Episode 7: Restoration, Part II

Jun 15 2004, 01:16 AM

Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove - Holding cell

Drayson was leaning on the cell wall when he heard the first heavy foot steps of the Vellous boarding crew above his head. His highly trained ears could hear the whine of disruptor fire and the sound of bodies hitting the ground. A half hour passed before he knew it, when their guard entered the room in a panic. He franticly searched for his disrupter rifle that was in the weapons locker across from the cell, when the bulkhead exploded.

Two Orions, a Breen and a Klingon entered. The Breen had pointed and shot the Guard before he could blink. The others spread out into the small Bridge, taking post and stepped aside for the Klingon, clearly their leader. The Klingon cleared his throat and looked to the cell and it's three prisoners.

"Hardgrove?" he growled.

Hardgrove didn't flinch. "Seneka?" he smiled.

The Klingons lip curled into a smile. "Captain Wrath sends his regards. Now lets get you out of there." The force field was lowered and it's captives joined the well armed group.

"Did you run into any problems?"

The Klingon grunted in response. "Nothing we couldn't handle. The station was basically empty. Team two is cleaning up what we missed. We were sent as the rescue team."

They were lead down the corridor to a turbo lift shaft and waited for it to arrive. Drayson looked about the merry band of his companions, then frowned. "Where are my manners? Micheal Larkin, Seneka. Seneka, Micheal Larkin."

At this Major Lietra spoke up. "Excuse me? What is going on here? You press a button and were just rescued like that? Why didn't you just do that earlier?"

Drayson scowled, "I tried earlier Major. But the Vellous wasn't in range yet. I didn't want to say anything that would get anyone's hopes up. You never know what could have happened to them... When you do the kind of work I do, you don't reveal things like that until you're sure." The lift came and they all boarded.

The Taller of the two Orion spoke, "We weren't dispatched till after 001 lost your signal. We just reached sensor range 6 hours ago." The lift stopped on the third Level above the main end, allowing them to disembark. Seneka took the lead and stopped in an open area, reaching to his shoulder he said something in Klingon and the sight of the Facility changed to that of the trasporter room of the Vellous.
Jun 15 2004, 12:14 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Kintoka Outpost, Cargo Bay

The Transport docked with the Outpost in orbit. But Sith was too busy smacking his detection inhibitor against his palm. "Why-- won't-- this-- damn thing-- work--!?"

Just then the doors swooshed open and before him were two Romulan Guards aiming disrupter rifles at him. After a short second, Zeta leapt off Sith's shoulder in distraction. "What the!?" The Guard on the right shot a disrupter pulse for Zeta, as Sith grabbed the other Guards' rifle end and aimed it at the Guard on the right.

"Ugh!" The Guard shot his friend down accidentally, and Sith elbowed that Guard across the face, knocking him unconscious aswell.


Zeta jumped back onto his shoulder as Sith hid behind a wall and took out a Padd. Hovering above it was the Stations' 3D-blueprints and the location of the Multiphasic-Trilithium Warhead.

Red Alert echoed throughout the Outpost and an army of Guards ran down the huge corridors. Sith took a side-ladder up a few Decks, entering a Generator Section of the station. There was an almost tingling sensation of a transporter beam throughout him before it faded.

Deck 8

He checked his padd and found that certain areas of the Station that had generators that were immune to transporter beams. Entering a small Mess Hall, Sith's eye caught a single person at a table. It was the Takaran Captain, who's broken arm was in a mechanical brace, as he ate an alien soup in peace.

"Him!? You've got to be kidding me..." Sith and Zeta hid behind the Replicator wall.

The Takaran Captain walked over to the replicator, grumbling in a ticked-off tone, "Grr! What Alliance Commander can tell me and my crew what to do!? Just because they saved us from that crash doesn't mean they can make us stay here on this stupid station!" He angrily punched in a code on the replicator when he suddenly smelled the air. He turned the corner in curiosity and found Sith, "It's-- it's you!?!"

Zeta jumped off Sith's shoulder onto the Takaran's face. The Captain fell backward to the floor, struggling to tear Zeta off him. "Ahhh!!"

Sith took the Captain's disrupter pistol off his belt and ran to the other exit of the room. Zeta left the Captain and ran back to Sith as they entered another large hallway filled with Guards.


Pumping disrupter blasts at the crowd, Sith ran down the empty end of the Corridors. Pulses and beams were fired at him, blowing explosions in the wall at the end of the corridor.

"Don't let him get away!!!" A Romulan screamed.

Zeta jumped ahead of Sith and opened the door at the end of the hallway. Ducking more disrupter blasts with the most amazing luck ever, Sith dove through the door opening before it closed again.

Throne Room

The doors closed and Sith sat back against them in exhaustion. This room was extremely dark and cold. But it was really huge with high ceilings, and windows showing the Planet edge.

"Click?" Zeta asked if Sith was okay.

"I'm fine, thanks," Sith took out his Padd and found he wasn't too far from the hidden location of the Multiphasic-Trilithium Warhead.

He stood up in curiosity, realizing the firing in the hallways had stopped. It was completely quiet and it looked like no one was after him anymore. For some reason, they just quit.

"Where are we?" Sith stepped deeper into this shadowed room, lit only by the Planet outside the windows.

Somewhere in an area of great shadow, Sith thought he could see a tall object. Holding up his disrupter, he slowly walked across the large center area of the room towards this object.

Suddenly the tall object moved, prompting Sith to fire a disrupter pulse into the shadows. "Stop right there!"

But whoever it was didn't listen, as he stepped from out the shadows into the light of the windows. Sith dropped his jaw at the sight of this tall, thin creature. He breathed deeply and stared Sith down from above.

The creature then smiled menacingly. It was the same evil being Sith had seen in his dreams. There was an energy about this being, Sith somehow knew and feared. This... thing, with four arms, hind legs, and spiked vertebrae...
Captain Archer
Jun 15 2004, 08:39 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Vellous, Transporter Room

Michael felt the grip of the transporter let go of him as he materialized inside the compact transporter room. "My compliments to you and your fellow officers for your daring rescue Mr. Seneka."

Seneka raised a hand, "Please Ambassador, it was our pleasure, it was a glorious battle."

The relief he felt of being rescued lasted only a minute as a shocking realization came to Larkin's mind. He turned to Hardgrove, "I assume that since the loss of our subspace connection was a result of the destruction of the Appalachia?" Several of the rescue party nodded. "May I also assume that the Gambit was sent out to look for us?"

Seneka, spoke, "That's correct Ambassador. The Gambit and another vessel are currently several light years from here on the wrong side of a small Alliance fleet."

Hardgrove stepped down from the transporter platform "How small?"

"At least twenty ship's. Maybe more. We didn't want to risk detailed scans of the area, they may have given away our position."

Michael pulled on Hardgrove's shoulder, "The other ship must be the Pollux. We have to get to them; let them know we're safe before they decide to try and breakthrough that small fleet."

Commander Jen Hurst - U.S.S. Gambit, Bridge

"Ready?" Hurst looked over at the engineering station.

"Affirmative Commander, on your signal."

Jen turned to the comm officer, "Open a secure channel to the Pollux."


"Commander Halliwell, I have a plan to buy us more time from Jarek."

  Halliwell nodded, "I'm listening."

Jen stood from the command chair, "There's not much time, just play along with me."

  "Understood, Halliwell out." The screen returned to the ominous image of the Alliance fleet standing between them and their destination.

"Open a channel to Commander Jarek."

"Channel open Commander."

Jen placed her hands behind her back and stepped a bit closer to the viewscreen as it was filled with the face of her adversary.

  "Commander Hurst, our patience is wearing thin. What is your decision?"

Hurst swallowed hard, for her plan was a long shot. "Commander Jarek, we have no wish to antagonize your people. We are preparing to depart for our port. We regret having intruded upon your space."

  Jarek looked at her with a skeptical eye, "Very well Commander, but don't try anything stupid. You're severely outnumbered."

She smiled, "I wouldn't dream of it Commander. It's been a pleasure to meet you... but we will be on our way. End transmission." As the screen went blank, she let out a long sigh. "Now."

The lights on the bridge dimmed and Jen heard the hum of the shield generators shutting off. I hope this works.

"It's done Commander."

She nodded and returned to the Captain's chair, "Begin the second stage," she tapped the intership comm on, "All hands brace yourselves." The ship was violently shaken as the secondary warp core was ejected. "On screen." Jen shouted over the rumbling, the metallic core slipped away from the sleek underside of the Gambit. "Do it."

The engineer tapped a control and the core exploded. The shockwave sent some of the crew to the ground but most remained at their posts. "Commander, an urgent hail from the Pollux."

Jen repositioned herself, "On screen."

  Halliwell's face appeard and she wasn't smilingm "What the hell are you doing?"

Jen smiled, "It appears our warp core destabilized as a result of the radiation which caused us to drop out of the conduit. The problem wasn't detected until we tried to engage warp drive, and we had to eject. I'm sure you'll want to remain in the area until the situation is resolved."

  Halliwell smiled, "Brilliant, now if you can convince Jarek of that we might be able to come up with a plan to find our people."
Jun 16 2004, 12:12 AM

Lieutenant Ullii Iiara Lauren - Romulan Vessel: Tzar

She didn't hug back. All of Ullii's thoughts transformed into questions for her father in her mind.

"I found it, father... I found the report on what happened to you."

Xervish's expression became more sullen, and he dropped his head. "I thought you would. Not even Starfleet Intelligence can hide secrets from a Daughter of Lauren... You are soo much like your sister."

"My SISTER???" If only one thing in the charted universe would have surprised Ullii, it would have been that.

"Yes. Your mother was not my first wife. I didn't keep that from her, however, but she still loved me." He paused, Ullii's expression reminding him of exactly what was in that report. "I am innocent, Ullii. And I'm going to tell you everything. You deserve to finally know the truth."

Soo much information had been thrown at her lately, she couldn't make heads or tails of anything anymore. Could her father actually be innocent? Oh, there was nothing in the universe she wanted more! "Tell me what?"

"It all started when I was a sub-commander aboard a Warbird called the Efveh. I had made an impression it seemed, as I was contacted by a member of the Tal'Shiar, and they recruited me. There, I learned many many secrets about the real power behind the Romulan Empire. I am proud to be Romulan, and so I defected. I told the Starfleet interrogation officers everything I knew... knowledge which led to the Orion Campaign, which, in the Star Empire, was known as the Slaughter at Orion. My loyalty was unquestioned after this, and I was given free access to Federation Space... I moved to Earth." He paused to let Ullii process the information. "It was there that I met your mother. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen in all my travels! It took a while, but she eventually got to like me, and we got married, and had you. Life was very good. Then one day I receive a communication from Section 31, whom I'm sure you are familiar with."

Ullii nodded.

"It was a mission. I was to travel to Mandonia, a critical planet-outpost of the Federation, and leek out a spy that had been selling information to the Alliance. By this time, the Alliance had already taken it's place as the Federation's equal; or even stronger. I had been chosen because of my knowledge of Tal'Shiar tactics. It was suspected that the informant was of the Tal'Shiar. When I got to Mandonia in my shuttle, what should appear before me but the largest Alliance fleet that one could imagine! Next thing I know, I'm transported onto a Federation Spy Ship, and put in the brig. Apparently, they had proof that I was the informant that was leaking information to the Alliance. They gave me the mission, suspecting I would accept it if I knew that the Alliance Fleet was there. It would be the perfect chance to escape, and rejoin the Alliance. In fact, I accepted the mission because I felt I owed something to the Federation. So I accept the mission, and there they are waiting for me. Took me to that dreadful prison without even a hearing." He once again paused to allow Ullii to assimilate this information.

"Even if that's true... what are you doing aboard a Romulan ship?... wearing the uniform of the Tal'Shiar, no less?"

"Ahh, now here's the interesting part. My case, along with many other facts, led to the rebellion of the Tal'Shiar. Much like your Section 31 is now experiencing, it was split in two. Many realized the true threat of the Alliance. Secret truths that uncover a galaxy-wide conspiracy. There was a silent war. I say silent, because noone apart from members of the Tal'Shiar knew about it. All of the members that still opposed the Alliance were killed. Today, the Tal'Shiar works against the Alliance in secret. Striking from within. I was rescued to aid in their efforts."

"So what does any of this have to do with me?? Why did you take me from the station?!"

"Would you rather go back? The security aboard your ship would surely have found you."

"Not if you hadn't taken James as well! And why did you have to use a force field and... Gas to 'rescue' me?!"

"Ahh yes, the ever charismatic and pestful James Autumn. I have to tell you about him as well. As for the force field and gas, our shield-penetrating transporters has trouble locking onto moving targets."

"I see." Ullii was getting quite fed up. Everything she had known was falling to ashes. His story was convincing, though. She didn't want to believe it; afterall, she had spent her entire life thinking he was a traitor, but... something about him made her trust him. She sighed and then looked back up. "Continue."

"James has been fooling you Ullii... with this." He held up a small device with a belt-clip and only a dial. "This is a mind-persuasion device. The way it works is very tricky. You see, it can only act on existing feelings. Existing opinions. Section 31 knew about your inability to take sides with reguards to Garrison's rebellion, so they used you. They didn't use conventional mind-control, because all known methods are detectable by most internal scanners."

"Wait... he was... Controlling me???"

"Not directly. This device merely brings to the forfront, certain opinions. It makes you more agreeable to the suggestions of the one that wears it, and eventually, the user has utter control of the target." He put the device on the table and vapourized it with his disruptor.

Ullii looked back at all the times she had talked with James. She remembered all the things she though, all the things she said... and it hit her... "I was going to Kill Garrison!!" The very thought made her sick. How he could have done this to her. Played on her trust. Manipulated her with his charm... yes it was all coming back. Her thoughts were once more her own.

"Yes, you were. Fortunately, we stopped you on time. This was also why Captain Soral was upfront with you when you got here. It took a short amount of time for the reversal to take full effect. Let me explain some more..."

Here we go again.

"The key to the entire puzzle is Captain Maxwell Summit."

"Summit? What's he got to do with it?"

"Summit was the one who went forward in time, and discovered the fate that awaited the Federation... While he was in the future, he was shot by a Romulan disruptor, and brought back in the middle of being shot. This created a quantum paradox in space-time, which..."

"Which means that the closer he gets to the time that he was shot, he'll slowly start to die... feeling intense amounts of pain... probably long before the event..."

Xervish was stunned. "You are even smarter than I thought! I true daughter of Lauren indeed! A true daughter of Lauren."

She smiled.

"Fortunately, there is another side-effect."


"You see, when Summit went back in time, and witnessed the events that he witnessed, what he actually saw was what the future would be because of the fact that he went to the future. The side-effect is, that if he dies before the time of his death, the paradox will close on itself..."

"Erasing the fact that Summit actually Saw the future!"

"And saving the Federation."

"What about Summit though? And all of our memories up to this point... I wouldn't be CMO of 001 anymore, would I?"

"Because of the quantum paradox, all of his, and our, memory would remain intact. As would the entire timeline up to this point. It would just put the proper future back into it's place. As though Summit never would have actually traveled into the future."

"So the timline... the past and the present... wouldn't actually be changed?

"Right, because since he was shot in the future, it is embedded in this timeline that Summit must die of that incident, at that time. If this fact is broken, and he dies before he's supposed to, the quantum loop will close in on itself, and the fate that now exists will be no longer; including Summit's death, and the death of the Federation.... Nothing would change. The timeline would not change... but the future would."

"I'm not sure I understand."

"I don't expect you to fully understand, Ullii. There is another thing I must be honest with you about."

Not again! "Be honest about what?"

"We did bring you aboard for a reason. We just happened to be lucky we got there when we did."

"Well, what's the reason?"

"We need your help... to kill Summit."

Ok, what in the name of all that's good and true, is going on?! First I'm supposed to kill Garrison... now I'm supposed to kill Summit... and why would they need Me?!?

"But why do you need Me to do it?! First Garrison, now Summit. I fell for a similar thing with James, you know. How do you expect me to believe you? How do I know you're not using some kind of similar device on me?"

Her father sighed. "You don't know for sure, and you can't... I'm not asking you to make up your mind right away. Have some sleep, and I'll meet you for breakfast in the morning."

"What, what about my sister? Tell me more about her."

"Her name is Yasha. I will tell you more in the morning." He tapped his commbadge, "Xervish to Security. Please escort young Miss Lauren to her guest quarters."

At that command, the guards that were waiting outside stepped in and brought Ullii to her Quarters. She had a lot to think about.
Jun 17 2004, 01:17 AM

Lattrel Ottel - the Tyr

“It’s a cloaked ship. Definitely,” Rayla said assuredly.

“Can we do anything about that?” Ottel asked.

“They might be able to detect us if we try to scan them again,” Santara said. “We could use passive scans. They might not tell us much but they’re still better than nothing.”

“Do it,” William said. “In the meantime...”

“In the meantime we wait, Mr. Dearborne,” Ottel suggested.

“What the hell? I just detected a transport from the ship to the station,” Santara said.

“While it was cloaked?” William asked. Santara nodded. “Scan the station.”

Ottel was thinking about something else. There were two possibilities here: either the cloaked ship was a defense option for the planet and the station, or...

“Hardgrove, you son of a...” Ottel said out loud. Before the rest of the crew had time to react, he said, “anything from the scans of the station?”

“I’m reading... multiple lifesigns... Romulan, Gorn, Breen... human... Klingon?” Santara was more and more surprised, “weapons fire detected, several locations...”

Then my hunch is correct, Ottel thought.

“Did the cloaked ship just board the station?” Dearborne asked, surprised.

“Mr. Dearborne, one thing I have learned during my short stay on Station 001 is to never underestimate Drayson Hardgrove,” Ottel said. “Rayla, I’m transferring a code to you. Send it on all frequencies.”

“They just transported back to the ship,” Santara informed.

“That’s alright,” Ottel dismissed the new information, “Rayla, are we getting any response?”

“Not ye.. Wait a minute. We’re being hailed, audio only.”

“Let me hear it,” Ottel ordered. A female voice sounded through the speakers around the bridge.

  “This is Kyst Blacksun, captain of the Vellous. Who the hell am I speaking with?”

“This is Lattrel Ottel, Captain Blacksun. It’s a pleasure to speak to you again. Seems like the codes you gave to me after the battle of Betazed came in handy after all.”

  “Mr. Lattrel, am I to assume that you’re here for the same reason as I am,” her voice came through again.

“You’re correct to assume so.”

  “Well, it seems we have beaten the smugglers once again. I have the ‘prisoners’ rescued and on my ship.”

“Miss Blacksun, you know what they say: ladies first,” Ottel tried to be witty. He did not like that last part one bit. “Mr. Dearborne, you have command of the Tyr. Wait for further orders.” He continued.

“Captain Blacksun, I’m sending you my coordinates,” Ottel clicked some buttons. “I would like to transport over. It seems you have us beaten in another aspect: you can transport while cloaked and through shields.”

“Sir, how about the human...” before William could finish Ottel disappeared in a transporter light, “...we detected aboard the transport vessel?”
Jun 17 2004, 06:17 PM

Admiral Garrison - Deck 13, Section 8

"Clark to Opps. Transfer all available sensor readings of yesterdays attack to my mobile." The admiral and chief of security just watched him as he received the sensor logs. "Thats it!" He yelled as he thrust the tricorder for them to see. "It was the weapons fire the sensors logged. It didn't set off the alarm because the internal sensors have never been programmed to detect this kind of energy! Hell, I've never even seen it before, but that's what it was. The energy signature is identical to the residual signature in my shoulder... where I was shot! Sir, if we find this weapon, we find doctor Lauren."

Before Tom could say anything, his commbadge chirped.

  "Karelia to Garrison."

Tom tapped his badge. "What is it, Lieutenant?" he asked.

  "I... um... found a section of the corridor on Deck 27 filled with a tranquilizing gas, and it apparently wasn't authorized by Commander K'Rak or me. I figured you wanted to see it for yourself..." Karelia's voice trailed off. The confusion was apparent in his voice.

Tom and K'Rak looked at each other, both of them thinking the same thing. What now? Clark was still too excited by his revelation to pay much attention to what Karelia had said over the comm system.

"Lieutenant," Tom said while turning towards Clark. "Can you begin scanning the station for that signature?"

Clark nodded. "I think so, sir. I can scan for it from engineering."

Tom took a half second to organize his thoughts, then began issuing orders. "Go to engineering and begin your scans. I'll stop by later to see how things are going, but be sure to let me know right away if you find anything." Clark nodded and then he turned and left. Tom looked at K'Rak.

"Have a small security detail meet us at Lt. Karelia's position. Garrison to Karelia, hold your position and don't do anything until I get there. Garrison to the OCC, seal off that section of the station. Don't let anyone in or out unless authorized personally by me. And have a science officer meet me and Commander K'Rak at Karelia's position. Garrison out."

"Let's go, Commander," he said to the large Klingon man standing next to him. The two of them then left the section they were in.

5 minutes later, approaching Karelia's position

Tom approached the junction with the corridor that Lt. Karelia had called him from, with K'Rak at his side. He noted with approval that two armed guards were stationed at the junction of the two corridors. A second later two more security officers, along with a science officer Tom didn't know, approached the junction from the opposite direction. Everybody had responded quickly to his orders, something Tom made a mental note to commend David about when he got back. He has a good team working under him, Tom thought.

Tom, K'Rak, the security officers, and the science officer rounded the corner and found Karelia standing there scanning the section in front of him with a tricorder. "What have you got, Lieutenant?" Tom asked as he approached.

"Not much, sir. There are two forcefields. One here," he said while gesturing right in front of him, "and one about 5 meters down the corridor. The OCC has no record of them being authorized. The purple gas contained within the forcefields is some form of non-toxic anesthezine, I can't tell exactly what it is yet. It looks like it would knock you out after about 30 seconds of exposure."

Tom sighed, he was hoping there would be more answers than questions waiting for him. He turned to the science officer, a young engisn. "Ensign, scan the compound, see what you can discover. Commander K'Rak, after she's finished I want you to vent the section. Keep a small sample of the gas, vent the rest out into space. Then move your team in and see if you can find anything out of the ordinary. Lt. Karelia, I want you to come back up to the OCC with me. We're going to start searching through the computer logs, see if we can find out where all of this came from."

Everyone snapped into action as Garrison and Karelia headed for the nearest turbolift.
Will Karelia
Jun 17 2004, 07:03 PM

Lieutenant Will Karelia - Operations and Command Center (OCC)

Lieutenant Karelia stood at the Operations Console, pouring over computer files, internal transmissions, and internal sensor logs. Garrison was at the auxiliary Ops console behind him, doing the same.

"Computer, narrow search parameters to all forcefield activations within the last 24 hours."

The computer chirped for a few seconds, bringing up a list of about 6 events. Karelia looked at each one in turn. The first three were for standard brig operations, opening and closing cells. The fourth was in a civilian's quarters. Apparently, he couldn't cook as well as he thought. But the fifth one was intriguing...

-- Security Log --
Time: 1627 hours
Location: Deck 27, section 52-Beta
Authorization: None, origin unknown

"Computer, isolate item 5 on this list."

The computer removed the other 5 items form the screen.

"What was the reason for this forcefield?"

  The computer answered in a monotone voice. "Unknown."

"Most logical reason?"

  "To contain thyaridizine injected into that section."

"Why might there have been thyaridizine in that section?"

  "To incapacitate a lifeform."

"Was there anyone in that section when it was sealed off."

Jun 18 2004, 02:44 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - OCC

Tom stopped what he was doing and watched as Karelia spoke with the computer.

"What was the reason for this forcefield?"


"Most logical reason?"

  "To contain thyaridizine injected into that section."

"Why might there have been thyaridizine in that section?"

  "To incapacitate a lifeform."

"Was there anyone in that section when it was sealed off."


Tom and Will exchanged a knowing glance. Now we're getting somewhere, Tom thought to himself.

"Computer," Tom said, taking over the questioning. "Who was in that section?"

  "Dr. Ullii Lauren."

"Where did she go?"


Tom swiveled back to his console and tapped a few buttons. He stared intently at the display for a few seconds and then looked back up at Karelia.

"It looks like the sensors picked up her biosign for just a few seconds. Whatever sort of personal cloaking device she was using must have failed momentarily. But then it disappears again." Tom paused, thinking. "Which means she either re-engaged her cloaking device or left the station," he continued.

"If she re-engaged the device, there might have been a small energy spike given off at the moment it was turned on. I'm not sure, but it might be detectable by the sensors. And if she left the station via a transporter, again there may have been a small energy spike. I would recommend we start looking for that, sir," Will said.

Tom nodded. "Good idea. Time to start pouring over sensor logs. Oh that should be fun," he said with a hint of a smile on his face. Will returned just a faint smile of his own, then the two men turned back to their stations and started working.

A while later, both men were still hunched over their terminals. Tom's back and neck were killing him, and he was having a hard time keeping his eyes focused on the monitor in front of him. Suddenly he sat up a little straighter. He pulled up a sensor log he had set aside earlier. His eyes widened. He pulled up another log he had come across earlier. Then another. And another. "Lieutenant," he called out. "Come take a look at this."

"Sir," Will asked as he came up and stood behind Tom.

Tom pointed to an energy spectrum sensor log displayed in front of him. "What do you see here?" he asked.

Will squinted at the screen for a minute. "A small spike, but at the same frequency that our plasma circulates at. Just routine background noise."

"That's what I thought also, at first. But take a look at this." Tom pushed a few buttons, and the display shifted. Now a whole series of energy spectrum sensor readings were displayed, showing a reading every 10th of a second for 5 seconds. "Now what do you see?" he asked.

Will stared at it for a minute. Suddenly he drew a sharp breath. "It's a transporter signature! It's almost perfectly tuned to match the power signature of the station!"

"Exactly. It looks like whoever initiated the transport got the timing wrong by about half a second, so that the transport cycle didn't perfectly time with our station's power frequency. If they had gotten it right I never would have found this. But there's more," he said. He pointed to the graph where the power spike reached a maximum. "Look at the curve. Do you recognize it?"

Will looked closer, and immediately saw what Tom was trying to show him. He mentally chided himself for not seeing it earlier. "Romulan!" he cried out, a bit louder than he meant to. "Romulan," he said again. "That's a Romulan power signature."

Tom nodded. "That's my conclusion also. It looks like our dear Dr. Lauren was transported off the station by Romulans."

Will looked confused. "But... what..."

Tom shook his head. "I have no idea either. But I think the next step is to start looking through sensor logs to see if there was any sign of a cloaked ship nearby at the time of the transport." Tom noticed Will trying to stifle a yawn. He looked at the chronometer on his monitor and was surprised to see it read 0100 hours. He had no idea they had been working so long.

"But, that can wait until morning. We both could use a few hours sleep."

"But, sir..." Will began. He was tired, but not willing to admit it to the admiral.

"Get some rest, Lieutenant. That's an order."

Will nodded. "Aye sir," he said. He walked to the turbolift and left the OCC.

Tom stared at the power signatures on his terminal for a few more seconds, than sent all his work to the terminal in his office. He then logged off the auxiliary ops terminal and headed for the turbolift. He still had to write a log entry for the day, but he wanted to check on Clark in engineering first. He hadn't heard from him since Clark had set off to begin his scans, and for some reason Tom suspected Clark would still be down there running scans despite how late it was.

I doubt I'll be getting any sleep tonight, he thought to himself as he entered the turbolift.
Jun 18 2004, 03:29 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Kintoka Outpost, Throne Room

The creature's demonic face made Sith's heart pound a million times a minute. "I think I know who you are," it said. "I've been anxious to meet you."

"What are you?" Sith didn't recognize this new species at all. It could be that they were a new threat to the Federation. But then it hit him, he really did know who this was. He could sense it. "You're the Pah'Wraith!"

At this realization, his fears began to decrease into calmness. "Yes," it said as it suddenly began walking towards Sith, "and it seems you have the power to defeat my enemies!"

It stopped and turned its head towards the doors Sith came through earlier. They swooshed open and in walked two Cardassian's dragging Julia between them until they dropped her to her knees.

"Julia!" Sith ran over and crouched down to her. He found she was crying for some reason. "Why are you crying??" He hadn't realized how happy he felt by just seeing her again.

"I'm so sorry, Sith. I'm sorry I lied!" She continued to look down, sobbing. She was new to these emotions.

"You see?" The Pah'Wraith stepped around. "That is supposed to be my enemy! But look at her now. She can't fight me. How pathetic!" Sith looked up at the two Cardassian's and the Pah'Wraith. "What did you do to her? What power is this that you have to be able to do this to the Prophets? ...With it I could defeat them all!"

"Power?" Sith stood up to them. "Why don't you tell me what the hell is this??" He looked the Cardassian's over.

The Pah'Wraith sent the two Cardassians out of there. "Yes. You see they do what I say. Not only them. All Alliance races do what I say!"

"Let me guess. Mind control..." Sith added.

"Far from it..." the Pah'Wraith answered. "In fact it is their sworn duty to follow my orders. I, along with few other Pah'Wraiths like me, command the highest powers of the Alliance."

It was like a wave hitting him at warp speed. The words that came out of the Pah'Wraith's demonic mouth were beyond what he wanted to hear. The anger and hate recalling within his system, the obsession and need to fight hyping up his adrenaline...

"This is stupid!" Sith continued, "Prophet's and Pah'Wraith's are supposed to exist outside the space-time continuum! This doesn't make any sense."

"Oh but it does," the Pah'Wraith replied as it walked towards Sith again. "We are two non-coporeal races fighting. He have been for Centuries, critically damaging the other so much we fall into lower levels of existence... linear time. You see, it makes more sense than we want to imagine."

Sith backed up, noticing this evil approach. "So all Prophet's and Pah'Wraith are mortal now? Why is your form so different than hers??"

They walked past Julia, "Not all of us are mortal. Some of us do not fight, therefore continuing to exist as non-coporeal beings; the same way they have been existing for eons... As for our form, well, the Pah'Wraith choose their own form as do the Prophets. When one descends to the linear plain, there is no turning back."

Sith was backed into the large doors again.

"And as for our power...?" The Pah'Wraith's four arms began flowing with some type of bio-electric energy. "We have more than any mortal can imagine. It's been like that for Centuries... and the Alliance respects that."

"So all this time... it's been you whose been telling the Alliance what to do!"

The Pah'Wraith laughed at this, "Hahaha! Fool! We do not care for your pathetic political intrigues. The Alliance versus the Federation? Who cares! We're more like figure heads really. The Alliance's High Command decides all that... the Cardassians, the Romulans, the Tholians! We just approve whatever they want. You see, we care about more important things..."

"Like your war with the Prophets," Sith finished.

"Exactly," the Pah'Wraith finished as he formed some kind of energy flame above its fourth palm.

In a matter of seconds the Pah'Wraith threw the flaming energy at Sith, to which Sith dove to the side to avoid! A hole was blown through the door.

"Like I said. You've beaten one of my unbeatable enemies, and I want to know how. How did you reduce her to that!" The Pah'Wraith spoke as Sith ran and picked Julia up off the floor.

Sith took Julia around and behind a support column. He made certain of eye contact. "Please stop! Just forget all that lying business. I don't care about it! You have to fight this Pah'Wraith before it's too late!"

She looked at him and nodded, "No, Sith. You have to fight him. That's why I needed you. I can't do it anymore." Then suddenly she began fading in and out of existence.

"What's happening to you?" Sith asked.

"I'm-- I'm returning to the other Prophets..." She looked at herself, just as confused as Sith.

"But I thought when one descends, there's no turning back?" He asked.

"No... They're... saving me..." She began to feel light headed.

The column blew to pieces above their heads from another energy blast. Sith grabbed Julia and dove to another column, placing her down there.

When she was safe, Sith ran towards the windows misleading the Pah'Wraith. But the Pah'Wraith just lept through the air and landed right in front of Sith. "Where do you think you're going?"

The Pah'Wraith shot around its upper left arm at Sith, but Sith immediately blocked it with his right forearm. Before he knew it, he was actually fighting back.

The Pah'Wraith flung its upper right arm around, which was blocked by Sith's other arm. Then the Pah'Wraith's other two arms shot around, prompting Sith to constantly block the four incoming arms, faster and faster. "Hahahaha!" The Pah'Wraith seemed to be having a good time, so Sith jumped kicked it in the chest knocking it back.

The Pah'Wraith stopped itself and articulated another ball of energy in its hands. It then shot it at Sith, knocking Sith accross the room.

"Aahh!!" Sith screeched across the floor with a smoking wound in his chest. He got up, finding he was okay... That's right. The protection Julia placed on me!

In confidence, he dove down, grabbing the disrupter he must have dropped earlier without noticing and fired multiple shots into the Pah'Wraith. Each disrupter blast hurt the Pah'Wraith but not enough, because the Pah'Wraith then collected all that energy in a moment of concentration and thrust its four fists into the floor.

Currents of power flowed into the gravity plating, disrupting everything in the Throne room for a second. Every single object jumped in shock, including Sith and Julia. Sith was forced to the floor, but got up quickly.

The Pah'Wraith was suddenly behind him as if transported in a millisecond. It grabbed for Sith but Sith dodged to the left and launched an aerial kick into its stomach.

As space was given between them, Sith leapt and ran up the Pah'Wraith's body until he was high enough to kick it in the head. The Pah'Wraith fell back, and Sith fell to the ground.

"Argh! Who do you think introduced the Shaolin techniques to the Alliance!? You don't stand a chance against me!!" The Pah'Wraith was getting angry now.


"Of course! It was one of many frivolous things in this Universe that intrigued us Centuries ago... So you see, I am a true master."

"You seem rusty."

"Grrggh!!! That's because its true form is power, not fighting!!" It blasted another current of energy at Sith, sending Sith straight into another support beam. Sith fell and crawled around to Julia who was right there.

"Don't worry..." he panted, "I've got everything... um, under control..."

Julia was now slowly fading away. "Sith... Thank you. For everything. I've felt things I could never imagine." Her expression was now nostalgic.

"Julia?" He looked upon her. It seemed way too soon to say goodbye.

"I'm going back now."

"Will I ever see you again?" Sith had completely lost all interest in his fight.
Julia leaned in and kissed him on his lips one more time before she disappeared. Sith suddenly felt empty and lost.

"Is she finally gone?" The Pah'Wraith walked around and looked down at Sith. "I had a feeling those pathetic non-coporeal Prophets would try to save her. She was always one of their favorites."

Sith got up, but still felt too broken to do anything. "She's gone..." He couldn't believe it now.

"As will you be..." The Pah'Wraith called up more and more energy and blasted it at Sith. But Sith bolted in a millisecond. The Pah'Wraith continued the current of energy in anger, trying to follow Sith, but in doing so, destroying the walls and columns in its path. Pieces and debris went bursting all over the place.

Sith finally ran past the windows to which were shattered in the beam of energy. All the air and miscellaneus objects in the room were blown out into space... including the Pah'Wraith.

Sith had made it out the side doors and found himself in another hallway. He took a moment to catch his breath and his nerves.

Section Phinex 3

He and Zeta approached a conduit section to which he opened. Looking down, he saw the Multi-Phasic Trilithium Warhead. It was still running, having been there for years, in a dampening field, undetected by anyone on the Station.

"Click?" Zeta couldn't believe no one had noticed it before either.

"Alright, the activation codes..." Sith took out his padd and copied the codes into the Warhead. It took a certain amount of sequence and equation, but before he knew it, it was activated.

He stood up and glanced at Zeta on his shoulder. "I've made a decision, Zeta. I'm going back."

"Going back... click?"

"Back to the Federation. Back to 001..." He took a breath. "This is stupid. Why go for suicide when I can be more useful alive? There is so much more to live for. Besides... we have to tell everyone what we've seen."

Zeta agreed... unfortunately the Trilithium Warhead was already counting down.

In realizing this, Sith and Zeta ran down the Corridors, in search of the nearest Shuttle Bay.
Jun 18 2004, 10:01 PM

Lieutenant Ullii Lauren - The Tzar

Ullii woke up with a headache. She hadn't slept much last night, as she spent hours in bed thinking about everything she had been told.

Nothing makes any sense..... James and his mind-persuasion device... Garrison... my father suddenly showing up and telling me to kill Summit...... I'm not a physicist! I can't tell if he's telling the truth.... still, he is my father. He'd have to be a terrable man indeed to lie to me.... No, I think he's telling the truth, but... Kill Summit? I suppose his explanation makes sense, but why get me to do it? Why does all of this have to involve Me?!


The ship suddenly shook violantly from weapon impact, and was thrown into a slow spin. Ullii looked out her window and gasped as she slowly saw Starbase 001 followed by Earth come into view of her window. She hadn't thought about it much, but she had assumed that she was far away from here by now.

</\> Vaed'rae! Federation Hna'h! Auethn hrrau daise! </\>

The warning echoed across the ship. Ullii had long ago taken the time to learn the language of her father, and she knew what it meant. She repeated it out loud in Federation Standard (English).

  "Alert. Federation fire. Report to duty stations."

</\> Auethn! Human th'ann hteij! </\>

  "Warning. Human prisioner escaped by transporter."

"James, what are you up to?"

She quickly got dressed back into her Starfleet Uniform, and was about to leave when Soral and Xervish appeared at the door.

"Ullii, daughter. We must accelerate our plans. We've been detected. Our cloak is down."

The three of them walked out of the room and down the corridor.

"My me?"


"Why do I have to kill Summit??"

"Because if you don't, the Alliance will dominate the galaxy!"

"Thanks for that, Captain, but you still didn't answer my question!"

"The reason we want you to do it, Ullii," Xervish explained, "Is because we are testing you. Think of it as an initiation into the new Order of the Tal'Shiar... Operative Lauren."

This caught Ullii by supprise, and was about to ask some more questions, but they immediately arrived at the Transporter Room, and was more or less shoved onto the Transporter Pad by Soral. Xervish came up and handed her the phaser that James had given her.

"Along with you, we also took the liberty of your phaser."

"... thanks."

"Good luck Miss Laruen." Soral looked over to the Transporter Operator. "Energize."

Ullii was suddenly back onboard the Starbase, near one of the Docking Airlocks. Something suddenly hit her. Wait... Captain Summit isn't on board the...

"Welcome on board, Captain."

She had been too lost in her thoughts to hear the sound of the airlock opening. Right around the corner was a security escort and greeting party, along with Captain Summit who had just stepped out of the airlock.

"Thank you Lieutenant. Please escort me directly to Admiral Garrison." There was a tone of urgency in his voice.

"But sir, our orders were to escort you to your guest-quarters, sir."

What is he doing here? How did the Tal'Shiar know he would be here?!

"That was before weapons fire started to exchange between the station and a Romulan Ship, Lieutenant. I hardly think I should be going to my guest-quarters... don't you agree?"

"Aye sir."

He must have already been on his way when the fight started. Ullii's heart started racing! She had the phaser in her hand. I'll be saving his life by killing him... along with the lives of countless people! She tried to convince herself that what she was doing was right. She was just about to turn the corner and fire when a hand came out of nowhere and covered her mouth and held her phaser-arm.

A familiar voice spoke into her ear, "Don't do it!"

She turned around and gasped, "James!"
Jun 19 2004, 12:53 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Corridor Outside Engineering

Tom neared the doors of Engineering, and just as he was about to step through them he heard a loud cry coming from inside.

“Dammit!” a male voice yelled out in frustration. Tom smiled as he recognized the voice, and he entered Engineering.

He walked in to find the room alive with a quiet buzz. Even at such a late hour the room was full of technicians monitoring various stations, running diagnostics, and going about the daily business of keeping such a large starbase operational. Off to one side he saw Lt. Clark slumped over a desk, holding his head in his hands. Tom walked over to him.

“Judging by that rather loud shout, I’m guessing things aren’t going well?” he asked with a smile as he approached Clark.

Clark immediately jerked upright, and started to stand up. “Sir!”

Tom motioned for him to stay seated. “It’s all right, Lieutenant. Don’t get up. I just finished some work up in the OCC with Lt. Karelia, and since I haven’t heard from you all day I decided to come see how you were doing. Something told me you would still be working, even though your shift must have ended hours ago.”

Clark sighed. “It did, but I didn’t want to stop.” He looked down at his station and frowned. “The scans haven’t been going well. The computer hasn’t been very cooperative in accepting the modifications I’ve been trying to make to the internal sensors. The energy readings are so foreign …” his voice trailed off as his mind drifted back to the task at hand, forgetting he was even having a conversation with Garrison.

Tom chuckled to himself. It had been a long time since he had met a man more devoted to his work, but like Karelia a few minutes ago, Clark looked exhausted.

“Lieutenant,” Tom said gently.

“Huh?” Clark jolted back to the present. “Sorry sir, I was just thinking that if I modify the sensors to pick up …”

“Lieutenant,” Tom interrupted him.


“I think you should call it a night. It’s been a long day for all of us, a little rest might do everyone some good.”

“Oh sir, I would never get to sleep. I’m too wound up trying to scan for these energy readings, I’d be up all night.”

“You just need to find a way to unwind. Come on, let’s go to The Deck. I’ll buy you a drink before we each call it a night.”

Clark looked surprised. It wasn’t everyday a Fleet Admiral offered to buy a Lieutenant a drink. But despite Tom’s emotional and mental problems over the last several months, one thing he always prided himself on was his ability to know what others needed; his ability to know how to walk the fine line between being a friend and being a commanding officer. And right now, Lt. Clark needed a drink.

The two men walked to the turbolift and rode to The Deck in silence. Both were lost in their thoughts – Tom was thinking about where Dr. Lauren had gone, as well as wondering when he would hear word from the Pollux and Gambit about Hardgrove, Major, Larkin, and Lietra, while Clark was thinking about modifying the sensors.

Just as they were about to step into The Double~Helix, the lighting changed and sirens began to sound. Karelia’s voice could be heard over the comm system.

  “Red alert, all hands to battlestations. Admiral Garrison to the OCC.”

Tom looked at Clark. “I guess that drink will have to wait, you’d better get back to engineering.” Clark nodded and hurried off, while Tom jogged towards a turbolift.

Moments later, OCC

“Report,” Tom snapped as stepped into the giant control center of Starbase 001.

Lt. Karelia looked up from the Ops station. “Sir, moments after I left I was called back up to the OCC. Ops had detected some strange sensor readings and wanted me to take a look at them.” He pushed a button and put the sensor display on the main viewscreen for Tom to see. “It’s a cloaked Romulan vessel, sir.”

Tom studied the readings for a minute. Sure enough, there was quite clearly a cloaked Romulan vessel not more than 50 kilometers away from the station. “Any idea what class of ship it is?”

“No sir, but judging from the power readings we’re getting, it’s quite heavily armed.”

“I wonder what the hell they’re doing here…” he muttered to himself. “This has to be connected to the transporter signature we discovered earlier,” he said, this time louder. “Lieutenant, your recommendations?”

“Sir, I suggest we do nothing. The Enterprise is due any moment, we should wait until they arrive. We might be able to take that ship on our own, and we might not. Either way it would be a hell of a fight.”

Tom stared at the screen for another minute, his curiosity at this turn of events growing with each minute. He shook his head. “No. If that ship leaves we might never figure out what’s going on here. Now might be our only chance. Lieutenant, sound general quarters.” A new alarm began to ring throughout the station. “Lock all weapons on that ship’s engines.”

“Sir,” an ensign from a side station interrupted. “The Enterprise has just docked, Captain Sumit is on his way up to see you.”

Good timing, Tom thought to himself. Now that the Enterprise is here that Romulan ship doesn’t stand a chance. “Fire, Mr. Karelia.”
Jun 19 2004, 02:23 AM

Lieutenant Daniel Clark – Main Engineering

Clark took a deep breath before walking back into Main Engineering. He was used to a certain amount of authority being second in command of engineering, but it was completely different when he were the one in charge. He stepped into the now dark and busy room. Station wide tactical alerts were not a common occurrence on a starbase; everyone knew what they were doing, but there was a certain air of confusion to the room. He took another deep breath before raising his hands into the air, “Alright! Everybody listen up!” The crowd quieted down almost instantly, “I need a full report of the situation and a station wide system analysis. You all know what you need to do, lets get to work!” He lowered his arms awkwardly as the engineering staff went immediately back to work, and within seconds he had three data pads in his hands.

Romulan?! A puzzled look came across his face as he entered his office and sat down in a chair. The dim blue lighting was broken only by the flashing read lights of the tactical alert. He set the pads down on his desk absently as he stood up and stared blankly through the windows. There has to be a pattern… Engineering was ready for an attack. What is it?! All he could do was wait until something happened. Why can’t I see it?! A startled look came over his face “Computer, bring the external sensors online,” He said in a hurry as he walked quickly out of his office, “and target the station.”

  “Acknowledged. Sensors locked.”

Clark excused a young ensign from sensor control and took a seat. “Calibrate the sensors to frequency… 159-Theta.”

  ”Acknowledged, sensor calibration complete.

Clark’s eyes were intent on the screen in front of him. “Good, now access internal sensors and re-calibrate them to… 163-Pheta-2, and scan the station.”

  “Acknowledged. Please stand by.” Clark taped his fingers impatiently on the panel. "Scans complete.”

“Display results!” Numbers began to pour onto the screen. “STOP!” He slammed his finger against the screen displaying an energy signature. Computer, access anomaly 63 and cross-reference it to the inverse frequency from the external sensors.” Several graphs appeared on the screen. “That’s it! Computer display results on a map of the starbase, and scan the station again for the combined energy signature!”

  “Scan complete.”

Two yellow dots began to flash on the grid. “Computer, locate the source of the signatures!”

  “Energy signatures are located on Deck 6, Section 32.”

“Clark to Garrison!” He didn’t wait for a response, “I’ve got it!”
Jun 19 2004, 09:51 AM

Lieutenant Ullii Lauren - Starbase 001 - Deck 6

It was James' promise of important information that she should know that kept her from shooting him, but she still kept her phaser trained on him the entire way.

"Don't trust me anymore?"

"Tell me why I should!"

"Look Ullii, the device was only to speed things up... You made all the decisions you made by yourself. The device only... *sigh*..... sped things up."

"You'd better have something really interesting to show me, or so help me, I will find a laser-scalple and personally remove your lying tongue!"

"I do! Trust me! Here..." The doors to James' quarters opened, and the two of them walked inside, greeted by Snuggles and... "James?"

The realistic Hologram of James was wearing a tight-fit jogging suit, and holding a huge butcher's knife, with which he was enthusiastically chooping up live fish and throwing them to Snuggles, singing "Polly had a pigeon, a pigeon, a pigeon. Polly had a pigeon, and a pigeon she had."

"James! What are you doing?!"

"It flew in the morning, it flew in the night,"

"Didn't you turn it off?"

"But when it came back it was covered in SHIET!"

"I thought I did..."

"POOOOLY had a pigeon, had a..."

"Deactivate James Holomorph."

The hologram disappeared, right along with all the fish and the knife.

"What on earth?"

"Don't ask me" James was just as stunned as Ullii. He shrugged and opened the doorway into the Mobile HQ.

After the door had shut behind them, James tapped a few times at the invisible controls, which suddenly came to life. The controls that she thought he couldn't show her. "There's something I need to show you."

Dear god, what now?!
Captain Archer
Jun 20 2004, 07:22 PM

Commander Jarek - Warbird Tomalak

What is going on over there? Jarek studied the readings on the padd that had been handed to him. It had been half an hour since the Earth vessel ejected their warp core. “This is all we have!” He threw the padd down to the deck with a clank.

“Sir, we’ve made several sensor sweeps, but the radiation field that we created to disrupt the Transwarp conduit is still very high.” Jarek looked at the young science officer with disgust.

“Get off my bridge, and send someone from your section that can give me some answers.” The officer made his way to the lift with his head hung low.

Jarek looked at the view screen image of the two Federation vessels. This must be a ruse of some kind. “I need to know what’s going on over there.” He turned to the weapons officer and gave a slight nod…. with that, the officer picked up a small device out of his console and headed off the bridge.

Commander Jen Hurst-Transporter Room 2, U.S.S. Gambit

“Welcome aboard Commander Halliwell. I believe we have some things to discuss.”

Halliwell stepped off the transport platform, “I would tend to agree.” They made their way out of the Transporter Room and down the corridor. “Just what the hell is going on? What do you hope to accomplish by this?” Halliwell asked.

They approached a turbolift; Jen hit the control pad to signal the lift. “I have a plan… well half a plan.” She smiled sheepishly. Halliwell let out a heavy sigh, as the doors to the lift opened up. “Observation Lounge.” Jen ordered the lift.

It took off with a whirl. “Half a plan? That must be some half if you were willing to jettison your warp core….”

“…Secondary warp core, we still have the ability to enter a conduit, but conventional warp is out of the question.” Jen explained.

“So tell me what is this plan?” The lift arrived at the corridor behind the bridge, which would lead them to the lounge. Jen took the lead and entered the lounge, taking a seat at the head of the conference table.

She tapped a few controls, “I’m sure your familiar with the prototype probes that the Gambit has been supplied with.”

“Vaguely.” Halliwell said.

“Before they are launched their cloaking devices are engaged, the only problem with this is when they exit the ship, they create a minor subspace distortion around the launch site. We need a diversion so they have their scanners on something else.”

Halliwell continued to take all this in. “This must be where we come in?”

Jen nodded and brought up another screen, this depicted the two vessels and the fleet. “You will launch a shuttlepod equipped with a device that will emit false biosigns, once out of your bay set it on a heading away from our vessels. With any luck they will all be too busy scanning the shuttle and won’t notice the distortion.”

Halliwell smiled. “Sounds like a plan, one question though - how long before the probe will clear the radiation and be able to scan the region? And for that matter, will the Alliance fleet detect the sensor sweeps it makes?”

Jen turned off the monitor and folded her hands in front of her on the table. “We estimate that it will take about an hour before we will receive any telemetry from the probe, and… in theory of course…. the sensor sweeps should be low enough that they won’t be detected.”

As those final words escaped Hurst’s mouth, the room went dim and the computer’s voice filled the room.

  “Intruder Alert Deck 4 Section 21 Alpha.”

Hurst slapped her communicator “Hurst to Security, send a team to Deck 4 Section 21 Alpha immediately. I’ll be there shortly.” She opened a small weapons locker hidden in the wall next to the monitor and grabbed two phaser rifles and handed one to Halliwell. “If you wouldn’t mind Commander.”

Halliwell took the weapon and they both headed for Deck 4.
Jun 20 2004, 08:14 PM

William Dearborn - The Tyr

Dearborn watched as Ottel disappeared, leaving him in command of his own ship. Over Thirty mintues had passed by. He looked around the bridge as he headed back to the captains chair. "Shields to maximum. Satara where is that transport now?"

Satara looked up from her console "It docked on the station some time ago. It hasn't moved since."

"Can you get a lock on the bio?"

"Negative. it's still moving."

"Kayla, set course. Bring us in orbit of the station."

Dearborn tapped his chair. "Storms, prepare for injured'

  "Aye," came the reply.

"Kayla, let me know when we're in range." He pressed the com button again. "All hands be ready for possible boarding party."

As the Tyr approached the station Dearborn could feel the anticipation throughout his whole body.

Weapons inventory was taken and passed along to the crew. A party of five prepared themselves and readied their weapons, as they all headed into the cramped transporter room. Dearborn was sure what he was about to do was the right thing to do.

Jun 20 2004, 09:02 PM

Lieutenant Commander Tanik - Bridge of the U.S.S. Pollux

Tanik sat in the captain's chair, as Halliwell had left the ship. He had the inexplicable urge to hail Jarek and confront him, but it wasn't the correct time for such an occurrence.

Just then, the officer at the communications station piped up. "Sir, sensors detect intruders on the Gambit!"

Tanik's eyes widened in surprise. Now it was the correct time. "Hail Jarek." The comm officer acknowledged.

Jarek's face appeared on screen. Tanik's expression was one of steely determination. Jarek's face was first one of utter surprise, and then of anger. He had been blindsided. Tanik spoke first. "What is the intention of this, commander?"

  Jarek's eyebrows raised. "Tanik? Well, it's good to see you too, old comrade. Although, your choice of apparel is rather... less than becoming of a Romulan officer, it is good nonetheless," Jarek spat caustically.

Tanik snorted.

  "Did you want to speak to me about something urgent and pertinent to our current situation, or did you just want to catch up on old times?" Jarek asked sarcastically.

Tanik's expression did not change. "Why are there intruders onboard the Gambit, commander?" Tanik said the last word as coldly as possible.

  Jarek adopted an expression of surprise. "Why don't you ask them? I'm sure they would figure out an answer shortly..."

Tanik was visibly frustrated and angry. "No more games, Jarek."

  Jarek was on the verbal attack now. "Yes. No more games. It's time to get to the important matters. I know the answer to your question."

Tanik smiled loathingly. "Then perhaps you will care to explain what is going on?"

  Jarek chuckled. "Oh, not that question. I was referring to your question."

Tanik's eyebrow lifted in question

  Jarek smiled. "She's on Romulus."

THAT question. It was Tanik's turn to be blindsided. "Rhiana? Romulus?" Tanik breathed.

  Jarek continued to smile. "One could say, she's as free as the vapor in the air."

Tanik was obviously confounded.

  Jarek kept going. "It's more than she deserved, but it will have to do. I know you do not understand at the moment. But when you do remember everything, give me a call. I'll be glad to hear your thoughts," Jarek said genially.

The bridge crew looked to Tanik, confused and more than a little uncomfortable.

Tanik was still utterly confused. He turned to the comms officer, and told him to cut the connection. The screen returned to the view of space. Tanik remained staring at the screen resolutely, as many thoughts entered his mind at once.

I can't think about that right now. I have got to focus on the mission, Tanik thought to himself.

He turned back to the comms officer. "Hail the Gambit. I want to know what the hell is going on over there."
Jun 20 2004, 09:41 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Kintoka Outpost

Zeta hung on to Sith's arm for his life as Sith ran down the large corridors of the doomed Kintoka Outpost. He knew he had enough time, but he wanted to get the hell out of there, fast.

Turning a corner he crashed right into a bunch of Romulan and Cardassian guards. "Ugh!!" They immediately got a hold of Sith, and from the mix of people emerged the Takaran Captian.

"Well, well, well. Looks like the Federation Officer is a survivor..." the Takaran thrust his hand into Sith's neck and slammed Sith against the wall.

"Who do you think you are, Takaran!? He is our prisoner!!" One of the Cardassians argued.

"Shut up! Me and him have unfinished business..."

"Ugh--!" Sith choked, but gave in to reasoning, "I thought you were impressed by me? Remember the traffic jam??"

"Huh? Oh yeah... Um. Well, you see there's an easy explanation for that... Err..."

Suddenly there was a sound of a disrupter blast. The Takaran was shot right through his chest.

"Aaahh!!" He looked down in horror and saw the hole through his body. Sith looked through it and saw a group of Coalition Member's in the distance of the hallway.

The Takaran dropped Sith and tended to his own problems. "Ugh!! A hole!?" When fire opened between the Alliance Guards and the Coalition Member's, the Takaran ran away in cowardice.

Sith punched and kicked a few of the Alliance Guards out and then ducked and covered. When all the Alliance Guards around him were accurately taken out, the Coalition Member's jogged over.

"What... huh... you're helping me?" Sith looked up at them.

"Captain Dearborn of the Coalition starship Tyr," the human extended a hand and helped Sith up.

"I've run into some questionable Coalition Member's lately. How do I know I can trust you?"

"You're not dead," Dearborn answered.

"Ahem-- good point." He shook his hand. "Lieutenant Rune Sith, Deputy of Security, of the Federation Starbase 001." He paused, thinking for a moment, "Well, my last position was actually Commander Sith of the Syndicate ship Vellous."

"The Vellous???"

"Yeah but in changing the subject... I regret to inform you that there is a Multi-Phasic Trilithium Warhead planted on this Station and set to explode in the next few minutes!!"

"Click," Zeta added.

Before Dearborn could respond, more Alliance Guards suddenly rounded the corner of the large hallways. They launched mechanical devices at the Coalition Member's and Sith. One of the devices hit and clasped onto a member of the Coalition team and electrocuted him to the floor.

"Let's move!!" Dearborn yelled, and all the Coalition Member's ran back towards thier beam-out site while firing disrupters back at the Alliance Guard's.

Sith and Dearborn grabbed the fallen guy and helped him to the beam-out site. In no time the entire team dematerialized.
Jun 20 2004, 10:11 PM

Lattrel Ottel - the Vellous

As the blue and sparkling light of the transporter began to fade, Ottel saw the gray toned transporter room of the Vellous take shape. Somehow, everything about this ship just screamed ‘Romulan,’ and that made Ottel somewhat uncomfortable. It took a short while before his eyes finally adjusted to the comparably dimmer lights of the ship.

“Welcome aboard... uh... ?” Ottel turned to see who addressed him. In front of him stood a young man, not human, but at the moment Ottel could not tell what species.

“Ottel. Just call me Ottel,” he helped the young man out. “Now, take me to the ones you just rescued!”

“Right,” the man answered, still standing. Seeing Ottel’s impatient look, he said, “Oh, right. This way... Ottel.”

They walked out of the transporter room and into the even more imposing hallway. Do they have power shortage on this ship? Ottel wondered. They could use a little more lighting.

“To your left,” the man said, as they both reached a cross-section of two hallways. “The lift is just ahead.” Sure enough, the two of them reached the lift in almost no time. They stepped in, the metallic doors sliding shut behind them.

“Where are they?” Ottel finally asked.

“In the infirmary,” his companion answered. “We transported them a minute ago. They were all banged up, but nothing serious, as far as I could tell.”

The lift came to a halt and the doors opened. Ottel let his young friend take the lead, and he followed. After making another turn left, they walked up to a door with a sign on it. Medical, perhaps, Ottel thought.

“In here,” the young man directed Ottel towards the door. Another unnecessarily dark room. Both men looked around, surprised. For a room that was supposed to have newly rescued passengers, the infirmary was unusually empty. There was an Orion sitting on one of the beds, sealing up a superficial wound with a hypospray.

“Can I help you?” a Bajoran woman asked, “I’m the doctor here.”

“Where are the people we just rescued?” Ottel’s companion asked.

“They were all in pretty bad shape,” the doctor explained. “Looks like they had been tortured, but no matter how much I tried I couldn’t keep Hardgrove in here. He insisted on being on the bridge until we were out of here. The Bajoran officer and the other man simply followed him.”

“So they’re on the bridge.”

“Yes, Polos, they’re on the bridge,” the doctor walked away, shaking her head.

“Polos. Lead me to the bridge!” Ottel addressed his guide, having just learned his name. They walked out of the infirmary and went back the same way they had come, until they reached the lift again and got in. She mentioned a Bajoran officer and another man, Ottel thought. Was it a verbal mistake, or did one of them not make it? How about the ship that brought them here? Seconds later the bridge doors opened and Ottel stepped onto the massive bridge of the Vellous. Before he could see what and who was where, he heard a familiar voice.

“Mr. Lattrel, I am told you have come to our rescue.”

Ottel turned to see a battered and bruised Hardgrove, sitting comfortably in the first officer’s chair. His eyes also caught a glimpse of Larkin, but no sight of Major. Ottel sighed.

“It is so nice to know that you care so much,” Hardgrove said, with a humorous hint in his voice.

“I wasn’t about to lose my closest supporter and best inside man in the Federation,” Ottel finally responded. “Looks like you have casualties.”

“Sadly so,” Hardgrove lowered his eyes, pondering for a second. “Where’s your ship?”

“It’s cloaked.”

“Boys, hate to ruin your hearty reunion, but I would prefer we get the hell out of here as fast as possible,” Kyst interrupted.

“Sure thing,” Hardgrove turned to Ottel, “what do you think?”

“I agree,” Ottel said. “Captain Blacksun, would you mind hailing the Tyr?”

Ottel waited until one of the crew could contact Dearborne.

“Um, Captain, I’m trying, but we aren’t getting any response,” someone said.

“What?” Ottel was dumbfounded. He walked up to the ops control and said, “the Tyr’s cloaking shield functions on the frequency 341.0001.0050.22.” He waited until the person manning the ops controls entered the numbers. “That should tell you where it is.”

“I can see it,” the crewman said, “it’s heading for the station.”

“Hail it again,” this time Blacksun ordered.

“Still no response.”

Dammit, Dearborne, what the hell are you doing? Ottel thought, angry.
Will Karelia
Jun 21 2004, 01:36 PM

Lieutenant Will Karelia - Operations and Command Center (OCC)

“Sir, I suggest we do nothing. The Enterprise is due any moment, we should wait until they arrive. We might be able to take that ship on our own, and we might not. Either way it would be a hell of a fight.” Karelia suggested.

“No. If that ship leaves we might never figure out what’s going on here. Now might be our only chance. Lieutenant, sound general quarters.” A new alarm began to ring throughout the station. “Lock all weapons on that ship’s engines.”

“Sir,” an ensign from a side station interrupted. “The Enterprise has just docked, Captain Sumit is on his way up to see you.”

Garrison had a stone-cold look on his face. “Fire, Mr. Karelia.”

"Aye, sir."

A phaser beam streaked along the space between Starbase 001 and the warbird. It struck the ship directly on the aft-ventral section, at the main impulse exhaust. The Romulan ship shook wildly, reeling from the direct hit to its engines, and the shields glowed as they tried to absorb the blast. A pair of triphasic torpedoes succeeded the phaser blast and struck the same section of the ship, all but destroying her aft shields. a second phaser beam tore into the exposed duratanium plating of the warbird, and knocked out the engine assembly.

"Sir, the warbird is now immobile."
Jun 21 2004, 05:02 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - OCC

  Before Tom could respond, Clark's voice broke in from the comm. "Clark to Garrison! I’ve got it!"

"Standby, lieutenant," Tom said. He turned to Karelia, but before he could speak, Clark came over the comm again.

  "Sir, I think..."

"Lieutenant, standby," Tom repeated. He looked at Will. "What is the status of that warbird? Can you confirm that all engines are down?"

Karelia looked down at his terminal for a second. "Their engines have sustained heavy damage. Warp and impulse engines are off-line, but they still appear to have thrusters. They're moving away from the station now, sir. On thrusters only."

"Let them go for now. They won't get far on thrusters." Tom hit his commbadge. "Garrison to Clark, go ahead."

  "Sir! I've found a way to scan for that energy signature. And..." he paused, and suddenly a display of the station appeared on the main viewscreen. There were two blinking yellow dots on Deck 6, in section 40. "If you look at the viewscreen," he continued, "you'll see that there are currently two matches for that energy signature on the station. Regular sensors detect nothing there, sir."

"Speculations on what the signatures are, Lieutenant?" Tom asked.

  "Sir, if I had to guess, I would say that it's two cloaked people, each carrying one of the weapons that was used to shoot me. Only a guess, but I don't have any other theories at the moment."

"Standby, Lieutenant. Garrison to Security, seal off deck 6 and have a team report there immediately. Don't do anything until I get there."

  "Aye, sir," came the response from security.

"Clark, how long would it take you to modify a tricorder to scan for these signatures?"

  "Now that I know how to do it, only a matter of seconds."

"Good, I want you to modify four tricorders and then meet the security team and myself on deck six. Garrison out." Tom turned to Will. "You have the conn, Mr. Karelia."

Will nodded, and Tom turned and strode to the turbolift.
Jun 22 2004, 12:40 AM

Lieutenant Daniel Clark – Main Engineering

  “Garrison out."

Clark was already through the doors by the time the communication cut out, tricorders in hand. “Computer, access science terminal 4 in main engineering and transfer sensor modifications to these tricorders.” Clark ran into the nearest turbolift.

  “Acknowledged…… modifications complete.”

“Computer, deck six, section 31-alpha. Initiate emergency lift acceleration, authorization Clark: Seven-Seven-Six, Epsylon-Murioi.”

  ”Authorization accepted.”

Clark clung to the railing as the lift suddenly jolted upward at an incredible speed. He was less then enthusiastic about using the emergency speed, having examined the designs, but in this case it was necessary. The lift stabilized suddenly when the inertial dampeners kicked in, and he pulled out one of the tricorders he was holding under his arm. He inserted it into a small port on right side, just under his waist. “Activate engineering optical interface Clark 01, and access portable device.” With a gesture of his eye a small menu appeared in front of him. “Bring up station schematics and scan for anomaly Clark – Weird Reading 02.” The turbolift doors opened as a blue mesh of the station appeared in front of him with two pulsating yellow dots. “Isolate signatures and magnify.”


“Where are they?” Garrison said as he caught his tricorder and opened it.

Clark looked straight ahead. “This way!” He started to run followed closely by the other officers. “Wait!” They all stopped in unison. “The signals are moving… they’re on the run!”

“Where are they going?!” K’Rak yelled trying to read the tricorder in his hands.

“Computer, track the signatures and calculated destination.” Clark said looking at the two moving dots.

  ”Estimated destination Deck Seven, Section 12.”

“Commander,” Garrison said looking at K’Rak, “Take your team and try intercept them on deck 7. The rest of you are with me!” The two groups started running in separate directions. “Computer, erect a force-field in section 37.” The admiral ordered looking up from his tricorders.

Clark watched as the dots moved towards section 37 and straight through. “I don’t think force fields are gonna help sir.” He said breathing heavily while running.

“Ok! Take a right, we’ll try and—“

“Sir! The signals have disappeared!”

“What?! Where did they stop?”

“Hold on. Computer, last known destination of energy signatures.”

  ”Deck Seven, Section 8.”

“Garrison to K’Rak, meet at deck 7 section 8!”
Jun 22 2004, 01:18 AM

Lieutenant Ullii Lauren - Starbase 001, Mobile HQ

"I thought you told me it was impossible for me to see the display!"

"Well I couldn't very well have you snooping around my files, could I?"

He tapped the buttons some more and a picture of her father appeared on the screen.

"This is your father, Ullii."

"If that's all you wanted to tell me..." She raised her phaser higher.

"No, no, listen... he's a member of the Tal'Shiar and..."

"I already know that, Mr. Autumn. He told me everyth..."

"He's lying to you. He wants you to kill Summit, but you can't! Garrison is the one we need to get rid of!"

"Listen James, I've had enough of your--"

"Killing him won't save him, Ullii! Nor will it save the timeline, or the Federation! He told you the Tal'Shiar had split. But they haven't! He's fooling you, can't you see? If Garrison were to be killed, then, according to Summit's future, the Rebellion will fail, and the Federation won't perish! That's why they they changed your target. They came up with a convincing theories to trick you into killing someone else! Someone that, if dead, won't cause the Federation to continue to live! It's Garrison we need to go after, Ullii! No Garrison, no rebellion, no fall of the Federation, no pointless loss of billions of lives! Xervish Lauren is an evil man, Ullii! The Tal'Shiar isn't really against the Alliance! You have to believe me! His record is right there on the screen!"

"I know what's in his record! And right now I have you and the Tal'Shiar telling me to kill two different people! How am I supposed to know who to believe?! You? Who used mind-control on me?" She waited a moment to assess the look on his face, which was one of guilt. "Yes, James. I found out!"

"It doesn't make a difference. Don't you see I had no choice? Without the device, there was no guarantee that you'd have listened to me. I did what I had to do!..."

*beep beep... beep beep*

"What's that?"

Not long after the noise started, James' holomorph was re-activated and started juggling kittens while singing Jingle Bells in Klingon.

"We're being scanned! How is that possible?!" He thought for a moment, "It can't be the Station. They'd never be able to figure it out. It must be the Tal'Shiar. Whoever it is, the scans must be interfering with the holomorph... Oh no."

"What is it?"

"The holomorph. It was acting in the same strange way when we came in. They must have been scanning us then as well."

"But that means that..."

"Whoever it was already knows where we are. We have to move!"
Jun 22 2004, 02:05 AM

Lieutenant Daniel Clark – Deck 7, Section 8

The group rounded the corner, led by Garrison, to the last known coordinates of the energy signatures. Spotting Commander K’Rak’s security detail on the opposite end the corridor, he signaled for them to stop.

“This is it.” Clark whispered to the Admiral as he pointed to a door leading to crew quarters. Garrison just nodded and walked over to meet the Klingon. As the two men were discussing the best method of entering the room Clark brought up the engineering interface and tried to gather information on the room. It was a fair sized crew quarter, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. No trace energy signatures, to anomalies, nothing.

“Ready. Three… two—“

“Sir!” Clark cut off the countdown, “I’m reading an energy signature in the room… the same kind that we were tracking! Its—wait—I’m reading a massive energy surge building up inside! LOOK OUT!” He jumped as quickly as he could to the side as both doors leading into the room were blown into the corridor in a massive explosion. Clark stood up as fast as he could, grabbing for a phaser that he realized he didn’t have. Several security officers including Commander K’Rak quickly entered the room as the environmental systems exhausted the fire. Admiral Garrison was kneeling down by a young officer.

“Garrison to the infirmary, medical emergency. Deck 7, Section 8.”

Clark suddenly had a surprised look, “Sir! I’m reading the two energy signatures on this deck!”

Garrison just looked up, “Can you locate them?”

K’Rak walked out of the room, “Nothing.”

“They're only 9 sections away from here… shuttle bay 6!”
Jun 22 2004, 02:13 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Deck 7, Section 8

"They're only 9 sections away from here… shuttle bay 6!"

K'Rak immediately started barking orders into his commbadge, telling the security office where to send teams. He then turned to his men and began barking more orders. Tom looked back down at the young man on the ground before him. His face was covered with serious burns, and Tom doubted he would survive. He took off his commbadge and placed it on the man.

"Garrison to the OCC, lock onto my signal and transport it directly to the infirmary. Garrison to the infirmary, prepare for incoming wounded immediately." He then closed the channel before the OCC or infirmary could even acknowledge him.

"Let's go," he shouted at the officers gathered around him. They took off for the shuttlebay, and as they rounded the first corner they saw Captain Sumit coming towards them, accompanied by another security team. They stopped and waited for Garrison, Clark, and K'rak and his team to catch up, then fell into step with them.

"Max," Tom said in between breaths as they sprinted down the corridor.

"Tom. Lt. Karelia filled me in. I brought a security team from the Enterprise to help."

"Good," Tom paused for a breath. He wasn't used to running around so much, and briefly the thought that he needed to work out more passed through his mind. "We could use all..." breath ".. the help we can get."

They rounded another corner and skidded to a halt. The doors to shuttlebay 6 stood before him. Tom turned to Clark. "Are they still in there?" he asked.