Episode 4: When It Rains... Part III

Oct 20 2003, 09:29 PM

Counselor Rasin - Confinement Quarters

Sitting on his bed the counselor rested his head in his hands. Wetted his lips with his tongue, and then fell back onto the bed. He had accessed the replicating system and made some clothes for him to wear. He couldn't wear his uniform the whole time.

Othoniel thought about what had happened earlier with Eric. An innumerable amount of questions came to mind. Who is he, how could I sense what he was thinking, how did he know me...

Othoniel soon fell asleep eager to learn more about Eric and what he had to tell him.
Captain Archer
Oct 22 2003, 09:27 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Jen's Apartment

"Ready?" Michael asked Jen. He was curious to find out what Hardgrove wanted of him.

"Yes, but there's been a change of plans. Captain Hardgrove wants to meet aboard the Gambit. He will talk to you there."

Michael didn't think anything of it, "All right. Are we transporting or taking a shuttle?"

Jen turned around while putting her hair up, "Were taking a shuttle from Headquarters. We should get going." She attached her communicator to her tunic, and placed her tricorder in it's holster on her waist. She lead the way out the door.

Starfleet Headquarters - Hangar Bay

"So this man you saw, you say he seemed familiar?" Jen asked making small talk.

Michael shifted in his seat, "It wasn't so much his face as it was the voice. I can't place it, but it sounded familiar." Michael thought hard but couldn't think of who it could be.

Shuttle Columbia - Destination U.S.S. Gambit departing in ten minutes, all passengers prepare for boarding

Michael stood, as did Jen. They both strode over to the shuttle. As Michael turned around he caught something out of the corner of his eye: A shadowy figure walking away from the rear of the shuttle.

"Go on I'll be along in a minute."

Michael started off to catch the figure, he caught up to him in an empty hallway. The man began to run, Michael followed. He gained on him, reached out and grabbed his shoulder and slammed him into the wall. "Who the hell are you?"

The man smiled, "Surely you now who I am by now... unless you've gotten slow."

"Humor me," Michael said dryly.

The man reached into his pocket, Michael put his forearm into the man's neck. "Don't try anything stupid."

"I wouldn't dream of it Michael. But I do need something out of my pocket."

Michael hesitated "Very slow." He reached in and grabbed what looked like a tricorder.

Shuttle Columbia - Destination U.S.S. Gambit departing in two minutes, all passengers final boarding call

"Go ahead, take it." The man held the tricorder up to Michael. "Scan me."

Michael removed his arm from his throat, took the tricorder and opened it up. He scanned the man. "Telle," Michael whispered under his breath.

"Very good, Michael." For an instant Michael was back in the cell on Cardassia Prime. Then he snapped himself out of it.

"What are you doing here?"

"I can't give you all the pieces of the puzzle. But I'm sure you'll fit it all together soon. Let's just say, your girlfriend is trifling in matters that don't concern her, or anyone for that matter."

Michael was a bit confused but didn't lead on. "Why are you following me?"

"Isn't that obvious? You led me right to who I needed."

"What do you want with her?"

Telle smiled, "You'd better hurry - you'll miss your shuttle."

"You think I'm going to just walk away and let you continue running around San Francisco?" Michael almost laughed.

"No, nor would I do that if the situation was reversed. But if something should happen to me, another operative will be sent. And I promise, he will have no problem....interrogating Commander Hurst."

Michael stepped back a little. "Stay away from this Michael, your only an Ambassador. Don't trifle in things that you have no idea how to handle. Now go."

Michael stared at him for a moment. Telle reached into his pocket and tapped a padd, and he dissolved away into a transporter beam.
Oct 22 2003, 10:48 PM

Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove - USS Gambit, his office

After his meting at the Double~Helix, Hardgrove returned to the Gambit. He had been back to 001 several times to deliver news, help in a crisis or pick up messages - but not long enough to spend any leisurely time there.

He had returned to 001 early this evening in hopes to speak to Sam but upon his arrival he was informed that the whole senior staff had been ordered by command to take part in a holo-training mission. Hardgrove found it odd this with his vast resources that he hadn't heard about such an order. He then returned to the Gambit and sat at his console and opened a channel to his informant at command.

Lt. Cade Clayton answered. Clayton was assistant to Admiral Jenco. The young Lieutenant was born addicted to the drug known as sifren. Upon his application to Starfleet he had requested they allow him to continue using the drug via prescription and was denied.

Hardgrove personally recruited Clayton - personally - after providing him with a constant supply to the drug. since that time Clayton was willing to deliver any news Hardgrove needed. In less than ten minutes Clayton had squealed like a pig, and gave Hardgrove full details.

"You mean to tell me that Jenco had this new tech designed to stop the Alliance from being formed... by stopping it at its source in the past??"

  Clayton responded, "Yes. Admiral Jenco and the rest of command have determined this a safe course of action. Last I heard they were launching it within the next 60 days."

"Good work Cade, Hardgrove out."

Not much time to stop them...
he thought to himself. I'm going to need help: Garrison.

Checking the last known whereabouts of Garrison. He planned to go find find him, but first he had an awaiting appointment.

He looked up suddenly to see his office doors swish open as Commander Hurst and Ambassador Larson entered.
Oct 23 2003, 01:17 AM

Ottel’s hand ran through her wavy hair, his fingertips feeling her very essence. Shani! She was a fiery woman, full of life and energy, the only person who was able to completely bring down Ottel’s defenses. Shani gradually turned around and looked at him with that melting glare in her loving eyes. A smile appeared on her face, exposing those cute dimples on her cheeks. Ottel’s hand slid down from her hair and ran over her freckly cheek. She held his hand in hers and kissed it.

“Promise me,” she demanded, “promise that you’ll visit me often.”
“How could I not,” Ottel asked. The very thought seemed strange to him.

That was six years ago, and Ottel had just been elected a member of the Trusted Circle. He knew that his new position would not allow him to leave sector Nol as much as he wanted, to visit Shani, but he did not see it as an obstacle to their love. It was their last night together; aboard the Tilibos, not too far from Betazed: a place where the Lattrel family preferred to spend their vacations.

Lattrel Ottel – Mhoob

“Ouch!!!” Ottel grabbed his jaw and stretched it. “What was that for?”

A fire burnt in her eyes; is he kidding?

“What was that for? What was that for? I’ll tell you what that was for, you insensitive jerk,” she jumped on top of Ottel and pinned him to the ground. Ottel knew he could easily throw her off, but something stopped her: it was the nostalgic feeling of their old encounters. Seeing the careless happy look on his face, Shani became even angrier,

“Look at that. He’s not even trying to apologize. You could’ve at least answered my letters.” She started throwing her hands at his chest. After few unsuccessful tries, Ottel finally managed to grab her hands and pin them behind her back, bringing her closer to him. Shani stopped fighting and gave a stare that burned right through him. Finally, he pulled her even closer and kissed her. She tried to fight him once again, but the memory of old times broke her resistance and she gave in completely.

“I want you to promise me, Ottel,” she asked once more.

“I promise, my love,” he calmed her down and their lips entangled in a kiss that was to blaze in Ottel’s memory for the longest time.
Oct 23 2003, 08:37 AM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Holo Arena

Sith deactivated the quantum-tricorder which had been sitting on top the mailbox and emitting disruptive particles against a building wall.

"That's some kind of government conspiracy isn't it?!"

His modifications weren't working.

"You're from the military, aren't you??"

This simulation was a constant reminder of the horrors he experienced three years ago.

"You have army technology don't you!?"

His life was threatened.

"What is that thing!?"

The Coalition had the entire block surrounded.

"...Or maybe you're a spy!"

And this guy in a business suit was driving him crazy.

"Shut up! Just shut up!!" Sith put his tricorder away.

"Don't tell me to shut up! There's something going on with you. I know it!"

Sith picked up a board with a nail in it, and approached the guy. "That's it buddy, you're dead."

Mark backed up in fear, "Wha... what are you doing with that? Put that board with a nail in it down!"

"You're just a hologram right? So it doesn't matter if I kill you, because you're just a stupid hologram!" Sith swung at Mark, but Mark ducked it.

"Ahhh!" Mark turned and ran down the side walk. He ran for his life, as Sith chased after him.

"Aaahh! Leave me alone!" Mark ran accross a gas station, dodging pump tanks. Sith dodged the same tanks. If Sith couldn't deal with his other problems, he could at least kill this guy.

Mark ran into an abandoned grocery store, knocking shelves of displayed foods and cans onto his path behind him. Sith went down the next aisle, avoiding the clutter. "You said you wanted my help. Isn't that what you wanted? Come on, isn't it?"

Mark lept out the doors and ran across the street into an office building. There, in a great sea of desks and computers, he hid. Sith punched in through the doors and stopped. He didn't see Mark anywhere. Sith eyed the room, walking slowly between desks. Damn! I lost him!

He chucked the board with a nail in it to the floor and pulled out the quantum-tricorder. With the tricorder Sith scanned the room. "Come out, come out where ever you are..." The tricorder began taking in data from throughout the room. Information on paper documents that lay on tables fed into the tricorder's database. Computer records and network connections and settings were taken in.

"I don't want to be helped! Aaahhh!! Go away!" Mark got up and started throwing scattered paper at Sith in desperation. He then ran out the office building for his life.

  -"Lieutenant Rune Sith, Simulation Completed, 16.6%"- The Computer reported.

"What?" He checked the tricorder. On it was all the collected data he was supposed to get. "Are you kidding me?" All this time that went by, he actually finished his part of the mission. "Sith to Captain Major." He tapped his commbadge.

  -"Sith, where are you? Get back here!"-

"Captain, I just completed part of my mission. The computer is still running the simulation on us."

  There was a pause as Major thought this through. -"Interesting. If we each complete our missions, then perhaps the entire simulation would end."-

Sounds of approaching tanks could be heard outside.

   -"Get the hell back here Sith. The rest of us will do what we can."-

"Yes sir."

  -"Good work, Lieutenant."-

"Thank you, sir."

  -"Oh and Sith? ...Stay alive."-

The transmission cut out. Sith looked out the window, seeing the Coalition tank drive by. The Army was still checking every building in New York, and this building was next.
Oct 24 2003, 11:19 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison – Earth, San Francisco

Tom sat in a cafe about a block away from Starfleet Command. His breakfast of coffee, orange juice, and eggs had just arrived, but it appeared the man he was meeting was late. I’ll give him five more minutes, then I’m just going to do this by myself.

He looked down at his breakfast, gathering a forkful of food to put into his mouth. When he looked back up, Tanik was standing in front of him.

“Commander, I’m glad you made it. Have a seat.”

Tanik nodded and sat down. “Sorry I’m late, sir. I reached the tram station right at rush hour, had to wait almost twenty minutes before I got on one.”

“No problem, I understand. I was getting a bit worried though...”

“Worried? I take it your meeting with Jenco didn’t go well?”

“Meeting?" ... Tom let his voice trail off as the waiter came over to take Tanik’s order.

“Just coffee, please.”

He nodded, making a quick entry on his PADD and then hurrying off to another table. Tom watched him go, and then continued speaking.

“I tried to meet with him yesterday afternoon, after we spoke. I didn’t get anywhere near the man. After the initial shock of a Fleet Admiral waltzing into the main lobby of Starfleet Command unannounced wore off the, the ensign sitting at the reception desk informed he Jenco was ‘unavailable.’ Unavailable! Can you imagine?! I’m the damn Fleet Admiral, in charge of the entire fleet of starships in Starfleet, and Jenco wouldn’t see me. When they realized I wasn’t just going to tuck my tail between my legs and go home empty-handed, they sent me in to talk to some other Admiral.”

“Which one?”

“I don’t remember his name, honestly. Some idiot about 10 years younger than me, probably was just promoted. He’s just an administrator, pushes paperwork all day long. No real authority.”

Tom paused to eat some of his food, and Tanik studied him closely. He could tell Garrison was more upset than he was letting on, something was really bothering him.


Tom looked up. “Yes?”

“There’s something more, isn’t there? If I may speak freely...?”

Tom nodded.

“Something more is bothering you than just being slighted by your old friend and mentor...”

“How do you know anything about the past between Jenco and myself?” Tom interrupted, surprised.

“I looked it up. I was curious to learn everything I could about Jenco. You’re mentioned twice in his official biography in the records. It sounds like you two had quite a history together.”

Tom’s eyes glazed over. For just a moment he was back to when Miasha Jenco was his instructor at the academy, when he was his Commanding Officer later on after Jenco left the Academy, when he was at Tom’s wedding to Marla, when he was Tom’s friend. He thought of Miasha and Marla, the only two that had ever been close to him. Now one was dead and the other a complete stranger. He shook his head to rid himself of those thoughts. Now is not the time to reminisce...

“Yes, well...” he cleared his throat. “You were saying?”

“It’s just that there is something more bothering you than Admiral Jenco refusing to see you.”

Tom smiled. “You’re very perceptive.”

Tanik just tipped his head slightly in acknowledgement, waiting for Tom to continue.

“I’m concerned about the official response I got from Command about my proposal to launch a counterattack against the Alliance now. I’m concerned that they flat-out refused it without even allowing me to argue its case before them. I’m concerned that the Federation is falling apart and they don’t even seem to acknowledge it.”

Tanik didn’t say anything. He merely started at Tom waiting for him to continue.

Damn. How does that man know there is still more? I can’t seem to keep any secrets from him. I’ll have to remember that in the future.

“I’m concerned there is something going on here that none of us see yet. I’ve never seen such secrecy from Command before. They are putting a censor on information left and right, they’ve reassigned somebody from within their own ranks to command the base. It seems awfully damn convenient to me that almost the entire senior staff of 001 has been incapacitated in some sort of holodeck malfunction right when Command is acting so strange. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was done on purpose...” His voice trailed off as he became lost in thought, trying to piece together what has happened.

Tanik’s voice brought him back to reality. “What about Rasin?”

“The admiral they had speaking to me clammed right up when I mentioned him. He wouldn’t say a word, and seemed nervous when I tried to push the issue. All I know is he is being held by Starfleet Medical, in the psychiatric ward. I don’t know why, but I do know Command doesn’t want me to find out.”

The two of them sat there in silence for several moments. The waiter came by and delivered Tanik’s coffee, he picked it up and took a sip. He then held it in his hands, staring into the liquid searching for answers. Tom was doing a similar thing with his own cup.

Finally Tanik spoke. “After I saw you yesterday, I did some more investigating myself... “

“And?” Tom prodded.

“I believe Rasin is being held because he found something out that he wasn’t supposed to. They don’t want whatever it is he knows to get out, so they locked him up.”

“How do you know that?” Tom asked.

“I have my sources. I’d prefer not to be more specific than that, at least for now.”

Tom nodded; he could accept that for now. He felt himself becoming angry. “Dammit! If that’s the case, they can’t just do that. They can’t hold people against their will at random. Doing that is no better than the Alliance!”

“In desperate times even the most honorable become everything they despise in their enemy,” Tanik said quietly, almost in a whisper.


“Oh, just an old Romulan proverb.”

Tom nodded. “We have to find out what Rasin knows.”

Tanik was pretty sure what would come next, but waited until Tom spoke again before saying anything.

Tom stared into his cup for a long moment, then looked directly into Tanik’s eyes. “I’m breaking Rasin out. Today. I need your help.”
Oct 25 2003, 04:40 PM

Counselor Rasin - Confinement Quarters

Eric proceeded through the entry way into Othoniel's room, quietly he walked to the table and chairs that Othoniel was sitting at.

Eric reached his hand out and touched the back of Othoniel's neck. Startled, he shook quickly and turned around to see who it was. Othoniel had only felt that a few times, each time when dealing with the aliens in sub-space

"Oh... hi... I..I didn't hear you," said Othoniel, his heart still pumping at an elevated rate.

"Sorry I had to leave earlier, time was running out, it still is," replied Eric.

"What?? What do you mean?"

Eric reached out his hand again to touch Othoniel, but Othoniel stopped him.

"No," said Othoniel, sure of himself.

"Fine. You already know what I mean, though, you just don't want to admit it. I can sense what you are feeling even without touching you, its just not as strong of a link."

Othoniel looked on, not wanting to admit that this could possibly be what he thought it was.
Oct 26 2003, 02:12 AM

Lattrel Ottel – Mhoob: Docking Bay

“Have you two lovebirds had enough?” someone asked with a sarcastic tone.

Shani broke off the kiss and jumped off of Ottel. They looked at each other with a combination of feelings, and then turned towards the person who addressed them.

“Glott!” Ottel yelled out excitedly. “Glott, you overgrown kid.” The two cousins hugged each other, laughing and smiling.

“You two want to get a room?” Shani wiped her lips with the sleeve of her shirt. She held Ottel’s extended hand and hugged them both.

“Looks like we’re all back together again,” she said, “just like the old days.”

“Just like the old days,” Ottel and Glott said simultaneously.

The three walked through the crowd and out of the docking bay; Glott in the middle, with his huge arms running around Ottel and Shani’s shoulders.

Mhoob: Corridors

“So, you’re here for the elections,” Glott addressed his cousin.

“Maybe you should keep it down,” Shani said nervously, looking at all the people passing them by. Glott looked at Ottel and they both laughed.

“What?” she asked, “I thought Council members’ identities were supposed to be secret. The way you two are acting, you might as well tell everyone that one of you is going to be the next member.”

“Everyone already knows it,” Ottel looked at Shani. “In outlaying sectors, it’s easier to keep the identities secret, but here everyone knows that our family holds the seat for Sector Nol.”

“Hold on a second,” Glott stopped all of a sudden. “How the hell did you know what I was talking about? I just said ‘here for elections,’ not ‘to run in elections’.”

Seeing the inquiring stares shot at her by both Ottel and Glott, Shani said,

“You boys want to hear a good story?”

“We’re listening!”

“Not here,” she said with a sneaky smile. “Let’s go to our old bar.”

Mkrdij - his vessel

For the last thirty minutes Mkrdij was reciting the information in his head. It was going to be a long trip and he didn't want to forget what he was supposed to say. To his surprise, a panel started to blink out of nowhere. Mkrdij immediately shifted his attention to the panel. He pressed a few buttons to get a reading...

"Oh crap!!" he shouted, "Cardassians."
Oct 26 2003, 02:05 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison – Earth, San Francisco

Tom stared into his cup for a long moment, then looked directly into Tanik’s eyes. “I’m breaking Rasin out. Today. I need your help.”

Tanik nodded. “I was hoping you would say that. I believe I know somebody that may be able to help – “

  He was cut off by the Garrison’s comm badge. “Karelia to Garrison.”

“Go ahead, Lieutenant.”

  “Sir, I’ve found something. I really need to speak to you in person, I’m not sure who else to go to with this.”

Tom glanced at Tanik, a puzzled look on his face. I wonder what this could be all about, he thought to himself.

“Acknowledged. Lock onto my signal and prepare to beam me to the station, directly into my office. Come to my office a few minutes after that. Standby for transport.” He closed the channel and looked at Tanik. “I have to go see what he has found. Our plans may have to wait.”

“Actually, this is good sir. The person I mentioned would probably respond to me alone much better than if you, one of the highest ranking officers outside of Command, were to come with me.”

“Very well. Let’s plan to meet back here in oh....” Tom thought for a minute. “Two hours?”

Tanik nodded. “Sounds good. I’ll see you then.” He got up and started heading off in the general direction of the tram station. Tom typed his account number into the display on the table to pay for their orders, and then hit his comm badge.

“Garrison to Karelia. Energize.” He felt the familiar tingle of the transporter, and a moment later found himself in his office.

His Office

Moving over to his desk, he sat down and checked his messages. He had been off the station for a few days and found a long list of messages waiting for him. Scanning through them he saw they were all routine reports from Captain in the Fleet and status reports on the condition of the fleet, the status of the ships being built, etc. Nothing too important. Just then the door chime sounded.

“Enter,” he called out. The door opened and Lt. Karelia, the new Chief Operations Officer, walked through the doorway carrying a data chip. As soon as the door shut behind him he began speaking.

“Sir. I’ve been spending the last few days trying to figure out what is wrong with the holodeck, running and re-running every test and diagnostic I could think of. I decided to check the relay nodes, where the holodeck receives its commands from the main computer. There was a strange signal there, something that didn’t belong. So I traced it back to its source, which wasn’t easy, believe me. It was routed through almost every node on the entire station. But I eventually found its source – Commander Oswald’s office!”

“What?!” Tom said in surprise. “Does that mean he is controlling what is happening in the holodeck, and also to the holodeck?”

“I’m not sure yet, but it’s certainly possible. By altering the signal the nodes are giving the holodeck, he could have it do anything he wanted. I’m sorry for bothering you with this, sir. But with the entire senior staff either in the holodeck or off the station, I didn’t know who else to contact.”

“No, don’t be sorry. You did the right thing by coming to me.”

“Should we go to Command with this?”

“No!” Tom cried out. He took a moment to compose himself, then continued. “There are things going on, things I can’t talk about right now, things I don’t really understand myself yet. But what I can tell you is that you did the right thing in coming to me. Oswald was sent up here by Command... “ He let Karelia think about that for a second.

“Sir? Are you suggesting Command might be involved with this somehow?”

“I might be, Lieutenant. I might be... For now, do nothing except continue to monitor the situation. Maybe see if you can figure out what exactly he is up to, and also use your access as Chief Operations Officer to access his communication logs. But,” he added to ease the young officer’s mind. “I’m not asking you to do anything illegal, and don’t do anything that would jeopardize yourself. Just keep your eyes open.”

“I understand sir. I’ll try to figure out what he’s up to.”

Tom nodded. “I knew I could count on you.”

Will nodded in return, then headed for the door.

Tom sat in his chair thinking about what he just learned. So... Command’s playtoy is behind our problems in the holodeck. I wonder what he could be up to. And I wonder if Command is behind all of this. What on earth is going on down there in San Francisco? Things are just so screwed up all of a sudden. He turned his chair around and stared out at the stars, his mind lost in thoughts of what was going on.
Oct 28 2003, 03:42 AM

Lattrel Ottel – Mhoob

Ottel slowly lowered his drink glass and clicked his tongue. He was truly surprised about what Shani had told him. During the years they had been apart, Shani had become a Council member. A Council member, he though. She did always aim for the top.

They were walking to the large assembly hall of the base. Not only had Shani told Ottel and Glott that she was a member of the Council, but that the Council was to meet at the base shortly. This was the perfect opportunity for Ottel, as he couldn’t have asked for a better chance to strengthen his stand for the elections and address the Council about Hardgrove’s favor. His only problem was Glott; what to do? He did not want there to be conflict between him and his cousin, but he knew it was imperative to win that seat.

The trio walked into the hall. It was relatively modest compared to the luxurious Federation halls Ottel had seen on visits to Earth. The five remaining councilors were already seated along the walls of the round room. Behind them stood the numerous members of the Trusted Circle. Shani led the two cousins towards the center of hall and addressed the Council.

“Fellow councilors, I welcome you. It has been some time since our last meeting and I’m glad to have met you again, however, sad news is the reason for our gathering. All of you know about the unfortunate passing of our beloved friend Lattrel Omma. His death was just as unexpected as it was heartbreaking, but as we are all aware, life must go on. Councilor Omma had named two successors, as is the tradition. Before you, stand these successors: Lattrel Glott, son of Omma, and Lattrel Ottel, nephew of Omma…”

Ottel kept looking around. He was closely observing the expressions and looks exchanged among the councilors. It was imperative to know who would be his allies and who, his enemies. Shani kept talking.

“…Before we can cast a vote and make our decision, it is required that each candidate address the Council, and so I shall give the floor to our possible future colleagues.”

There was an agreement throughout the councilors. Shani left the two cousins standing and joined the others. It was tradition that the older candidate would be the first to speak, so Ottel gave a small cough to indicate his readiness to address the room, but he was halted by Glott’s unexpected hand gesture stopping him. A murmur shot through everyone.

“Respected councilors and members of the Trusted Circle, before we go on any further, I believe it is important that you know my intentions. Our family has held the seat for Sector Nol for many generations. My father was the last of us, and his passing has brought great sorrow to my heart. As every son, I always felt it to be my legacy to carry my family's name and honor, however, I must decline my candidacy for councillorship,” Glott was forced to nearly yell the last word, since his announcement had shocked everyone.

“Glott, what are you doing?” Ottel asked with astonishment. This was unexpected, yet welcomed for him.

“Ottel, respected councilors! You all know me. Matters of state and politics are not my concern. My cousin Ottel is far more suited for the position, and I would gladly give up the much desired seat on the Council to him.”

A silence befell the hall. Everyone was waiting for the others to speak up. Ottel still kept looking around, thinking about what had just happened. This surely made things much easier for him; with Glott out of the race, the seat was his for sure. He would have to wait for the Council’s official decision, which took several days, but unofficially he was a Council member. The thought filled him with emotions; there was a sense of pride and honor: he was the fifth generation of the Lattrel family to be a member of the Council.

An old Andorian man stood up and raised his hands, demanding attention in the room. Ottel recognized him; it was Hayrig, the oldest and most respected of all councilors, a representative of Sector Meck. His opinion mattered to everyone.

“Lattrel Ottel… My esteemed colleagues, seeing as there is no need for deliberation, I say it is better to rid of formalities and do what must be done. There is no election, hence there is no need to think and argue. Lattrel Ottel is now one of us,” that did not sit well with everyone and Ottel could tell, “I know most of you want things done the older way. Well I am older than the older way! It is not easy for me to travel back and forth for the sake of tradition. Lattrel Ottel is now one of us,” he repeated it again, “Who is with me?”

There was a hesitation in the ranks of councilors, then Shani stood up. Good, Ottel thought, that’s two out of six. Slowly, but surely, others followed her. It was now official; Lattrel Ottel was now a member of the Smugglers’ Council. Hayrig once again addressed the room.

“The Council has spoken. It is now time for our new brother to make his words known.”

What to do? Ottel wondered. Aside from “thank you’s” he could not say much, but there still was the matter of the ship modifications. He wasn’t sure whether this was the correct time to address the issue, but there was not a second to spare. He had to act fast, and be assertive; that was the stand the Lattrel family always took.

“Honorable friends, I am greatly gratified by this honor bestowed upon me, but we have no time for expressions of gratitude. As you all know, I have spent the last months aboard the Federation Starbase 001. You are also aware of my family’s stance on our alliance with the Starfleet Intelligence and Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove,” Ottel noticed some unpleasant looks in the room; they knew where this was heading, “at the Council’s last meeting, to which I was personally present, we decided that the best course of action was to stay allied with the Feds, but most of you demanded things in return. Well, I am glad to tell you about a gesture of benevolence extended to us by Fleet Captain Hardgrove,” now they like it, he thought, “you complain that we cannot fight with Alliance ships and that is critically damaging us. Don’t worry about it anymore. The captain has offered to upgrade our ships with the latest Federation weaponry to manage our problems.”

That would have to do for now. Ottel had to present it as an offering of a gift to get things moving. Once he had strengthened his stand in the Council, he could take care of problems that would arise from this, but first he had to know of Hardgrove’s intentions.
Oct 28 2003, 10:04 PM

Othoniel - Confinement Quarters

"What do you mean! of course I don't know, why would I act oblivious to something I already know!?" said Othoniel, defending himself

Just as Eric was about to answer his question, Othoniel signaled him to stop. He didn't need an answer... he knew that Eric was right.

"So... what are you doing back."

"I have come to help you. You were not supposed to have seen what you saw at the counselor's office, but your contact interfered with the way things should have happened. The Federation is supposed to fall in 2 weeks, with you seeing that PADD you have changed what was supposed to happen. Some want to kill you, some want to leave it all alone, and others, like me, want to help you."

Othoniel, trying to process everything he had just been told, answered in disbelief.

"What concern of yours is time?"

"As higher life beings we believe we have a responsibility to help others"

"Well, I won't take that personally," said Othoniel, as a smile crept on his face.

"That is one reason we choose you to communicate with, you are humble, and most importantly, you have a unique brain structure, one that few people of your species have. We must leave... they are coming for you."

Othoniel was hesitant, unsure of what to do, but Eric grabbed his hand and led him to the door.
Oct 29 2003, 01:59 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - His Office on Starbase 001

Tom checked the time, he was due back to Earth to meet with Tanik again in about 20 minutes. He logged out of the fleet status reports he had been reviewing to kill time, and was just about to leave his office when his terminal beeped. He had an incoming message, text only. He opened the message. It was from Hardgrove.

You might find this interesting.


Begin Attached Message

To: Admiral Jenco, Starfleet Command
From: Admiral Leonard, Starfleet Medical
RE: Ensign Rasin

Miasha, what the hell should I do with this guy?  Yeah I know he saw the time travel stuff, obviously we can't let him go with that sort of information.  If it ever became public knowledge we were planning on changing history the whole plan would probably be shot to hell.  But we can't keep him forever either.  What should I do?

Tom was stunned. He read the message over and over, making sure he had understood it correctly. Changing history?! Is that what this time travel is all about? Is that why they don't seem to care that the Federation is about to fall? They're going to go back in time and change history?!

He couldn't believe what he had just read. This violated everything the Federation stood for, everything he had worked his entire life to uphold. If they went back and changed history, they would affect the lives of billions upon billions of people. What about the Prime Directive? What about the Temporal Prime Directive? What about doing the right thing?

Tom sat in his chair, stunned. After a minute he made up his mind. He was still going to rescue Rasin, except his plan was a little different now. He had originally planned on using stealth, on trying to accomplish it so that nobody knew it was him. But now, he couldn't care less. He would just blow open the front door, shoot everybody that got in his way, and get Rasin out. To hell with Starfleet. To hell with the Federation.
Oct 29 2003, 05:28 PM

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - Alameda, California

"You're out of you're freakin' mind!" Sonal nearly screamed to Tanik.

Tanik remained as steady as a rock. "Look. It'll be a stealth infiltration and retrieval operation - your specialty. The only danger is if we get caught. Unless, of course, you're saying you can't pull this off..."

Sonal, a younger Romulan than Tanik who had a scar on the right side of his face, fumed at this question. "Of course I'll be able to pull it off! You know that, Subcommander!"

Tanik nearly chuckled at hearing his old rank, but he stayed resolute. "Sabi and another Starfleet officer have been wrongly imprisoned... Imprisoned by a command structure whose sanity is in question..."

Sonal cooled off slightly, and then looked around, obviously uncomfortable. Finally, he spoke up, "You know, there are two types of defectors. The first kind defects on principle, and the second kind defects because he's pissed and looking for a good fight. Until today I had never questioned your stance - until you suggested that we betray the Federation."

Sonal immediately knew he had crossed the line when he looked at Tanik. Tanik clenched his jaw tightly in anger, and put a good right hook to Sonal's face.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Tanik yelled at the top of his lungs to Sonal, who was on the floor. Green blood trickled from his nose and mouth. Tanik, not yet finished, continued his tirade, "The Tal Shiar murdered them. Brutally. You think I was just a hothead too full of testosterone and looking for a fight? No, Sonal - that was you. You just decided to go with us to go and kick somebody else's butt, who you hadn't been able to paste before. I had more reason than you could possibly understand in your lifetime! So don't go around telling me who I am and that I'm a traitor! GOT IT?!" Tanik spat acidly.

Sonal just looked up at him in shock - he had never seen the engineer that angry.

Tanik looked around the room, exasperated. "Look - you wanna kick somebody in the shins? I'm giving you the opportunity to do so - you've been wasting away here in Alameda. I'm giving you the chance to get back on the horse and shoot your big guns."

Sonal closed his eyes, resigned. "OK - I'll do it."

Tanik's lips formed a half-grin.
Oct 29 2003, 06:01 PM

Captain David Major - Holoarena

David scanned the horizon in the distance. The sun had just set, and the simulation reddish orange glow was slowly fading away. Under different circumstances David would have marveled at the beauty of the scene, but all he could think about was how to get out of this situation. Sith was lost somewhere, they were stranded here in this bunker - how was he supposed to keep up morale when he barely had any left himself?

Moving to the other side of the doorway, David checked the energy reserves on his phaser, and again glancing into the distance. Only this time it looked, different. Darker - almost like something was comin.....The realization suddenly hit and Major raced back into the bunker. "Everyone out! Now!!"

Confused and worried looks covered the officer's faces as they sprang into action. David ran over to Haliwell.

"Commander, I want you to make sure everyone gets out of here in 5 minutes. Head east and don't look back."

"What about you sir?" Sam questioned.

"That's none of your concern." She didn't move a muscle. "That's an order Commander!!"

A second's hesitation appeared on her face, before she spoke.
"Then I refuse to follow it. Sir, I know you've got some kind of plan to try and help us get away, but we've already lost one crewmember. I refuse to loose our Captain as well. Not if we can't help it. Whatever you have in mind, I suggest you change it to include all of us."

A grin crept over David's face. "You know this is insubordination Commander, I could have you court-marshalled."

"I realize that sir."

"I knew that defiant streak would come in handy some day. Fine. This is what I had planned...."
Oct 27 2003, 09:58 PM

Sith's Quarters

Zeta woke up. He clung onto the wall, regenerating. Zeta's technology didn't require him to need power from any other unit. Zeta was able to regenerate his own power cells just by being inactive for a while.

"Click-- click."

The small mechanical spider, 6 inches in height when standing, made its way along the walls of Sith's empty Quarters. Sith had told him earlier that he'd be gone for a couple days, but Zeta was already getting bored.

Zeta crawled over the door control panel and plugged two cables into it. He unlocked the door, prompting it to open. As soon as it did, Zeta sucked the cables back and crawled around the edges out into the Hallway.

A few people passing by noticed this strangely. Zeta crawled on, through the Station's Corridors. Two Lethean's sitting at tables at the Double Helix came to notice Zeta crawling around the walls from a Corridor that lead into the Deck.

The Deck

"Hey, hey. Look at that!" Forbes, tapped his travelling companion who was busy eating.

"Huh? What?" Matrix looked around confused.

"There!" Forbes pointed into the distance accross the great walkpath of the Deck.

"Oh yeah... What is that? A... Looks like a... spider." Matrix said wanting to go back to his meal.

"That's an Omnicron Spawn!" Forbes exclaimed.

Matrix took a better look. Zeta crawled over the Security Office doors in hopes of possibly seeing his friend there. "You mean an Android?"

"Yes! Don't you see? Omnicron Androids are the most advanced Androids in the Quadrant!" Forbes was formulating a plan.

Matrix stood up, already on to it... "Now that's interesting."

"Wait!" Forbes got up and grabbed his shoulder. "Why is such a creature here in the first place?"

"Yes, I thought the Alliance took over Omnicron Theta." Matrix pondered.

Hrag the Bartender walked over. "Excuse me gentlemen, but if you're leaving I'll have to give you your bill."

"Leave us, Bar Slave!" Forbes growled.

Matrix began walking away to go after Zeta but was held back by Hrag.
"Don't you see?" Forbes calmed his tone and addressed Hrag. He stared him in the eyes and connected with him telepathically. "We've already paid..."

Hrag backed off, convinced, "Oh... Yes. You've paid already," and walked off.

Forbes and Matrix glanced at each other and smiled. "It is so funny. We've eaten here for free a million times!"

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Matrix laughed. But when they looked around for any signs of Zeta, they couldn't find him. "Where did it go?"

Forbes stepped around, peering accross the Deck, "I don't know. Come on!" and they walked away in search.
Oct 30 2003, 12:54 AM

Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove - USS.Gambit, his office

Michael followed Jennifer in to Hardgrove's office, not quite sure what to expect. Hardgrove looked up from his desk console as the pair entered. Nodding to Hurst, Hardgrove turned his attention to Larkin.

"Ambassador, please have a seat - we have much to talk about."

Larkin reluctantly took the empty chair across from Hardgrove. Hardgrove then motioned for Hurst to exit. As the doors slid shut, the lights in the room dimmed and a high pitched pulse squealed through the room.

Larson clinched his eyes shut and blocked both ears with his hands briefly then realized the sound had stopped.

Hardgrove smiled, "Sorry about that security measure. Can't be too careful you know. Now down to business. My superiors and I have been watching your career very carefully, and after careful consideration have decided to extend an offer for you to join our ranks."

Hardgrove picked up a padd from his desk and began to pace the office floor.

"Several months ago you single handedly went behind enemy lines to do a recon mission in order to save the Utopia Planitia shipyards with out any regard for your own life or the consequences you might have faced. And that fact alone, although fool hardy, brash and arrogant, is one of main reasons to offer your entrance."

He stopped.

"As you may already know, the Federation is dieing a slow painful death. Your actions have shown your willing to risk everything to save the Federation and if we are to survive we will need people like you, people we can trust who will stop at nothing to preserve what we hold so dear."

Hardgrove extended his hand. "Will you join us michael?"
Captain Archer
Oct 30 2003, 10:29 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Captain Hardgrove's Office

Michael sat across from Hardgrove for a moment. A few things ran through his head. "I would be pleased to work with Intelligence, however, I do love my job. I wouldn't be able to be a full time Intelligence officer, would that be a problem?"

Hardgrove sat back behind his desk, "Ambassador, I assure you that your Ambassadorial status would remain unchanged. We would simply be taking advantage of your ability to cross enemy lines without raising a great deal of suspicion."

Michael was pleased by this. He rose from his seat, as did Hardgrove. They shook hands. "We'll be in touch Ambassador, I look forward to working with you."

Michael walked out of the Captain's office and out onto the bridge, he strolled over to the turbolift and summoned the lift. "Ambassador may I escort you to the transporter room?" Commander Hurst came up behind him.

"I would be honored Commander." Michael and Jen got in the turbolift, as soon as the doors closed they felt able to speak freely.

"So?" Jen inquired.

"I can't discuss it, but let's just say, we'll probably be seeing more of each other." Michael smiled.

"Deck 4," Jen called out to the computer.
Oct 31 2003, 02:24 AM

Lattrel Ottel – Mhoob

The situation had been resolved much easier than Ottel had thought it would. The disclosure of information about ship upgrades had caught everyone by surprise: the more experienced ones had expressed concerns about this strange move by Starfleet Intel, but the number of those who were pleased with the idea was simply overwhelming. All in all, this had made Ottel’s stance on the Council stronger. At a small celebration right after the council meeting, Hayrig had approached him with a question.

“Why this unexpected move, my young friend?” he had asked. “And don’t try to lie to me. You know me better than that.”

“The truth is, Hayrig,” Ottel had pulled him aside, “I don’t know it myself, yet, but if there is one thing I’ve learned during my short stay at 001, it’s that Hardgrove is a man of his word.”

“If you say so,” Hayrig had replied, “you should know I always will trust you. If there is any advice you need, do not hesitate to ask for it.” They shook hands and Hayrig left the hall. Most were heading off to their local bases to get their ships prepped for the upgrades.

That was several hours ago; the meeting was over, and Ottel had gone with Glott to visit his uncle’s wife, a woman whom Ottel had always affectionately called “mom.” Shani had joined them on their way over and now they were strolling around one of the large docks of the base. There were several ships on it, including Glott’s oversized fighter, larger than the Tilibos itself. This was the Lattrel family dock.

“What did you tell him?” Glott asked.

“I told him to bring the Tilibos up here, seeing as how I’ve decided to stay a bit longer,” Ottel answered and then looked at Shani. “We should spend more time together.”

“That won’t be a problem,” she assured him, “Glott’s stupid antics at the meeting have cut the proceedings short, so I am free for the whole week.”

“Like you’re not satisfied with the results… there it is, the old dust bucket,” Glott pointed at the Tilibos, making fun of it.

The ship smoothly landed on the platform, its impulse engines powering down. Ottel moved towards it and waited for the sub-lift to open. A young Bolian, in his late teens, stepped out of the ship and threw Ottel a small diskette.

“There you go, cuz, I did a nice parking job for you.”

“You didn’t mess anything around in there, did you?” Ottel messed around the teenager’s hair.

“Stop it, man,” he fought Ottel off, “by the by, there’s a message on the board computer.”

Ottel stepped in and walked up to the main computer panel. With a click of a button, he opened a holoscreen, which displayed a message. A message that according to his facial expression, wasn’t very pleasant.

“Computer!” he shouted out, “open a channel to Balahovitt.”

  “Channel open,” the deep voice responded after a second or two.

  “This is Sam Daniels, Balahovitt comm. How may I be of assistance?” someone answered.

“Sam. I’m Lattrel Ottel. I received a message about a friend of mine, Mkrdij. Apparently, he was attacked…”

  “Umm,” Sam searched around, “oh, yes! Last thing we heard, was a transmission cut short, when his ship entered the sector.”

“Could you send it to me?” Ottel asked. Sam nodded and started pressing some buttons.

  “Transmission received.”

“Play it!” Ottel commanded.

  “…is Mkrdij…attacked by Cardassi….sss, need assistance…” the message stopped there. Ottel was surprised for a while. Cardassians? he thought, what the hell are they doing in Sector Meck. His surprise turned into anger, as he lashed out at Sam.

“And you couldn’t have sent someone to help,” without waiting for a reply, he continued, “how about a rescue mission?”

Once again, without waiting for an answer, Ottel waved off his hand and walked away from the panel, shouting on his way out, “computer, cut transmission!”

“What’s going on?” Glott asked, seeing Ottel steamed up.

“Prepare your fighter,” Ottel pulled Glott towards his ship, “we’re going on a rescue mission. I’ll explain on the way.”

“Hey, hold on,” Shani shouted, “I’m coming too.”

Ottel knew there was no point arguing with her, so he just smiled and went on. Five minutes later Glott’s ship, the Jalaly, exited Mhoob and headed for Sector Meck.
Oct 31 2003, 02:26 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison – His office on 001

Tom sat in his chair, staring at the message he had received only 15 minutes earlier from Hardgrove. He was supposed to meet Tanik back down on Earth in only five minutes, and it was time to make a decision. Who am I kidding? I’ve already made the decision, I just don’t want to do it. But it must be done... He felt bad about sharing this information with Tanik, it would probably ruin whatever faith the man had in the Federation, but it had to be done. He hit his comm badge.

“Garrison to Commander Tanik.”

  “Go ahead,” came the reply a moment later.

“Commander, there has been a slight change of plans.”

  “How ‘slight,’ sir?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll still be going through with our mission. But there is something you need to know first. I need you to beam up to my office immediately.”

  “Understood, I’ll contact the OCC and –“

“No. I’ll handle the transport myself. Prepare for transport.”

  “Aye sir. I’m ready.”

“Energizing...” Being such a high-ranking officer had its perks, one of them being he could access any system he wanted on the entire station. With a few touches of buttons on his holoterminal, he had accessed the transporter controls. A few seconds later, Tanik appeared before him.

Tom motioned to the chair on the other side of the desk, and Tanik sat down. “Sir?” He asked with a quizzical look on his face.

Tom sighed, and sat back in his chair. “Commander, I’ve been debating whether or not to share this with you. Considering you were the one to bring Ensign Rasin to my attention in the first place, and you’re as involved in this plan as I am, I don’t see as though I have much of a choice. I received this message about fifteen minutes ago.”

And with that, he turned his terminal around and pushed it to Tanik’s side of the desk. He then sat there, allowing Tanik to read what was on the screen. He watched his reaction closely, but there was little to see. His jaw clenched as he was reading, and there was a flash of something in his eyes, it almost looked like anger. But that was it. He finished and sat back in his chair, staring at the floor for a long minute as if collecting his thoughts. Finally he looked up and met Garrison’s eye. He said nothing.

For a long moment there was silence, neither knew what to say. Garrison was the first to break the silence. “There’s more. The reason I was initially called up here was that Lt. Karelia had something he wanted to show me. He found a signal in the holodeck relay nodes that didn’t belong there, and managed to trace it back to Lt. Commander Oswald. For some reason, he is controlling the holodeck and what is happening in there, as well as being responsible for our inability to communicate with them.”

“Why would he do such a thing?” Tanik asked, although he already suspected an answer.

“I can’t say for sure, but I would imagine you’re thinking along the same lines as I am. He works for command, so obviously they are doing this for something. I have no idea what.”

Tanik nodded. “So, what now?” he asked.

“Well, I’m still breaking Rasin out, but my plans have changed a bit. Before I was thinking we needed to use stealth, to get in, find Rasin, and get out without being detected. Now, to hell with it all. I don’t give a damn about being secret, if they know it was me that led this thing than all the power to them.”

Tanik smiled, he was starting to like Garrison. “Whatever you have in mind, be assured I’m with you on this one.”

“Good, I was hoping for your support still.”

“After the things I just learned, you can count on it.”

“As you already know, Hardgrove sent me that message. So obviously he wanted me to know, and he knows me well enough to know how I would react to this. I can only assume he shares our thoughts on all of this. So I’m going to ask for his help, hopefully with his contacts we’ll be able to get enough men, materials, and intelligence to conduct a full assault on Starfleet Medical. I’d prefer not to hurt anyone, but our first priority is getting Rasin out. All other concerns are secondary right now.”

Tanik nodded in agreement.

“You mentioned you had a contact who could help us. Do you think he will still be interested.”

Tanik thought about that for a minute. “I’ll have to talk to him about it.”

“Very well, but make it quick. I want to do this by the end of the day. Now, onto the matter of the holodeck. I am going to confront Oswald about it right now, I want you to come with me. You’re an engineer, you know a great deal more about holodeck technology than I do.” Without waiting for a response, Tom stood up. He went over to the wall and entered an authorization code into a panel on the wall. A piece of the wall slid up, revealing an opening. Tom reached inside and pulled out two phasers, tossing one to Tanik. “Just in case,” he said. With that, he walked out the door with Tanik following him.

Tom headed down the corridor to the large glass doors at the end. They slid open as he approached, allowing him and Tanik entrance out onto the OCC. A few people noticed they were carrying phasers, but nobody dared question an admiral. He walked directly to another door, Major’s ready room. While Major was in the holodeck and Oswald was in command, he had been using it as his office. Without signaling his presence, Tom entered an authorization code and the doors opened.

Major's Office

Oswald looked up and saw two men entering his office, both pointing phasers at him. He knew immediately he had been discovered, and reached for a phaser he had under the desk. A phaser shot an inch above his head made him freeze.

“Don’t even try it,” Tom growled. “Put your hands flat on the desk. Slowly.”

Oswald did as he was told.

“Whatever you’re doing with the holodeck, turn it off. Now.” Tom said.

“Go to hell,” was the reply.

Tom was in no mood for games. He walked around the back of the desk and grabbed Oswald by the throat, lifting him clear out of his seat. He shoved the phaser in his face. “See that power setting. You know what they call that? ‘Low Level Kill.’ You know why they call it that?”

Oswald just shook his head no, unable to breathe as his air supply was almost entirely cut off.

“Because it will stun you if you’re big enough, and if you’re strong enough. But if you’ve spent your entire life behind a desk doing other people’s dirty work for them, if you’re a pathetic little weakling with no spine, it will kill you. I wonder what sort of man you are.” And then he pushed the phaser into Oswald’s temple.

“One last chance. Turn off whatever the hell you are doing.”

Tom stared into his eyes, a wild fury flashing brilliantly in them. Months of pent-up frustration were coming to a surface, he could barely control himself. Part of him wanted to pull the trigger, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to stop himself.

Luckily, Oswald’s fear got the best of him. “All right,” he squeaked out. “All right! Just please, don’t shoot me! And stop choking me!” Tom released his grip on the man, but kept the phaser firmly pushed up against his temple.

“Shut it off.”

Almost shaking with fear, Oswald reached down and hit one button on his terminal. “There, it’s done.”

Still holding the phaser to Oswald, Garrison called out “Garrison to Major.”

  After a few seconds came a reply. “Major here.”

Tom breathed a sigh of relief. “Captain, what is your status?”

  “We’re all fine sir. The entire simulation suddenly shut off about ten seconds ago. Sir, what happened?”

“Have your officers take two hours to rest, than report back to duty. Except for you, Captain. I want to see you in my office immediately.”

  “Understood. Major out.”

Tom turned to Tanik. “Take him to the brig, then meet me back in my office.”

He then finally took his phaser away from Oswald, and walked for the door. Just before he left the room, he turned back and looked at Oswald. “You really should know more about phasers. My weapon was on the lowest setting. If I shot you, I doubt you even would have lost your breath.”

Then he turned and left the room.
Oct 31 2003, 11:47 AM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Holo Arena

Sounds of a helicopter and the Army could be heard outside the building. The Helicopter's lights penetrated the office windows for a quick second.

"...There's gotta be a way to change--" Still in the sea of desks, Sith tapped at his tricorder. But not before he noticed there was a Soldier standing across the room looking at him in surprise.

The Soldier yelled into his comm-unit. "General!!"

Sith lept onto the next desk, and jumped across the opposite side of the room. He burst out the back door into the building's back parking lot. There, was a group of cars and a motorcycle Mark was on, placing his helmet on his head.

Sith quickly leaped up into the air and kicked Mark off the motorcycle, "Aaaahh!!" and landed on it. As soldier's broke through the back doors firing bullets, Sith revved the Motorcycle out of there.
"It's him!"

Down the next street, Sith drove past the Army, ramping off blocking debris and soaring into the air. Right behind him was the Helicopter. Sith landed the Motorcycle on smooth street and accelerated with great speed as the Helicopter above unloaded rounds of ammunition upon him.

The engine was hit and the gas tank exploded. "Dammitt!!" The Lieutenant leapt off as the flaming Motorcycle crashed into a nearby street light. Sith went rolling violently along the concrete until flopping to a limping stop. He got up in aching pain... and ran behind a building before he could be detected.

Sith glanced to his side at a single Soldier, backed by the rest of the entire Coalition Military Faction 14-A army. Oh great.

The large amount of Soldier's stood silent, awaiting the General's orders.
"We have heard a great deal about you..." The General spoke from within the sea of conquerors.

But Sith was already formulating a plan on getting out of here. He studied his tricorder and quickly continued his reconfigurations.

"Your reputation precedes you, young warrior. Are you ready to finally die?" The General asked from an echoing distance.

Sith rather not wasted his energy responding to these Holograms as he finished his calculations. "Goodbye."

Then, the entire Army was hit by disruptive particles from the tricorder. They all staticked individually in defectiveness but remained in tact... but partially transparent.

"What!?" Sith tapped at his controls in desperation. The holographic particles the Army was created from were supposed to be neutralized.

Major's Office

"What's going on here!?" Lieutenant Oswald tapped the hovering control panels in anger.

Holo Arena

"Get him!!!" The General yelled. They were unaware of the change to their programs.

Sith ran into a Hotel Building, busting through the doors. Behind him, Soldier's passed through the walls like ghosts, impervious to the realization of what they've done.

"Crap!!" Sith entered the large lobby confronted by the Soldiers. They fired their rifles, and each bullet passed through him.

The Solider's threw their weapons down in perfect logic, but still unaware of the fact that this was not normal.

Don't they understand the laws of physics? Sith thought as eight intent Solider's came upon him and grabbed him. "That's perfect! You can pass through walls but can't pass through me!??" Sith squawked angrily.

He punched one Solider to the side and spun around kicking the next Soldier away. The Solider from behind him kicked Sith into the Lobby Desk. "Ugh!" Sith kicked back and rolled himself onto the Desk, blocking punches and fists with his forearms.

Two Soldiers walked right through the Desk, with their upper torsos growing out the surface of the Desk. Sith kicked the half Solider in front of him and blocked hacking arms from the half Soldier behind him. "This is not normal!" Sith yelled in an attempt at reasoning with them.

He slid himself off the Desk facing the wall, when suddenly a Solider passed through it and began hitting Sith with his Rifle. Sith blocked the Rifle and jabbed that Soldier in the face.

Leaping over the Desk again Sith ran into the centre of the front foyer. There, Soldiers begin pouring into the room, surrounding him. Kicking and redirecting attacks, he swung from side to side as Soldier's kept punching down and forcing their knees at him. Sith quickly spun one Solider around, blocking a knife attack. Then, with great force he kicked one attacker right into the guy behind him. Their partially transparent bodies merged into each other in a spectacular display of clashing hologrpahic energies as their programs began to destabilize, both slowly falling to the floor.

"How are you able to do all this?! What are you!?!?" The General questioned in the background as the two merged Energies continued to slowly fall in Sith's visual foreground.

"...Not in the mood," Sith replied as the flailing Energies hit the floor. His work of destruction completed. He expected his death was coming, but suddenly all the Holograms disappeared.


It was all gone.

The Captain and the others were right in front of him. Everything was back to normal. Sith's own blood stained his 21st Century clothing. "Huh??" Looking around, he saw his crewmates.

"Lieutenant, you're okay." Captain Major said.
Oct 31 2003, 06:30 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Holodeck

Halliwell sat on the floor, looking around as Major finished talking to Garrison, "What was that about?" she asked as he put a hand out to help her up, he looked round then back to her shaking his head.
"No idea," he said pulling her up.

Major then continued to tell the rest of the crew to take two hours rest at least, they proceeded to walk out, he looked back to Halliwell, "That goes for you as well Commander," he turned on his heel and walked out to Garrison's office.

She stood there silent for a moment, K'Rak walked over to her, "Are you okay Commander?"

"Yeah," she answered grabbing her pouch and stepping out the holodeck. It feels good to be out of there... she thought to herself as she started off for her quarters.
Nov 2 2003, 12:04 PM

Counselor Rasin - Confinement Quarters

"Are you sure about this Eric? Where will we go?! I tried this once already and I was caught, security is pretty tight," said Othoniel, worrying that they may never get a chance to escape again

Eric closed his eyes for a moment and responded, Calm yourself, everything will be ok. Now, finally speaking regularly, "ok, lets go."

Just before they were to walk into the corridor Eric stretched out his hand and a small device appeared on it.

"This is for you, I can go unseen, but you cannot. Once you put this on we can leave, it will enable you to be virtually invisible..... its star fleet issue"

Othoniel, who was at first a little hesitant to wear such a device relaxed when he learned that it was in fact star fleet issue. He hadn't given Eric his full trust yet. Once Othoniel put the small badge on his chest a tingling feeling started at the point where he put it on, in the center of his chest. The tingling turned into a burning sensation and then, suddenly, badge disappeared. Leaving only a small bump under his skin. Had the device been transported to just beneath his skin? He looked down and felt his chest, trying to find what had happened.

"Its ok. I made a few adjustments... to.. enhance it"

Othoniel looked up, into Eric's eyes, then down to the floor.

"Are we ready to go,?" said Othoniel confidently.


Eric felt a surge of admiration for Othoniel, exploring and trusting the unknown.

Eric touched the door and it immediately opened, sliding to the sides. He peered around the corner. First left, then right. Then he ran, Othoniel still in hand, across the hall into the adjacent room.
Nov 2 2003, 04:31 PM

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - Garrison's Office

Garrison looked at Tanik, "We need to figure out exactly how we plan to get Rasin out."

Tanik looked thoughtful for a moment. "May I use your transporter?"

Garrison raised his eyebrows, "Of course."

Tanik walked over to the console and pressed a few floating holo-buttons. Sonal appeared in the corner of the room, looking very flustered. He looked around the room, noting the Admiral. Then, his eyes locked onto Tanik. "You! Tanik, what the hell is the meaning of this?!"

Tanik raised his eyebrow, "Watch your mouth, Sonal - you're in front of the Admiral of the Fleet. There's been a slight change in plans." Tanik looked to Garrison.

Tom took the lead, "Yes, Mr...."

"Sonal," Sonal supplied.

"Mr. Sonal - some information has come to my attention that may affect how we conduct this operation. This was a stealth operation - but, in light of this new information, it may be more prudent to be more....obvious."

Sonal looked confused, "Why? What was this information?"

Garrison looked over to Tanik. He then looked back to Sonal, "Excuse us, for a second."

They walked into the attached bathroom. Tom looked at Tanik, "Do you trust him?"

Tanik paused, but spoke up after a couple of seconds, "Sure. He's a pain in the ass, but he'll be our pain in the ass."

Garrison smiled, "What was that about watching one's language around the Fleet Admiral?"

Tanik chuckled, and the two walked back out into the room. Tom directed Sonal to the desktop viewer. The message was on there.

Sonal mouthed the letter while he quietly read it. He gave a steely glance to the Admiral. "I'm in." Garrison and Tanik grinned to each other.

Garrison handed Sonal a PADD, "This is a layout of SF Med. Go down there and start scouting out how to pull this off."

Tanik spoke up, "I'll break out the Phaser Rifles, stun grenades, and Photon charges."

"Very well - let's get to work," Tom said.

Sonal walked over to the corner and beamed himself down to San Francisco.

Garrison turned to Tanik, "We've got alot running on this - I hope it works."

Tanik looked back. "Yes. Rasin and Sabi... I can't let it happen again..." Tanik murmured.

Garrison looked confused. Tanik put a hand up, "I'll tell you some day. You know, I once said to Captain Major that I came here, in part, because of the Federation's principles - and that it never breaks them. I know see how naive I was..."

Garrison spoke, "Maybe you weren't. After all - the Federation won't break it's principles." Both men smiled, and proceeded out the door.
Nov 3 2003, 01:06 AM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Deck 7

That didn't go at all as expected. Sith thought. He knew the WWIII Simulation was going to be all death, suffering, and tides of power... But he had no inclination that the safeties would've been sabotaged. Now that everything was okay, all he wanted to do was stay in the real world.

The conversing K'Rak and T'Kila were just about to head off when Sith suddenly approached. "K'Rak! ...Listen, uhh, about me snapping at you earlier; I just wanted to apol---"

"Grr!!!" K'Rak growled angrily at him. Obviously not in a forgiving mood.

"---I mean, I just wanted to go over here... heh, heh..." Sith hid behind T'Kila.

The overly built Klingon then walked off to get back to his business.

"If I were you, I'd stay away from him for the next couple days," T'Kila warned.

After she had to go, Sith was left alone to his random thoughts. PPPWW! The sound of a distant energy blast was heard. PPPWWW!! ...And it was getting closer.

PPPWWE!!! ...Lieutenant Sith looked around the next corridor in time to see Zeta scurrying by at full speeds.

"It's getting away!" Voices of two alien men were heard.

"I see it!" The second guy, fired a thick energy beam past Sith down the hallway, in an attempt to pin the Spider.

The energy beam was a tractor weapon, and the two alien's were Letheans. "Hold it right there!" Sith stepped in front of them, making them stop running.

"You idiot! You just let that Omnicron get away!" Forbes cursed.

"Get out of the way, Federation drone!!" Matrix stepped up.

"That is an illegal device, and you two are under arrest for public disruption." Sith layed down the law... but was no match for their telepathic techniques.

"I don't think so." Matrix eyed Sith, knocking Sith into a blank state. "We were just passing by. And you were on your way home..."

The telepathy worked and Sith's mind was rearranged so easily.

Unfortunately, Zeta wasn't one to abandon his friend. From above he struck, taking Matrix to the floor, and stabbing his pointy legs into his skin. "Aaaauuggh!!!!"

Forbes wasn't going to let his friend be taken down either. He quickly grabbed the android spider, but was shocked by electro-bands of energy. "AAArrghh!!!" Forbes fell back in pain and Sith shook his head in confusion.

"Huh...? What's going on here?" Zeta quickly leaped up onto Sith's shoulder in excitement.

"Click! Click!!"

"Zeta! Hey buddy, how's it going?" Sith glanced over.

"Chirp! ...You two are under arrest for public disruption." Zeta mimiced Sith's voice trying to warn him.

"I'm pretty sure I never said that." Sith laughed. He turned down the next corridor and headed off. Zeta's attention span was too short to mind. All Zeta cared about was that his best friend was back.

Meanwhile, Forbes and Matrix got up in aching pain. "I'm bleeding!"

"Oh shut up!" Forbes replied. "That Omnicron actually attacked us!"

As they got up, Matrix held Forbes back. "No! ...That Omnicron belongs to the Human."

"Since when did we ever care about things like that!?" Forbes pulled his shoulder away. "Now come on!"

Matrix rather not continue arguing over such a frivolis thing. They were dishonest runners in the Smuggler's Coalition... and besides, today just wasn't their day.