Episode 4: When It Rains... Part I

Sep 19 2003, 11:44 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom was sitting at his desk, reviewing a weekly report on the status of the fleet. It had been six weeks since they had returned to normal space, and he had almost completely recovered from his injuries. Every once in awhile, such as today, he got a splitting headache. But he had just learned to deal with them for the most part. Their acting Chief Medical Officer had informed him that they would subside in time. The door chime sounded. "Enter," he called out.

The doors slid open and Captain Major walked in, along with Commander Halliwell. They took a few steps into the room, allowing the door to close behind them. "You wanted to see us, sir?" Major asked.

"Yes. Come in, sit down, both of you," he replied while gesturing to the two chairs in front of his desk. They did as told, taking seats across the desk from him. Tom handed each one of them a holoPADD.

"These contain information about a Federation Program which has been in development for several years now. Before we begin discussing anything, however, I need to emphasize that the information you've just received is highly classified. Technically, nobody under the rank of Admiral is allowed to see it. However, an exception has been made, and you'll soon find out. But this information can not be shared with anyone without the consent of Starfleet Command. Not even I can give you that consent, it must come directly from Command. Understood?"

They both nodded.

"Good. Now, those holoPADDs contain information for a Federation time travel program."

David blinked in surprise. "Time travel? I thought the Federation council ruled against developing such technology?"

"They did. But apparently they've changed their minds. I don't really know much else than you do, honestly. I was just briefed on this an hour ago myself. Anyway, you should read the full report on your own time, it's very thorough. It contains technical information on how to achieve time travel, it details the creation of an agency to oversee all temporal matters, there are policies with how to deal with almost every imaginable scenario."

"Where do we come in? Why are we being told this?" Sam asked.

"The Federation council has insisted on a series of field tests to be run before the program is implemented. Basically, they want to see how Starfleet officers react to various situations. Those holoPADDs also contain your orders. Basically, Captain Major, you will be leading a team consisting of Commander Halliwell, Commander K'rak, Lt. Sith, Lt. T'Kila, and a holodeck technician of your choosing into one of the holodecks. You'll be inserted into a simulation of Earth... Earth from the past, World War III to be specific. You'll have no contact with anybody except for people in that simulation, people of the 21st century."

"I don't understand the point of this," David said.

"They want to see how well you react to a simulation of being stuck in the past. You'll take 28th century equipment with you. The entire simulation will be monitored, they want to see how well you protect the equipment from falling into the hands of 21st century, and also how much affect you have on the timeline. You'll be in there for one week."

David thought all this over for a minute, not liking what he was hearing. He looked up at Tom, and saw a glimmer of something in his eyes.... it looked like frustration, perhaps even anger. "Sir...?"

"What is it?"

"Sir, I don't like this idea. It seems rather pointless to me. None of us are trained in temporal manners. If this program gets implemented, I highly doubt they would send anyone into the past, or the future, without years of specialized training. It just seems like a waste of time to me."

"I know, believe me I know. I spent the last hour arguing with Command, trying to make those same points. They're just so damn stubborn down there," he said, his voice almost rising to a shout. Suddenly, he realized he was getting angry, and took a deep breath. "Sorry... I'm just really frustrated with the whole situation. I think the whole thing's a bad idea, and like you said, a pointless waste of time. But," he added with a sigh, "orders are orders."

"When should this start," Sam asked.

"Whenever you two feel ready. Take time, read the reports, brief your crew. Argue with command if you wish, although I doubt it will do much good. And remember, you'll need to select a holodeck technician to take with you, in case anything goes wrong."

"Who will be in command of the station while we're in there," Tom asked.

"I'd assume Tanik, since he isn't going with you. But I really don't know, that's up to Command. They're really taking over complete control of the senior staff of this station right now. You'll have to ask them." There sounded like there was just a touch of bitterness in his voice for being so 'out-of-the-loop.' He looked in David's eyes, and could see a flash of anger, probably because he also felt like they were interfering with his command. And considering Tom had just done that himself not too long ago, he couldn't blame the poor guy. Probably felt like nobody had any confidence in him.

"Any more questions?"

They both remained silent.

"OK, then. Dismissed."
Sep 20 2003, 01:28 PM

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - Quarters

Tanik sat back in his chair, listening to some Human classical music. He had a
headache all day, as there were some failures of a couple of minor systems in
engineering. Ensign Shannon had called them "gremlins", in reference to some
old Earth myth - or something like that. As he was just beginning to relax and
unwind, there was a beep at the door.

Oh, for the love of all things sacred...

"Enter!" Tanik said with a little displeasure in his voice.

Sabinus walked through, looking a little anxious. "I had wanted to talk to you earlier, Uncle Tani, but with the anomaly a few weeks ago, and all your work more recently..."

Tanik looked at her sympathetically, "Please, take a seat, Sabi - I'm all ears."
Tanik pulled up a chair.

Sabinus sat down, and looked at Tanik hard before speaking. "Do you remember Neilson?"

Tanik thought for a moment, and then looked at her with a grave expression on his face. "I remember that he broke up with you because you were Romulan," he said with a scowl.

"Oh, that's not completely true, Uncle - he's a good man, and that only had very little to do with it."

Tanik raised his eyebrow, "It should have had nothing to do with it. And,
besides - if you're right, why did he break up with you?"

It was Sabinus's turn to raise her eyebrow, "... There were a couple different

"Do you remember any of them, specifically?"

"Well.... uh, no - not specifically."

"Then they weren't good enough," Tanik said, resolute.

Sabinus looked at him, "He's a good man..."

Tanik massaged his temples, "Look, Sabi - you know I love you. You're like a
daughter to me. I just... don't want to see you get hurt. But, I'm not sure I am
the one you should be talking to. Counselor Rasin -"

Sabinus cut Tanik off, "You want me to see a SHRINK?!"

Tanik was caught off-guard, "He's not a shrink... he's just probably more qualified than me--"

Sabinus was not mollified, "You're my uncle. You raised me like you were my
FATHER. If I can't talk to you, than who the hell can I talk to?!"

Tanik closed his eyes and pressed his fingers on the bridge of his nose, "I guess
it's that I simply don't know what advice to give you. Neilson broke up with you - as far as I'm concerned, he lost his shot at you. If you still have feelings for him, go talk to him. If you're not sure what you're feeling, go talk to counselor Rasin. If you no longer have feelings for him, there are several Romulan men that defected from the Chaltok with us who could do you justice -"

Sabinus was even less pleased, "I can't BELIEVE this! Lt. Sith was wrong - you're impossible!"

Tanik was taken aback at the harsh words of his niece, "Sabi, I'm just trying to
look out for your best interests." Tanik had a quick thought, "You've been
talking to Lt. Sith? Now there's a fine young man, if I do say so myself..."

Sabinus stormed out.

Tanik looked like he had gone through a hurricane. He got up and walked to the
bed section of the quarters.
"Computer - lights. Goodnight," said in exasperation.

His communicator beeped, "Lt. cmdr., you are needed in the Ops Center

Oh, for the love of all things sacred...
Captain Archer
Sep 20 2003, 02:09 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - His Office

  "The Diplomatic Corps would like to express it's profound apologies, Ambassador. The Alliance had rescheduled the conference for a later date. We attempted to send a message to you but the recent anomaly prevented such a transmission."

Michael sat back in his chair. "So when is the conference?"

  The Vulcan raised an eyebrow before answering "We don't know, but we assure you that you will be the first to find out."

"Very well, thank you Surat. How's your family?"

  "They are well Ambassador, thank you for asking. Well I have business to attend to. Surat out."

The screen went to the Federation symbol and Michael leaned up to turn off the monitor just as the screen alerted him of an incoming transmission. Michael keyed a few controls and the image of Commander Hurst appeared to him.

  "Michael, I hope this isn't a bad time."

Michael let a smile creep onto his face  "Not at all, what can I do for you?"

  Jen smiled "I think the question is what can I do for you? Do you have any leave time?"

"Yes I do, why?"

  "Why don't you take the next transport down to the surface and meet me in San Francisco?"

Michael thought a moment about how great it would be to get away for awhile. "I'll have to clear it with Admiral Garrison but I don't see why not, I'll contact you before I leave, Larkin out."
Sep 21 2003, 09:02 PM

Counselor Rasin - His Quarters

Othoniel called out for the computer. After it responded he kindly asked that it transfer his mail to a nearby PADD and signal him when finished. Just a few moments later he was skimming through his mail on the PADD. About halfway through the list he saw an item of interest, and opened it.

"Please report to headquarters... psychiatric evaluation... possibly unstable..." what?!

The Counsellor was mumbling outloud as he read the letter, and suddenly found himself a little offended.

"Unstable!? Me, unstable, I mean, I, I, I am stable!"

There is really nothing I can do, though, if they want me at headquarters, what am I supposed to do!? It'll be cinchy, I go in, tell them what they want to hear, and then I am back on my way to 001.  

Hm... it doesn't say how long I should expect to be down there... oh well. I'll make the proper arrangements

Othoniel read through the letter a final time, just to make sure he sucked all possible knowledge from it, then went and looked at the rest of his mail. Hoping to get back to counseling as soon as he could, he scheduled the first possible transport to Earth.
Sep 21 2003, 11:13 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith

The U.S.S. Vitality approached the planet Valakis. Captain Malone stood on the Bridge with a worried look on his face. He turned to Sith who was at Tactical. "Mr. Sith, what's the status of the Planet surface?"

Security Office

Sith suddenly woke up from sitting at the main desk. He had fallen asleep. Reading over his console data, it looked like he was going to be participating in a training program on the Holodeck. All he knew so far is that it would involve a War.

War... That's all a person needs to know.
Sep 22 2003, 02:18 AM

Lattrel Ottel - Quarters

Ottel was thinking, his eyes peering out towards Earth through the rectangular windows of his room. It had been a while now since he had been thinking about it. Earth was so close, and all he had to do was to take his ship and head straight for it, but he was afraid, afraid of facing his own emotions...

He suddenly turned around. On the table in front of him lay a small computer, separated from the station's mainframe. Above it was the floating holo-image of the information Hardgrove had given him. With a simple move of his finger Ottel turned off the hologram and closed the computer case. The information was not new to say the very least. It was a common knowledge now, that Bajor was with the Federation. He had thought about sending this information to his uncle, but there was no need to take an unnecessary risk. All Ottel had to do was to wait for the next arranged exchange of information with an associate of his.

Uncle Omma probably is already aware of the news, Ottel assured himself. Maybe it will be easier to persuade those hesitant council members, now that Bajor is siding the Federation.

There was one more bit of information Ottel had to send through, a request really. Hardgrove had asked for possible information on Alliance activities in the Gamma Qaudrant. The Coalition intelligence network could very well supply Starfleet with few leads.

The Alliance in the Gamma Quadrant. Now that should interest the Council, Ottel ammused himself.  
Sep 22 2003, 06:52 PM

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - Captain Major's office

"Please, sit down, Mr. Tanik," Major said.

Tanik did so. "If I may get right to the point, sir - why have I been asked here?"

Major looked at him uncomfortably, "All of the senior staff, except for Counselor
Rasin and yourself, will be performing in a simulation for the next week."

"What is it about?" Tanik asked.

Major looked even more uncomfortable, "I'm afraid I'm not allowed to tell you."

Tanik raised his eyebrow. He looked miffed, "Why? I'm pretty high up on the chain of command, so why have I been excluded from this exercise?"

"I honestly don't know, commander," Major replied.

Tanik sat there, contemplating for a second. He looked up at Major, "Well - I
assume I'll be taking command of station?" At least that would be a consolation

If at all possible, Major looked even more uncomfortable, "I'm afraid not,
commander. Command wants one of their guys up here. They have also put you on leave until further notice."

Tanik looked perplexed, and severely upset, "Did they say why?"

"No," Major said softly, though with a little twinge of anger showing through. He obviously was not at all pleased with the situation himself. "I'm sorry, Tanik. You have my full confidence. But, if you want my advice - go down to Command and see what's going on. Get the lay of the land, so to speak."

Tanik looked at Major, "Thank you sir, I'll do that."

Major looked back, with a slight smirk on his face, "I thought you would. I
already have a pass with your name on it for the next transport down to San

Tanik looked at him, also a half-smile on his features, "Thank you, sir."

Major looked at him, more serious, "You're more than welcome. And, if you can - tell me what the heck is going on down there when you get back. Dismissed."

Tanik stood up, "Yes, sir." He proceeded out the door.

This just keeps on getting better and better...
Captain Archer
Sep 22 2003, 07:04 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Admiral Garrison's Office

"I don't see why not Michael, the rest of the crew will be occupied with an assignment. I'm not expecting any problems, of course around here that doesn't necessarily mean a lot." Garrison chuckled, it was the first time Michael had seen the Admiral break a smile in a long time.

"Well then, the transport should be leaving in a few minutes, I'll be on my way." Michael stepped out into the corridor and to the turbolift.

Docking Port 6

Michael rounded the corner to the transport, it seemed awfully crowded, perhaps the recent incident made people want to reach out to their friends and loved ones. He knew exactly how they felt, as he came to the airlock, he noticed a man in a dark outfit, with a hood covering half of his face, which seemed odd. As he climbed the steps the gentlemen bumped into him and dropped several padds.

"Excuse me."

The sound of his voice sent cold shivers down Michael's spine, as he looked up at the man, he couldn't help but feel he had met him before. "Excuse me sir, but have we met?"

Michael couldn't believe he had came right out and asked.

"I don't believe so." The man gathered up his padds and hurried through the airlock.

Transport Vessel

Michael settled into his seat and took out a padd that contained some of his recent communications.

  "We will be departing the station momentarily," came a dull voice from the comm system.

Michael looked around the passenger area and noticed the man he had ran into sitting alone in the back of the transport intently studying his padds. A tap on his shoulder pulled him away from studying the man.

"Hello Ambassador, may we join you?" It was Ensign Rasin and Commander Tanik.

Tanik seemed a bit disturbed as if he had something on his mind, don't we all. "No problem, have a seat." Michael motioned to the two adjacent seats.

"Not exactly a luxury liner is it Ambassador?" Rasin said.

Michael laughed, "Far from it and please, both of you call me Michael."

"Very well," Tanik said. "So what brings you to Earth...Michael?"

Michael couldn't help but wonder if the counselor was trying to analyze his actions, so he kept it vague. "Visiting a friend, and you gentlemen."

Tanik looked up at him, "I have an urgent meeting with Starfleet Command."

Rasin nodded "Me too."


  The dull voice once again came over the comm, "All passengers prepare for departure." The transport rocked and they slowly moved away from the station.

San Francisco

Michael shook hands with Rasin and Tanik and the two of them proceeded in the direction of the Tram that would take them to Starfleet Headquarters. Michael proceeded to the center of the platform to wait for Jen, as he wandered around the main complex, he noticed that the man from the transport was sitting on a bench nearby, studying his padds once again.


He turned around, it was Jen she leaned in and kissed him, and they walked off out of the terminal, but not before Michael turned around and noticed that the man was gone.
Sep 23 2003, 09:30 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Quarters

Halliwell sat at the console in her quarters, "Stupid thing," she whispered as she waited a few moments. She glanced down to her PADD then back up to the screen, "Nothing. Well's the just..." the monitor started to do something.
"Finally," she said out loud.

  A figure came on the monitor, dark at first; Phillip Halliwell smiled, "Sammy."

"Dad," she said smiling back, "How are you?"

   "I'm fine," he said, "Is this a social call?"

She put the PADD down so she could pay attention to him. "It's only a quick one I'm afraid," she said slowly...she got interrupted--

  "What happened? We couldn't get through to you."

"It's a long story dad," she said wanting to get to the point. She loved her father dearly but sometimes he did keep on going and going, "Look, I've called to tell you that I will be unreachable for about the next week."

  "How come?"

Formulating something to say, she smiled sweetly and looked down to the PADD now and again, "It's an important exercise," is all that she said.

  "About?" Phillip saw the look in his daughter's eyes, "Okay I know," he commented, "Shut up dad, some of us do work."

"Of course," she sat back, "Are you sure you'll be okay?"

  "We'll be fine, Sammy. Take care pet."

"You too, dad," she replied then the screen went blank. She stood up looking at the PADD and leaving her quarters.
Sep 23 2003, 12:05 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom put down the latest report he was reading, sat back in his chair, and let out a long yawn. He stood up, stretching his aching muscles. It had been yet another long day reading endless reports, recommendations, and status updates about various mundane details of the fleet. He was looking forward to a quiet dinner on The Deck, without any thought of sector sensor sweeps, latest Alliance fleet movements, or anything else.

He walked towards the door, and was about two steps away when the terminal on his desk beeped. He paused, briefly considering ignoring it. But then he decided against it. With a sigh, he walked back around the desk and sat down. He saw that he had an incoming message from Starfleet Command.

Oh great... just the people I want to talk to he thought to himself. He pushed a button, and Admiral Miasha Jenco appeared on the screen.

Tom narrowed his eyes. What could he possibly want...?


"Miasha," he said back. There was an air of tension between the two of them, there had been ever since the utopia planitia incident. "What can I do for you?"

"Tom, why have you been making so many inquiries into this time travel program the last week?" he asked, getting right to the point of the call.

"No reason in particular, just trying to find out why you are wasting the time of the command crew of the station with an exercise you could give to first year academy graduates, trying to find out why one of the senior officers was randomly left out of this program, and trying to find out why that same officer was passed over for temporary command, and one of your commanders from down there is going to be sent up instead."

"Why concern yourself with those matters? You're not in command of the station. You don't have anything to do with the station of its senior officers, really, besides the fact that your office is there."

"I was just curious, that's all."

"Well stop nosing around so much. You've been annoying a lot of the people down here with your endless inquiries. Besides, you've got a fleet to run."

Tom couldn't help himself, he laughed out loud.

"What's so funny?" Miasha asked, a suspiscious look in his eyes.

"My apologies. It's just that you people down there haven't left me with much of a fleet to run."

The two men stared at each other for a moment. Tom couldn't believe he once called this man his mentor, and his friend. "Look, Tom. Just do your job, and stay out of matters that don't concern you. Jenco out."

The screen flicked off, replaced by the UFP logo.

Well that was odd... he thought. Shaking it off, he got back up and left the office, intent on getting back to those plans for a nice, quiet dinner.
Sep 24 2003, 09:17 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith

Sith scanned the Planet, "Two Alliance Vessels have begun invading Thivili City..." Suddenly, an Alliance Ship de-cloaked before of them. The Vitality was confronted.

The Deck

"Argh!" Sith shook his head as he left the Security Office. Memories of the past seemed to plauge him. "Gotta concentrate, Sith..."

"Lieutenant." K'Rak approached from the side and began walking with him.

"Sir, I was just on my way to the Holo-Arena" Sith said.

K'Rak nodded, "I am on my way there aswell." He glanced at him, curious. "You... haven't been sleeping in the Office have you?"

"No..." Sith lied. "Well... I may have nodded off for a second. But I was off-duty."

K'Rak stopped, prompting Sith to stop. "I do not need to explain the rules to you."

"Sorry, sir... We were up late last night at the Double Helix Bar, remember?"

K'Rak then laughed. "Hahaha! You are telling me you had a hangover? You can't seem to hold your bloodwine. I told you not to challenge a Klingon to a drinking contest!"

They both began walking again. Sith started opening up, "This whole simulation thing... I can see it's benefits, but does it have to include a War?"

"I do not make the rules. But I know you can handle what ever is to come," K'Rak reassured.

Outside the Holo Arena

Sith and K'Rak joined T'Kila, Halliwell, and another Officer who were grouped before Captain Major. They were just about to begin a briefing.
Sep 24 2003, 10:22 PM

Captain David Major - Holoarena

Nodding to each crew member as the joined the group, David took a deep breath in, and after everyone had arrived, led the way into the arena. With the program not yet activated, the room was extremely plain. Dark grey walls, with what looked like black tennis balls embedded every 2 feet or so. It was new technology, some Starfleet grunts had spent 2 weeks prior outfitting two of the old holodecks - just for this simulation.

Taking a second to organize his thoughts, David addressed the group. "Welcome. As I'm sure you all know, the Starfleet Temporal Committee has ordered all of us to participate in this simulation. While I am sure most of you don't relish the idea, I'll remind you that these orders come from even above Admiral Garrisons head. There is nothing we can do about it."

He began to pace in front of the group.

"A few hours ago, you all were delivered information on exactly what the simulation will be about, and our roles in it. However, if you were.." he paused and glanced at Sith. "Unable to complete your review of it, I'll recap."

Nearing the center of the room, David spoke a whispered command to the computer, and suddenly a large holographic display appeared behind him. "We are about to enter a timeline set just days before the third wave of WW3. If you remember your history correctly, you'll know that the first and second outbreaks occurred between China and the west, and were set in the Middle East, and later, Europe. However, in the time we will be in, the so called 'Eastern Coalition has their eyes set on North America. We will be smack dab in the middle of the conflict. Starfleet is monitoring our actions, if you are 'killed', you will be transported out of the simulation to be debriefed. However, your number one goal is to keep EVERY piece of of current day technology that you have OUT of the hands of the holographic characters. I will provide further instructions as we venture through the simulation. Any questions?" T'Kila raised her hand.

"Sir, if we are going to be in this holodeck for a week, what has been done about food, and, uh, waste elimination?" David grinned.

"This new holo arena incorporates both holographic as well as transporter and replicator technology. Any food you eat in the simulation will be real food, and waste will be transported out into the Starbase waste recycling system. Anyone else?" The room was quiet. "Very Well. Computer, begin temporal simulation 55alpha3. Primary authorization Major omega23pi."

  "Secondary level 5 authorization required." The computer chirped.

"Halliwell Cochrane 653," said Samantha, glancing at David with a slightly worried yet excited look.

  "Authorizations confirmed. Temporal committee authorization has been granted, beginning simulation in 15...14....13....12..."

David nodded to the rest of the crew, and waited for the countdown.

  "5...4...3...2....1...Simulation started."

Suddenly the walls dissolved into a brick alley, and David led the team out into the street....
Sep 26 2003, 10:47 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - 22nd Century

K'Rak surveyed the area around him, taking in the dusty air and vague feeling of death that was all around him. This was, indeed, a time of war. The brick walls around them were grimy, and stained with what he thought to be blood. A vagrant lay in the corner of the alley under a pile of rags, looking at them. The crew looked away distastefully.

"To think," said T'Kila, "that there was a time when people didn't even have a place to live."

Exiting the alley, the came upon an open square filled with people.

"Hold it!" said Major. "We should avoid detection until we find out what's happening."

"Sir," K'Rak spoke up, "may I inquire as to where we are?"

"The simulation is set in New York City, at the time, the largest city on the continent with over 35 million people."

"With that many people, it should be relatively easy to avoid detection," said K'Rak.

"Remember," Major said to the group, "our objective here is to prevent any of our technology from falling into the hands of either side. That means that you do anything necessary to avoid losing it. That means we will do our best to avoid any of the combat." K'Rak frowned slightly at this. He had hoped to have the opportunity to kill some humans. Oh well, he thought, another time, perhaps.
Sep 26 2003, 08:33 PM

Lattrel Ottel - Starbase 001

Ottel was out of his room, walking down one of the roomy corridors of the station.

For a government that is standing on the edge of a cliff, the Federation sure spared no expense on this starbase. Even though Ottel had been raised in a very wealthy environment, what with his grandfather being a respected member of the Smuggler's council, he had seen enough poverty and hardship around him to think of anything comfortable as overly luxurious.

"...I don't know, he just said he won't be available for a whole week," Ottel overheard an ensign passing by in the corridor. He dismissed it.

The turbolift was right ahead. The automatic doors swooshed open and Ottel stepped in.

"The De..." his words were left unfinished as the door openned again and a human female, in her late twenties, stepped in with a small child.

"I'm sorry," she apologized, "go ahead," giving Ottel the notion to address the turbolift.

"The Deck," he firmly said, "and where might you be going."

"We're going to buy me a toy!!!" the child yelled excitedly.

"Really? What kind of a toy do you want?" Ottel asked.

"Actually, we are trying to adopt a pet," the woman explained, "it's not a toy, Sani, and stop bothering the nice man."

"That's quite alright, ma'am," Ottel winked at the child.

The turbolift suddenly stopped, the woman and the child stepped out.

"Nice meeting you," the woman smiled. Ottel politely nodded back. The turbolift continued down, only to open a few seconds later.

The deck!!!, Ottel looked around. He was still impressed by it. Four stories high, it was a mesmerizing structure. Stores here, shops there, bars and restaurants on the left and on the right, entertainment and holosuites behind and in front. The enormous size of the whole Deck filled Ottel with the fear that it might collapse onto itself. Whoever designed the structure was a genius at engineering. Stepping out of the lift, Ottel headed right, towards a clothing store recommended by one of his waiters.
Captain Archer
Sep 28 2003, 08:11 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Quantum Cafe, San Francisco

"I haven't been here in ages." Michael told Jen.

"I know, it was the evening after I graduated from the Academy, remember?"

"Of course. What a night. I was so happy for you."

A waitress approached their table with a tray, "Anything else folks?"

"Nothing for me. Jen?"

She nodded her head, the waitress took off to another table.

"So what was that anomaly a few weeks ago? Did the crew of the station ever figure it out?" Jen asked him.

"No, just a random occurrence. I guess such things are to be expected... but it did have an unusual effect on our counselor I heard."

"Really, is he alright?"

"I don't know. In fact he was on his way to Starfleet Headquarters the last time I saw him. He didn't seem to happy," Michael chuckled. "Excuse me. I'll be right back," Michael excused himself to the restroom. He walked to the back of the Café.

When he came back out he noticed Jen working on a Padd. He came up behind her.

"Work on vacation? Commander, I'll have to speak to your superior about this."

Jen looked startled and shoved the Padd into her case, "Oh, just a letter to my mother."

"O.K. so what should we do for the rest of the evening?"

Jen looked up at him, "Would you like to go for a walk?"

"I'd love to. Shall we?"

They walked out of the Cafe and headed down the street.
Sep 29 2003, 03:26 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Holo Arena, WW3 New York

They began following the Captain out into the crowd of passer-byers.

"What exactly are we supposed to do now?" Sith asked annoyed.

The Captain took on this question as he was tapping on a quantum tri-corder. Sith's lack of professionalism was starting to get on his nerves. "One of the objectives is to work out how we got here."

"We simply walked into the Holo Arena," T'Kila answered.

"Yes, but if say we were accidentally sent back in time, we'd have to figure out how we got there," Captain Major replied.

"Basically, it's like a math problem." Commander Halliwell clarified.

K'Rak also went through a quantum tricorder. "I am detecting traces of chronoton energy directly above the cityscape." But before they could go on, they were interrupted.

"Just who the hell are you guys?" Two Police Officer's approached, noticing the Uniforms.

Major and Halliwell glanced at each other for a moment, not knowing what to say. This was obviously a factor thrown into the simulation.

The Captain went on to deal with the Officer. "Captain! They're loading Weapons!" Sith yelled in panic.

The Valakis Take Over

"Damn! Okay. We're going to have to stop the ground forces aswell." Captain Malone turned to Sith. "Take a Fighter Fleet to the surface."

As the Vitality delt with the Alliance Vessel before it, eight Starfleet Fighters flew out the Vitality and headed for the surface of Planet Valakis.

Above a Cityscape was an Alliance Ship hovering and beaming troops to the surface. The locals had been able to block their transporter beams with their own technology. For some areas of Thavili, it was not beneath the Alliance to open fire upon.

Then in from the storm-cloud filled sky came the Fighter's, pumping out torpedoes at the hovering Alliance Ship. They reutrned fire, holding up a fierce battle. If the Alliance was taking over this Planet, the Federation wasn't at least going to let them hurt the civilian population.


Sith's Fighter was knocked off course by Alliance Disrupter's and sent to the already half destroyed streets below. When the Fighter screeched to a stop, Sith got out... alive.

"Sith, what are you staring at?" K'Rak asked.

Holo Arena

Rune Sith then glanced over at K'Rak who stopped tapping at his quantum tricorder for a moment to bother him, and then at David Major who continued explaining a cover story to the Police Officer.

"Ugh. It's this whole War simulation," Sith complained, finally coming to terms with his distractive nature, "it's making me remember---" But then he stopped, not wanting to pour his heart and soul out to his Senior Officer. "Well, it's very unsettling. Maybe I should be excused from the simulation."

K'Rak looked at Sith confused, as Sith then began walking towards the Captain to speak to him.

Oh, right, the Captain. If Sith backed out of this, the Captain, and Starfleet, would then be convinced he wasn't capable of handling a time-travel incident. "On second thought... maybe not." He stopped.

How hard could a time-travel incident be anyway? He looked around the crowd of people. Although the City was in a State of National Alert, some people went about their everyday lives.
Sep 29 2003, 09:07 PM

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - Tram Station, San Fransisco, California

Tanik and Rasin were just leaving the Tram near Lake Archer when Tanik thought of something. "You, know, Counselor - maybe we should try and keep in contact. Just in case."

Rasin looked at him, confused, "In case of what?"

Tanik looked at him, not sure of what to say, "I don't know, really. It's just that..." Tanik searched for the right words, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

Rasin looked concerned, "Is there something you want to tell me?"

"No. Yes. I don't know... I've been a Starfleet officer for eight years, and this is the treatment I get. I've done well before - something is up for them to just do this out of the blue, other than the fact that I'm a Romulan - it has to be something deeper, and, possibly, more sinister."

Rasin looked stunned, "I didn't think about that..."

Tanik chuckled, "You're young. You do not know these things as I do. Especially considering my background. But now...."

Rasin urged, "Now what?"

"Before, I would never have thought that thought about the Federation. I just realized yesterday how... naive I still was after my 119 years..."

Rasin smiled, "You're a dreamer - a dreamer from a land where dreams are outlawed."

Tanik cracked a half grin, "It seems our positions are shifting - You're too young to be having thoughts that old, Ensign."

It was Rasin's turn to chuckle, "I'll guess I'll take that as a complement. But - what gives you reason to believe the Federation would do as such?"

Tanik was more serious, almost grave, "Things are changing. And not for the better. We've been so afraid of being conquered by the Alliance, we have started to become like the Alliance itself. And I will not allow this to continue. Keep in touch."

Tanik walked off towards the Starfleet Command Building, with Rasin watching him before proceeding on.

Starfleet Command

Tanik walked towards the desk in the middle of the lobby, where a female Andorian was sitting behind. She looked up at him as he approached.

"Hows it goin', hun?" she said, while chewing gum.

Tanik was unphased, "I need to speak with someone in command, Ms. Tarah."

Tarah looked miffed, "All business today, Tanny?"

"I'm afraid so. I'm in a little bit of... uh - what do humans call it? A pickle?"

Tarah, "Oh, dear. I'm so sorry - I'll get someone right away." Tarah left the desk and went into an office, and came back after a few seconds.

"Well, the best I can do is a Lt. Commander by the name of Oswald..."

Tanik looked incredulous, "You've got to be kidding. He's not even a superior officer!"

"I know, hun - but the admiralcy has been kinda funky, lately - I don't know what's going on, but there's DEFINITELY something up..."

Tanik looked resigned, "Well, thanks for your help."


Lt. Cmdr. Oswald's Office

"Commander Oswald, I presume?" Tanik said.

Oswald didn't even look up from his PADD, "Yes. What do you want?"

"I'm told you're currently the most superior officer I can speak to."

"Yes. Is that a problem?"


Oswald sounded annoyed, "No sir," he corrected.

Tanik raised an eyebrow, "We are the same rank."

Oswald looked at him for the first time, "Oh, the Romulan. They said you might be down here asking questions. As for the rank - I'm currently higher up in the chain of command than you. I am taking command of Starbase 001," he said, almost proudly.

"How does that work out?"

Oswald was beginning to look very irritated, "It works out that way because that's what command wants. Ask them."

Tanik raised his voice ever so slightly, "I tried...."

"If you excuse me, Lieutenant Commander - I have a tram to catch."
Oswald walked out the door briskly.

Tanik kept looking at the same, now unoccupied, spot, "Yes, sir...."
Sep 30 2003, 09:08 PM

Counselor Rasin - Starfleet Headquarters

As the counselor walked down the walkways and saw all the officers, buildings, and scenery a large amount of pride of who he was, a star fleet officer, surged through him. Rejuvenating him emotionally.

Later that day, after waiting for about 20 minutes in a waiting room he walked into the counselor's office. So, this is who they have to diagnose me. Aren't they a little old to be trusted around technology His joke amused him, and he let a little smile protrude through his rigid face.

"Hello Counselor Rasin, my name is Counselor Gowe, I'll be running the tests today," Counselor Gowe said, breaking a warm smile onto her face.

Othoniel walked towards her and shook her hand, trying to seem pleased and at ease with this situation.

"So, she said, "let's start, wouldn't want to throw off my schedule. Just be so kind as to sit in that chair in the corner, I'll hook you up, and we will proceed. As I am sure you know, you need not speak, the computer will detect all your answers, and even the ones that you might hold back and not wish to speak. This way we can get a more accurate test."

Ohh, they are breaking out the new equipment. Odd, though, this technology is still in testing and has shown inconclusive results.

"If I may," the young ensign spoke, "why are we using such a new technology that is still in testing, it might interfere with the results..?"

The elderly counselor ignored his question and continued with the test. After questioning him for about 30 minutes, and finishing the test she was called to an emergency. A patient had attempted to harm himself. She got up from her large desk and started to run towards the door. Othoniel stood up quickly.

"Would you like me to accompany you, I may be able to assist."

"No!," replied the elderly counselor, "stay here, I will be back as soon as I can. Replicate yourself some tea if you wish."

Before she even finished her sentence she ran out of the door.

Oook, I could help, I may be getting diagnosed for any mental illness, but I can still help treat a patient!

The ensign walked toward the replicator and asked for ice water. After sipping it for a few minutes, and sitting down on a couch perpendicular to the chair he had just previously been sitting in, the PADD on the table just in front of him started to flash. Surprised, he just stared at it for a minute. After another minute, though, his curiosity got the best of him, and he picked it up. It was alerting the user that the PADD had been logged on for a long time, but had been inactive for the last ten minutes. It suggested the user log off to protect the confidential material.

Its probably patient records... let me just close this so it will stop flashing... hmm how do I.. oh, here it is

Just as Othoniel closed the notice, the document was shown. The word confidential drew his attention, but it wasn't patient records that he found himself reading quickly, it was highly secretive information about time travel. He put the PADD down, quickly, just as Counsellor Rowe re-entered the room. He glanced over to her, his face blushed, nervous, and self conscious he tried to stay calm.

"Well, as I was gone, the results were calculated, and I am afraid there is some chemical balance issues that we need to address before we can allow you to return to duty. If you would be so kind as to stay for a few days, we can get this all straightened out, and ugh, you back to your post. I will need you to stay for observation, just in case these chemicals get out of hand," the counselor finished talking abruptly. She looked at Othoniel, and let a cold smile creep onto her face.

"Computer, transport Counselor Rasin into habitat room 3. "

Before Othoniel could realize what was happening, the abrupt change of plans took over, and he was transported to the specified room.
Sep 30 2003, 10:26 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - OCC

Tom stood off to the side of the OCC, watching the hum of activity. It was strange to think that, until Lt. Commander Oswald arrived, there was nobody actually in command of the station. In all his years in Starfleet, Tom had never seen a situation like that before, where nobody onboard a station was actually in command.

Well, I suppose Captain Major is onboard the station. But he is not exactly reachable at the moment. Command made it quite clear they are not to be disturbed for any reason at all...

I wonder what is going on with Command. It's like they don't even care about this station. Leaving nobody in command? That's unheard of!...

The turbolift door opened, and a rather arrogant-looking young officer walked in wearing the rank pips of a Lt. Commander. He glanced around the massive OCC for a moment, and upon spotting Tom off to the side, started walking towards him. "Lt. Commander Oswald, reporting for duty, sir."

"Welcome aboard, Commander. I'm not sure if you actually needed to report to me, but welcome anyway."

"Thank you, sir."

"The station is all yours. If you'd like, I can arrange a tour for..."

"That won't be necessary, sir. I've familiarized myself with the specs of this station already."

Tom wasn't pleased about being interrupted. But he just ignored it. "As you wish." He then turned and left the OCC, heading back to his office. He learned long ago it was best to let young officers that acted arrogant like that to just be. They would learn their lesson soon enough, unless they stayed in Command their entire career. In that case, they never lose that arrogance, as is evidenced by every Admiral in Command.

Tom entered his office, and sat down at his desk.
Oct 3 2003, 12:25 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Holo Arena

A day or so later, the Senior Staff was walking down a City street in civilian clothing. Sith found himself wearing baggy jeans.

"This is so comfortable..." he said in amazement.

They made their way to a small parking lot filled with cars and vans. No one was there. "Now that we've gone over any possible accidents, we have to split up and begin examining the area," Captain Major explained.

"On a routine time-travel mission we'd be studying these people's general culture, actions, and technology." Halliwell continued.

"Remember, there can't be any interference," Major stressed.

Sith, K'Rak, and T'Kila glanced at each other understanding this fairly easily.

T'Kila eyed everyone. "In about two hours, western America will be hit by a small Nuclear Missile. After that, New York will be the first to be invaded by the Eastern Coalition."

"I have examined the City layout and chosen the best locations for us to go," K'Rak handed out padds.

Sith took his padd. "This place is going to be a war zone, and all we're doing is taking notes?"

"It's dangerous, I know. But if we keep clear the spots that we know are going to be attacked, we'll be okay." Major assured.

T'Kila motioned to the padds, "Those locations are noted from Starfleet History records. They are sketchy at best."

Major looked over at everyone. "Okay, let's split up keep an open comm link."

Staying alive was all that was on everyone's minds. Over the years, the Eastern Coalition was building up to include two of the World's largest superpowers, China and the USSR. China had convinced Russia to revert back to Communism and their old name. After China had been taken over by Mao Tsanth, the world was never the same.

Later, a dark-red convertible '74 Corvette Roadster screeched around a street corner at full speed. Sith was inside driving it down to his location. He had acquired it earlier. Now, the streets were clear with only parked cars on the side. Sith could feel the rev of the engine as he sped up.

VVVVvvvvv!!!! ---Then suddenly the ground jumped, and small cracks occurred in the street. Sith's Car bounced and he slammed on the brakes. The Convertible spun to a stop before Sith rose himself from the seat looking around. The City was silent. "I can't believe I felt that..."

The jump came from the Nuclear Missile, dropped on the other side of the Country. A dark cloudy atmosphere began to form in the sky.
Oct 3 2003, 09:52 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom was sitting at his desk, reading over fleet reports, when the door chime sounded.

"Come," he called out.

The door opened and Lt. Commander Oswald stepped into the office, followed by another man wearing the pips of a Lieutenant.. Tom let out a quiet groan, audible only to himself. Oswald was one of the last people he wanted to see. "What can I do for you," he asked.

Oswald turned and glared at the other man for a second, then addressed Tom. "Admiral. This man has just reported to me for duty."

"So?" Tom asked, already feeling like his time was being wasted.

"So?! SO?! Nobody told me that a new officer would be arriving today, Admiral. As the temporary commanding officer of this station, I demand to know in advance when new officers are arriving on my station!"

"Watch your tone," Tom growled. "Don't forget who you are talking to here."

Oswald glared at him for a moment, then looked down. "Yes sir" he mumbled weakly.

"Now, let's see if we can get to the bottom of this. What's your name, Lieutenant?" Tom asked, looking at the man who accompanied Oswald into the office.

"Will Karelia, sir. I've been transferred here from the Enterprise, as the new Chief Operations Officer."

Tom nodded. "I wondered how long it would take command to get this station a new operations officer. It hasn't had one since the new senior staff took over. Now, let's see..." he said, turning to his holoterminal. He puched a few buttons, then turned to Oswald with a scowl on his face.

"Commander. Here it is, right on the morning duty report. 'Arrival, Chief Operations Officer, Lt. Will Karelia, 1100 hours.' I assume this means you did not read the morning duty report?"

"I... I... "

"Yes or no, Commander."

"No, sir."

Tom sighed, this man was starting to give him a headache. "As the commanding officer on this station, it is your responsibility to read the morning duty report every morning. You are expected to know what is happening on your station, so that you can respond quickly to any crisis that may come up. I don't expect to have this discussion with you again. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Now take Lt. Karelia out to the OCC and familiarize him with his station and the procedures of this station."

"Sir, could somebody else do it. I'm really quite busy at the moment."

"Mr. Oswald. My orders are NOT optional," Tom roared while slowly getting to his feet. "When I tell you to do something, YOU DO IT. Now get out of my office and follow your orders!"

Oswald glared at Tom again for a second or two, then nodded. "Aye sir," he said. He turned and headed out of the office, gesturing for Karelia to follow him out.

Ensign Jackson - Holodeck

Jim Jackson stood at the window, looking out over New York City. Captain Major was off to one side, talking quietly to T'Kila about their plan of action. He had been ordered to stand guard at the window, watching for anything unusual. This entire city was going to become a war zone any minute now, and he was looking for any advanced warning that it would start.

He still felt nervous around these senior officers. He was a holodeck technician, he was used to working alone or with other engineers far away from any commanding officers. I hope I am making a good impression....

The building shook violently, and a deafening explosion shook all of them to the bone. It knocked Jim over, and all the lights went out. A moment later, all was quiet. He got up and scrambled over to the window, gasping at what he saw.

"Captain!" he cried out, turning to Major, who was just picking himself up off the floor. "I think the attack is beginning. The building next to us is just gone. It must have been some sort of bomb!"

Major took a step closer, and Jackson was shocked at what he saw. Blood was trickling out of a wound under his eye.

"It would appear the safeties have been turned off," he said to Jackson. "I know we aren't supposed to contact anyone outside the holodeck, but get in touch with engineering and get these safeties turned back on!"

"Aye, sir. Jackson to Engineering." There was no response. "Jackson to Engineering," he tried again. He was met with silence. "Computer, open a channel to Engineering." Nothing. "Computer, exit." "Computer, end program." "What the hell..."

"Ensign," Major said. "Are we still in a holodeck, or have we actually somehow been transported back to 21st century Earth?"

Jackson pulled a tricorder out of his pocket, and quickly consulted the readings. "No sir, everything here is photonic energy. We are definitely still in a holodeck."

"Start trying to figure out what's happened. I'm going to make sure everybody else is OK."

"Aye sir."

Admiral Tom Garrison - OCC

Tom strode out onto the OCC, looking for Oswald and Karelia. He wanted to make sure Oswald was doing his job, and also treating the new officer well. He spotted them at the Ops station, and started walking over to them.

Just as he arrived at the station, a junior science officer at a nearby station spoke up. "Sir, I've lost contact with the time travel simulation."

"What do you mean you 'lost contact'?" Oswald asked.

"I was monitoring what was going on, as per the orders of Command, and I just lost all contact. No information is being relayed to my station anymore."

"Contact the officers in the holodeck," Tom said, stepping in.

"Sir," Oswald spoke up. "Command has made it clear that we can't do that."

Tom just stared at Oswald for a moment, then turned back to the science officer. "You heard me. Do it."

The officer nodded, and pushed a few buttons. A minute later, he looked back up and shook his head no. "No response, sir."
Will Karelia
Oct 3 2003, 11:42 PM

Lieutenant Will Karelia - OCC

Lieutenant Karelia moved to the Ops console, overhearing the conversation between Admiral Garrison and Commander Oswald. He decided to run a quick Level 5 diagnostic of the holodecks in which the time-travel training was taking place.

"Admiral, the diagnostics show nothing wrong with the holodecks. I'm detecting their lifesigns, so we know they're okay, but communications to and from the holodeck is blocked. If we cant communicate them, I could attempt to transport them out, but I can't guarantee any success in that, either."

Will studied the readings with a perplexed look on his face. Why can't I get any clear readings on the hologrid?, he thought. Great. First day on the job, and already problems are popping up. This will not shine well upon me.
Oct 4 2003, 04:26 AM

Lattrel Ottel - The Deck: A clothing store

"So, sir, how do you like the fit?" the young tailor asked.

"The fit is nice," Ottel replied with an annoyed tone, "and for the last time, do not call me 'sir', I'm not a superior of yours. Ottel would be just fine."

"No problem, si... I mean Ottel, would you like me to place the jacket in a bag?"

"Well, now that you've mentioned it, the left sleeve seems longer than the right one. Can you fix that?"

"Of course, that's a piece of cake."

Ottel took off the jacket and handed it to the tailor.

"I'll be back tomorrow, to pick it up, is that okay?"

"Same time?"

"Same time," Ottel said and walked out of the shop. It was time to visit the station's security department to renew the registration on his ship, the Tilibos. He still wondered why he had to do it every month.

I guess it's just a precaution, he thought. Let's at least hope that nosy Klingon, what's his name... K'Rak... isn't there.
Oct 4 2003, 02:20 PM

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - San Fransisco Suburbs

Tanik was walking on the sidewalk, casually glancing at the scenery and the houses he was going by. He received the occasional odd look from passers-by, probably because of him being a Romulan and wearing a Starfleet uniform - he stood out like a sore thumb.

He then walked directly toward a house on the end of a cul-de-sac, and knocked on the door. He was allowed in.

"Commander Veran - it's good to finally see you again," Tanik said pleasantly.

"It's been far too long, Sub-Commander Tanik," the older Romulan woman said in greeting.

The house was a nice, open California-style, with large windows, high ceilings, and white walls. However, despite it's size, it had a cozy, intimate quality.

Veran urged Tanik to take a seat in the spacious living room.

"Tarkalean Tea?" she asked, with slight British clip evident in her English.

"Thank you, Commander."

She spoke while in the small kitchen, raising her voice to better reach out to the living room, "So - what has my old Chief of Engineering been up to, lately?"

Tanik broke a sideways grin, "He's gotten older, I think."

She walked out with a tray of china and tea, her ghostly white, shoulder-length hair glistening in the sunlight from the large window in the living room, "Haven't we all?" She took a seat facing Tanik, and poured him a cup.

"You don't look a day older than when we first came to Earth," Tanik said cheerily.

Veran looked at him suspiciously, "You mean I looked this old eight years ago? Goodness...."

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Tanik replied.

Veran chuckled lightly, "I know. So - why have you come? Not to check up on an old, washed up Commander in the Romulan Navy - it's not your style."

Tanik straightened up, "No. I.... think there may be something strange going on at Starfleet Command, with those old Admirals...."

Veran raised an eyebrow, "Well, there's news. But, you know - I have stranger things in my closet. And old Admirals, too..."

It was Tanik's turn to chuckle, "But, seriously - I have been put on leave until further notice, and I have no clue why. And when I go to Command, all I can get is a Lieutenant Commander. It's almost as if the Admiralcy isn't even there..."

Veran looked concerned, "....hmmmmm....." she trailed off - then it hit her, "I was at Starfleet Medical for a regular check up - clean bill of helath, if you're wondering - and I believe I saw Admiral Jenco there. He looked very concerned..."

Tanik raised his eyebrow, "I have a friend who's at Starfleet Medical for an exam - maybe I should swing by there - see what's up."

Veran smiled, "Well - thanks for stopping by. Just to let you know - I usually try to keep in touch with the other crewmembers from the Chaltok, but I haven't been able to reach some of them, recently. It may just be a coincidence, I don't know...." she trailed off.

Tanik had a resolute face on, "Don't worry - I'll look into it. Good day."

Tanik turned to leave, and Veran piped up, "Goodbye and good luck, Tanik - watch your back."

Tanik looked back - "I intend to."