Episode 3: Alone, Part II

Aug 2003

Admiral Tom Garrison - Conference Room

"The reason it would be preferable to send out a ship, instead of just a probe, is that a ship has greater sensor resources and capabilities," Tom said. "But," he added, "the risks are just too great at this time. As fleet admiral, I don't think I can allow any ship being launched until we've exhausted all other options."

David nodded. "All right, then we have it. We'll launch a probe from the Domtar. Commander Halliwell, Lt. T'Kila, report to the Pollux. Everybody else, report to your posts."

The meeting broke up, and everybody began filing out. Tom glanced at David on his way out. I'm going to have to discuss things with him later, for circumstances just like this. I don't want him to feel like I'm taking over command decisions.
Aug 29 2003, 08:48 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Conference Room

Halliwell stood up and nodded to Major, "Aye sir," she looked over to T'Kila who made her way over to Halliwell. "I'll be with you in a second Lieutenant," she said and T'Kila walked over toward the doors.

Halliwell picked up a PADD and put something in it, everyone had gone.

She walked over to T'Kila, "Let's go then." She paused and felt eyes on her, she glanced round and caught the look she got off Hardgrove. Probably mad at me for not attending dinner, she thought to herself as she carried on walking.
Aug 30 2003, 01:06 AM

Counsellor Othoniel Rasin - Quarters, In Bed

Othoniel lay in bed, asleep. He had been, as of late, getting very little rest. He turned on his left side creating ripples in the satin like blanket that he was using. Even though Othoniel may appear to be sleeping and enjoying his dreams at first glance, upon closer examination; when one sees his face up close, you see a look of uncertainty.

Othoniel walked down the alley in an abandoned street, unmindful at the time that he was dreaming. He continued to walk, quietly as ever, in his Star Fleet uniform, but it was much to large for him. He looked as though he was about 11. He was unsure of where he was heading, yet positive this was the way. Unquestioning the strange circumstances he walked into a door to his right. He had entered a bar; it was abandoned, though, just like the rest of the city. On its stage, to the right, was a woman with an unwelcoming gesture on her face. She walked over to him, now with an emotionless face, and touched his hand. It was the same hand that had his scar, even though he didn't receive that scar until his 13th year. The scar burst open revealing bright white light. Amazed at this white light he continued to make eye contact with the woman. Just as he reached out to touch her, though, she faded away.

His neural communicator woke him up from his dream, alerting him of a communication. Othoniel took several deep breaths and managed to rise himself off of his futuristic style bed and onto the floor. Intrigued by this dream Othoniel stood still, unthinking, forgetting that he had a communication waiting. He walked quietly toward the bathroom. The same way that he did down that alley.
Aug 30 2003, 01:30 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - The Deck

Sith stepped out into the Deck and looked up. There was Zeta, continuing his obsession with creating a web across the ceiling from one side of the Deck to the other. Each strand of the metallic web was thick and strong, replicated from Zeta himself. The Bolian Bartender approached Sith.

"I have had enough of this! Take down your Spider Robot now! He is ruining my business!"

Sith glanced over, "I'd think it was improving business. People are curious to watch what he's doing."

"We are also afraid of what it might do! That creature is dangerous!" He threw down a towel in anger. "Anything that can create a structure like that, can't be trusted!"

Sith held up his hands in defense, "All-- alright, alright... The Security Team is working on it right now."

"This isn't a problem for the Security Team. This is your problem!" With that, he walked away.

But he was right. With Zeta taking over the Deck like this, there was no way in knowing what he would do next.
Captain Archer
Sep 1 2003, 08:55 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Quarters

Michael sat in his dark quarters, looking out into the void that surrounded the station. He decided to get up and go through the transmissions that had piled up since he was away. With all the malfunctions of late he wasn't sure if he could access them but it was something to do.

"Computer respond."


He reached over and tapped a few controls on his monitor, he was at least still able to access information that had been stored. He scanned through the transmissions until one caught his eye. It wasn't so much who it came from, it was the subject line:

New assignment need to talk to you a.s.a.p.
It was from the Diplomatic Corps, he opened the message. Michael's face fell as he read the letter, and flipped his console off. He went back to staring out the window.
Sep 6 2003, 06:10 PM

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - OCC, Ops station

"Final checks cleared, launch of probe is go," Tanik said to Captain Major.

"Good. Ok, people - let's stay sharp," Major replied.

Halliwell came on over the comm, "Launching probe through outer doors."

Tanik switched the viewer to have a visual from inside the main docking bay. The black outside of the doors hung like an ominous curtain.

"Receiving telemetry," T'Kila said over the comm as the probe came into the screen, speeding towards the open doors and the black beyond.

"Confirmed. Telemetry has also been rerouted to here," Tanik said.

Everybody looked up at the screen. The probe reached the blackness....... and disappeared.

T'Kila came over the comm, "We've lost telemetry."

Tanik looked on in shock ...."No kidding."
Sep 7 2003, 05:31 PM

Counsellor Othoniel Rasin - Holodeck

Sitting in a white chair, in an apartment was Othoniel. He found it comforting to be surrounded by familiar scenery, in an environment that replicated... his home. Earth. His hands were resting in his lap, he was slouching a little bit, and was out of his Federation uniform. Sitting there quietly, he could hear the birds calling to him from outside, tempting him to go to the balcony so that he could see them.

Othoniel was very tired, he did not get much sleep after the disturbing dream he had the night before. He was not going to read into it, though, it was just a dream, and he was very tired. It would be foolish to assume every dream has some sort of hidden meaning. Right? After all, he did have a dream which, to say the least, involved a large chicken suit, hair plugs, and a talking fire hydrant.

Just after he convinced himself that the dream meant nothing, the color of the room around him faded into white. Confused, and just about to command the computer to run a diagnostic, the woman showed up. The one from his dream. She had long, wavy, blonde hair and looked at ease this time. She glided through the air, just centimeters off the floor, towards him. Othoniel, frozen, started his neural communicator in a record mode. He stood up, paired with an emotionless look on his face, hiding his astonishment.

The mysterious woman continued to glide towards him, then, walked right into him. Othoniel closed his eyes, he had never felt such peace of mind. As if in a trance, he mumbled at the computer to initiate a site to site transport. As the blue light surrounded him he disappeared, and reappeared in his quarters.

The mysterious woman then walked out of him, and through the exterior wall into outer space. Her walking left a transparent white glow behind. As soon as she left his body, Othoniel collapsed onto the floor only to wake up 2 hours later resolute to not tell anyone about this odd experience. How would they react, to this? The Counselor, who helps people with hallucinations, should not be having them himself.

Looking at a nearby time piece he realized that if he didn't start running towards his office he would miss his shift. Othoniel got up quickly, his muscles sore, and jogged down the corridor towards his office. If there was no one there he would be able to examine sensor readings in the holodeck.
Sep 8 2003, 10:45 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ USS Pollux

Halliwell shook her head slowly and stood up as T'Kila informed her that they had lost telemetry. She looked out at the darkness, she spoke to anyone who would listen at the starbase, "You sure there's no sign?"
"No Commander," it was Tanik who replied. Halliwell made her way over to T'Kila and glanced at the readings.
Weird she thought This is very weird.

"Now what?" she whispered both to herself and T'Kila.
Sep 8 2003, 07:55 PM

Captain David Major - OCC

David spun around to face Tanik. "Commander, what happened?"

The Romulan's hands flew over the controls. "Unknown sir. The probe just seems to have disappeared."

David sat down in his chair and considered options. Finally looking up, he responded. "I want all the information you received from that damned thing on my desk immediately. Tanik, I want you and T'Kila to find out what happened to that probe and figure out a way to stop it from occurring again. I expect a FULL report in the morning.

"Major to Commander Halliwell"

  "Halliwell here sir."

"Bring the Pollux back to the station ASAP. I don't want anyone venturing out there until we find out exactly where 'out there' even is."


Captain's Quarters

Staring out the view port, David's head pulsated with the throbbing ache of a migraine. Squeezing his eyes shut and almost willing the pain to leave, he realized just how much the situation was getting to him. Ever since he left the Academy, David's life had been amongst the stars. He craved the feeling of being out in space, amongst the nebulas, and planets and systems. The sudden loss of all that was almost more than he could bear - and it was showing in the way he treated the crew. He had been downright rude to Tanik on the OCC, for absolutely no reason. Maybe he should see Counsellor Rasin.

Opening his eyes, he noticed a small silver speck out in the vast darkness. As he took a closer look, the speck drifted closer and closer until it began to take a familiar form - an Alliance battle cruiser.
Sep 8 2003, 10:14 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom sat at his desk, Holo-PADDs spread out before him. He had finally decided to take advantage of this time to catch up on the mountain of paperwork that had been piling up for weeks now. There wasn't much else for him to do, anyway. The crew was still busy trying to figure out what happened to the probe they sent out, and Tom knew he wouldn't be of much use.

Suddenly, the station alert siren began to sound loudly. Tom sat at the desk for a moment, debating whether or not he should find out what was going on. Then he stood up, his mind made up, and headed for the door.


Tom strode into Ops, his eyes sweeping the room. He quickly located Captain Major standing to one side, talking with Lt. T'Kila and Commander Halliwell, who had returned from the Pollux. He walked over to them.


David stared at him for just an extra second before responding. "There's an Alliance battlecruiser approaching the station."

"Where'd it come from?" Tom asked.

"We have no idea," reported T'Kila. "It just... appeared, out of nowhere really."

Tom thought about this for another moment. He then thought of the rather explicit instructions he had from Starfleet Command. In the event that contact with an Alliance vessel is made while the Fleet Admiral is aboard the starbase, he or she shall assume full command of the situation.

Tom took a deep breath. David wasn't going to like what he said next. "By order 12 of the Starfleet Base Operations Command Procedure, I am assuming command of this station immediately. Lt. T'Kila, hail the vessel."

David stood there for a moment, stunned by what he heard. He knew, technically, Tom was correct in what he did. But still... 001 was his to command. Tom had no right... well, he did, but still...

"But, sir..." he began.

"David, not now." Tom barked.

T'Kila looked back and forth between Garrison and Major, unsure of what to do. She saw a fire burning in David's eyes, but all he did was turn to her and give a slight nod.

"Opening hailing frequencies," she reported.
Sep 9 2003, 03:59 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Security Office

Hell, K'Rak thought, as he stared at the image out the window. This blackout must have been an Alliance trap.

  His communicator beeped. "K'Rak, get the hell down to the bridge!" barked Garrison, sounding urgent.

Why would Garrison be giving orders? wondered K'Rak, as he hurried to the turbolift.

As he arrived at the turbolift, he saw Lt. Sith coming towards him. He held the door open so Sith could get in.

"Exactly what's happening, Sir?"

"You know as much as I do, Lieutenant. We are being approached by an Alliance battle cruiser; we can only assume that their intentions are hostile. For some reason, Admiral Garrison appears to be giving the orders."

"Of course, Sir. Clause 12 B of the Starbase Regulatory Code states that in a state of severe emergency, the Admiral can assume temporary control of the Starbase."

"Of course," said K'Rak. "I knew that." They stepped out of the turbolift, K'Rak feeling bewildered and slightly stupid.
Sep 11 2003, 11:24 PM

Captain David Major - The Deck

David sat at the bar, and downed the rest of his Chech'tluth. He had never been a drinking man, but every now and then, when his nerved got riled, something inside drove him to the bar. As he motioned the Ferengi barkeep for another round, suddenly the deck loudspeakers blared to life.

  "Captain Major report to Admiral's ready room immediately," barked Garrison's husky voice. In the hopes that he might be able to be alone for a while, David had deactivated his neural communicator. Apparently the Admiral didn't want to take no for an answer.

Lifting himself up from the bar stool, Major made his way to the OCC.

Admiral's Ready Room - OCC

"You know that I had no choice David!" the admiral's voice boomed. "I have DIRECT orders from the Federation council to take over in case of contact with an Alliance ship."

"I've read the rules sir, and contrary to what you like to say, it provides room for leeway. Your immediate action of taking control seems to me as if you're doubting in my ability to command my station!" David shouted.

"DAVI..." The admiral suddenly paused, closed his eyes, and composed himself. "David. You've only been in a high level command position for three months. You can't lead me to believe that you have the experience and wisdom to be able to control such tense and dangerous circumstances."

"Very well sir," David whispered, resigned.

"You will still have input into the situation, and once this is over, I promise, you will have your station back. But until this is solved..."

"Yes sir." There was a moment of silence. "Am I dismissed?"

Garrison nodded and watched as the deflated Captain left his office and headed for the habitat deck.

I'm sorry David...
Sep 12 2003, 12:01 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Admiral's Office

Tom watched David leave his office, and felt sorry for the man. I hope the two of us can work past this, and I hope this doesn't affect his ability to command. He's a good man, and a good Captain, Tom thought to himself.

He sat back and rubbed his eyes. It had been a stressful last couple of hours. The Alliance battlecruiser hadn't responded to any of their hails, but at the same time it hadn't done anything threatening either. The only possible threatening gesture it had made was that it raised its shields right after T'Kila hailed it. But beyond that, it had done nothing. It just sat there, about 500 km away from the station. It was eerie to look at, really. It just hung there against the blackness of the void, or whatever it was, that they were in.

Currently, he had Tanik and T'Kila attempting to scan the vessel. The Alliance shielding made scanning the interior nearly impossible, but they were working on a way to get around it. Perhaps scanning the interior could give them some sort of clue where it came from, and if it was at all responsible for this void.

Tom sighed. There were so many unanswered questions, and more seemed to pop up every minute.

Suddenly the station shook violently, throwing him down onto the floor. The lights went out, and the station shook again, causing Tom to smash his head on the side of his desk. Dizzy, he slowly stood up, just as the lights came back on and alert sirens began to sound. Holding one hand to his head, he made his way out of the office and into the OCC.

"Report!" he snapped.

Before anybody could answer, the station shook again, although this time with less force.

Commander Halliwell turned to Tom. "Sir. The Alliance ship has just begun firing on us. Those first two shots hit us with our shields down, but we've got shields up now."

The station shook, sparks flew out of a nearby console.

"Shields are holding, but they won't last forever against this." shouted T'Kila.

"Return fire." Tom said.

"Sir, we can't." Halliwell replied. "They knew just where to hit us with those first shots. Primary and Secondary weapons are down."

"Why were our shields down, anyway?" Tom demanded as the station shook again.

"Sir?" Halliwell said. "Because you ordered we leave them down as a gesture of goodwill..."

Tom shook his head, and immediately winced at the pain. He was starting to feel dizzy from the blow to the head he took a moment ago. "Oh... yeah."

"Sir? Are you ok?" Halliwell asked.

"I'm fine!" The station shook again. "Suggestions?" Tom asked.

Just then, Captain Hardgrove stepped out from the shadows. Tom blinked in surprise, he hadn't even aware Hardgrove was in the OCC.

"Tom, I have an idea."

Tom was about to scold him for using his first name, but the station shook yet again, and the sudden movement caused a flash of pain in Tom's head so severe he forgot all about it.

"I could take the Gambit out," Hardgrove continued. "That's a tough ship, I'm sure I could handle that Alliance battlecruiser." He looked at Halliwell. "However, I'd need some help. I understand the Pollux is still in need of repairs?"

She nodded.

"OK, you'll have to take out the Pollux and use it as bait. Make it appear dead in the water, so the cruiser goes after that. If we do it right, it will never even see the Gambit until it's too late."

She thought about it for a minute, then looked at Garrison. He had a glazed look in his eyes, and was leaning against a bulkhead rather precariously. She was going to ask him again if he was OK, but thought better of it. "Sir?" she asked.

Tom shook his head, and again winced at the pain. He had a hard time following what Hardgrove had said, everything was getting blurry. "If you think.... it's wise.... Commander," he said, not even sure of what he was saying.

Halliwell turned back to Hardgrove. "I think we could make it work." The station shook, and T'Kila cried out that their shields were down to 40%. "We'd better do this quickly," she added.

Tom straightened up, and a wave of nausea and dizziness came over him so strongly he almost blacked out. The world now seemed to be spinning. "I think I'll get Captain Major up here to help coordinate the attack," he said, his speech slurred. He slapped his comm-badge, or at least tried to, but missed. He tried again, and hit it. "Admiral.... Garrison...... to Captain.... Major. Please report to..."

Tom fell to the floor, unconscious.
Sep 12 2003, 01:59 AM

Lattrel Ottel- The Deck

Ottel kept staring out into the Deck with a tired look. He had been, since the day began. It was that damned spider; jumping around, shooting metallic strings, making a web. All the nearby businesses had closed down from the fear that the spider might do something dangerous, but Ottel had to stay open, he had a reason.

"Can I get a refill?" asked a young ensign handing him an empty glass.

"Sure," Ottel picked up a bottle of wisky, "enjoying the view?"

"It is definitely interesting," the ensign repplied.

"Just like you, honey," he said handing her the full glass.

"Thank you," she blushed, smiled and then slowly walked away, shooting glances at him.

Interesting? Ottel shook his head. What was it with these Starfleet types? They were thrown into this... nothingness, when all of a sudden the stars disappeared, but he had seen stranger things happen and was confident they would get out of it... somehow. Then just a while ago people started to walk into the bar and crowd around the not so large windows. They were "admiring" the Alliance battlecruiser that had appeared out of nowhere. Interesting. That was their reason. There was a strange drive in these Federation officers to explore things, be interested. It had already been about a month, since Hardgrove had arranged this little place for him, but Ottel still hadn't gotten used to their behavior.

Where is he, Ottel thought, he should have been here by now. He was waiting for Hardgrove for more than an hour. It was their little routine. He would come in every day and order a drink. After drinking it silently, he would hand Ottel some credit chips, one of which contained a small diskette that had any kind of information that would be of use to the Smugglers. I am an ambassador, Ottel laughed at the thought, but that's what it was. The Federation had made a secret deal with the Smugglers Alliance, but since they were keeping it a secret from pretty much everyone, he was as close to an ambassador as the S.A. could have. There were some in the S.A. council, who were opposed to the alliance with the Federation, but Ottel knew the importance of the UFP in the galaxy. It was getting harder and harder to conduct "business" in Alliance territory, and even though the Federation itself didn't condone illegal activities, it was easier to get around Starfleet, especially nowadays.

He's probably busy with everything that's been going on around here, Ottel continued his line of thought. Maybe his helping the station staff "figure out a way out of this!!!!" he yelled out the last part, as a metallic string, shot by Zeta hit the distant wall of the bar knocking down a bottle full of some kind of red liquid and spilling it all over the new couch.

"I am going to squash that stupid, little bug," Ottel said, as he jumped over the bar, but a sudden rumbling of the station stopped him dead in his tracks. The Alliance ship was firing.

"Great! Now this."
Sep 12 2003, 12:32 PM

Counsellor Othoniel Rasin - His Office

The counselor stared out of the corner of his eyes, towards his left side, then slowly moved his eyes to the right side observing most of the room, paranoid that something might happen.

"Computer, initiate a site to site transport to..." the counselor paused, then continued, "the armory, please."

  The computer responded in its almost natural sounding voice, "Site to site transport is not recommended due to the current condition that the starbase is in."

"Override. Do it anyways," the counselor said in a monotone voice, "authorization Kappa Epsilon 002"

The counselor appeared in a dark corner of the empty armory. He went towards a weapons locker and took out a side arm. After setting it to kill and looking around the room again, in precaution. He stepped into the jefferies tube adjacent to the locker. Before he continued any further he instructed the computer to deactivate any communication to him, and to disable the tracking abilities of his chip.

I am going into hiding, they can never find me, she'll never find me... never

He walked in the jefferies tube, not sure of where to go, but just away from everyone. The starbase shook as the Alliance fired onto the base.
Sep 12 2003, 09:47 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ OOC

Halliwell looked from Hardgrove to the admiral, "Sir," she looked at where Garrison had been standing-- no longer-- he was slumped in a pile on the floor. Halliwell glanced to Hardgrove and automatically was by Garrison's side, she knelt down and checked his airways, normal. She felt his pulse, it was steady at least, she looked up to Hardgrove and shook her head slowly to him and checked Garrison's eyes, she tapped her comm badge, "Halliwell to Sickbay. I need two medics up here on the double. Admiral Garrison has been injured."

She looked back to him and put him in a recovery position, she stood back up.

"He's out cold," she whispered to Hardgrove.

"What the hell happened Sam?"

"I can't be too sure," she replied looking down to him, glancing from the doors to Garrison and back, "Wait a minute." She knelt down again and tenderly touched the side of his head; there was a little bit of blood. "He must of took a blow to it, it could only have happened in his office." She stood back up, "Probably when we took that first shot."

The doors opened and two medics came in, she quickly told them what she thought had happened. "We'll get him to sickbay ma'am."

Halliwell looked at Hardgrove as she tapped her comm, "Halliwell to Captain Major."

  "Commander, do you know where the Admiral is? He tried to contact me."

"He collapsed and has been taken to sickbay sir, " she answered, "He wanted you down here to co-ordinate the attack and I think now," she looked around, "would be a good time to come down."

  "I'll be there, is there a plan?"

"Captain Hardgrove has one sir," she answered sensing a little concern in Major's voice.

  "I'm on my way. Major out."

Halliwell deactivated her comm and looked round the OOC. She walked over to T'Kila, "We're going to need your help Lieutenant."

The Vulcan looked to her listening in as Hardgrove went over the plan, "It sounds like an exceptable risk," she finally replied, "Do you want me onboard the Pollux, Commander?"

Halliwell shook her head, "I need you and Tanik to monitor the situation here." She got a small nod.

Major walked through the doors, "What's going on?"

"I've formulated a plan," Hardgrove said looking to the captain, "If we use the Pollux as bait, it will grab the attention, it will grab the Alliance battlecrusier's attention." Major nodded to him to carry on, taking in every single word. "I will take the Gambit out, they won't see it coming if they're focused on the Pollux."

Major looked to Halliwell, "Sam?"

"Yes sir," she replied turning to him.

"What other choices do we have left?"

"Defeat." Major saw the serious look on her face, he loosened his collar a little, it was up to him now.

"Let's do it then," he said with a commanding air, and looked round. Tanik and T'Kila were in place. He nodded to Hardgrove, who looked at Halliwell before leaving to the Gambit.

Halliwell looked up to Major, "I'm coming with you," he said firmly.

"Sir," she began to protest.

"I'm in charge of the starbase, I should be out there defending it."

USS Pollux - Bridge

Major had decided to only have the immediate crew, in case it all went wrong. Let's hope that doesn't happen, Halliwell thought to herself. She checked final systems, Major hailed the Gambit.

  Hardgrove's voice came through, "You ready, Captain Major?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," he answered looking down.

  "Let's go then."

An ensign clicked the helm controls and the Pollux left the starbase slowly, "Major to Tanik."

  "Tanik here."

"Have we grabbed their attention yet?"

  "Our scans show they are tracking the vessel, sir."

"Good," Major said looking over to Halliwell, "Now." At his command, she shut down all the primary systems. The lights dimmed slightly and Halliwell gripped the side of the console, waiting, without any systems, they had no idea what was going on. They had to rely on Tanik and T'Kila to be their eyes and ears.

"What's going on, we're blind here?"

  "The battlecruiser is charging weapons," it was T'Kila who responded.

"Where the hell is Hardgrove?" Major shouted.

USS Gambit

As if on cue, the Gambit pulled out quickly. "Charge weapons," Hardgrove ordered to one of his crew. He looked at the viewscreen as the first shot hit the Pollux, "Fire!"

The battlecruiser turned to the Gambit and sent a shot back.
"Again! Fire!"

In a attempt to escape, the battle cruiser fired at the starbase, shaking it.

"Target their weapons ports. Fire."

Starbase 001

Tanik and T'Kila both watched, then back down to the console, "Weapons Ports, have been disabled," she stated calmly to Major.

USS Gambit

Hardgrove looked at the viewscreen, one more shot would do it, "Let's shut them down once and for all," he said quietly, he turned to tatical, "Fire."

USS Pollux

  "Captain," it was Tanik this time.

"Go ahead," Major said.

  "The Alliance battlecruiser has been disabled, you're not the only ones who are dead in the water."

Major smiled. If he didn't know any better, he would suggest that Tanik had some humor in him, "Thanks, we'll be right back."

He looked over to Halliwell who put her head down on the console and turned to face him, smiling.
Captain Archer
Sep 12 2003, 05:14 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Sickbay

Michael strode through the sickbay doors and saw Tom sitting up on a bio-bed.

"Admiral are you ok?"

Tom looked up at him with a forced smile, "I'll be okay, it's just a slight headache." As he said this he started to sway a little back and forth.

This is not the right time to tell him something like this,
"Let me know when your up and about...there's something I need to tell you."

Before Tom could object that he was perfectly fit, Michael strode back out onto the Deck.

The Deck

He got closer to one of the bars, and noticed some kind of strange metallic webbing draped across the ceiling, and it appeared to be spreading. As he continued down the Deck, he looked out into the emptiness, as he walked.


Later, Michael was in his office. Michael stared at the message then turned out to see the Alliance Battlecruiser and wondered if this is what the Alliance considered a "peace envoy." It had been several hours since he saw Tom in sickbay, and wondered how he was doing.

"Computer, locate Admiral Garrison."

  The computer beeped in response, "Admiral Garrison is in his quarters."

Just then the comm panel on his desk lit up. "This is Larkin."

  "Michael, it's Tom. You needed to discuss something with me?"

"Yes Admiral, I'll be right there." Michael got up and headed for the Admiral's quarters.
Sep 13 2003, 06:23 PM

Counsellor Othoniel Rasin - Level 8

The counselor continued to walk cautiously through the jefferies tube. He stopped, then looked behind him. Standing quietly and alone he bent down to the control panel and changed a few settings. Working quickly so that they would not know where he was, he finished programming what he would need to have done.

He mentally started his neural communicator and had it emit a frequency pulse out from him into space. Othoniel then quickly entered the final command into the control panel and started jogging away from the control panel. He was headed towards the nearest port hole.


The crew in the OCC suddenly picked this up. "Sir, I am detecting a change in the vital systems," said a Crewman.

"What!? Which vital systems?," enquired Captain Major

".... all of them."

Level 8

With his lips closed tightly, and his face with a determined look upon it, the Counselor took on the challenge of returning this station to normal space, his companion, an unlikely choice, had afforded him the knowledge and skill to perform these major adjustments.
Sep 13 2003, 07:13 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Deck 1

Sith looked out a window in a back corridor and stared at the Alliance Vessel. Even now, old feelings began to brew up. He realized that recently, his hatred for the Alliance was sparked by almost anything. His anger recurring, and ready to burst. Maybe something should be done about it. Talking wouldn't help. That would just anger him more.

"Sith," a voice from behind spoke. Turning around it was Shikel, the Vulcan Master.

Oh great, Sith thought to himself. This was the last guy in the known universe he wanted to talk to... even though at the moment that wasn't far. But the Master's presence confused Sith aswell. "Captain Shikel? Shouldn't you be on the Bridge dealing with all that's happened?"

Shikel approached slowly with his mechanically advanced walking stick. "Oh, there's nothing that an old man like myself can do for them. I would just be in the way." It was unlike most Vulcans to admit such weaknesses, but the Master was not like most Vulcans. "...But perhaps there is something I can help you with."

Sith turned away, I do not have to listen to him.

"You seem... distraught." Shikel became upfront. "You have anger towards the Alliance. You cannot control it."

He was right... That was unexpected.

"I know exactly how to help you." Shikel being the teacher he always was.


Shikel nodded, having finally made Sith admit himself. "You know, you should come visit me sometime. I'm an old man. I hardly get any visitors."

Sith knew exactly what that meant... Shikel wanted to become his teacher again. That annoyed him most of all. Sith was already his student, years ago. It was obvious that Shikel was only interested in superiority.

Captain Shikel turned and walked away; slow as he could. Sith glanced over with annoyance ringing in his head.
Sep 13 2003, 11:15 PM

Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove - USS Gambit, Bridge

Hardgrove sat in the Captain's chair and watched the view screen as the Alliance cruiser went dead. For the life of him he couldn't fight the feeling it wasn't right. It was strange enough that they had lost a whole planet not to mention billons of stars but what was an Alliance ship doing this close to 001 and what role did it play in the current situation? Perhaps only the Alliance ship itself could tell.
Captain Archer
Sep 14 2003, 01:19 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Garrison's Quarters

"What?!" Garrison asked Michael.

"I was going to tell you in sickbay, but you seemed to be a little out of it still."

Tom got up and started to pace in front of his window. "So is this the ship?"

Michael took a deep breath. "No, and that's what's so odd about it. I had Commander Halliwell run an analysis of the vessel's configuration. The ship they are sending to the station doesn't even come close to matching this one."

Garrison stopped and turned toward Michael, "Then we have to assume that this Alliance cruiser is either an illusion, which would seem to be disproved by it's attack..."

"Or," Michael anticipated Garrison saying "or, they sent this battlecruiser as a message."

"Which message would that be sir?"

Garrison gazed out of the window at the emptiness "We don't negotiate."

Michael's gaze followed Garrison's out the window. "But why would they go to the trouble of sending messages to the Diplomatic Corps if they weren't serious?"

Garrison thought for a few moments, "To make us drop our guard. I'm not exactly sure. One thing's certain... they have us right where they want us. Michael, if the ship carrying the Alliance negotiators arrives, I think we need to take precautions."

"Agreed. I would submit that we should put the station under a communications blackout, and delay all incoming ships, that is if we ever get out of...this." Michael motioned towards the window at the void.

"Very well, when the current crisis is over, you and I will have a meeting with Captain Major regarding security during the talks... if they happen."

Michael turned to leave and decided to ask one more thing. "Admiral, if these attacks continue along the border, the colonists may take up arms and plunge us into an all out war. Is there anything I can tell the colonist representatives that could reassure them that these attacks will be stopped?"

Garrison continued looking out the window, "That's your job Ambassador, not mine. Dismissed."

"Yes sir."
Sep 15 2003, 02:26 AM

Lattrel Ottel - The Deck, Double~Helix Bar

"That was one hell of a battle," yelled out a crewman after witnessing the bout that took place between the Alliance ship and the two Starfleet vessels.

"It sure was," replied a muscular Bolian and turned to Ottel, "What do you think, kinsman?"

"I've seen better," Ottel dismissed his fellow Bolian and thought, Hell, I've been in better ones.

The atmosphere in the bar was taking off. For a moment there everyone had forgotten about the vast emptiness that surrounded the station. Ottel had to admit that he himself was interested in the shootout. It didn't last as long as he would have thought and it lacked the glory of a major battle, but the ships took care of the battlecruiser pretty fast. They most likely neutralized it, Ottel deducted, I have never seen anyone make such a short business out of Alliance ships. Maybe there is still hope for the Federation. Then it struck him:

"What the hey!!! In honor of this new victory I am unveiling a new drink that you can get here and only here."

"Yeah! What is it? Tell us," cries were heard accross the bar.

Ottel was not one to lose a chance to make more money.
"I call it 'Romulan Pale' no pun intended," he took out a bottle from under the bar and pointed it towards the battlecruiser. It was filled with a blue liquid, slightly lighter than actual Romulan Ale and a bit more misty. "Go on, spread the word! 'Romulan Pale' available only at the 'Double~Helix Bar."
Sep 15 2003, 04:01 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - OCC

K'Rak watched the aftermath of the battle on the viewscreen. A thought began to formulate in his head.

"Captain, I would suggest that we send the Pollux out beyond the range of the blackout. We can only assume that the blackout is a trap laid by the Alliance."

"Dammit, K'Rak, we cant assume anything," said Major, snapping at him. "We don't even know if the Pollux will be able to pass through the blackout. We lost contact with the probe when it went through."

"But Sir, if the Alliance Cruiser was able to go through, then the Pollux should be able to also."

"Even if you're right," said Major, "how do we know that there aren't ten more Alliance ships waiting for us?"

"But Sir, inaction is not an option. You cannot simply bide your time and wait for something to happen!"

"I am the Captain here, K'Rak, and you would do well to remember that!" Major growled. "Are you questioning my orders?"

"K'Rak looked down, slightly ashamed. "No, Sir."
Sep 15 2003, 07:24 PM

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - OCC

Tanik smiled. "Captain, although I may not share Mr. K'Rak's..." he looked at K'Rak a second before continuing, "... candor, sir - my sentiment is the same. I do not mean to undermine your authority, captain - I would never do so--"

"Just spit it out, Tanik - I'd like to hear your advice," Major said.

Tanik grinned lopsidedly, "Thank you, sir. I suggest we take a one-man shuttle out - that way, we are not risking a whole starship, and, unlike a probe, if the barrier is breached, the pilot may bring the ship back under it's own power. Since I came up with the idea, sir - I suggest that I should be the one to go."

Major looked at him hard, "I think I'll implement this plan - however, I will be the one to go. I refuse to put you, or any single crewmember, in such danger alone, and without me to share it."

Tanik looked surprised, "Captain, I...I..." Tanik trailed off, obviously distracted.

Major tilted his head, "What is it?"

K'Rak responded by pointing at the viewscreen.

Major turned around, "....Huh?"

The disabled Alliance vessel had vanished, and .... Earth. Stars.

T'Kila spoke up, "Well... that was... weird."

Major turned around to face Tanik and T'Kila, "What the hell happened!?"

Tanik responded, "The Alliance ship... vanished. It didn't cloak - my sensors are sure of that - it just kind of... faded."

"And the stars and Earth?"

T'Kila answered, "They just kind of... faded in, sir."

Major looked bewildered, "Alright. Um... just try and give me a full report."

"Yes, sir," Tanik said. "Checking all systems..."


Tanik raised his eyebrow, "Sir, it appears someone has been tampering with the station's systems."

Major was alarmed, "Where?"

"A Jefferies Tube in section 14, level 8."

Major turned to K'Rak, "Mr. K'Rak, assemble a security team. I would very much like to talk to this person."

"Yes, sir!" K'Rak stormed off the bridge.

I'd hate to be that sap, Tanik thought to himself.