Episode 8: The Changing of the Guard, Part IV

Sep 18 2004, 12:58 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Executive Suite

Where is he? Tom was standing outside Captain Hardgrove's office. He really needed to talk to Drayson, they would have to call a meeting of the War Council tonight in order to address the issue with the Romulan coming to the station tomorrow. Finally he realized there was an easier way.

"Computer, locate Captain Hardgrove."

"Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove is not aboard the station," came the soft female voice in reply.

"Dammit." Tom thought for a moment. He knew Ottel, Major Lietra, and Kyst Blacksun were on the station. There was no way the Vulcans would pick a representative and get him or her there in time. If Drayson doesn't turn up in the next three hours, I'll just call a meeting without him.

"Computer," he said. "The moment Captain Hardgrove comes aboard the station, inform him he needs to find me right away. Set it as a priority one flag."

The computer beeped in acknowledgment. "Priority one flag sent. Continuous scan for Captain Hardgrove initiated."

Tom nodded to himself, that was all he could do for the moment. Besides, he wanted to stop by security and engineering to see how things were coming. Neither Sith nor Clark would be happy when he told him the meeting had been moved up from a few days to a few hours. However, he only got a few steps down the hall towards the OCC when the doors opened and Captain Halliwell walked into the executive suite. She saw Garrison and immediatley walked towards him.

"Sir," she said as she approached. "Can we talk privately?"

"Now's not a good time, Sam," Tom said. "How about later?" He started to walk by her, assuming she would just agree.

"Admiral." There was something in her voice, a tone Tom hadn't heard before. He paused and turned around to look at her. "Can we talk privately, now?" She phrased it as a question, but she wasn't really asking.

"Let's go into my office," Tom said. He then walked down the hall and entered his office, Halliwell right behind him. He sat down behind his desk while Sam sat down in one of the chairs facing him. "What's on your mind?" he asked.

"It's about Dr. Laruen." Sam decided to come right out and say this, and then deal with however Tom reacted. "Speaking frankly, sir, I'm offended you relieved her of duty without asking me. Hell, you didn't notify me about it afterwards."

"I am her Commanding Officer," Sam continued, not giving Tom a chance to interrupt. "I understand and respect the fact that you outrank me, but this was completely inappropriate. We're already experiencing a major shortage of officers - our chief engineer is one of the youngest in Starfleet history. He's talented, no doubt, and ready for the job, but that's still a good example of what I'm talking about. For you to relieve one of my officers without even talking to me about it..." Sam shook her head. "That was inappropriate. I can't run this station when you're acting over my head like that."

She stopped speaking but continued to make eye contact with Tom. After a moment he leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling.

"I apologize if I was out of line, sir," Sam added. "But I stand by what I said."

Tom continued to stare at the ceiling for a minute. Then he let out a sigh and looked back at Sam. "No, you weren't out of line. I was. One of the things I respected about David was his willingness to speak his mind. If he was upset with something I did, or with a decision I made, he wasn't afraid to let me know. He knew when to speak his mind, but he also knew when to just accept that we disagreed."

"I'm not sure if you know this," Tom continued, "but that's why David picked you as his first officer. He once told me you that knew when to tell him to go to hell and you knew when to shut up and follow his orders. He saw a quality of himself in you, a good quality. And this was one of those times you needed to speak up."

He shook his head in frustration with himself. "You're right, this wasn't something I should have done unilaterally. I should have involved you. I'm sorry that I didn't."

Sam let out a breath she had been holding. She wasn't sure how Tom would react, and she was pleasantly surprised he reacted the way he did. She had been expecting him to blow up at her, and she suddenly realized she didn't know him as well as she thought she did.

"Apology accepted," she said. "But moving on, about what Ullii did..."

"Go on," Tom urged.

"Sir, she was wrong. I don't argue that. And no matter what else comes of this she will have to be punished in some form. But I think she's right, sir. From what I understand of the situation, one Romulan is coming aboard the station. What can possibly happen?"

"A lot, Captain. It wasn't that long ago that several of us were abducted by the Alliance. It cost David his life. We have no idea what they're trying to pull with this, and I can't justify risking the entire station for this?"

"But isn't it worth it? What if this is serious? What if there really is a Romulan rebellion?"

"Even if there is, I still don't see how I can justify putting the entire station at risk."

"Look what the Cardassian rebellion did to the Dominion War! Even with recent events, that was the bloodiest two years in the history of this quadrant. If the Cardassians hadn't risen up like they did, it could have been far worse. To a degree none of us can imagine. How can we put aside a chance to help save so many lives just to avoid putting one station at risk?"

Tom leaned back in his chair.

"I've got the best officers in the fleet under me, Admiral. We can set up unprecendented amounts of security." Tom turned in his chair to face out the window. "I can make sure plenty of people are guarding key areas at all times. I can have this place locked up tighter than a Breen interrogation room. I think we can do this, sir. I think we should do this." She stopped speaking. A minute passed.

"The Alliance played a part in the death of my wife," Tom spoke quietly, still facing out the window. "Most of my friends from the academy are dead now because of them. I've presided over more funerals in the last decade than I can count. And just recently, the few friends I have left were taken prisoner by the Alliance when they tricked us into thinking they wanted to start peace talks. One of those friends didn't come home." Another minute passed, then Tom swiveled back around to face Sam.

"I've been trying not to let any of that interfere with my ability to make decisions, but I don't think I'm always successful. You're right, Sam. It's worth the risk. Come on, let's go talk to Sith and Clark. I need to talk to them about the War Council anyway."

They got up and walked towards the door. "Don't let this go to your head," Tom said playfully. "That's twice in five minutes you got me to admit I was wrong. I don't plan on making a habit of that." He walked out the door with a smile on his face, Sam walking behind him still amazed she was able to say all that without even getting yelled at.
Sep 18 2004, 11:20 AM

Fleet Captain : Drayson Hardgrove.
shuttle bay 4:

Hardgrove stroked his whiskered covered chin. The last few days had been long and tiring. Overseeing the new armaments at all the remaining Federation space stations, outposts and colonies was exhausting.

As the shuttle docked all Drayson could think about was a hot shower a shave a hot meal and a nap that lasted at least 12 hours.
As he exited the shuttle with the other passengers his commbadge squelched with the voice of the stations computer.

=/\= "Captain Hardgrove, please report to Admiral Garrison immediately." 

Hardgrove tapped his commbadge.

=/\= Hardgrove to Garrison, You need to see my Admiral? =/\= 

=/\= Drayson Where have you been? We've had to move up our meeting with the council. We need to talk. Meet me the conference room in five minutes."

Just enough time for a hot cup of coffee. He thought as he went to find one.
Sep 18 2004, 07:48 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - The Deck

Tom strode along The Deck, heading for the security office. Captain Halliwell was right behind him. Tom had contacted Clark while he was in the turbolift and told him to meet him, Halliwell, and Sith in Sith's office. He approached the security office at the same time Clark was approaching from the opposite direction.

"Sir," Clark acknowledged. They all then walked into the security office where Sith was waiting for them.

"I'll get right to the point," Tom said after they had all sat down. "The War Council meeting is being moved up to tonight."

"What?!" Sith and Clark both cried out in unison, momentarily forgetting their place. Tom just chuckled.

"I had a feeling that would be the reaction I got. Circumstances have come up which require us to meet tonight. In fact, Captain Halliwell will tell you about those circumstances in a few minutes, because we'll need special security arrangements for that too."

"Tonight will be ... difficult, sir," Sith said. He had a glum look on his face.

Tom nodded. "I understand that. I'm not expecting you to have all the arragements ready. But do whatever you can, I'm planning on convening the meeting in the briefing room in 5 hours." Tom looked over the faces of Sith and Clark. Both men looked like they had just been told their dog died.

Tom chuckled again. "Just do what you can, Commanders. It will have to be good enough. Now if you'll excuse me, I have other matters to attend to." He got up and left the office, leaving Halliwell to explain what was happening tomorrow morning, with Yasha coming aboard.

Just as he left the office his combadge chirped.

"Hardgrove to Garrison, You need to see me Admiral?"

"Drasyon, where have you been?! We've had to move up our meeting with the council. We need to talk. Meet me the conference room in five minutes."

Tom walked towards the turbolift.
Sep 19 2004, 02:35 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Briefing Room

"... and so I want the council to meet tonight, to talk about this," Tom said.

Drayson got up and walked over to the window. He stood there staring out at the stars for a minute. Tom had just finished telling Drayson everything that had happened involving Yasha and Dr. Lauren while he was gone.

Drayson turned around. "I've heard rumors of a Romulan rebellion," he admitted. "I've even investigated them personally, but I never managed to turn up anything significant." He paused to think. "This is an interesting development, Tom."

"So you think this Yasha is serious, then?"

"I have no idea," Drayson admitted. "But I think there's a good chance she is. Our information about life within the Alliance borders is sketchy, but it doesn't sound pleasant. It seems to be especially bad on Romulus. So I don't find it at all implausible that some of them would try to form a rebellion."

Drayson walked back over to the table and sat down. He appeared lost in thought.

"Well I guess that settles it then, we'll meet with Yasha tomorrow morning. Assuming she shows up," Tom added. Drayson didn't respond, he still appeared lost in thought. "Switching gears, how was your trip?" Tom asked.

No response.


"Huh?" He looked up.

"How was your trip?"

"Oh, it was good." Drayson replied. He sounded distracted. "Productive." He stood up. "Excuse me, Tom. I've got business to attend to." He started to walk for the door.

"2100 hours, in this room Drayson. I'll contact everyone else and let them know."

Drayson waved his hand as he left. "I'll be here."

Tom watched as the doors closed. He shook his head. I'll never completely figure out that man. One mention of a Romulan rebellion and he suddenly starts acting all mysterious again. I wonder if he's annoyed he didn't see this coming, he always knows what's going on and I think this really caught him by surprise.

Tom chuckled to himself at the thought of Drayson being irked at not knowing everything, and then he got up and left the room, heading for his office. He had war council members to contact.
Captain Archer
ep 18 2004, 09:25 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-Quarters

Michael was placing two napkins down on the table that was already set for dinner when the door chime sounded. “Come.” He shouted out, as he made his way to the door. They slid open revealing Captain Hurst. “Welcome back Jen.” They kissed and as they parted, she said, “I should go away more often if this is the welcome I can expect when I return.” They chuckled and he ushered her to the table. “So what’s on the menu?” She asked. Michael went over to the replicator and tapped a few controls and two plates materialized, one with a steak dinner and the other with a lobster dinner on it. “Oh you read my mind.” He sat the steak in front of himself and the lobster was placed in front of Jen.

“So can you talk about your patrol now?” She placed her napkin in her lap and nodded “Yes, we were sent to a colony on the outskirts of the Klingon Empire, we sent cloaked probes and ran senor sweeps of the Klingon border.” Michael was intrigued “Can you talk about the specifics.” “I don’t see why not, but it’s nothing to terribly interesting. We were just trying to determine the strength of the Klingon fleet, we haven’t had any formal contact with the Empire in quite some time, but I’m sure your aware of that.” Michael nodded. “I remember the last time I spoke to a Klingon official, he threatened to rip my stomach out for suggesting that the Empire couldn’t take care of itself.” She laughed “Sounds like you’ve got friends everywhere.” She said sarcastically. “A few, so how are they doing after all these years.” By this time, they were both poking at their meals. “Well, initial findings suggest that they aren’t much better off than we are.” “Who is these days, except for the Alliance of course.” There was an awkward silence after that statement.

“So what’s been happening around here, anybody get sucked into an anomaly or anything interesting like that.” Michael chuckled “Not that I’m aware of, but I did hear rumblings among some of the people at the Double Helix that Doctor Lauren was relieved of duty.” Jen looked surprised “What for?” “I didn’t hear that part, if it’s even true at all.”

Several Hours Later on the Deck

Michael and Jen strolled along the Deck making small talk when Michael’s communicator beeped. “Larkin here.”

  “Michael I hope I’m not interrupting, but are you able to talk?” It was Admiral Garrison.

Michael and Jen exchanged a look and she stayed behind as he continued walking “Not at all, what can I do for you?”

  “The meeting has been moved up were going to be meeting in a few hours, I’ll contact you a little closer to the final time, were still working on the security arraignments.”

“Very well, let me know Larkin out.” Michael made his way back to Jen. “I’m afraid I have to call it an evening. I’ve got some unexpected work to do.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll talk to you later then.”

They kissed goodnight, she headed for her quarters, and he made his way to his office.
Sep 20 2004, 12:28 AM

Major Lietra Kayana - The Deck

Kayana walked slowly along The Deck, breathing heavily. She had just finished working out on the holodeck. Something I do far too sparingly, she thought to herself, judging from how heavily she was breathing. She was going to stop by the Double~Helix for something to drink, maybe even a glass of water. But as she got closer she noticed the bar was almost empty. It was still early.

"Forget it," she muttered to herself. She switched directions and began walking towards a turbolift. She had gone to the Double~Helix several times in the last few weeks with the intention of making some new friends, but always ended up sitting alone. All the company she ever got were some curious, and sometimes distrustful, stares.

Not that I can blame them, she mused as she entered the turbolift. "Deck seven." We've managed to stay away from the devastation the Alliance causes. But the Federation certainly hasn't been so lucky. And everybody on this station is still hurting from the loss of their captain. She shuddered as she remembered the unpleasant ordeal that happened a few weeks ago. If I were in their place, I'd certainly be wary of trusting any outsiders.

The turbolift slowed and came to a stop, the doors sliding open. She exited and started walking in the general direction of her quarters. So no, I can't blame anybody for not wanting to talk to me. I just wish it hasn't taken so long for the War Council to start meeting, I've really been bored. Not to mention lonely. I still can't believe they picked me. Out of everybody they could have sent, they send me? I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about that.

She reached her quarters and stepped inside, locking the door behind her with a touch on the holoPADD affixed to the wall next to the door. She walked over to the replicator and ordered a glass of cold water, which she drank quickly. She was just thinking about how nice a hot shower would feel when she heard Garrison's voice coming from the wall.

"Admiral Garrison to Major Lietra."

It caught her by surprise, she almost dropped the glass. She went to hit her commbadge when she realized she was still wearing her workout clothes. She walked over to the wall and hit a button to activate the comm. "Lietra here."

"Major, a situation has come up. The War Council needs to meet tonight, I'll fill you in on the details when the meeting starts. 2100 hours, in the briefing room."

Her head was spinning. Tonight? 2100 hours? That's in a little over three hours! I'm not ready. I haven't finished preparing. What situation could have come up?

"Major?" came Garrison's questioning voice.

"Sorry, ok I understand. I'll be there."

"Good, see you then. Garrison out."

She stood there for a few seconds in bewilderment, this had caught her completely off guard. Then she suddenly sprang into action, dashing into the bathroom for a quick shower. She had work to do before the meeting started.
ep 22 2004, 03:43 AM

Lattrel Ottel - The Double~Helix

"Hmm," Ottel bit his lip, looking at the "item" on the padd that Michael had requested. "Well, this shouldn't be that hard," he told himself. In a way he was really thrilled to be doing this: he missed the good old days, when all he cared about was aquiring "items" for others, for a price, of course. He put the padd down and went back to mixing drinks. All this bartending had a welcomed effect on him, and for a short period of time his mind was worry free.

He watched people walk in and out of the bar. He watched the people passing in front of the bar. Some had weary looks on their faces, others didn't even want to speak. Still, with all the gore and violence of war, most maintained a cheery and hopefull mood. Ottel sometimes wondered whether it was all real, or some elaborate facade to keep the problems of the reality away for a while. At times he would see officers that reminded him of Klingons: cheerful and all pumped up, talking about a battle, a battle they had lost friends in, a battle in a war they were losing. It doesn't have to be such a war, he thought. There is always hope.

"Well, well, well," Ottel heard a familiar voice. As he looked up, he saw his cousin Glott, with the regular wide, and at times idiotic looking, grin stretching from ear to ear. With him, a few steps back, stood Hayrig.

"Come, come in," Ottel said joyfully, and stepped out from behind the bar. He walked towards the two men with his arms open.

"We intend to," Glott rudely pushed Ottel out of the way and took a sit at the bar. Ottel and Hayrig embraced each other.

"It is so good to see you, old friend," Ottel said, offering his companion a chair. He walked back behind the bar. "Can I get you anything to drink? How about the usual?"

"Tell me, Ottel," Glott said, with obvious sarcasm pouring out of his every word, "you wouldn't happen to know who is goind to represent the smugglers on this War Council, now would you?"

"Your sarcasm is as out of place as ever," Ottel pushed a drink towards his cousin, annoyed. Steam rose from the cup.

"I hope it's decent," Glott said, noting the drink.

"Just drink it!" Hayrig finally spoke out. His patience had reached its limit. Glott silently raised the glass to his mouth. "This is definitely good news," the old Andorian continued, "you on the War Council makes everything more legit."

"So," Glott spoke again, not being able to shut up for more than a few seconds, "what do I get out of this?"

"If I tell you, will you shut up?" Ottel asked. Glott nodded in agreement. "How does fleet commander Lattrel Glott sound?" he asked.

"Starfleet?" Glott's eyes widened.

"No," Ottel smiled, hiding something.

"Then what? What are you talking about?"

"All in due time," Ottel answered.

"All in due time, all in due time." All three men turned to see Shani walking in. "That's what he's been telling me for two days." Ottel counted at least four large bags in her hands, as she walked in, all full to the limit.

"You know," he said, "what I don't understand is why you have to spend my money, when you are wealthier than me."

"You're right," she agreed, "I am wealthier than you, but it's always more fun to spend when the money isn't yours."

Realizing what had happened, Glott broke out into laughter, holding his stomach with one hand, and pointing at Ottel with the other. He got up and walked to Shani.

"Let me see what you have there," he asked Shani, still laughing. She started laughing too, with less noise, and more poise than Glott. Ottel shook his head.

"Why are you shaking your head?" Hayrig asked, "No matter how old you get, the three of you still behave like children when you get together."

"You're right about that," Ottel didn't want to argue. He then leaned close to Hayrig and whispered, "Is he with you?"

"Yes," Hayrig whispered back, "he's in my ship. I thought it best that he not be seen aboard the station. There is also someone else. I told him to wait in the quarters you got for me."
Sep 3 2004, 09:32 PM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - Briefing Room

Sith surveyed his men, who had the area nice and secure. He walked from the back rooms to the main area with the large table. The last of Clark's Engineers were finishing an upgrade to the computer in the table.
"Ugh," Sith moaned, "This is so much work. I don't even know how we did it," he looked down to a padd which had co-ordinated security rotations for the entire Station. Most of the placements were denser towards the Briefing Room and the easier accesible exterior hatches around 001.

The Commander left and tapped his commbadge, "Sith to the Captian. The Briefing Room is secure."
*Understood. Thank you, Commander.*

Weapons Locker Alpha

Sith entered to recalibrate one of his on-duty Officer's phaser. When he walked in, he noticed a bunch of his men there sitting around or standing about.
"What's going on here?" Sith asked.
Everyone then began quickly getting to thier feet, "Some of us are recalibrating a few VX's and some of us are on a break," Vell said.
"As you were," Sith replied, letting them get back to a relaxed mode. He thought they could use it.

Sith went over to a Recalibration Chamber and locked the phaser into place. It would take a few minutes.

"...I've only been in one fight and that was three years ago," the group carried on a conversation from before. They noticed Sith glancing over, being out of the loop.
"Oh, we were just talking about some of our experiences with the Alliance," Aida said to Sith as he walked over, trying to remember each of thier names. "Like Vell; he was on the U.S.S. Lexington three years ago when they encountered an Alliance Scout ship at the borders," Aida said. Sith looked for Vell and found he was the guy sitting on the cargo casing.
"My brother actually was part of a Transport that was hijacked by the Alliance a few months ago. Luckily they were able to take back the Transport by overloading the main computers and incapacitating their captors," Cruz said. Sith looked over and remembered his name, Cruz.

"Yeah, it's even worse nowadays. A friend of mine had to evacuate the Kressari Homeworld last week. The planet's supply run of goods was cut short by petty Alliance interferance," Aida said.
"I've never met an Alliance race before, but if I ever do, they won't forget me," Kazuya palmed his fist in anger.
"What about you, sir?" Aida asked. "I'm sure you of all of us had the worst experience with the Alliance after you in-fact were trapped in thier space!"
"Yeah what was that like, Commander?" Vell asked.
Sith rolled his eyes, Ugh, went through his mind. He was hesitant on talking about it for so long now, but he thought if anyone he should talk about it to it might as well be his officers. "It wasn't the greatest of things," Sith said. "In the beggining I was lost in control of a rogue Tholian ship. Then I was trapped aboard a Station called Derkeneloc. Then after escaping I began plotting to destroy an Alliance Outpost."
"Interesting," Vell said.
"Yeah but I realized I was so obsessed with causing one fatal blow to the Alliance I didn't even consider my own life. Luckily I came to my senses with a little help and got the hell out of there."

The Phaser clicked having just finished its recalibration. Sith glanced over to it, about to walk over.

"I heard you saw Humans somewhere in Alliance Territory," Cruz was hoping his connections were right.
Sith sighed, "Yeah..." He thought back to them, "The Alliance collects the Humans they find throughout thier territory and keeps them in one place; Valecron within Kintoka."
The others glanced at each other in disgust.
"I hate the Alliance so much," Kazuya broke the silence.
"Yes but relax you guys," Sith said, "Being angry isn't going to help you with anything. Besides, I need all your heads to be clear when guarding the Station."
Cruz smiled, "Well we could all do a better job if we each had a Zeta."
Aida laughed at that. "Yes, when do we get a Zeta, Commander?"
Sith rolled his eyes, "You can have this Zeta for all I care."
*Click!?* Zeta protested.

Sith smirked in amusement and retrieved the Phaser. "I'll see you guys later," He nodded to them one last moment before leaving the room. It felt like going over those events wasn't as difficult--- it was still difficult, but wounds were healing. Maybe all he really needed was time.
Sep 22 2004, 10:49 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom walked into his office and sat down at his desk. He had just come back from a quick dinner on The Deck, and as he activated his holoTerminal he found 18 new messages waiting for him. His eyes widened in surprise. That's a lot of new messages for only being gone an hour, he thought to himself. Tapping a holoButton, he displayed the first one.

From:  Andorian Imperial Guard
To:  Admiral Tom Garrison, Starbase 001

Admiral Garrison,

The Andorian government officially protests the fact that we have not been invited to sit on the War Council.  Had it only been one representative from the Federation, one from the Bajorans, one from the Smuggers' Coalition, and one from the Orion Syndicate, we would understand.  But instead you chose to add a second representative from the Federation, a Vulcan.

We, along with the Vulcans, are one of the founding members of the Federation.  We have all called ourselves "allies" under the flag of the Federation since the day Captain Archer united us.  To include a Vulcan representative, but not an Andorian representative, on the ruling body which will make important decisions about our futures is not only unfair, but inappropriate.  We ask you to reconsider this very important decision.


Andorian Imperial Guard,
Ruling Body,
The Planet of Andor

Tom sighed. I expected this. Just not this soon. He hit a button and switched to the next message.

From:  Betazed Ruling Council
To:  Admiral Tom Garrison, Starbase 001

Admiral Garrison,

The Betazed Ruling Council wishes to express its displeasure with your recent announcement about the structure of the War Council...

Tom didn't bother to finish reading. He switched to the next message.

From:  Tellarite Union
To:  Admiral Tom Garrison, Starbase 001

Admiral Tom Garrison,

The Tellarite Union, after an emergency joint session, is writing to inform you of our refusal to accept your recent decision to include only the Vulcans...

Tom hit another button and switched to the message index. He scanned the list of names.Trill Syndicate... Bolian Homeworld Government... The list went on. Almost half of the member worlds left in the Federation had sent messages, presumably all to express their unhappiness with the decision to include the Vulcans but nobody else. And by tomorrow, I'll probably have messages from all the rest.

Tom knew he had to deal with this, and soon. The only way to handle this situation would be to contact each world directly. He toyed with the idea of having Ambassador Larkin do it for a second, but then realized it was something he had to do. He had to reassure each world he did care about them, and the best way to accomplish that would be to contact each one himself. It would mean many long hours of communications, on top of his already overloaded schedule.

I should get started now. But I don't feel like it. Besides, I only have an hour until the War Council meets, and that's not enough time to start to deal with this. What can I do that will only take an hour? He didn't want to get involved in something and than have to stop halfway through.

Suddenly he remembered Dr. Lauren, the entire reason the Council was even meeting tonight. In all the scrambling around following his talk with Captain Halliwell earlier, he never had a chance to follow up with her.

"Computer, locate Dr. Lauren," he asked.

"Dr. Lauren is in her quarters."

Good, at least she's following that order, he thought to himself. "Garrison to Dr. Lauren."

"Go ahead," came the reply after a second.

"Doctor, report to my office immediately."

A pause...

"Understood, I'm on my way."

"Good, Garrison out."
Sep 22 2004, 11:53 PM

Lieutenant Commander Daniel Clark – Briefing Room

“No you—hey st—that’s not how y—“ A bright flash filled the room for second and faded. “Never connect a radon-converter to a bloody active energy channel!” He could still hear the ringing in his ears from the blast as he sat up from under the table and grabbed the tool out of a young ensign’s hand. “Get out, I’ll do it myself.” Clark looked straight ahead as the crewman slowly got up and exited the room. Sighing, he slammed the back of his head repeatedly into the large table occupying the center of the room, instantly feeling regret. “Admiral or no Admiral, I’m going to kill him.” He closed his eyes as he heard someone entering from the back room.

"Ugh," Sith moaned, "This is so much work. I don't even know how we did it."

“You can speak for yourself Commander,” He opened his eyes and stood on his knees turning around to finish the ensign’s work, “do you know how many crewman it took to get this room ‘ready’? Lets just say I have one hour to divert everyone back to the docking pads to prepare at least two for receiv—OW!” A jolt of electricity surged through his finger causing him to jump, slamming his head against the bottom of the table. He lay on the floor; relieved that Sith was the only remaining crewman in the room.

"Sith to the Captain. The Briefing Room is secure."

”Understood. Thank you, Commander.”

Sith looked at Clark lying on the floor, “I’ll… be in security if you need me.” He proceeded to walk out the large doors.

Slowly, Clark lifted himself up, slammed the conduit panel shut, and made to walk out of the room.

“Clark to Lieutenant Helling. Have you and your team meet me at Docking Port 6 immediately.”
Sep 23 2004, 12:54 AM

Lattrel Ottel - the Deck

Ottel headed to the lift accross the large patio that extended in front of the Double~Helix. He left his friends in the bar, hoping that Hayrig would keep Glott from doing anything stupid in there. Who is waiting for me? he thought. In the back of his mind he knew who Hayrig was talking about, or at least he hoped so. He walked into the lift and turned around, to face the closing doors.

He kept tapping the floor with his foot, as the lift quietly slid down. He'd been impatient since Garrison offerred him the seat at the council. Sometimes he wondered whether he should've given the seat to someone else... but who? The only other person he trusted to do the job the position required was Hayrig, and he needed Hayrig for something else.

He felt the gentle bump the lift made, as it stopped. The doors opened and in front of him stretched a seemingly unending corridor, with doors on both sides, and only a barely noticeable star covered window at the end. He had to walk all that way. Damn! He strolled down the corridor that was too empty for his taste. The corridors on his level of the habitat ring were always full of people, but here, there was not a soul to be seen. Only now did he realized why Hayrig had always requested rooms on these levels: he did always prefer the quiet and silence.

Suddenly, Ottel heard Garrison's voice through his commbadge.

"Mr. Lattrel, this is Admiral Garrison."

"I'm listening, admiral," Ottel replied, by tapping the small device Garrison had handed out to him. Handy little thing, Ottel thought.

"Ottel, I wanted to notify you, that there will be an emergency War Council meeting tonight at 2100 hours. I will notify you with further instructions."

"Understood," Ottel said. Sure, this emergency meeting was unexpected, but not unwelcomed. He checked his watch. Still about an hour until the meeting.

"Good, Garrison out."

Ottel continued walking until he reached the end of the corridor. Was the room to the left or to the right? He stood there for a moment, confused. Left, definitely left, he told himself, trying to remember the room number. 762-B, that's the number. He checked the index panel on the wall in front of him. Definitely left. He went left.

"762-B," he said out-loud, coming to a stop in front of the room. "I hope it's you in there, buddy." He chimed the doorbell. Nothing. There was no response. Ottel tried it again. Still, no response. Suddenly it hit him. Of course! What was I thinking? He's not going to open the door just like that. He thought for a few more seconds, trying to remember something.

He slammed the door with the palm of his hand, twice, then waited for a second. He then gently tapped the door three times with his index finger, and finally, he knocked the door, another three times, in a regular manner. For a short moment there was no response, but then he heard something inside, and all of a sudden the door opened, with the shadow of a tall figure creeping over Ottel.

"Aga Lattrel!" the figure shouted, excited.

"It is good to see you again, Mkrdij," Ottel walked into the quarters. "There is much we need to discuss."
Sep 24 2004, 11:44 AM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - OCC

"I'm going to give you two a choice," Sith said to two of his Officers; Montgomery Portman and Desmond Cornell. "You can stay here on 001 and try to work with my teams, or you can transfer over to the U.S.S. Akira which just docked."

Cornell and Portman glanced at each other speechless.

"The truth is, I can't work with a team that constantly criticizes what I do. Especially at the wrong times," Sith continued. "Are you two ready for work on a Starship?"
Portman and Cornell both slowly nodded.
"Alright fine," Sith said. "You two are going to the Akira. I spoke to both Captian Halliwell and Captian Stzeken and they have agreed to any decision I make."

The two didn't know what to say. They were partial to joining a Starship, but they had no idea it would have been Sith that got them on one. They nodded and then left the OCC to get ready.

Sith turned to one of the computers in the center of the room and sighed. He didn't like doing what he did, but it was for the best. It was obvious they both preferred K'Rak, and couldn't handle change. He appreciated them looking out for him, but it had gone to the point where they used it to thier own advantage.

Suddenly, Ambassador Michael Larkin entered the OCC. He was about to make his way towards his Office when he bumped into Sith accidentally.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Commander. I really have so many things on my mind," Michael said.
"I know how you feel, Ambassador," Sith replied.
"You know, I just saw two very bewildered men enter the Tubrolift on my way here," he said.
"Just some officers who have a lot to learn about war."
Michael nodded understandingly, "Heh. I don't think there ever is an end to that." He was about to walk on but stopped for a second, "Are you okay, Commander?"
"Yes, Ambassador."
Michael nodded again. He didn't want to intrude on the man's personal affairs so he happened on another train of thought, "Hm, do you know when the meeting is taking place?"
Sith thought for second. He had almost completely forgotten, "2100 Hours."

They both then looked at a chronometer on a floating panel nearby.

"That's in less than an hour!" Michael turned to go in another direction. "Oh and thank you Commander."
"Of course," Sith replied just as shocked. He planned on monitoring the Station from here.
Captain Archer
Sep 24 2004, 06:13 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-Office

I cannot believe I lost track of time like that. Michael scolded himself as he rushed around his office picking up padds that were scattered all over his once tidy desk. While reaching for the last padd he caught the coffee cup, still half full, with his shirt sleeve spilling all over his desk.

“Damn, Computer Time?” The computer chirped, “The time is 20:30 hours.”

Just then the door to his office chimed “Ohh, Come in.” The door slid open revealing Jen “I thought I’d stop by to see you before your meeting,” she looked at his desk “though you probably have enough on your plate, I’ll check back with you afterwards, we can grab a drink.” Michael dumped the padds back onto his desk. “Nonsense, have a seat, I’m going to clean this up before I go anyway.” He grabbed a few towels from the cabinet across the office and began sopping up the coffee.

“Do you have any idea what this meeting is about Michael?” “I haven’t the slightest idea, but it must be important if they called it this early. There.” Michael threw the coffee soaked towel into the replicator. “I hate to cut your visit short, but I’m going to head over to the briefing room, I’ll get in contact with you when were done.” He kissed her on the cheek and took off out the door, about halfway down the corridor he stopped, forgetting his padds and turned around to find Jen right behind him with the padds he had thrown on the desk. “What would you do without me?” She smiled “I shudder to think.” He kissed her once more and made his way to the briefing room.
Sep 24 2004, 11:07 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom sat at his desk playing around with the wording of a speech he was going to deliver at the annual Admiral's Banquet in a few weeks. He really didn't want to go this year, considering recent events. But the other Admirals left in Starfleet - most of them either Starbase commanders at the few Starbases left in the fleet or Academy Professors - insisted it go on. The door chime sounded.

"Come in," Tom called out, sitting up in his chair. He was glad for the distraction. The door opened and Dr. Lauren stepped into the room, glancing around and looking just a bit nervous.

"Doctor, sit down," Tom said. She walked in and sat down facing his desk.

There was a moment of awkward silence. She didn't know why he had called her to his office, and considering how well their last conversation went she wasn't sure she wanted to know. He hated to admit he was wrong, especially to an officer much below him in rank.

Both started to speak at the same time.


They both stopped. "Go ahead," they both said in unison. Tom laughed, despite the situation.

"Doctor," he said. "I'll just get to the point. What you did was unacceptable, you couldn't have been more blatant in your disregard for the chain of command. But I'm not blameless myself here. I was too quick to discard the possibility of Yasha actually being part of a rebellion, and I was too unwilling to listen to what you had to say.

He paused for a minute. "So where does that leave us," she asked?

He shook his head. "I don't know, Doctor. Captain Halliwell is having security prepared, we will meet with Yasha when she arrives tomorrow. And I'd like you to be there."

Ullii nodded. "Yes, sir." She didn't say anymore, she wasn't sure what to say. They appeared to be on the verge of reaching some sort of truce.

Tom felt it too, and decided to use it to try and start making things right. "Doctor, you're going to have to be punished somehow. You can't disregard orders like that and get off without punishment..." He trailed off, thinking.

"May I ask what that punishment is going to be?" she asked after a moment.

"I have to think about it," he said. "It's not an easy situation. But in the meantime, you're restored to active duty." As soon as he said it he felt like a weight was lifted from the room. Ullii cracked a hint of a smile.

"Thank you, sir," she said, the smile growing a bit wider.

Tom nodded. With her being accused of trying to kill him, and now this, the two of them hadn't had the best start. But he felt like things were improving. "You're welcome, just don't make me regret the confidence I'm showing in you."

"I understand, sir. And I'll try not to."

"Good, dismissed."

She got up and left the room. Tom turned back to his terminal and looked at the speech. Just as he was about to start working on it again a chime sounded, and then the computer spoke.

"The time is now 2055 hours."

Showtime, he thought to himself as he stood up. He gathered a few holoPADDs from his desk and walked out the door. He turned right and headed towards the briefing room.
Sep 25 2004, 04:09 AM

Captain Samantha Halliwell ~ Her Office

Halliwell stood at the window and stared out, she glanced back to her desk where she had drawn up a list of things to do, to discuss, that had been done. She rubbed her eyes and stifled a yawn, "Great," she muttered as she felt another headache coming on. She'd already gotten rid of one today, now another one was threatening to rear it's ugly head.

She'd got a call to say that the briefing room was secure from Sith and that was it. She hadn't heard from another person since then, she turned and sat at her desk. Now fully understanding what it must have been like for Major, sitting behind the desk most of the day, going to meetings and working ungodly hours. She put her head down on the desk and closed her eyes. Then unfortunately fell asleep.
ep 25 2004, 05:36 AM

Lattrel Ottel - Quarters

Ottel walked into the room, in a hurry. He shot a glance around, his eyes finally landing on the coffee table, where he saw the padds he and Shani had been working on in the morning. Everything was the way they had left it, even the empty orange juice glasses. He left the room in a rush in the morning, and now he was once again in a rush.

He approached the table and went through the padds one more time, making sure he had the right information. He then stacked them up in no particular order.

"Computer, time!"

"The time is 20:57," the computer chimed.

Damn! I'm gonna be late. And for the first meeting.

He rushed out of the room, with the padds, and practically ran for the lift. Back in the room, under the light reflecting off of Earth's surface, the empty glasses remained on the short coffee table.
Sep 25 2004, 02:21 PM

Major Lietra Kayana - Turbolift

Kayana rode the turbolift up to the top deck of the starbase. On the outside she appeared calm and collected, but in reality she was really nervous. I thought I was ready for this. I didn't realize I'd be so nervous. Her stomach was actually starting to hurt. Get ahold of yourself, girl! You'll be fine. Despite her attempts to reassure herself she felt a lingering doubt in the back of her mind. Why did they pick me? Why me? It was asking.

The turbolift slowed to a stop and the doors opened, depositing her into the OCC. She took a few steps and then stopped and looked around, her mouth dropping open in awe. She had heard stories about this place, but up until now had never been authorized to access it.

The room was huge. It was much bigger than she had expected any Command Center to be. The ceiling was at least thirty feet above her, maybe more, and there were stations on the secondary level around the perimeters of the room. There was one turbolift and a few staircases connecting to that level. She had been in DS9's ops once when she was briefly stationed there, but there was no comparison.

They really did build this thing on a grand scale. I wonder what it would have been like to be in the Federation back then, when it was at the peak of its power. It must have been incredible, but at the same time not. It had gotten so corrupt.

She tore herself back to reality. I'm going to be late if I don't stop sightseeing, she realized, and she walked quickly over to the large set of glass doors connecting the OCC to the executive suite. They opened as she approached and she walked down the hall until she arrived at the briefing room.

She took a deep breath and walked inside.
ep 28 2004, 04:33 PM

Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove
Stratigic Command Director

Outside the Briefing room.

Hardgrove walked in to the hall lost in thought. *How could I not see this coming, where has my mind been?* He continued down the hall his mind in a daze. The last few weeks have left him exhausted and restless. He haden't slept in days and his minda had been on anything other than the armourments, This announcements had he cought off gaurd.

He continued walking the deck to a TL and took it the habitat level and walk wearily till he stopped at Kyst Blacksuns door and rnge chimes Drayson looked up as the door opens and Kysts head popped out .

"Omg Drayson are you alright you look affual, Are ou feeling well?" she asked as she showed him in.

Hardgrove took a seat on the couch and closed his eyes.

Kyst raised an eyebrow and frowned. "Do you need me to call sick bay?

"No. Kyst I'm just tired. I'll be fine I just need some sleep."

"Could it be that you have been working non stop sicne your head injury and haven't recouped?"

"No, I 'm just a little rundown with all my war council duties."

"Right, The war council they are having an emergency meeting tonight any idea why?"

"I can't say, but that reminds me I should go get some rest." he said as he got up to leave

Kyst smirked at her older brother as he headed to leave. "It's never the same is it?"

Hardgrove quirked a brow "What isn't?"

"Not having a ship to Captain"

Hardgrove nodded, walked out and headed to his quarters

After an hour of fitfull sleep Drayson worke dressed and headed to the council meeting
ep 25 2004, 08:57 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Outside of Briefing Room

Tom stood just outside the door to the briefing room. "Computer, what is the time?" he asked.

"The time is 2103 hours."

Good, he thought to himself. He had taken his time getting here, he wanted to be the last one to arrive. He was just about to step in when he heard heavy footsteps coming towards him. It sounded like somebody was running. Suddenly Lattrel Ottel appeared from around the corner, out of breath with his arms full of PADDs. He saw Tom and slowed down to a walk.

Tom couldn't help but laugh, something about the sight was funny. "Late for your first day of school, Mr. Lattrel?" he asked with a grin.

Ottel paused to size him up for a second. "Not late. Just making an entrance. What's your excuse?"

"I got lost," Tom quipped.

"Considering that your office is less than 50 feet down that corridor," Ottel said while pointing in the direction Tom had just come from, "you must have been a terrible helmsman in your younger days."

Tom laughed. "What do you think started this whole war with the Alliance? I tried to set course for Earth, but actually set course for Romulus. They didn't take kindly to our violating their borders, and next thing you know ... interstellar war!"

Ottel smiled. There was a moment of silence, broken by Tom. "Well, shall we? After you," he said while pointing to the door. Ottel walked by Tom and into the room, and Tom followed.

He looked around the room. Hardgrove and Larkin were sitting on side of the table, whispering to each other. Major Lietra sat across from them, looking uncomfortable. Kyst Blacksun sat next to her, looking somewhat annoyed. And Ottel sat down next to Lietra, dumping his PADDs on the table. Tom walked over and sat down next to Hardgrove, setting his own PADDs down as well.

"You're late," Kyst said.

"My apologies," Tom replied. She just looked away.

"I see we've already separated ourselves," Tom began. "Starfleet on this side - well, close enough," he said while glancing at Michael. "And non-starfleet on that side. I hope that isn't a sign of things to come, we're going to have to work together to make this thing work. But I'm getting ahead of myself."

"Computer, begin recording," Tom continued. "All meetings will be recorded, just so everyone knows, but those records will remain confidential. Does anyone have a problem with that?"

Everyone shook their heads no.

"OK, good. I want to start by thanking everybody for coming on such short notice. You're probably all wondering why I called this meeting for tonight on such short notice. And I will tell you all in a few minutes. But in the spirit of cooperation, I want to take a few minutes for us to get to know each other better. I want each of us to tell who we are, why we're here, and what we hope to get out of this meeting. Please... be honest," he pleaded. "The more honest we all are, the more successful we'll be in getting things done. I'll start."

"I'm Admiral Tom Garrison, as you all already know. You also all know that I led a rebellion against Starfleet Command and the Federation Council once it became known that they were planning on going back in time and changing history so that the Alliance never grew in power. Now of course that sounds appealing at first, but when you think about it, it's not so appealing. We have no idea what effect that would have had on the timeline, it's quite possible none of us would even exist today. Changing history was unacceptable, so I acted to stop it from happening.

"Basically, as long as I have the support of Starfleet behind me, that means I am in charge of the Federation. In a sense, I became the Federation's dictator, since all dictatorships depend on the support of those with the guns. But that has never been what the Federation is about. It's about cooperation, it's about working together, it's about combining our resources for the greater good.

"So that's why I, along with Captain Hardgrove and Ambassador Larkin, wanted to form this War Council. I will not lie to you, the thought of allying myself with smugglers and pirates does not sit well with me." He looked at Ottel and Kyst as he said this, but neither's face gave any hint of a reaction to his words. "When Captain Hardgrove first told me he had worked out alliances with each of you, I wanted to tell him no. I wanted to tell him we didn't need either of you. But we did need you, and we do still need you now. I doubt many among either your Smuggers' Coalition," he said while looking at Ottel, "or your Syndicate," he said while looking at Kyst, "are thrilled about working with the Federation either. But here we are, united by a common enemy.

"So let's make the most of this. Let's try as hard as we can to put aside our differences and beat the Alliance. Then we can sort out the rest later. For now, we have a war to win."

He stopped speaking and looked around the room.

"Who wants to go next?" he asked.
Sep 27 2004, 04:18 PM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - OCC

Sith stood before the center computer, watching a hovering viewscreen of the meeting down the Executive Suite. From above on a downward angle sat the six people around that big table. There was no audio, but it seemed one person was speaking at a time.

Standing there, staring and staring, remaining focused on his work, he suddenly got a signal from one of the other hovering control panels. He went over and checked it, and sure enough, his newly reconfigured monitoring system from the HQ caught a hidden listening signal that just suddenly linked up to the Station. "Looks like we've joined the party a little late," Sith said expectantly.

It was his old nemesis, Section 31. Thier signal was in clear view thanks to the program he manipulated off their HQ and knowing thier location was on the U.S.S. Merrimack. But this signal wasn't reinforced as the past signal's he'd studied. "Hmm..." Sith thought. He could deduce that it may not even be a big deal to them if they were able to hear the meeting or not. It looked more like a standard procedure or something.

My plan was to create a distortion field if I had come accross them, so that thier signal would be lost. But what would that help? They would just suspect that I was on to them and make it even harder for me to detect them the next time. He tapped at the airborn controls, I wonder if I...

Zeta lept onto the computer platform in curiosity and just watched.
Captain Archer
Sep 27 2004, 06:06 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin-Briefing Room

Michael knocked on the table with his hand, well “I guess I’ll go.” Michael stood up and cleared his throat. “For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Ambassador Michael Larkin, I’ve served the Federation Ambassador Corps for ten years know. I started my career early in life, mainly due to the lack of Federation Ambassadors. What I hope to accomplish while on this Council is to help the Federation rebuild it’s diplomatic structure, to forge new alliances in an effort to get us back on our feet and have something to stand on, so that when we are ready to fight the Alliance, we’ll have no questions in our minds about whether or not we can succeed, because we will.”

Michael looked over to Garrison who nodded and said “Thank you Ambassador, I think we can all agreed that rebuilding our alliances will strengthen our chances against our enemy. We’ve taken the first few steps in our new treaties with the powers of the groups represented at this very table.” Michael took a seat and Tom looked around the table and asked for the next volunteer. 
Oct 2 2004, 11:26 AM

Captain Samantha Halliwell ~ Her Office

Samantha was sitting at a table in the double helix with David Major, he poured her another drink. "You look down Sam," he said looking at her with concern. "And you're quiet."
"I'm always quiet."
He stifled a laugh and she glared at her former commanding officer, "I am, just got a lot of things on my mind at the moment." He leaned forward, "And it's not just about your new command," he sat back and downed the drink in his hand. "Is it?"
"No," Samantha looked down at her own drink, "Which I have to admit, you were right," she shook her head. "So bloody boring."
He laughed then put on a serious expression, "But there's no one I'd rather have in charge, Sam. You know that right?" She looked back up to him and shook her head slowly, "No sir, I didn't."
"Call me David please," he said wagging a finger at her, "I think we're beyond a professional relationship so please, David."
"Okay," Samantha said then slowly sipped her drink.

"I mean, I've had so much to think about everything ever since I started this job," she paused and set the drink down. He went to fill it up but she clasped her hand over the top. "No thanks," he took the bottle away and watched her intently. "I mean it's made me realize the choices I have made, I argued with my father about telling Drayson about Matthew. I've never had the guts to do anything like that," she stared at the table in disbelief. "I really do want to tell him, it's just that I don't know how."
"It's not gonna be easy, Sam." David replied honestly. "It's not gonna be easy for any of you, I mean his missed out on his kid's life."
"I'm well aware of that," Samantha muttered, "I thought it was for the best, and plus I negelected Matthew."
"You love Matthew."
"I still negelected him, being away months at a time. I grew up without a parent and I know what it's like," she shook her head slowly and pushed the glass over to him. "Fill me up." He did so. She felt tears in her eyes, "And I don't know how to cope with telling him, both of them."
"Go with your instincts, Sam." David said putting a hand over hers, "Isn't that what you've always done?" She looked up to him and smiled, "I guess you're right."
"That's my number one," he commented, his smile mirroring her own. "Hey, Captain?" She looked at him confused, "Captain..."

"Captain?" Major disappeared yet he was still speaking to her. "Captain Halliwell?" Halliwell's eyes shot open and she lifted her head off the desk, a little confused about her whereabouts. No longer in the double helix but her office. Where she had being all the time. Dreams had a way of being too real sometimes. "Captain, are you alright?"

Halliwell looked up to Lieutenant Ryan, "Yes I erm," she rubbed her eyes. "I must have fell asleep."
"May I suggest using your quarters for that ma'am." She mustered a smile for the young officer, "A fine idea, Lieutenant," she shook herself awake. "Was there something you needed?" She stepped forward and handed her a report. Halliwell scanned it, normal system reports."Looks fine," she handed it back.
"Goodnight captain."
"Goodnight Lieutenant." Halliwell watched her leave. She had a point though, it was about time she called it a night so Halliwell got her things together and made her way to her quarters. Upon arrival, "Leah I am so sorry, I got held up." Leah smiled to her as she walked past her.
"No trouble Sam, base to run and all."
"Thanks again." She watched her leave, "Goodnight," she called after her and heard a beeping sound. Quietly, she made her way to Matthew's room, "What are you still doing up, young man?"
"I couldn't sleep."
No matter her mood, Matthew could still make her smile. "How about I fix us some jelly and ice cream then?" His only response was a brilliant smile.
Oct 2 2004, 04:29 PM

Lieutenant Commander Rune Sith - OCC

Sith leaned in as he sped up his console tapping. He'd just broken into the computers at Section 31 without them knowing. Pausing for a moment, he thought to himself, This monitoring system isn't going to last very long. They're going to either rotate thier communications frequencies or catch on to the possibilities of what I've done.

He glanced at Zeta. "Zeta, see if you can use the hidden connection to locate thier Communications Servers."

Zeta lept over to the console and linked himself in. He found the Communication Server but found it was multi-password encrypted. *Click!*

"See if you can break it."

Zeta increased its computing speed and broke past the password wall. Yes! Sith thought. He leaned in again and tapped through thier systems. There is never going to be another chance that I'd get a hidden connection like this in again, because they will probably change thier location next. So if I set up my own rotating frequency, I'll be able to link up to thier computers almost anytime anywhere they are and they'll just think it's one of thier operatives.

He began programming quickly, but ran into a few errors. "Dammit! ...This is becoming way too advanced for me."

Zeta started to catch on to what he was doing and shot a few link-cables over. The spider took over Sith's programming. Sith watched the data, finding Zeta had set up the frequencies. "Zeta! How you can read my mind, I'll never know."

He took a closer look and found that this frequency rotation would only work the odd time depending on the type of interference or distance this Section 31 computer would be at next. I wonder if they have thier own command ship, Sith thought.

He cut the connection quickly before they would catch on. The longest he could stay on the system would be 15 minutes before his signal would be piggy-backed and he would be found out. Sith looked to the side for a moment, Now I can link up to the Section 31 database... wherever that will be next; and if they don't catch on to what we've done.

The tables had finally turned. But how long it would last, he didn't know or even expect. For now, he was in.
Oct 2 2004, 06:01 PM

Lattrel Ottel - the Briefing Room

Ottel heard Garrison and Larkin speak one after the other. When they were both done, there was a short silence in the room. He wanted to speak, but for some reason was waiting for Hardgrove to take the initiative. Let the Federation representatives speak their mind first, he initially thought, but that thought was immediately replaced by another one. No, we're in this united, as one entity.

"Ahem," he finally decided to break the short silence which seemed like hours. "I suppose I'd go next.

"My name is Lattrel Ottel and I will be representing the Smugglers' Coalition in this council, and as such, I want to welcome this effort by the Federation to combine and pool our efforts for the battle against the scourge that plagues our little corner of space.

"I came onto this station as an unsure and distrusting smuggler, but the courage of everyone we represent in this room has changed all that. I personally vouch that the Smugglers' Coalition will stand beside Federation, Bajoran and..." he shot a look at Kyst, "... Pirate alike, until the Alliance is no more. Unity. Unity is the word, no, the goal that we all should stride for.

"Unity shall be the principal guide of this council."

Ottel stopped, surveying the reactions of his fellow councilors.