tom laid back down on his bed and closed his eyes.