Episode 2: The Last Place You Look, Part II

Jul 15 2003, 01:10 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - The Deck

K'Rak sat at a table near Tanik, hoping to keep an eye on his movements. Although they had a guard already assigned to this duty, K'Rak did not trust anyone enough to let them do it alone.

Suddenly, Tanik took his drink, rose from the bar, and walked over to where Lieutenant T'Kila was sitting. K'Rak moved discreetly to another table in order to hear their conversation.

His eavesdropping was interrupted by the chirp of his communicator.

  "Sith to Lt. Commander K'Rak."

"Go ahead."

  "Sir, there was another break-in. This time, they accessed Level 2 encrypted files."

K'Rak frowned. Level 2 files were meant to be viewed only with the authorization of the Captain or First Officer. Now that the suspect was accessing classified information, it was time to take action.

"Lt. Sith, ask the Captain to immediately authorize a total lockdown of the ship's computers, with access by Security authorization only."

  "But Sir, don't you think that's a little drastic?"

"Do it!" K'Rak said, nearly yelling.

  "Yes, Sir, right away."


"Bridge." K'Rak was furious. How could he have accessed those files? With a lockdown already in place, it should have been impossible, especially without authorization from the Captain or First Officer.

Suddenly, he was hit with the realization that this all but proved Tanik's innocence. Tanik had been on the Deck at the time of the attack, so there was no way that he could be the one they were looking for. As the turbolift doors opened to the bridge, K'Rak was happy that at least they could narrow down their list of suspects.
Jul 15 2003, 08:28 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Operations

Sith was approached by Sabinus, a Romulan female. "Hi. I was wondering if I could speak with you...?"

He stopped. "Actually, I was just about to--"

"You see, I think Lieutenant Neilson is over me, but I'm not so sure..."

Sith scratched the back of his neck. "Uhh, maybe I'm not the one you should be talking to about thi--"

"I still have feelings for him. Maybe I should tell him?"

"Why are you talking to me about this?"

"You're the closest guy he has to a good friend on the Station. Could you talk to him for me? Can you find out what he still thinks about me?"

Sith rolled his eyes, giving in. "Alright, I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks." She held his shoulder and then left. It was about time for Sith to contact the Captain and request the computer lock-out.

This lock-out would inconvenience everyone. Sith approached the Captain's Office and found that he wasn't there, so Sith checked the computer for his whereabouts and then went down the hall.

Admiral Garrison's Office

Sith rang the bell and was let into the Office. He found himself interrupting a meeting between Admiral Garrison, Captain Major, and Commander Halliwell.
Jul 16 2003, 01:45 AM

Dr. Gao Gent-al, Science Lab 17

Gao entered the room, and quickly moved to a terminal. It was becoming much more difficult for him to do his job, now that they were onto him. Damn he cursed himself silently. He had been getting careless with his computer work, and they had started to detect the break-ins. Now, it was only a matter of time before he was caught. That left him with three options: Continue doing his job right up until the end when he would get caught, flee Federation space and return home to Ferenginar, and the Alliance, while he still could, or remain behind as a Starfleet Officer, forever abandoning his own people.

It wasn't an easy choice to make. He loved his own people, yet at the same time he had spent so many years under deep cover that he was actually starting to feel like a Starfleet Officer. It was the risk every intelligence agent who went under deep cover took... starting to believe yourself that you are the person you are pretending to be.

The choice he had before him had been very distracting lately, and it seems that others had noticed. Now, he had to see Counselor Rasin several times a week... which wasn't all bad, he was a very nice man, and Gao actually enjoyed spending time with him. But still, he knew what the problem was, and it wasn't something Rasin could fix. So in reality, all that the sessions accomplished were increasing the risk that Rasin would start to figure out who he really was. He would just have to keep his distance, and not let Rasin get to know him too well in those sessions.

The terminal beeped, and he looked down. He had a 45 second window before the station's security system located his position. Not that it mattered, even if they located it to science lab 17, it wouldn't matter... he used a different terminal each time, and he didn't think there was anything to trace him to this terminal at this time. But still, just to be safe, he worked quickly. He gathered all the latest intelligence information Starfleet possessed that he could access in under thirty seconds, and transmitted it to the Alliance using a secure frequency. It wasn't much, he usually needed at least 20 minutes to break the security codes and access the highly restricted information, but what he sent would have to be good enough. He powered down the terminal, and checked his holo-chronometer... 43 seconds, man I cut that one pretty close!

He exited the room, and started walking towards Counselor Rasin's office. It was time for another of their sessions. Gao found his thoughts occupied by the decision he knew he would have to soon make as he walked down the corridor.

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom sat at his desk, catching up on paperwork, when the door chime sounded.


The door opened, and Commander Halliwell and Captain Major entered.

"Captain. Commander. What can I do for you."

David opened his mouth, about to speak, when the door chime sounded again.

"Come," Tom said. So many visitors, man I'm Mr. Popular today, he thought sarcastically to himself. The door opened, and Lt. Rune Sith entered the office.

Tom looked them all over for a moment. "What can I do for all of you?" He asked, a bit frustrated that at the rate he was being interrupted, he would never get his paperwork finished. Probably the only thing stopping him from acting visibly annoyed was the good news he had received earlier today, that Ambassador Larkin did survive, and was currently under the protection of the Bajorans.

Major, Halliwell, and Sith all looked at each other, unsure of who should speak first. Tom just looked at all of them, waiting for somebody to being.

Jul 16 2003, 02:34 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Admiral Garrison's Office

Halliwell looked to Sith and then looked back to Major, he raised his eyebrows slightly and nodded to Sith, "You first, Lieutenant," he said, "We'll go outside if you..."

"Captain," Sith replied, "It's you I'm actually here to see," he looked to Garrison and smiled slightly, "No offense to you Admiral."

Garrison waved his hand and shook his head, Sith looked back to Major. "What is it?"

"Someone has managed to access Level 2 files," he replied. Major looked to Halliwell, "Have you allowed anyone to access them?"

"No sir," she said quietly looking to him.

Major shook his head slightly, "Nor me," he looked back to Sith, "What were you planning?"

"Commander K'Rak suggests a total lockdown of the ship's computers," he answered, "With access by Security authorization only."

Garrison shifted in his seat as he picked up some of the papers and listened into the conversation, "Isn't that a little drastic?"

Major looked to him, "Sounds it," he looked back to Sith, "Whatever it takes to stop them."

Sith nodded, "Aye sir," and with that he left the room.

Major waited until the door shut and looked back to Garrison, "What is it you wanted to see me about, David?"

He looked to Halliwell, she pulled out some sort of disk and handed it to him, Major took it off her and handed it to Garrison, "Commander Halliwell received this message not long ago."

"About what?"

"Read it and find out sir."

"Is this okay with you, Commander," Garrison asked looking to Halliwell.

"Yes sir," she replied quietly as he put it into his own console and read the contents. Major glanced to Halliwell once or twice while they waited.

"Drayson Hardgrove, as in Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove."

Halliwell nodded to Garrison, "It is Admiral."

Garrison thought about the news he had received about Ambassador Larkin and then looked to Major, then to Halliwell, "Why did he correspond with you?"

Everyone keeps asking that she thought looking to him, she shrugged, "We used to be married but that ended, we haven't talked to each other for a couple of months now."

"Did...the marriage end badly?" Garrison asked.

She shook her head, "It was just the right thing to do. So there's no bad feelings toward one another."

Garrison nodded and looked to Major.

"What should we do?" Major asked.
Jul 16 2003, 08:51 AM

Lt. JG T'Kila - Bar

"May I sit here?" someone asked.

T'Kila looked up and saw Tanik standing there. "Of course." she replied.

He sat down. "I understand that you are in charge of the investigation of the Romulan weapon."

"That is correct."

"I would like to assist you in the investigation."

"Alright." T'Kila said. "Some help would definitely be appreciated. I'm not making much progress. I was just getting ready to go back to work, if you would like to join me."

"Certainly." he replied, so they stood up and headed for the Science Lab.
Jul 16 2003, 09:43 AM

Lt. Commander Tanik - The Deck

Tanik and T'Kila walked with each other, slowly making their way across The Deck.

"I served aboard the first of the Chaltok class Warbird. It was equipped with an interphase cloak, aft-facing antimatter cannons for planetary bombardment, and a paralysis field system," Tanik said.

T'Kila perked up, "An interphase cloak?"

Tanik smiled, "Yes. It was the first warbird equipped with such a device. It was put on hold at the end of the 24th century, and not pursued again until a couple of decades ago. The interphase cloak was supposed to be able to not only cloak the vessel, but also make it be able to pass through solid matter. But, whenever it passed through matter, it emitted detectable tachyon emissions."

"That's how we detected it," T'Kila said, realizing.

"Anyway, the paralysis field was first tested by the Klingons in the mid 23rd century... they never got it to work quite right. We did."

"What's the key off?" T'Kila asked.

"Well, all Federation technology is based upon bio-neural cells. So, we artificially created a new particle... I believe it was called a T'Veron... to quite literally 'eat' through the bio-neural matter."

T'Kila looked at him, "That's pretty heavy..."

"Indeed," Tanik replied, still on their way to the science lab.
Captain Archer
Jul 16 2003, 03:43 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Security Ministry: Bajor

Michael paced up and down the length of the small enclosed room, trying to ignore the fact that the Bajoran government was now deciding on whether or not to join the Federation. Michael had made several good points in his short but, what he hoped, successful speech. The Federation had stood in battle for the protection of Bajor before, The Dominion War was one of the more costly conflicts that the Federation had ever gotten into. Ever since then the two powers had grown apart. Perhaps it had something to do with the loss of the station commander at that time, but Bajor seemed to not want or need the Federation once the Dominion was gone. Now the discovery of the secret rendezvous in the Gamma Quadrant from the Cardassian scout ship made him shudder. Could the Dominion be ready for a round two with the Alpha Quadrant? Was the Alpha Quadrant ready for that matter? The Federation's present condition would leave them a very tempting target.

"Sir, the ministers have returned with a decision."

Those words sent a pulse through Larkin, as he walked out to the transport, he felt the weight of the entire Federation on his shoulders, and that the fate of the Alpha Quadrant also rested on what he would hear in the next few minutes.
Jul 16 2003, 06:03 PM

Ensign Rasin - His Office

As Othoniel sat in his quarters he pondered about what has been happening with the break-ins and the Doctor's continued odd attitude. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, unable to piece together the doctor's troubles, he seemed to be making no progress at all. Othoniel just sat there, not wanting to get up because of how comfortable he was.

Someone walked in to his office, and tried to get into his computer. It was dark, the lights dimmed, so you could not see who they were. Othoniel pretended to be sleeping, he was not armed and there was not much he could do.
The intruder accessed some of the files on the computer after breaking through the passwords. He read some case files that Othoniel had recently updated. The lights started to fade up, and the person slowly turned to the left to look what was happening.

Just as Othoniel was about to see who it was that was tampering with his computer he woke up. Startled he took a deep breath, stood up, and quickly turned his head over to look if his computer had been accessed. It did not appear as though it had.

Its just a dream, he laughed lightly, a dream.
Jul 16 2003, 06:11 PM

Captain David Major - Admiral Garrison's Office

David sat down, and stared over the Admiral's shoulder out the window. "With all due respect sir, I don't think I should go. These recent break-ins to classified files are getting out of hand, and I want to be here."

Tom leaned forward. "Agreed. However, the situation on Bajor is tense, and the Domtar has been specifically requested to assist by one of the highest ranking officers remaining in Starfleet. While I could over-ride Hardgrove's orders, I agree that a stronger Federation presence is needed." He looked at Samantha. "Commander, I want you to take the Pollux and rendezvous with Hardgrove and the Gambit at Bajor."

Glancing at David, Samantha nodded. "Yes sir."

"Very well. I expect you to leave as soon as possible. David, I know you and your crew are doing all that you can, but you have to find the person responsible for the intrusions into the main computer. At the rate it is advancing, it threatens not only the station, but the Federation as a whole. We cannot let it continue. Dismissed."

Both David and Samantha rose from their chairs and left.

Corridor - Deck 7

David stode along the corridor, examining the padd in his hand. As he reviewed the information on the screen, his commbadge chirped.

  "K'Rak to Major"

"Major here."

  "Sir, we just found an invasion in progress." David stopped.


  "Deck 7, Section 31"

"Send a security team and tell them to meet me in that section" David yelled as he began running. Tearing down the corridor, he met up with K'Rak and the team exiting the turbolift. "What files are they after this time?"

"Level Omega 2 - Admirals and up."

"Oh shit."

Rounding the corner, David gasped at what he saw. Lying in front of him was the panel, utterly destroyed, and a dead crewman.
Jul 17 2003, 02:34 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Quarters

Halliwell threw a couple of things into a bag, only the essentials and looked round, she lifted up the bag slowly and open the doors and proceeded to the Pollux.

U.S.S Pollux, bridge

Halliwell stepped out onto the bridge of the Pollux and looked round, there was a male Lieutenant at tactical, male Ensign at the helm and a female Ensign behind a science console, they were the best she could get at short notice. The male lieutenant looked at her and stood up straighter, "Commander Halliwell," it sounded more like a question than anything, she crossed over to him.

"Yes," she said.

"I'm Lieutenant David Reeman, this is Ensign Claire Taylor," he said pointing out to the female human behind the science console, she looked up to Halliwell.

"Commander," she said before looking back down, her attention turned to the helm.

"And this is Ensign Gavin Dwyer."

Halliwell nodded and looked to them all, she looked back to Reeman, "Thank you Lieutenant," she turned round and looked at the chair in the middle of the bridge and didn't feel as nervous as she did when Garrison first told her to take the Pollux out, she sat down and remained quiet for a moment.

She tapped her comm, "Halliwell to Starbase 001."

  "Go ahead Commander, " a voice replied.

"We're ready to leave."

  "Acknowledged," came the reply.

"Ensign," she said looking a Dwyer, "Lay in a course for Bajor, warp 2." The young ensign complied and she felt the ship move as they left Starbase 001.
Jul 17 2003, 02:36 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Deck 7, Section 31

K'Rak surveyed the damage. He whipped out his phaser and turned to the Security team.

"Form a perimeter around the area," he yelled, and approached the body. His uniform identified him as Ensign Cutler. K'Rak did not know Cutler, but couldn't help but feel sorry for him, lying there with a massive burn across his chest.

"Get the Doctor up here, have him examine the body."

"Yes, s-sir. Right away," stammered the security officer, obviously shaken by the grisly scene in front of him. K'Rak stepped over the body to examine the panel. It had been completely destroyed. Tricorder scans showed that it had been destroyed with a... Romulan Disruptor?? K'Rak showed the readings to Major.

"What the hell? How could he have gotten a Romulan weapon?"
"I do not know sir, but this has dire implications. If the suspect is using a Romulan weapon, we can only assume that he is working for the Alliance. It seems we have a double agent on our hands."

Major thought for a moment, and then contacted the Ensign on the bridge.
"Ensign, put us on yellow alert. And authorize a Level-2 Security Alert. Also, I want all the shuttlebays and transporters locked. No one enters or leaves the base."

"Yes, sir."

The turbolift opened, and out stepped the good Doctor.

"Out of my way, please. Well, well, well, what have we here?"

K'Rak spoke up. "Sir, it appears that he was shot with a Romulan Disruptor."

"What?" The doctor appeared truly shocked. "But that's not possible."

"And yet it happened."

"Well, he's definitely dead. I'll take him down to Sickbay and run a complete analysis on him." Gent-al gestured to two medics standing nearby, and they hoisted the body onto a stretcher.

K'Rak frowned. With a level-2 Security alert, he would have more work than ever, in addition to finding out who was breaking into the computer. Now that he was viewing Omega 2 classified files, it became of utmost importance to stop him.
Captain Archer
Jul 17 2003, 05:39 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Chamber of Ministers: Bajor

Michael watched as the Ministers filed into the room. They kept their faces forward and made no sound, except for that of their feet hitting the ground. They all took seats.

Minister Nemcke stood and looked Larkin right in the eye and said, "Ambassador the Ministers have considered your proposal. You've made us all think about the security of the Bajoran system, and the Celestial Temple. Therefore we have all agreed that it would be advantageous to all Bajorans, to accept the Federation's offer. We believe the first step toward this would be the exchange of Ambassador's. Mr. Larkin would you be interested in staying on Bajor as a representative of your peoples interests?"

Michael thought about it a moment the said respectfully, "Minister, I would feel more comfortable at my current assignment, but I promise to send Bajor the best the the Corps has to offer."

Minister Nemcke cocked his head to the side, "Very well, a small delegation of Ambassadors will accompany you back to Earth. When do you plan on leaving?"

"As soon as the U.S.S. Gambit arrives from Earth."

Minister Nemcke approached Larkin and extended his hand. Larkin took it and the two smiled at one another. "I wish you a good journey then Ambassador."

"Thank you Minister."

"This session is adjourned." Nemcke announced to the other Ministers.

Michael and Nemcke walked out the front doors together, the beginning of what Michael hoped would be a long friendship.

Security Ministry: Bajor

"Ambassador, the logs from the vessel have been put on these three data rods." The security officer thrust his hand out with the rods towards Larkin.

"Thank you, Deputy." A console beeped in a far corner of the office. "What's that?" Larkin asked

"We're being hailed." The Deputy walked over and activated the console.

Larkin was shocked to see Jen Hurst on the screen, in a Starfleet uniform. He couldn't make out what she was saying, but the deputy said "He's right here Commander."

Commander? What the hell is going on here?
Larkin thought to himself.

"Ambassador, it's Commander Hurst from the Starship Gambit for you." The Deputy motioned to the monitor.

Larkin walked over to the monitor with all kinds of things going through his mind. Why didn't she tell me she was in Starfleet Intelligence....Hell why didn't she tell me she was in Starfleet?

"Commander?" Michael said with a mixture of surprise and a bit more anger than he probably meant to allow.

  "We'll talk about it later Michael, I'm contacting you to let you know that the Gambit is on it's way with the Pollux. We should be at Bajor in a matter of hours."

Michael tried to carry on like normal, "Jen, I will be bringing a contingent of Bajoran Ambassadors with me. I also will need to see Captain's Hardgrove and Major. Please arrange a meeting. Larkin out." He closed the channel, still shocked about what had just happened.
Jul 18 2003, 06:30 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ U.S.S Pollux

Halliwell sat in the ready room, reading some notes and thinking things over, she had gotten people coming in and out, asking her questions and seeing if this was alright and that was alright.

She stood up and looked out at the stars going by very fast, she leaned against it with one hand and allowed herself to relax, she closed her eyes and smiled slightly, she looked back up when she felt something and looked at the stars, they had slowed down, no the ship had slowed down, she quickly made her way onto the bridge.

She looked to Lieutenant Reeman as she made her way to the middle of the bridge, "Why have we dropped to impulse?" He was about to answer when she paid her attention to the viewscreen, she looked back to Reeman, "The Gambit?"

"Yes ma'am," he replied.

"We're here already?"

She looked round to Taylor, the young woman looked up to Halliwell, "Commander, you've been in the ready room close to an hour."

Funny she thought to herself, "I didn't realize, I apologize."

Dwyer turned to her and smiled, she smiled back and glanced to Reeman, he looked up to her, "The Gambit's hailing us, ma'am."

She paused for a moment, before replying, "Onscreen."
Jul 18 2003, 04:59 PM

Fleet Captain Dryason Hardgrove - U.S.S. Gambit

Drayson Hardgove was seated in his command chair as the image of Samantha was displayed.

"Commander, Welcome to Bajor. I hope your not fully staffed. I have just been informed that the ambassador is bringing guest with him I hope you'll have accommodations for them. My XO is currently escorting Larkin aboard as we speak. Although we have had a slight change of plans, I will also be returning to 001 as well with the Gambit. Perhaps we could discuss the current situation over dinner?"

Hardgrove's demeanor was strictly professional and if it hadn't' been for the arch of his brow, Halliwell wouldn't have known he wanted her to come off the record.
Captain Archer
Jul 18 2003, 09:31 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - U.S.S. Gambit: Transporter Room

As he materialized, Michael saw Jen standing next to the transporter chief, she looked down at the floor as he stepped down off the pad and proceeded in her direction.

"Commander." Larkin said dryly.

"Michael, we should talk, come with me, please."

They walked out of the transporter room side by side. "You could have told me Jen, why didn't you." Larkin asked.

Jen stopped and looked at him, "I was under orders not to, I'm a member of Starfleet Intelligence Michael I can't exactly broadcast it."

He could hear anger growing in her voice. "Just following orders were you?" Michael looked away from her for a moment, then back "We should discuss this in a more private place, do I have quarters?"

Jen started walking toward the tubolift, "Yes follow me."

Michael quickened his pace to catch up to her. She led him around the corridor to a rather large set of quarters, "These are yours, may I come in?"

Jen's Quarters

"Of course, we need to discuss this, we've been friends forever, I can't believe you didn't tell me about this." Jen took a seat on the large sofa at window looking out the starboard side of the Gambit, with a perfect view of Bajor.

"I was working undercover work for most of my career, to tell anyone would have been a serious breach of protocol." Michael took a seat next to her as she continued, "last week when you invited me up to Starbase 001, I was going to tell you, due to the fact that I had been assigned to the Gambit, my undercover work was to be over."

Michael stared at her and thought carefully about what he was going to say next, but settled with, "Since you work with Intelligence, you may be interested in something I found, come with me." Larkin walked over to the monitor and pulled a few data rods out of his pocket.
Jul 19 2003, 03:36 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ U.S.S Pollux Bridge

Halliwell looked over to Ensign Taylor, "Have someone sort out accommodations for our guests," she said clearly.

"Aye ma'am," Taylor replied getting up and heading over toward the turbolift, she watched the doors shut and then turned back to Reeman for a moment.

She finally turned back to the viewscreen, "Two seconds," she replied and nodded to Reeman as the viewscreen went black.

On the Gambit, Hardgrove looked a little puzzled.

Halliwell crossed over to the console, "Lieutenant, transmit a message back to Admiral Garrison..." he looked up to her to show he was listening so she carried on, "Let him know that Ambassador Larkin is now aboard the Gambit," she finished.

The console bleeped at him, he furiously pushed a couple of the buttons and shook his head, "Our long-range communications are down, have been since the Pollux was last taken out."

Great, she thought and looked to the now black viewscreen. She would have to ask Hardgrove to contact the Admiral now and shook her head, they had to know Larkin was back. "Have someone try and fix it," she said walking back over to her chair. "Hail the Gambit again."

She was going to have words when she got back about the lack of repairs done, granted, they thought they wouldn't have to take it out for a while, her thoughts were cut short.

Hardgrove appeared, "I apologize for that, it appears that we have a problem with communications," she replied, "Is it possible that you could contact Starbase 001 for us?"

  He nodded and looked over to someone off the screen, "No problem, Commander," turned back to her, "Now about that dinner..."
Jul 19 2003, 10:09 AM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Security Office

Sith entered the Office to find K'Rak shifting holo-buttons at his big desk. They both had been working for hours without any breaks.

"I have it!" K'Rak said as he pulled up scans of the Station. "There are indications of a Romulan signature in Engineering."

Sith checked the console shaking his head, "I've been talking to Tanik the past two hours. Engineering uses a reconfigured Power Distribution Filter with Romulan specifications."

K'Rak threw down a padd in anger, "Auug! I have had enough of this. We continue to turn up nothing, and it has been hours!!"

Sith was also tired. It seemed like constant repetitiveness and a dragging on of things were ruling their lives. He had followed three leads that morning, all visiting ex-Commander's and ex-Captain's. "Uhh... listen Commander ...would you like to go for a drink with me?"

K'Rak would have rather wanted to keep his authoritive nature with Officer's working under him, but this time it seemed like a break was in order. "Sith? I never thought you were the drinking type."

Sith glanced over to him, "Sir, if it was the appropriate time and we were at that Bolian Bar I would drink you under the table."

K'Rak got up and slapped him on the back, "Hahahaha!!" He then paused and pointed at Sith, "Do not challenge a Klingon to a drinking contest."

They both walked out the Security Office for a short 15 minute break.
Jul 20 2003, 02:35 AM

Dr. Gao Gent-al - Sickbay

Gao stood over the biobed, watching the holographic readouts scroll before him. He was only half paying attention, in truth there wasn't much for him to do. Autopsies were rather mundane work, most of it was handled by the computer and the two medics in the room with him. Instead, he was keeping him busy trying to figure out how everything had gotten so complicated.

I can't believe this happened. I rigged that panel to explode on a thirty second timer... I should have made it a shorter countdown, so that nobody had a time to come investigate any alarms I might have tripped. But I needed enough time to get out of there... and to get out of the area, so nobody suspected I had a role in it.

He started thinking about what he had destroyed, and for a moment the guilt at killing this young crewmember almost made him question his actions. No! That panel contained a direct interface to the station's computer core, with information that may have linked me to some of the recent break-ins... it had to be done. He looked down at the dead officer. But it came at a great cost , he added.

As Gao was staring at the lifeless body before him, something changed within him. Suddenly, it became clear what he had to do. If he continued working for the Alliance, transmitting them information, a great deal more Starfleet Officers would die. He had lived among them for many years, and it suddenly hit him that they weren't such a horrible people, they weren't as bad as he had been taught by the Alliance while growing up. He had to stop what he was doing. The decision suddenly seemed so simple: He would stop what he was doing, and in six months or a year from now, when all the commotion over the recent computer break-ins had died down, he would resign his commission, and live out the rest of his live in some quiet corner of the quadrant.

Gao took a deep breath. Suddenly, it felt like a great weight had been lifted off his chest. What he didn't realize was just how many surveillance cameras had been installed on the station over the last week.
Jul 20 2003, 04:04 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - The Deck

K'Rak and Sith sat down at the bar, and the bartender approached.

"I'll have a beer," Sith said, and the bartender turned to K'Rak.

"Bloody Mary, please."

Sith looked at him and grinned.

"Bloody Mary? Isn't that a ...human... drink?"

"It was recommended to me by a good friend of mine who was a human." K'Rak looked thoughtful. "Now there was a man who could drink a Klingon under the table. But it turns out he was not such a good friend after all. He betrayed the Federation, as well as my trust, and defected to the Alliance." K'Rak had a scowl on his face.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Sith said.

"The most recent intelligence reports suggest that he is working for the Tal'Shiar. When he defected, he took with him valuable intelligence information." K'Rak stood suddenly.

"I do not feel like drinking anymore. Come, we must get back to work."

Sith looked longingly at his almost-full drink, then followed K'Rak out of the bar.
Captain Archer
Jul 20 2003, 09:45 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - U.S.S. Gambit: Observation Lounge

The doors parted to the observation lounge and Michael saw Captain Hardgrove, and Commander Halliwell standing at the window, he cleared his throat, realizing they were in a very deep conversation.

"Ambassador, it's good to see you alive and well." Halliwell said "I understand you have some information for us?"

Michael looked at Halliwell and thought about how to do what he wanted to do without alienating her. "Commander, I'm glad to be back. if don't wish to step on any toes but this meeting is really only for top level officers - Captain's and above. I wish to leave it up to the powers that be to decide how to handle this information."

Michael hoped he hadn't offended her, she stood at attention and said, "With all due respect Ambassador, I am in command of the Pollux. Anything that could compromise the safety of that ship, or the crew that I am commanding can be said to me."

Michael nodded, and said "All right Commander. Please have a seat, Captain." Larkin motioned for the chairs. He took out the data rods and laid them on the table. "I've come into possession of some disturbing information. When I escaped from Cardassia Prime, I had to steal a scout ship. When I reached Bajor I had the security officers pick apart the computer for any information. They found some disturbing items."

Michael slipped the data rod into the table and brought up the main viewer.

"This star chart is from Sector 358 in the Gamma Quadrant. The vessels logs indicated that Legate Broden made several rendezvous with an unidentified vessel on several occasions within the last few months." Michael tapped the controls and brought up the transporter logs. "The Legate's transporter logs indicated that he beamed over to the vessel on more than one occassion." Michael shut off the monitor. "My best guess is that this has something to do with the Dominion, and bringing them into the Alpha Quadrant once again. I would like your opinions and or suggestions as to a course of action on this."

Michael sat back in his chair and looked from Halliwell to Hardgrove.
Jul 20 2003, 11:14 PM

Fleet Captian Dryason Hardgrove. U.S.S. Gambit oberservation lounge.

Hardgrove Looked to Larkin then back to Halliwell. "Very interesting Mr. Larkin this information will come in very handy. I, myself, have some information as well but nothing I can disclose at this time. We thank you for what you've done. Yet I must stress the fact if you keep this type of work you'll be taking my job away from me. Now Mr. Larkin if you will kindly let me take those for safe keep we'll all agree this conversation didn't take place." Taking the data rods from Larkin he nodded back to Samantha and motioned for the door. "Mr. Larkin, we'll speak later. Commander I believe we had a dinner to attend."
Jul 21 2003, 03:01 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ U.S.S. Gambit observation lounge

Halliwell nodded to Larkin as she walked out the door. Disappointed that she had nothing to suggest to him well she did but she was been ushered out, Hardgrove followed her.

"Where we going?"

"You'll see, Commander."

That gives me a lot to go on... she thought and was about to say something when her comm went off. Hardgrove looked at her as she activated it, "Halliwell."

  "Commander," it was Reeman, "I just wanted to let you know how the repairs are coming on."

Halliwell stepped as Hardgrove pressed to call the turbolift, "Thank you, I appreciate it Lieutenant, so what's the situation?"

  "We've got some people looking at them now, it should take abut 2-3 hours to fix, although they'd prefer to do it back at the Starbase."


The turbolift opened and Hardgrove gestured for her to step in, she did so, the doors closed behind them, "Get them to start A.S.A.P, I want to make sure it's up and working."

  "Aye ma'am, anything else?"

"No, that's all. Halliwell out."

Hardgrove saw the look on her face, "You look pretty annoyed."

She glared back at him, "I am, we depart from the Starbase and I'm kindly informed that some repairs weren't carried out," she snapped, "Someone is gonna get shot when I get back, see who's responsible."

"Just relax for now," he commented, "You can't stress yourself out too much."

"You've never seen me distressed."

"Oh but I have."

She shook her head slowly, "You weren't there when I flipped out," she laughed a little, "An ensign shot me to avoid me making a big mistake," and Hardgrove nodded to her knowingly.

"The incident on the Domtar."

She rolled her eyes at him, "Why doesn't it surprise me that you knew that?" The turbolift came to a halt, "What is it you wanted to see me about anyway?"
Jul 21 2003, 07:57 PM

Fleet Captian Drayson Hardgrove. U.S.S. Gambit quarters deck

"I do have something to tell you, yet right now I don't think this the time I know you well enough that you need to take a time out from duty. Last I checked your on my ship and I am currently telling you to take a few hours for your self. Then we'll talk - but first..."

Entering his door code he escorted her in. Allowing her to enter first he gestured to the counter letting her see the large birthday cake that had been hand prepared and her favorite dinner awaiting her.

"Happy birthday Sam."
Jul 21 2003, 10:11 PM

Dr. Gao Gent-al - Science Lab 3

Gao looked down at the terminal before him. On it was a text message, which contained the following words:

Situation becoming too dangerous. Chance of getting caught growing. Expect no more messages for an indefinite period of time.

Nodding in satisfaction, he quickly typed a series of commands using the holographic buttons floating in the air in front of him. Using his skills to quickly break into the computer, he encrypted the message, set up a quick program to delete any trace of his actions once he was done, and sent the message. He then turned away, and walked out the door. He walked down the corridor with a smile on his face, it felt like he did the right thing.

In the security office, an alarm went off.