Episode 8: The Changing of the Guard, Part III

Aug 29 2004, 05:36 PM

Doctor Ullii Lauren - The Deck - Earthly Delights coffee shop

They both chuckled. After they had some more coffee, Dr. Sevrith started to look more solemn.

"Now..." he looked gravely at Ullii, "It's time to tell you why I'm here." He took a few moments to gather himself before he continued. "I'm dying, Ullii."

This could not be... Doctor Sevrith? Dying? She had never thought about it before. She knew he was an old man, but the thought of him dying never even crossed her mind! He was always soo healthy and fit! She was at a complete loss for words. "But...... you........"

"Seem soo healthy?" Those weren't exactly the words that were on her mind, but they worked well enough. She just nodded. "Nobody knows what it is... it's never been seen before. It's a microvirus that slowly eats away at the nerve receptors of the heart... because of it's properties, no symptoms exist before death. Suddenly, the subconcious parts of your brain that keep your heart pumping, find nowhere to send the signals, and the heart just stops..."

"Well... at least... at least let me take a look at you. I mean, you never know, I might find--"

"Ullii, trust me, there is nothing that can be done."

"How much time do you have?"

"A matter of days. Maybe weeks. It's hard to tell when exactly the virus will completely eat away all the receptors."

"Doctor I..."

"I want you to listen to me, Ullii... You have shown me, and tought me a great many things... Before you showed up at my door, I was a typical emotionless Vulcan, striving for logic, instead of love. And seeking quiet, instead of adventure... you've shown me how to live, Ullii. Because of you I have lived more full a life than most Vulcans that have ever seen the stars, and for that, I cannot thank you enough."

A tear escaped Ullii's eye, and crawled down her cheak. Sevrith whiped it off, but more only followed.

"I have decided to spend my remaining days in my Family's home on Vulcan. But I could not go without first seeing you again."

Ullii spoke in between tears "So then... then this is goodbye?"

"I'm afraid so... But do you remember what I tought you on your first day in my Sickbay?"

She thought back to that day, which seemed, now, like ages past, and she remembered. "Every story must have an end." more tears fell down her face.

"That's right... Life wouldn't be worth living without death. I have taken part in a wonderful story, Ullii Iiara Lauren... and this is my final page." He stood up and held Ullii's hand.

"You've had a--" she sniffed and tried to gain her composure. "A very long book." They both smiled and laughed.

"That's the spirit. I have a transport waiting for me. It will take me back to Vulcan."

"Tich tor ang tesmur, T'kahr Sevrith" She held up her right hand, in a vulcan tradition of friendship and respect, and sevrith did the same.

"Live long and prosper."

With that he turned around and left toward the airlock.

=/\= "Garrison to Doctor Lauren. Please report to my office." =/\=

Oh good, he's finally back! At least this is some good news.

With that, she whiped the rest of her tears from her eyes and walked to the Admiral's office.
Aug 30 2004, 02:08 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Transporter Room

Tom, Drayson, and Michael stepped off the transporter pad. Tom nodded to the young lieutenant operating the transporter controls as the three of them left the room.

"I'm a little concerned about the security for the first meeting of the War Council," Drayson said as they walked through the corridors. "We haven't really set up any special arrangements."

"Do you think we need any?" Larkin asked.

They reached a turbolift and entered.

"OCC," Tom called out.

"It couldn't hurt," Drayson said as the turbolift began moving. "Who knows what Blair has been up to. And I doubt very much he was the only one working against us. We should be careful, that's all."

Tom nodded. "I agree. I'll speak to Captain Halliwell about it, I'll have her make special arrangements. Are we still planning on having the first meeting take place Monday?"

"As far as I know," Drayson said. Larkin nodded as well.

"OK, that gives us 3 days to set up the security. Sam should be able to handle it," Tom said. The turbolift slowed to a halt and the three men walked onto the OCC. They headed for the glass doors connecting to the executive suite, which opened as they approached.

Each man headed for their own office. "Tom," Larkin called out as they started to walk in different directions.

Tom stopped and turned. "What?" he asked.

"We really need to announce the verdict to the public."

Tom sighed. "You're right, we do. I'd forgotten all about that."

"I'll tell you what, I'll prepare a draft of a speech for the two of us to make. Why don't you come by my office in ... say, two hours and we'll talk about it."

Tom nodded. "Sounds good to me, see you then." He then continued on to his office. He entered and walked over to his desk and sat down. Activating his holoTerminal, he found several messages waiting for him. One was marked high priority, and it was from Dr. Lauren. He opened it and found a video recording of the conversation she had with Yasha.

He whistled after he finished watching it. Wow. A Romulan rebellion. Is this real? Or is it another Alliance trick? What are they up to now? He activated his comm badge.

"Garrison to Dr. Lauren. Report to my office immediately." As an afterthought, he activated his comm badge again. "Garrison to Hardgrove, report to my office." Drayson should be in on this as well, he thought to himself.

While he was waiting for the two of them to arrive he sent a message to Sam's terminal, requesting that special security measures be set up for the briefing room on Monday.Hopefully that won't give Engineering and Security too much to do, he thought to himself. But I'm sure they can handle it.
Aug 31 2004, 12:37 AM

Commander Tanik - Main Engineering

"Hello, Mr. Clark," Tanik deadpanned.
The Lieutenant Commander spun around on his heal in surprise. "Commander! What beams you into this neck of the woods?"
Tanik chuckled, "Beware Romulans bearing gifts." He handed a PADD to Clark.
Clark's eyebrows furrowed. "You came all the way down here just to give me a PADD requesting a status report?" he said in mild skepticism.
Tanik looked down at his feet. "Alright, you caught me - I'm checking up on you."
A nearby woman laughed and approached the two. "Isn't that cute?" she said mockingly.
Tanik turned to face her. "I wouldn't know, Liuetenant... Lieutenant?" Tanik said in irritation.
It was then that the woman noticed the Romulan's three golden pips. She immediately straightened to attention. "Neala Helling, sir."
Clark piped up to Tanik. "She's my new assistant engineer, sir."
Tanik raised an questioning eyebrow before turning back to Helling. "I see. Well, Ms. Helling - I trust you do not find this incident between myself and the dear Lieutenant Commander... cute," he sneered, "and that you were merely asking our professional opinion."
Helling remained at attention. "Of course, sir."
Tanik smiled curtly. "So... what is your professional opinion, Lieutenant Commander?" he said as he turned to Clark.
Clark answered, "It was cute, sir."
Tanik slammed his hand down on Clark's left shoulder. "Well, of course it was!" He broke out into laughter. Clark followed suit, and Helling chuckled uncomfortably. Tanik gestured to Helling. "You may go about your duties, Lieutenant." Neala immediately left and began to do something on the opposite side of Engineering. Tanik continued, "How have things been? Nobody's fallen asleep yet, I hope?"
Clark chuckled, "No sir. However, I have been having trouble with deuterium injector 5."
Tanik's expression didn't change. "Well, what's wrong with it?"
Clark shrugged. "I don't know sir..."
Tanik giggled. "'I don't know sir,'" he repeated mockingly in an odd voice. "Let me see it."
Clark led Tanik over to the cone shaped machine, in a slightly secluded area of engineering. "Have you run a diagnostic?" Tanik asked.
Clark looked at him as if he were an idiot. "Of course I did sir. It showed up normal."
Tanik looked confused. "Then what's your problem?"
Clark replied, "It's almost as if it's suffereing a power drain, sir."
Tanik appeared to be in deep thought for a few seconds, and then his face lightened up. "Ah, I remember this thing."
Clark looked relieved. "Great! So how do I fix-"
Tanik kicked the injector with a great deal of force. The sound emanting from it changed.
"-it?" Clark finished, while looking perplexed.
Tanik smiled. "Sometimes life is simpler than you make it out to be."
Clark was astonished. "Well... that's cute..."
Tanik chuckled heartily.
Clark spoke up. "This is about the happiest I've seen you since you got back. Has something been wrong?"
Tanik grew quiet. After a long pause, he replied, "Clark, I've told almost no one this, but you are my friend, and I feel you should know. I was married once."
Clark was surprised Tanik had never told him before, but he let him continue. "Her name was Rhiana, which is Romulan for 'ruled by fire.' She was the best part of me... and for the past 15 years, I have not known where she was. I scoured the Galaxy for her in the Romulan Navy, but I could find no clues to her disappearance. I defected to the Federation and took the commission to Starbase 001 on the slim hope that maybe - just maybe, she would find her way to me."
Clark looked like his mind was racing to catch up. Tanik paused before continuing. "The confrontation at the Alliance border brought me closer to an answer. The commander of the Alliance fleet, Jarek, was my former commander in the Tal Shiar. Coincidently or not, the same morning on Romulus I woke up to find Rhiana missing was when I suddenly found that Jarek was quite angry at me about something. I knew back then what I still know today - he had a very important role in my wife's disappearance. When I saw him again on that viewscreen..." Tanik trailed off in great distress.
Clark swallowed. "It brought these emotions back to the surface."
Tanik nodded, distraught. "Yes, but there's one more thing - Jarek said that Rhiana was on Romulus, 'as free as air.' I do not know what he meant, but I'm sure he's attempting to imply something. Also, certain... objects and displays these past few days have been trying to tell me something. I know that sounds weird..."
Clark's brows furrowed. "You mean you've been seeing things that make you think of this... situation?"
Tanik nodded a yes. "It's as if I'm in some sort of... inexorable path to an answer, and the farther I go, the more I'm uncertain I'll like that answer..."
Clark's lips pursed. "Well, if you want to talk some more, I'm always around after hours."
Tanik chuckled and smiled wistfully. "Thanks. I guess I better get back to my cushy office upstairs."
Clark smiled encouragingly at Tanik as he walked out of engineering.
Sep 1 2004, 09:39 AM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - Captian's Office

The doorbell rang as Captian Halliwell was going over some holoPadds. "Come in," she said.
"You wanted to see me?" Sith replied as he entered.
The Captian smiled and gestured to the seat accross her desk, "Oh yes, please. I wanted to give you some direct orders. There is going to be a meeting on Monday in the Briefing Room, and I'm going to need high security around that room."
Sith sat down and glanced at her, "What kind of meeting?"
"I'm not sure," she shook her head, "But Admiral Garrison wants security, I mean a lot of security. This could be one of the biggest meetings the Federation has ever seen."
Sith nodded, "Aye ma'am. If you'll understand, I will be infact securing the whole station. It wasn't until recently I found out that someone from Section 31 may be coming for one of our prisoners."
"James? I thought he was scheduled to be transferred to a penal colony?"
"That ship, the Marrimack, reported engine failures and was unable to arrive at the appointed time. ...I don't think a penal colony is going to stop Section 31 from getting to James."
Halliwell looked at him, "See if you can get our chief Engineer to reinforce the Briefing Room... if at all possible, the whole Station." Sith shook his head. "What is it?"
"I was hoping to run a Level 20 Diagnostic on all wall and floor platforms, but that doesn't look possible right now."
"Run it," Halliwell said. "But slow, and sparringly, and co-ordinate it carefully as to not interfere with our securing of the station."
"Yes, ma'am."
She glanced out the window and then back at him, "I've also been notified that you've been spending excessive time in the Holo Arena."
Sith was surprised at this, "Huh? One or two visits at most. Nothing too--"
"Look Sith, if you need time off just say so. I can spread your work out to the crew to take care of. It's not a big deal."
There was a pause and Sith stood up. "Captian, I'll have the station secured by the end of today."
Halliwell stood up understandingly, "Alright Mr. Sith."


Sith stood to the side as rows of Security Guards jogged down the large hallways to get to thier positions. They all carried the latest VX-122 Phaser Spirit Rifle. Before anyone would know it, every Deck would have Guards. Not an excessive amount, but a enough to keep an eye out for anything suspiscious.

As Sith was stepping into a hallway yet to be guarded, he happened upon seeing someone duck out around the corner. "What the...?" Sith squinted an eye, "Zeta!"

Zeta lept ahead and turned the corner. As Sith came around he saw Zeta's legs grappled around James. The Agent had somehow escaped his Cell this time.

"Yargh!" He got up and slammed his body against a wall control panel in force. Energy currents rode along Zeta's small body, momentarily scaring the spider and knocking it off.

"You got out...?" Sith was too appauled, "You got out!?!"
Instead of running, James cracked his knuckes and approached the Commander. He jabbed for his face with one arm and Sith's stomach with the other. But Sith dodged left and palmed his hands against the lower attack. Sith then quickly kicked twice into James' stomach, knocking him back.

"What are you doing?" Sith spoke, annoyed.
James seemed determined to beat Sith, rather than run away now. He ran and lept a kick through the air at him. So Sith ran and lept at him while he was in the air and manouvered around James' attacking leg. Sith kicked James to the side wall before they both hit the floor.

The Commander was seriously confused now. It was obvious James had some fighting experience, but not enough to even match him. So why couldn't James see that? "I've got it!" Sith snapped his fingers on another train of thought. "You escaped using the Scanning Device we found."

But James didn't care for conversation because he was focused more than ever. He got up and dove a skidding foot along the floor to Sith's shins, but Sith jumped up and kicked James in the head. Their positions had alterated. "We locked out every Section 31 device in HQ except for that old Scanning Device we found. Somehow you voice contacted it and reconfigured it to let you out the Cell!"

James got up frustrated. How could someone in the Federation be stronger than him, especially himself who was a Section 31 Op??

He ran at Sith again in full frustration, "Arrrggh!!!" But Sith grabbed him by his neck and continued his momentum around to the wall behind. Sith slammed James against it.
"I completely forgot about that device; how stupid of me!" Sith said. James struggled to get free, and kneed for Sith. The Commander let go and blocked it, "Oh right." Sith counter attacked a few punches into James' chest and then kicked James down to the floor. By this time, James was in serious pain.


James was placed back in his Cell by two Guards. Zeta had returned to Sith's shoulder, when the Commander approached the Cell.
"Look, you need a little work. Give yourself a few more years of training, and you'll strengthen up in no time."
"Grrg..." James had misunderstood his own power, and he was too angry at his loss to even respond. He crossed his arms and turned away, I just want to get out of here.

Sith turned and left the Brig. Hopefully with Clark's help, the whole Station could be reinforced.
Sep 1 2004, 10:44 AM

Lieutenant Commander Daniel Clark – Main Engineering

“A meeting?” Clark said as Sith followed him through Main Engineering, “What kind of meeting?”

“I’m not sure, but the orders come from Admiral Garrison; he wants the highest security.” Sith responded handing a padd forward to Clark, as they continued to walk through the large room.

“You have to bypass junction 29B if you’re even thinking about rerouting to Cargo Bay 9.” Clark punched a few buttons and handed another padd to a young ensign tailing beside Sith. He waved a hand over a wall unit and a door slid open in front of the two men. Clark concentrated on the holopadd as he walked through into his office. “What exactly do you have in mind?”

“Evacuate two decks above and below the briefing room.” Sith responded following him through, and sitting down in front of the desk.

“Cutting power to the decks directly above and below.” He sat down, motioning towards the replicator, “Want something?”

“Exactly, and no thank you. But cutting power won’t be enough on decks 16 and 18.”

“Gas?” Sith simply nodded.

“And if you can manage it, an electric field. I don’t want anything getting in or out of those decks.”

“What about transportation? I assume it’s too risky to simply walk these people through the station?”

“Yep, that’s why we’re transporting all the delegates from the docking bay directly to the briefing room.”

“So we’ll do the same thing to deck 17… cut all power except for the briefing room?”

“And the same for the docking bays.” Sith confirmed, “I’ll leave securing the briefing room to however you see fit.”

“I’ll get right on it.” Clark said lifting his mug to take a sip.

“I… told the Captain we’d have the station secured by the end of the day.” Sith told him slowly at first.

Clark choked sending coffee all over his desk. “Today?! I don’t know how fast you can reinforce a briefing briefing room of that size with level 9 forcefields, but it’ll take me a day to do that alone, never mind the other precautions!”

“I didn’t specify what exactly I’d have done by today.” Sith said glancing at the coffee on the table, noting Clark’s look, “Well how fast can this be done?”

“With my entire engineering staff?” Clark was looking down, “Two days. But it’ll be hell.”

“Then lets get to it!” Sith smiled as he stood up. “You’re not the only one here with work to do. I better get going. Keep me informed of your progress.”

“Likewise.” Sith walked out of the room as Clark replicated a towel for his desk.
Sep 1 2004, 01:52 PM

Lieutenant Commander Daniel Clark – Personal Office

Clark sat before four holopadds on his desk, thinking. – no, preparing. He didn’t like having to make announcements to a lot of people, but of course it had to be done. He was about to stand up when a call came through the COMM.

“Halliwell to Lieutenant Commander Clark.”

“Clark here.” He said tapping his comm badge.

”Commander Sith will be joining you shortly. I suggest you clear your schedule for the next couple of days.”

“Actually, he just left ma’am.” He was annoyed that she hadn’t informed him earlier, but he hid it. “We’re beginning security enhancements immediately.”

“Very well. Keep me informed of your progress. Halliwell out.”

He got up to leave the room. I don’t know why she couldn’t have called me to her office with Sith. He had only met the captain a few times – she had always been nice to him – but it made him wonder if the other senior officers were as confident in Tanik’s decision as Tanik was himself. He grabbed the padds off of his desk and stepped outside. He took a deep breath and tapped his communicator twice.

“Ok, everybody drop what your doing, and pay attention.” His voice was amplified over the comm system. The room went silent as people gathered closer. “I’ve received word that there is a meeting to be held on the station. I don’t have any details, but Admiral Garrison has ordered the highest security.” He took another deep breath. “I’ve divided the work into four groups. My team will work on securing the briefing room on deck 17. Lieutenant Helling, your team is to secure decks 16 and 18.” He handed the Lieutenant one of the pads. “Gamma team, you will be assigned to docking port 6; Echo will be on port 8. Theta team will assist both Gamma and Echo.” He handed padds to the leaders of all the teams. “All other personnel will remain in Main Engineering and will be responsible for systems operations. Beta team, you may begin when you receive word that decks 16 and 18 have been evacuated. Alpha team, your with me.” He looked around the room. “You have two days people, lets get going!” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the room burst into motion.
Sep 1 2004, 11:35 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

The door chime sounded. "Come in," Tom called out. The doors opened and Dr. Lauren walked into the room. She paused in the doorway and looked in.

"Come in, sit down," Tom said, pointing to a chair. She walked in and sat down next to Captain Hardgrove, who was sitting in the other chair. She noticed Drayson and Tom exchange a glance before Tom started speaking to her.

"Dr. Lauren, you did the right thing in sending this conversation to me right away. Captain Hardgrove and I have discussed it, and we've decided not to allow the meeting to take place at this time..."

"But sir!" Ullii interrupted.

"Let me finish," Tom said sternly. Ullii looked like she wanted to say more but she stayed quiet.

"Neither of us have heard anything about a Romulan rebellion before this. There is no intelligence suggesting one. It's just too great of a security risk right now."

"Admiral!" She couldn't stay quiet any longer. "How can we pass up an opportunity like this?"

"Have you already forgotten what happened just a few weeks ago?"

"It's different this time!" she protested.

"How can you be so sure of that?" Tom asked. "All you have to go on is this one conversation."

"Because I just know it!"

"And don't you think that you might be a bit biased here?" Tom questioned.

"No, I don't think I am. I really think she's sincere!"

Tom sighed. "I'm sorry, but the answer is still no for ... "

"You're making a mistake," Ullii cried out.

"Excuse me?" Tom started to raise his voice. "Do not forget who you're talking to,Doctor. I've made my decision, and it's final. For now we will do nothing while we investigate this further. You will have no further contact with Yasha or anyone else on Romulus. Is that clear?"

Ullii said nothing, she sat there glowering in anger.

"IS THAT CLEAR?" Tom shouted.

"Yes, sir," Ullii said. "Am I dismissed now?"

Tom stared at her for a second. "Dismissed," he said. She got up and stormed out of the room.

Tom sat back in his chair and let out a long sigh.

"That could have gone better," Drayson observed.

Tom chuckled. "That was an understatement, Drayson." He paused for a minute. "We need to find out what this is all about, whether it's for real or just another Alliance trap. And we need to find out as soon as possible."

Drayson nodded. "I'll get right on it," he said, and then he stood up and strode to the door.
Captain Archer
Sep 2 2004, 08:28 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-Office

"Coffee. Black." Michael said to the replicator. It whirled a cup of coffee up for him in no time, he removed it and took a sip. He made his way back to his desk and continued working on the now almost complete speech that would be broadcast throughout the Federation.

The door chime interupted him "Come in." The door slid open and revealed Jen Hurst. He got up and met her as she started into the room. "Hey Jen, come in have a seat." She gave him a kiss and took a seat. "Actually I can't stay long, I just wanted to let you know, that were being sent out on a patrol," she must have seen the look on his face "'s nothing major, just a quick run around the block, so to speak. I just wanted to stop in a say goodbye before we left...and to see how things went at Command." Michael took another sip of his coffee. "About as expected, no phaser battles, and no one was taken prisoner so better than expected i guess." He chuckled a little. "How did they take the news?" He twirled the padd on his desk around with his finger. "You know...better than I would have."

The comm system chirped just then "Gambit to Captain Hurst." She tapped her badge "Hurst here, what is it?" "Were ready to get underway whenever you are Captain." "Understood, Hurst out." She stood up and brushed the front of her uniform off, "Well, here goes nothing. Wish me luck." He stood up and embraced her, and whispered to her "You'll do just fine." He kissed her and they parted. "See you in a few days Michael." "Goodbye." She walked out the door and Michael went back to his desk and put the finishing touches on his speech. He looked at the chronometer on the wall and saw that Garrison would be arriving soon.
Sep 3 2004, 06:54 AM

Captain Samantha Halliwell ~ Quarters

Halliwell opened the door to her quarters and stepped in, looking around. "Leah," she shouted putting a padd on a convient table. Leah Burke walked up to her, the older woman watched her for a moment, "Everything okay, Sam? You look like hell."
"Thanks," she mustered a smile, "Nice to see you too." She walked over to get a drink, "How's Matthew?"
"Reading in his room."
"Good good," she sat down, "It's only a brief visit, I'm heading down to engineering to see how everything is going," she glanced at Leah. "I have to do something, sitting in my office staring at four walls and stars all day is driving me crazy."
"You took the job on."
"I know I did, I thought David was always being dramatic," Halliwell shook her head. "Now I see his point."

=^= Ensign Ricardo to Captain Halliwell =^=

What now? she tapped her comm badge, "Halliwell here."

=^= Sir, there's someone here to see you =^=

"I've got no meetings or appointments scheduled for today." She said narrowing her eyes, "If they have any problems, ask them to see Commander Tanik."

=^= It's a more personal matter, sir =^=

Halliwell exchanged a look with Leah then stood up. This didn't sound good and looked at the padd, times and dates that transports bringing people back and fourth were due. "Where are they?"


Halliwell walked onto The Deck and looked around. She spotted Ricardo, "Ensign," she said. He shot to attention, "At ease," she said immediately. "What's going on?"

"I can explain," Halliwell turned round at the sound of the voice and looked straight at Phillip Halliwell. This is all I need. She looked back to Ricardo, "I can handle things from here, thank you Ensign." She turned back to her father. "What are you doing here?"
"It's the only way I can get you to speak to me, Sam." He said stubbornly, "I won't accept my calls, figured the only way to do it was to come up here myself."
"Yeah, well you've had a wasted journey." She glanced at the rota, "The next transport will be leaving within the hour, enjoy your flight." She turned on her heel and left.

He followed her as she headed towards the nearest turbolift, "Sam," he pleaded.
"Try following me into a restricted area and I will call security," Halliwell said turning back to him. "You said you all you needed to back on Earth with a lasting reminder."
"It was an mistake," he carried on, not to be deterred.

Halliwell tapped her comm badge, "Halliwell to security. Get someone down to The Deck. A.S.A.P."
Sep 3 2004, 09:32 PM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - The Deck

Sith had just been on the Deck when he heard the call. Pointing to two nearby Guards he ordered, "You two are with me."

As they came to approach the Captain, an Ensign and a fearful Civilian male, Sith glanced over at Halliwell.
"Mr. Sith, please escort this man to the Docking Ports where he will be boarding the next Transport to the surface," she ordered.
Sith nodded to his two men and they apprehended Phillip. "Yes Captian, but correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't he your father?"
Halliwell took a breath and reinstated her order a little more sincere this time, "You're not mistaken. Please take him down to the Docking Ports?"

Phillip glanced over at Sith and the Guards a bit unsure at how rough they would treat him, but that quickly passed when he turned his face back to his daughter. "Samantha, please listen---"

Whatever the Captian's reasoning was for having her own father taken away, it wasn't Sith's place to question. The Captian's orders was the Captian's orders. He nodded to his men and had Phillip escorted to the Docking Ports.


Later, Sith entered the Memorium, a largly spaced room where Memorial's were set up for those who were lost in the line of duty. Standing near the main window was Captian Halliwell alone at a set up for T'Kila and Major.

She must've just came here to be alone, Sith thought. He walked over, his footsteps echoing throughout the room. "Captian," he approached. "Are you going to be alright?" He was momentarily concerned for her as she stared out the window.

Halliwell then glanced over, appreciating it, "I'll be okay." She smiled and walked out the Memorium respectfully. Sith was left at the two set-up's before him.

Flowers were layed around all the Memorial's in the room except for T'Kila's. Almost every Memorium said -Rest in Peace-, except her's. It seemed someone set this one up for her out of respect, even though she was in a coma in stasis on Earth. Sith took a moment and squat down to get closer to it.

Another thing to blame the Alliance on? Looking at the inscription it said, -See You Soon-. Sith remembered how she once helped him to focus. Her ability to fight was far advanced. It was too bad she was gone now. If only he had the time earlier to pay his respects.

Should he blame the Alliance? Perhaps. But blame wasn't the issue. He had lost a friend and a crewmate. Sith remained there in the Memorium for a little while.
Sep 4 2004, 03:44 AM

Captain Samantha Halliwell ~ Leaving The Memorium

Halliwell couldn't help but look back at Sith before she left. He lingered at T'Kila's, she then left. What was I doing before all this... Halliwell had to stop and think momentarily. "Engineering," she muttered to herself. She headed in that general direction.

What must Sith and his men thought of her. Asking them to apprehend her own father. It sounded crazy, but what else was she supposed to do? Waste her time listening to excuses, she knew that deep down, she'd never be able to truely forgive him for what he did.

Before she knew it, she was in Main Engineering, she looked round for Clark but to no avail could find him. "Excuse me," she said to a passing Lieutenant, "Can you tell me where Commander Clark is?"
"Ermm," she was flustered and fiddled about nervously with something, Captains had that kind of effect on some people, Halliwell determined. "Deck 17 sir, ma'am."
"Thank you." She looked around at people busying themselves, Lucky sods she thought as she left.
Sep 4 2004, 01:13 PM

Doctor Ullii Lauren - Garrison's Office

"IS THAT CLEAR?" Tom shouted.

"Yes, sir," Ullii said. "Am I dismissed now?"

Tom stared at her for a second. "Dismissed," he said. She got up and stormed out of the room.

What in god's name is he thinking?! Large holo-banners boasting the name 'Nick's Nacks' were popping up everywhere on the deck as she stormed towards the infirmary.This is Starbase 001! What could possibly go wrong by having ONE Romulan come aboard?! There's nothing she could possibly do, as long as we kept a close watch on her! When she entered the infirmary, she sat down at her desk and activated the holo-panel. She sat there for a moment looking at it, and a dangerous thought entered her mind.He made a mistake not letting her come... Afterall, how can trust be earned without an oprotunity to earn it? She pushed a few buttons and ended up at the communications interface. She was about to enter in the frequency once more to contact her sister, but she decided to wait. I have another call to make first. Instead, she entered in another frequency. It was for Starfleet Medical Headquarters. She was reminded of Lieutenant T'kila when a couple of security officers approached her in her office yesterday. They were concerned for their chief security officer, Lt. Cmdr. Sith. He had apparently been spending excessive time on the Holodeck. Normally, this is something that the station councellor would take care of, but noone had yet come to replace Mr. Resin. She didn't think much of it, but decided to have a talk with him none the less. When she hailed the computer for his location, she was told he was in the memorium, so she decided to leave him be for now. This, however, reminded her of her first patient as CMO once again. She had often tried to convince Starfleet Medical that she was the best person to handle her case, and that it was, afterall, her patient. But they would never listen. She decided she would keep trying until they let her keep T'kila onboard the Starbase.

"Computer, initiate input frequency, authorization Lauren Echo Echo Tessa." She waited a few moments while the computer connected to Starfleet Medical.

"Yes, Ms. Lauren, what is it this time?" It was Captain Lucian; the same person that always responded to her hails. "I know what you're going to ask, and the answer is still no. We have much more qualified personal here on the surface to take care of your Vulcan friend! To be quite frank, I honestly can't see what kind of strings you pulled to manage a CMO position in such a respectable location."

"If you're think my position is ill-deserved, Captain, then I suggest you speak with Admiral Garrison. In addition, you Stole my patient from me, and by all rights, I demand that you send her back! How am I to help her if I'm circling around her planet?!"

"Now, now, Lieutenant. I have every intent on speaking with your beloved Admiral. Giving away positions based on favoritism is a serious offence from a Starfleet Admiral, Doctor." She wasn't too worried about this. Two minutes speaking with Garrison, especially after tonight, and he'd see that playing favorites with her is the last thing on the Admiral's mind. "And T'kila is doing fine. Honestly, Ms. Lauren, I don't know how you can ever expect to cure her. It's an impossible case! Don't waste your time. You know just as well as I do that she'll be in that coma until the day she dies. She'll just lay there in that morgue until one da--"

"MORGUE??!!!" Lucian jumped at Ullii's sudden volume. "YOU HAVE HER IN A MORGUE???! So help me, Captain, I will get her out of there, even if it means pointing a phaser at your wrincled head!" She closed the channel. I cannot believe this! A coma patient in a morgue?! That is crossing the line! She had had to place T'kila temporarily in a morge on the USS Pollux during a battle once before... a thing she hated to do, but was nessesary! Starfleet Medical has plenty of empty special care rooms available! What if she were to wake up?! Waking to find yourself locked up in a drawer next to dozens of dead people wouldn't exactly qualify as a positive experience!

She let herself cool down, and she thought about what she would say to her sister. After a few mintues of thought, she decided that she would tell Yasha that all is well, and give an official invitation to board Starbase 001. Then, tomorrow, she would tell Garrison that Yasha was on her way, and he'd have no choice but to accept her, and listen to what she has to say. Afterall, she's bringing valuable strategic infomation with her! He'd thank her in the end. She opened the channel. Yasha's face appeared immediatly on the screen, and Ullii adopted a smile.

"Good to see you again, Yasha."

"Likewise, sister. You've spoken to your superiors?"

"I have. They say it is a risk, but one worth taking. I warn you, there will be a lot of security, and you will not have much freedom... at least at first... but I'm sure things will loosen up in time. Admiral Garrison has agreed to hear what you have to say."

A wide smile appeared on Yasha's face. "Excellent! You can expect my arrival tomorrow morning." A lump exploded in Ullii's throat. Tomorrow morning??! That would mean she would have to talk to Garrison tonight! Right away!

"Tomorrow sounds great!" She faked a friendly smile.

=/\= "Portman to Doctor Lauren" =/\=

"I'm sorry, Yasha, but I must go. Duty calls."

"Very well. I look forward to our meeting in person. Yasha out."

=/\= "Yes, ensign? What is it?" =/\=

=/\= "It's Lt. Cmdr. Sith again, ma'am. I think you should join us at the Holo-Arena." =/\=

=/\= "I'm on my way" =/\=

Looks like I'll be busy for a little while. I just hope I can talk to Garrison before Yasha arrives.
Sep 4 2004, 09:07 PM

Lattrel Ottel - Quarters

"Need anything to wash it down?" Ottel asked Shani, as he got up and walked to the replicator.

"Orange juice would be nice," she said going back to the padds in front of her. "What else should I include here?"

"What do we have so far?" he came back with two glasses, full of juice.

"Let's see," she went through the padds, "I have here," she picked one up, "the co-ordinates of all our bases in Federation territory, the people in charge of the bases, senior personnel, that sort of thing." She took a sip from the glass Ottel handed her, "Thanks," she picked up another padd, "this one has a quite detailed history of the Coalition, our governing structure, important dates and events we've been involved in, our connections in Alliance territory..." she stopped, looking at Ottel, "Are you sure we should be handing all of this to Garrison?"

"Mm-hm," Ottel said, drinking his juice. He brought the glass down from his mouth. "I want him to know what we are capable of and what we know. I want him to see that I trust him one hundred percent, and I want HIM to start trusting me... trusting us." He paused, taking another sip.

"But he put you on the War Council," Shani said, "Doesn't that mean that he trusts you already?"

"Not necessarily," he answered. "His decison was mostly based on what Hardgrove told him, I'm sure of that. And besides, he didn't have that much of a choice: the Smugglers are into this as much as the Federation." Another sip. "Look, Shani, I've known this man for a very short period of time, but he is something else... all these Federation types are something else. I mean, for centuries... centuries, Shani, not months or years, centuries, the Federation has been loosing to the Alliance. They've lost battles, planets, whole sectors, good people, friends and family. Now, even after all of that, this man was appalled at the attempts of Starfleet Command to use time travel to stop the Alliance before it even formed. Why? I'll tell you why. Because it was against the Temporal Prime Directive... a Federation ideal that he believes and swears his loyatly to. The bottom line is, he is a man who has strong beliefs in the principles of the Federation. Now, imagine this man having to share a table with a Smuggler and a Pirate, as his allies. A Smuggler and a Pirate, Shani. The very names give off a negative vibe. We're not called traders, no! We're smugglers, working against the law."

"Ottel, isn't it too late to question your whole way of life?" she interrupted him. "You once said yourself that you were proud of who you were."

"I still am, Shani. I'm proud of being a part of the Smugglers' Coalition, but I am not proud of being a smuggler," he said the last word with such hate, "The life of a backdoor merchant in not something to be proud of, and you know it too. The Coalition is not a band of petty thieves, it's something greater, and that's what you are proud of, not anything else, that's what we both are proud of."

"So what is it that you want to do?" she shouted, "Huh? You want to tell me? I know there is truth in your words, but what do we do? The reason we both are smugglers," she emphasized the word, "is because we both found the rules and the life of the Federation to be too restricting. THAT has not changed."

"Oh, but it has, Shani, it has!" he went on, " The fact that you're on this station as a representative of the Coalition, the fact that I have a seat on the War Council... it has changed. And there will be more changes. Compromises have to be made. I remember that a very wise woman once told me that the universe is always changing, that life IS change. You can't deny that, after all, those were your words."

"You just know what to say!" she threw one of her stares at him. He chuckled, then walked back to the couch and sat down next to her, his arm around her shoulder. "I hope everyone changes like you," she said.

"Like me?" Ottel asked surprised.

"Yeah, you," she looked at him. "Oh don't act surprised. Sometimes you just piss me off. You were angry at William for taking initiative... 'He's too ambitious,' you said. Ottel, William is YOU. That's how you were. Go where the profit is, go where the winner is. Sure, you had your priciples, but it took me 3 years just to see them. Now you act like a revolutionary. Believe me, it's not going to be so easy. Even people on the council will have a hard time agreeing with you."

"That's why I have a little plan," Ottel said with a smile that said he was hiding something.
Sep 4 2004, 09:53 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom glanced at the chronometer on his desk. Shit! He realized he was supposed to be meeting with Ambassador Larkin almost twenty minutes ago. He quickly finished up the orders he was writing - orders for the U.S.S. Apache to change its patrol route, and sent them off through subspace. He then stood up and walked quickly out the door.

A short way down the corridor he found himself standing outside Michael's door. He rang the door chime and after a few seconds heard a muffled "Enter." He walked into the office and found Michael sitting at his desk, his feet propped up on the desk, and a holoPADD in his hand.

"Sorry I'm late, Michael," Tom said as he walked further into the office. The doors closed behind him.

"Late?" Michael asked, sounding puzzled.

"I was supposed to be here almost twenty minutes ago."

"Really?" Michael took his feet off the desk and sat up. He glanced at the time and looked surprised. "Wow, I didn't realize how late it had gotten already." He noticed Tom still standing. "Please, sit down," he said while gesturing to one of the chairs. Tom sat down.

"How is the speech coming?" Tom asked.

Michael frowned. "I don't know..." his voice trailed off.

"What's wrong?" Tom asked while learning forward, concerned.

"I'm having some trouble writing this. I mean, how do you announce to the Federation that their elected leaders are being sent home in disgrace, and their Starfleet leaders are being sent to prison."

Tom sat back in his chair. "Ahh. Good question." He paused to think for a second. "I don't think this is much of surprise to be honest. We've tried to keep everything secret but it must be pretty obvious that something is up. The media has already found out some sort of secret tribunal is being held."

"True," Michael replied. "But I seriously doubt many people have even a clue of the magnitude of this. Sure they might know something is up, but I don't think many of them are ready to hear about what Starfleet and the Federation Council have been up to."

Tom nodded.

"We've never even taken the time to think about this," Michael continued. "We've spent so much time figuring out how to handle Command, how to handle the council, how to handle the Alliance, ... that we never thought about the impact on our own citizens once the truth comes out. This is going to shake their faith in the Federation..." he stopped talking.

Tom pursed his lips together. He's right. We've been so busy worrying about everything else we never stopped to worry about this. ... DAMN! Why didn't I think of this before?

"You're right, Michael," he said at last. "You're right. None of us ever stopped and thought about this before, but it is a serious issue. I should have realized it before now, and I take responsibility for not doing so. But that doesn't really help us figure out how to deal with this."

"You're not the only one to blame," Michael said. Garrison was always trying to take all the blame for things himself, but Michael wasn't going to stand for that. "We all should have realized it, but we didn't. Nobody's perfect."

Tom just nodded, he didn't even really hear what Michael was saying. He was thinking about what to do now. "I guess all we can do is tell the truth. Just state, in plain and simple terms, exactly what Command and the Council were doing, why it was wrong, what the civilian tribunal decided, and where we're going from here. I don't know any other way to handle this. And whatever happens next is out of our hands I suppose."

Michael sighed. "I guess you're right. I just don't like the uncertainty of that."

"I don't either, Michael." Tom said. There was a pause at both men pondered this.

"Who's going to deliver this speech?" Michael asked.

"We should both be there. I guess I represent Starfleet right now. And in a way, you represent the Federation since you're its most senior ambassador..." Suddenly Tom had an idea.

"And in fact," he continued. "Let's not give a prepared speech. I think it will sound much more honest if we just tell what has happened without reading from a script."

Michael nodded. He hadn't thought about that but it made sense. "I think you're right."

"How soon can you be ready to do this?" Tom asked.

"Any time. We should do it as soon as possible, before news of any of this leaks out."

"I agree. I'll go make the arrangements to have what we say broadcast throughout the Federation. Meet me outside the briefing room in ten minutes?"

"That works. I'll see you there," Michael said.

Tom nodded. "See you in a few minutes." He stood up and walked to the door.
Sep 5 2004, 03:57 PM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - Operations Command Center

Sith and Karelia were almost surrounded by hovering holo-consoles, going through Station Security. In the background, Guards had been posted even at the back-walls.
"We're screening every thing that leaves or comes onto the Station. No signs of any Section 31 Op anywhere..." Karelia said.
Sith shook his head, "They've got to be coming sooner or later. Anyway, I'll be on the lower-decks."


As he walked through the large hallways his mind wandered to how they would even try to infiltrate the Station. Now that we had a little better understanding of thier technologies, we were able to track their cloaks that much better. But this time, Section 31 would have to be that much more creative.

Sith stopped at this thought. He had happened to stop just before the Holo Arena.
"I guess the race was supposed to be right now." He glanced at the doors. "Hmm... Section 31 must be waiting for something," Sith pondered. "That's it! They're waiting... waiting for me!"
*Chirp? Waiting?*

On a long-shot, Sith entered the Holo Arena and activated the Land Vehicle Simulation.

Holo Arena

Suddenly crowds of people were all around him, excitedly waiting for a Race to begin. Walking through curiously, Sith's eye was out for anything suspiscious. From the corner of his eye he caught someone who was out of place.

This man Sith didn't recognize, but he wasn't as excited as everyone else.

"Sith!" Miyazaki suddenly grabbed him by the arm as Sith neared the two Car's.
"Huh?" Sith looked down, "Miyazaki."
"I didn't think you would make it! I had already appointed someone else to race Gaines. Oh, let me introduce you to Gaines Hudson," he gestured to a tall bald man to his right.
"Nice to meet you," Sith said preoccupied, while still looking around the crowd for that other guy.


VoKaila was called to Cornell and Portman just outside the Holo Arena. "What's going on?"
"The Commander is inside there when he should be out here co-ordinating the Station's Security," Portman told.
"It's obviously his holoaddiction. We have to get him out," Cornell insisted.
"Are you two sure about this? I'm pretty sure Lieutenant Commander Sith does not have a case of holoaddiction."
"We believe he does. I mean, this is just crossing the line," Portman said. "We have to get him out of there so he'll finally understand!"
VoKaila tapped her foot impatiently. She did not like this one bit, "Alright fine. Contact the Doctor."

Holo Arena

Looking through the crowd, Sith's eye caught the strange man. He seemed to be aware of Sith's attention all of a sudden.
"I knew it!" Sith said.
The man suddenly made a run for it. He pushed people aside and lept off a platform through the air until he landed on Gaines' Car roof, a Subaru Impreza WRX Omega-Alpha, and got inside.
"Hey!" Gaines yelled.
But Sith ran and lept into the other Car, a BMW Z9 Convertible Delta, when the Subaru drove off down the road. Sith activated his vehicle and raced after.

Speeding along side, Sith slammed his Z9 against the Subaru. The guy inside pulled up a screen and tapped at a few buttons. Suddenly his Subaru began transforming. It folded in its wheels and started hovering at immense speeds.

The Subaru then shot off into the sky, towards an upper Road.
"What the!?" Sith remained in his Z9 driving. He had no idea what to do next. Then Zeta crawled out along the Z9 until placing underneath. From under the Z9, eight metallic legs shot out and propped the Z9 into the air.

Holding on for his life, Sith's car made a flip through the air until landing on the upper Road. The land was cushioned by Zeta and when Sith regained his placement he slammed his foot on the gas and raced towards the lowflying Subaru.

...From below and far back at the Civic Gatherings, four or five people materialized into the simulation. One of them was the Doctor, the others were Security.
"What is this place?" Ullii asked.

Meanwhile, the Subaru swung a left off the high roads into the sea of 28th Century Buildings. It weaved through the air, around each one. The Z9 suddenly spread its metallic spider legs again and lept after.

The Z9 clung onto wall after wall, jumping onto the next in chase. It then lept onto a roof and sprung off through the air, coming upon an angled roof. Zeta sucked its legs back in and Sith slammed his foot on the gas. The Z9 landed on the angled roof and sped along it upwards until flying off the edge back through the air.

The Section 31 Op inside the Subaru looked through his rear-view mirror at a loss to where they were. But looking out his window and up, he saw the Z9 coming down from above.

Zeta sprung his eight legs out from below the Z9 again and clung onto the Subaru in mid flight. Both connected Cars spun uncontrollably until Zeta was forced to let go and the Z9 fell to a Building roof below. Sith slammed on the brakes and screetched to a stop, watching as the Subaru crashed along one roof three buildings away.

The large hover-screens back at the Civic Gathering were desperately trying to follow the action.
"What's going on?? Where is Sith??" Ullii asked.
Miyazaki walked over, "I cannot believe this. How is that man able to reconfigure my program? I was so precise with protecting it!"
"Hey, I recognize you. You're that holo-expert everyone on Earth has been talking about," Ullii turned. "This is a Networked Simulation, isn't it?"
"Yes it is!" Miyazaki said as he was sifting through a holoscreen, "And according to this, that strange man in the Subaru is somehow trying to purge the Holo Arena that you and Sith originate from! How annoying!"

Up at the roof tops, the Section 31 Op in the Subaru got his car to flip over straight. Extra surface plains and currents of holo-energy began flowing around and beneath his car. He then drove off to continue tapping at a hover-panel with his right hand. He was trying to brake into the computers on Starbase 001.

Sith thrusted his foot into his pedal and sped off the roof-top he was on. He landed on a slightly lower roof-top and then drove off that one to the next.

Driving off roof-top to roof-top Sith was getting closer. When he landed on the same roof-top the Section 31 Op happened to be passing over, he slammed the side-door of his Z9 into the Subaru, knocking the Subaru off course.

Meanwhile, Miyazaki had discovered something accross town. Looking up, he stopped tapping at his hover-console. "Ha! This is what racing truely is. Excitement and speed!"
"Doctor, what are we waiting for? Let's just de-activate the program!" Portman stepped over.
"That's enough, Lieutenant!" Ullii tapped her commbadge. "Doctor Ullii to Commander Sith, come in."
*Sith here.*
"The old man here says the guy you're chasing has opened up an Exit on the other side of town."
*I knew it. He's trying to board the Station!*
"I'm going to shut the whole Simulation off."
*Wait a second. See if you can track his original location. As soon as you do, then you can turn it off.*
"I'm a Doctor, not a Holo-Technician."
*Please, Doctor. I need your help.*

Sith drove off the last roof-top and shot through the air. Zeta sprung his extended metallic legs out from underneath and landed on the ground.

But before them sat the Subaru. It was parked right in front of an opened Exit.


Sith lept out his Vehicle and ran into the Corridors of 001. He tackled the Section 31 Op until they rolled and slammed into a wall. He then tied the Op's hands behind his back and forced him against the wall for control.

Ullii and the Guards then ran out the Holo Arena. They approached Sith and the holographic Section 31 Op.
"I did it. I tracked his source. He's on the U.S.S. Merrimack," Ullii said.
"What about Sith's holoaddiction Doctor??" Portman pushed.
"Are you serious, Lieutenant?" Sith said. "Is that why you stormed the Simulation?"
"It is my professional opinion that Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith does not have holoaddiction. He was trying to stop this guy!"
"You fools. What are you going to do, prosecute me? The Federation Council is gone and the War Council hasn't even gathered yet!" He turned to Sith. "Ugh! You Feds are always ten steps behind. You know what, you can have James. Maybe he'll learn his lesson after a few years in a penal colony." He narrowed his brow and then disentegrated in escape.

Zeta lept back onto Sith's shoulder in exhaustion. Ullii and the Guards walked over.
"I can't beleive he got away," Sith said.
"Did he just say he was coming for James?" Ullii asked.
Sith nodded, "He was from Section 31."
"Well it's a good thing he's gone now. But what was that he said about the Federation Council?"
"I'm not sure," Sith replied. "But whatever it is, let's hope it's good."
Ullii nodded and walked away to get back to Sickbay.
Captain Archer
Sep 7 2004, 05:58 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-Outside Briefing Room

Michael smoothed out the front of his dress uniform, he rather liked the dress uniform, and they were less restrictive than those of Starfleet were. He turned as he heard the lift doors open at the end of the corridor and Admiral Garrison made his way down the hall, tugging at his collar. “Twice in this many days, there should be a law against these damn uniforms.” Tom said as he approached Michael. “Well, feeling up to this Ambassador?” Michael nodded and they made their way into the briefing room.

A rather small looking engineering officer popped up from behind the podium that had been set up in the Briefing Room. “Admiral, Ambassador. We’re just about done here. Let me take you through this real quick, it’s quite simple, in fact. We’ve tapped station’s subspace transmitter into Earth’s Orbital Communication relay system, which will broadcast your speech from there, but it will be on a delay, but only a few seconds.” Tom nodded “Very good ensign, I believe we can handle it from here, you are welcome to watch from a monitor outside though.” The ensign looked a little confused but nodded “Yes sir. You heard the Admiral, let’s get a move on people.” Michael and Tom approached the podium, Michael stepped up behind the podium and Tom stayed at his right side. “Here goes nothing.” Michael said as he opened the channel.

“Citizens of the United Federation of Planet, I am Ambassador Michael Larkin of Starbase 001 along with Admiral Thomas Garrison. We come before you today to replace misinformation with fact. We are aware that there are many rumors floating around at the present time about certain things. We will clear up a few of these here and now. First let me state that the Admiral and myself would like to extend sympathies to the families that suffered losses during the Battle at Betazed. The Federation has suffered many great losses in the past few months, but that is no excuse to lay aside the very thing that those people have died to protect, to that end a Civilian Tribunal was convened to investigate wrong doing at the highest levels of Starfleet and the Federation. This Tribunal weighed the evidence carefully and has handed down a judgment and several sentences. First, Starfleet Command has been found guilty on several different violations of Federation law and of the Temporal Prime Directive. Various members were sentenced to various amounts of time in prison. Secondly, the Federation Council has been disbanded and all representatives will be sent to their various homeworlds. A special War Council will be established which Admiral Garrison will now explain in further detail. Tom.” Michael stepped down to the left allowing Garrison to take the podium.
Sep 10 2004, 12:18 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Briefing Room

Tom stepped up to the podium. He looked directly into the recording device, so that everyone watching would feel as if he was looking them in the eye, and took a deep breath to collect his thoughts.

"Thank you, Ambassador Larkin. As the Ambassador mentioned, part of the tribunal's ruling was to grant me authority to set up a special War Council to temporarily govern the Federation.

"Ever since the Battle of Betazed there have been rumors flying throughout the Federation of bands of outlaws coming to the aid of the Federation, of them joining with us and fighting as allies. Today I wish to confirm those rumors. It is true that the Smuggers' Coalition and the Orion Syndicate fought alongside us in the battle as we all faced off against our common enemy - the Alliance.

"I also wish to confirm the rumors that the Bajoran people have allied themselves with us. It was through the combined efforts of the Federation, Bajoran, Smuggers' Coalition, and Orion Syndicate fleets that we were victorious in this battle. So it is only fair that they have a voice in how the rest of this war is conducted.

"The War Council will be set up in the following way. I, along with Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove, will sit on it as its founding members. However, due to our Starfleet bias we are not best suited to represent all the citizens of the Federation. Ambassador Larkin is much better suited to that task, so he will also sit on the War Council, and out of the three of us he will be the only one to actually have a vote.

"The Bajorans, Smuggers' Coalition, and Orion Syndicate will each have send one representative to sit on the War Council as well. That brings the total number of voting members to four. In order to prevent tie votes, one additional member is needed. That is why I will be asking the Vulcan government to send a representative as well.

"I realize this may not seem fair to many of you. Why do the Vulcans get a representative, but nobody else? The answer to that is quite simple - I need a fifth member, and the most fair thing to do is to ask the Vulcans, being that they are the second-oldest members of the Federation behind Humans.

"A good number of you probably still don't think this is fair. To that, I can only respond by urging you to realize that this War Council is not a Federation Council. It is not meant to represent every world of this great Federation. It is meant only to be a place where the Federation and its new allies can sit down and decide how to win this war, how to defeat the Alliance.

"The War Council will not last forever. I swear to each and every one of you listening to me speak that new Federation Council elections will be held, and power will be returned to all of you. The exact date of those elections has not yet been set, but I can tell you that they will take place as soon as this crisis situation with the Alliance passes. Until then, I ask you to trust all of us sitting on the War Council.

"But let me assure you, you are not left with no recourse should you find yourself unhappy with your situation. Your Federation Council members have been sent home, but each member world does still posess an Ambassador Corps. The War Council will listen to complaints brought before it by any one of those Ambassadors. That way, the right of each of you to participate in our government will be protected."

Tom paused to let his words sink in. Then he continued.

"My fellow citizens, I will not lie to you. We face trying times ahead. We face a strong and determined enemy. We must never let our confidence waver, we must never give up hope, and we must never give in to tyranny. We will survive this great trial, and emerge from it as better people. Thank you."

Tom hit a button on the podium to stop the recording device. Once it had clicked off, he turned to Michael. "I'm glad that's over," he said.
Sep 12 2004, 02:19 PM

Doctor Ullii Lauren - Corridor

Ullii had been waiting in the corridor outside the room where Garrison and Larkin had been giving their speeches. She had ran as fast as she could to get there before they started, but she had been too late. The doors opened and the two men walked out.

"Admiral..." Suddenly the realization of what she had done just hit her. She disobeyed a direct order... how could she tell him that?!

He stopped, taking note of the guilty look about her. "It's alright Michael, go ahead." After Larkin had gone, the Admiral looked curiously at Ullii. "In my office."

A short walk led them to the executive office corridor, and they walked into Garrison's. "Please sit down, Doctor." She did so. "Now what was it you wanted to tell me?"

"Sir..." She took a few seconds to decide what to say, "Sir... you know my point of view on your decision not to allow a Romulan Ambassidor aboard the station, and--"

"Doctor, if you're here to try and change my mind, I'm afraid your wasting your time--"

"No, sir, it's not that."

"Well then what is it?"

She paused, once again in deep though, choosing her words carefully.

"I'm waiting, Doctor."

"Sir, I've gone ahead and invited Yasha to the station."
Sep 13 2004, 02:45 AM

Lattrel Ottel - Quarters

Shani's words were still burning in his ears. What she said about him and Dearborne seemed unreal, yet... she was right. Maybe he did see a part of himself in the young captain: ambition, a drive to win, to profit... what had happened to him? Had he changed without noticing? When he came aboard 001 one of the things that comforted his mind was that he would be running a profitable business. He couldn't even remember the last time he stayed in the bar for more than 20 minutes or so... well, there was last evening.Maybe I was too harsh on William, he thought.

"What do you mean?" Shani asked him, all of a sudden.


"When I told you that it will be hard to convince everyone on the council to agree with all the changes, you said it would not be a problem," she explained. "What did you mean by that?"

"All in due time," he said, "I promise." His answer did not satisfy her, but she'd have to wait, for now. He looked at the time, "Oh, I almost forgot." He walked to his computer and activated it. Holographic green lights eminated from it, forming a monitor, which momentarily was covered with the Federation insignia on a dark background. He walked back and sat down. A few seconds later, the screen faded away, and instead they saw Ambassador Larkin and Admiral Garrison, standing next to each other. Larking began.

Several minutes later, the address was over. Both Shani and Ottel sat in silence for awhile.

"Powerfull stuff," Shani finally broke that silence. "You're right, the man does have a commanding presence about him."

"Who, Garrison?" Ottel asked. Without waiting for a response, he said, "I told you." He thought for a moment, then, "Shani, I think we have enough information on the padds right now. What do you say we go for a stroll on the Deck?"

"Actually," she said, "I was planning on doing some shopping." Noticing the disappointed look on Ottel's face, she calmed his worries, "Don't worry, I was planning on going alone. I'm sure you bar could use your presence. I'll meet you there."

She got up, gave Ottel a kiss and walked into the bedroom. Moments later she walked out with a credit chip in her hands, a sneaky smile on her face.

"Don't spend too much," Ottel said, half advice, half joke.

"Actually, I intend to go on a spree," she said, smiling, as she walked out of the quarters.

Coming to a realization, Ottel suddenly yelled out, "Hey, that was my credit chip!" He ran after her, but as he exited the quarters, she was nowhere to be seen. Might as well head off to the bar, he thought.

Ottel didn't even notice how he got to the Double~Helix. On the way his mind was full of thoughts, conflicting times were waiting for him in the near future, and he didn't exactly know how to deal with them, even though he kept telling himself otherwise. He stepped into the bar. There weren't a lot of people around, but then again, there never were at this hour. He noticed Hrag clearing out one of the tables.

"Hey, how you doind?" he asked.

"Ottel," Hrag noticed his employer, "I'm doing good. Business is good, as usual."

"Mind if I step behind the bar?"

"Mind? Of course not," he walked from one table to another, "do you have any idea about the number of people that walk in every day and ask for a 'Romulan Pale?' I'm going crazy here."

Ottel laughed out loud and it felt good. He walked around the counter, behind the bar, and strapped an apron around his waist.

"Let's see," he looked around, not sure where to begin. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a drink he hadn't had in a long while. As he kneeled down to get it, he saw ambassador Larking walking in.

"Ambassador, excellent speech…uhh where’s the Admiral?" he asked.
Captain Archer
Sep 12 2004, 04:58 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-The Deck

Michael stood at a rather isolated window on the Deck that overlooked the outside of the station, as well as held a spectacular view of Earth. The events of the past several days only now catching up with him. He stepped away from the window and continued his walk down the deck that brought him to the Double Helix; he entered and approached the bar. “Ambassador, excellent speech…uhh where’s the Admiral?” Michael recognized Ottel’s voice, but saw no one “Thank you, I believe he and Doctor Lauren had some things to discuss.” Ottel suddenly jumped up from behind the bar with a very dusty bottle in his hand. “Have a drink, on me.” Ottel sat two glasses on the bar and poured some of the unidentified bright red liquid into them. “Don’t let the appearance fool you, it’s really quite good.” Michael shrugged his shoulders and downed the drink. “Wow!” Ottel laughed, “Wow is right, that’s the good stuff, one of the last bottles from before the Revolution on Tuataras V.” Michael put his glass back on the bar “Well, one more drink for the people of Tuataras V, then.” The drink went down a little smother this time. “Mr. Ottel, I understand that you are something of a business man.” Ottel laughed “Something.” Michael leaned in a little closer, “I need you to help procure something for me, it’s not illegal or anything, I just need it fairly quickly, and thought you might be able to get it for me.” Ottel leaned in closer he seemed intrigued, as Michael handed him a small padd. Ottel studied it for a few moments and smiled “It shouldn’t be a problem, but it won’t be cheap.” Michael slapped him on the shoulder, “Just let me know how much and I’ll get it to you.” Michael turned to leave and Ottel grabbed his shoulder. “Does anyone else know about this?” Michael turned back around. “Just you, so I’ll know where it came from if a rumor is started.” “Not to worry Ambassador, my lips are sealed.” “Good contact me when you get it.” Ottel nodded and Michael left the bar for his quarters.
Sep 12 2004, 10:03 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

"I'm waiting, Doctor."

Tom was getting annoyed. He didn't have time for this. The first meeting of the War Council was in a little over 36 hours, and there was still so much to do. Sitting here waiting for the Doctor to tell him whatever it was she needed to tell him was wasting time.

"Sir, I've gone ahead and invited Yasha to the station."

Tom blinked. "You did what?" he asked, making sure he had heard her right.

"I contacted Yasha and invited her to come to the station."

A million thoughts and emotions immediately ran through Tom's head. But he managed to put them all aside for a moment and focus on what was important. "Contact her right now and tell her not to come."

"I can't, sir," Ullii said.

"Why not?"

"She already on her way. She'll be here tomorrow morning."

Tom narrowed his eyes. He was trying to control his rising anger. "What the hell were you thinking? You were under direct orders not to contact her! And inviting her to the station? You know better than that."

"May I speak frankly, sir?"

"No, you may not, Doct-"

"You were wrong to not do anything," she interrupted, speaking anyway. "You're letting your distrust of the Alliance interfere with your judgment. If Yasha is serious, we have everything to gain. If this is a trick, it's one woman coming aboard a heavily guarded station. We have nothing to lose."

Tom leaned forward in his chair. His eyes were only slits now. When he spoke, it was in a quiet, slow, steady voice. "You forget your place, Lieutenant. It is not your job to question my judgment, and the fact that you believe it is speaks volumes about your potential future in Starfleet. You are relieved of your duty and confined to quarters indefinitely. Dismissed."

"But... sir!" She hadn't been expecting that. "You can't do that! You're not my Commanding Officer!"

"If you do not remove yourself from that chair and report to your quarters immediately, you will be escorted to the brig by station security. Perhaps I'll have Commander Sith place you in the same cell as James."

Ullii's eyes widened. She had never seen him like this before. She stared at him for a minute, and then got up and left his office.

After she left Tom sat back and let out a deep breath. His mind was racing. What the hell is wrong with her? How could she do that? This Romulan is going to be here tomorrow? There's no time to do anything. The War Council meets in two days. Tomorrow?!

On and on his mind went, trying to figure out what to do next. Finally he reached a decision, an emergency meeting of the War Council would have to be called tonight. He got up and started walking for the door. He needed to talk to Drayson, and then he needed to find Sith and Clark and find out how well the security arrangements were coming.
Sep 12 2004, 11:06 PM

Commander Tanik - His Office

Tanik tinkered on the mysterious Romulan device with a screwdriver. 'Almost there..." he said to himself. Suddenly, a blue light emitted from the front of the device. Tanik scrunched his eyebrows in confusion, and whacked the device on the side of the table. A screeching noise sounded from it, and a hologram began to take shape.

Tanik could not believe his eyes. "Rhiana?" he asked rhetorically to the non-interactive hologram.

The hologram smiled. "Hello Tanik. I would imagine you are surprised to see this message, as I am most likely dead."

Tanik could say nothing.

The Rhiana hologram continued. "I know that this must all be difficult for you to accept, but I am afraid I must add to that difficulty. I could not tell you before what I must tell you now, because I know of your unswerving loyalty to the Empire and the Alliance. However, Tanik - matters are rapidly changing. I'm afraid I do not have much time to record this message, so I have to cut to the point. There are stirrings of rebellion on Romulus. I... I'm not sure how to tell you this... I am one of the founders of that rebellion. It is small, but we hope to gain support in the coming years."

Tanik remained as still as a statue.

Rhiana caught her breath before going on. "There is one other thing I must say. On one mission, you and Jarek stole a new model of phaser Federation intelligence is developing. This phaser is a new kind of weapon - it has the capability to send a person or object into another plane of existence. The Tal Shiar is beginning research on this weapon so as to replicate it and make a far larger version, one capable of transporting whole stations or planets. We can not allow this to happen - all of Galactic civilization will fall to the Alliance's tyranny. I know these words must sting on your ears, but things are not as they appear. The Alliance is being controlled by an outside force, one with unclear motivations and ruthless methods. I ask you... BEG you, as my husband, to stop this weapon from reaching it's final completion. Seek out the members of this rebellion and show them this message as your proof of intentions."

Another voice emitted from the device. "Rhiana - I'm home!"

The Rhiana hologram turned. "I'll be out of the bathroom in a minute, Tanik!"
She continued in a hushed tone. "I love you, Tanik. Always know that. Farewell."

The hologram faded out of existence.

Tanik's breathing had not resumed.
Sep 13 2004, 09:56 AM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - Holo Arena

Sith re-entered the Arena where the Civic Simulation was still going on. He weaved his way through the crowds towards the Start Line where Miyazaki was observing the damages to his two prized Cars. He had transferred them over.

"I'm sorry your Vehicles got totalled," Sith said.
Miyazaki dragged around a holo-screen. "Oh don't worry about it," he tapped at it and the two cars reset to thier previous states of perfect condition. "That's what true Racing is all about; going all the way!"
Sith took a deep breath and addressed the old man, "I just wanted to let you know that I'll be leaving this Simulation for a while."
"Leaving?? Please reconsider, Commander," Miyazaki replied.
He nodded, "I'm just not ready for it right now. I have to admit in some way a part of me put this before my duties." Sith then turned to leave but stopped in his tracks smiling, "I'll be bac---"

But the giant screens throughout the Civic suddenly blinked out from a race to the 001 Briefing Room where Ambassador Larkin began speaking.

"Hey check this out!" Someone yelled from the crowds. Everyone turned thier attention to the screens and began watching intently.

>"...Starfleet Command has been found guilty on several different violations of Federation law and of the Temporal Prime Directive. .... Secondly, the Federation Council has been disbanded and all representatives will be sent to their various homeworlds. A special War Council will be established..."<

As the Ambassador was speaking, he was later replaced by Admiral Garrison. All that was being said began processing through Sith's mind. The Federation and Starfleet he had believed in more than anything was being discharged. It was a Federation he always thought was perfect until now, and he refused to believe it.

Sith shook his head, No that would be stupid. They've done something wrong and I have to accept that.

>"The Bajorans, Smuggers' Coalition, and Orion Syndicate will each have send one representative to sit on the War Council as well. .... In order to prevent tie votes, one additional member is needed. That is why I will be asking the Vulcan government to send a representative as well."<

When the speech was over the screen clicked back to the race, but everyone in the crowds began talking to each other. People began disappearing back to thier own places in reality. Sith turned and tapped at a control panel. The entire Simulation suddenly de-activated and he left the Arena.


"So what do you think, Zeta?" Sith asked. "...A War Council??"
"I'm not sure what to think..." Sith stopped walking for a second. "But I do know that I've met people from both the Smuggler's Coalition and the Orion Syndicate and I'm starting to trust them."
*Chrip, them.*

But one thing remained. Something he believed in a great deal was suddenly flawed and broken. The Federation. It was always just an ideal anyway, he thought. At least I still believe in myself and the people around me.

He glanced to the side for a second, "Stupid idiots. Why'd it have to go down like this?" He went back to walking. There wasn't anything he could do about it, but at least the fight against the Alliance would continue and that he was still a part of it.

I wonder... if they knew I tried to commit suicide to destroy an Alliance Station, would they still have promoted me?
ep 14 2004, 08:01 PM

Ullii Lauren - Quarters

"GRAAAAAAAH!!!" Ullii picked up the first object she could get her hands on when she walked into her quarters and threw it at the wall as hard as she could. *Smash!* It was only a glass... nothing important. She stormed toward her bed. Something strange happend though. She was about to lay in bed and cry... she had to stop herself from crying all the way back from Garrison's office... but she stopped before her bed, and just stared at it...

I've got to stop being such a baby... it's time I acted like an adult.

She put her communicator and rank pips onto her desk. I won't be needing these anymore. She took off her uniform and changed into civilian clothes. She grabbed a carrying bag from a drawer, and started to pack some things. A medkit of course, and some sentimental items, as well as a phaser, and a tricorder. She then took out a little trinket she had made in her spare time, which, when activated, causes no readable lifesigns to be emmited further than a meter from the body. She then activated her holo-display, and put her Medical Issue Tricorder on the table.

"Computer. Scan this room for lifesigns."

"One lifesign detected."

"Store lifesign readings into this tricorder. Authorization Lauren Echo Echo Tessa."

"Authorization not accepted. Medical Clearance not recognized."

Damn... I should have thought he'd be quick to ground me... why does it always seem like he knows me better than I do? Oh well. I'll just have to hope that they just scan for my communicator signal, and not my lifesigns. Even if they do though, they still won't be able to tell where I am... although I'm getting sick and tired of sneaking around this station.

She attached her small device to her arm, underneath her sleeve, and walked out of her quarters. Good thing he hasn't had security come and guard me.  Jeffery's Tube
She walked to the nearest Jeffery's tube, and climbed in. It would be quite a climb, but if she could make it to the Shuttle bay, she just might be able to escape, and meet with her sister before she got here. What am I thinking? I can't just grab a shuttle and leave... okay, first I've gotta deactivate the tractor beam, and the weapons... no forget the weapons, as long as I disable the targetting scanners, they won't be able to shoot me without risking killing me. Right... anything else? Hmmmm... well if I can get a hold of an Alpha-Flyer, I'll be able to cloak and get to the nearest transwarp-conduit before they can catch me.

After a lot of crawling and climbing, she stopped at another hatch. Okay, this should lead to the armory. I can pick up some charges, then head to the station maintenance corridors, and disable the targeting scanners and tractor-beam that way. As long as I disable the bomb-detection first. I can do that from there as well though.
The Deck
When she opened the hatch, it wasn't the armory, but instead, the Deck, bustling with people. She closed it as quickly as she opened it, praying to space that no one saw her. She put her ear up to the hatch to see if she could hear anything.

"Click, whirrrr!"

"What is it, Zeta?"

Oh no, not that damned robot...

"Click, Click."

She heard Zeta prop himself against the hatch.

"Zeta, what are you doing? There's no lifesigns behind that hatch... unless..."

He opened the hatch but no one was there. "I know your in there, you sneaky Section 31 rat!" He set his phaser on stun and shot into the tube, but it hit nothing. "Hmmm... common Zeta. If he's using one of those cloaking devices again, we can catch him with the station's internal sensors."

"Click, Chirp."

She had crawled back, and took the next turn in the tube just in time, barely missing Sith's phaser blast. That was close.
After a lot more crawling she finally reached the proper hatch and crawled out. She looked around, and saw no one comming, so she ran to the Armory's door, and was about to open it when she heard a familiar voice.


She spun around to see Captain Halliwell standing in the corridor with a PADD in her hand, and a curious look on her face.

"What are you doing?"

"I... err..."

"Better explain what you're doing pretty quick, Lieutenant." she finished Ullii's sentence.

"I'm no longer a Doctor anymore, Captain." Ullii began to shout. "I'm not even a Lieutenant now, thanks to Admiral Garrison!"

"What in the worlds are you talking about?? What's going on?"

"I'm surprised he hasn't gone and announced to the whole crew! I've been stripped of my rank, and restricted to quarters!"

Halliwell was obviously supprised. "Well... are you quite sure? Garrison did this? Just now?"

"Not an hour ago, Maam."

"Well why would he do that?"

"I... well..."

Halliwell gave Ullii the sort of look a commanding officer gives her crewman when she expects an explanation.

"I went against his orders and invited Yasha Lauren, my half-sister, and high-standing member of the Romulan Rebellion, to the station."

"I see."

"The Admiral was foolish to let that opportunity slip through his hands! How can we expect their help, or even their trust, if we don't even let ONE woman come aboard? ONE WOMAN! What harm could she do?? This is the most secured location in all of Federation Space!"

Halliwell thought for a moment, obviously taking this in, and giving it some thought. "Listen,Doctor, I don't know what you were about to do, and frankly, I don't want to. Just go back to your quarters and--"

"But I--"

"And, wait. I'll talk with Garrison. And I suggest you not let anyone else see you outside your quarters. We'll keep this little incident between you and I... This time."

"Yes sir... thank you sir."

"Don't jump to conclusions, Lieutenant. I never told you what I intended on telling the Admiral. Now go back to your quarters. That's an order."

"Aye sir."
Ullii took the same long rout back to her quarters, without any further mis-haps, and deactivated the device on her arm. She could try to sleep, but it wouldn't make much of a difference... once again her future is about as uncertain as that of the Federation's. Why did I have to be soo nieve?! Soo rash?!... I'm too much like my father...