Episode 1: New Beginnings, Part IV

Jun 24 2003, 06:45 PM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom sat in his chair, all the lights off in his office. He had his chair turned away from the desk, and the door, and was staring out the window.

Did I do the right thing...? And why did I let Michael talk me into letting him go, I should have been the one out there on this mission. But he knew Michael was right, he was the best man for the job, with his contact on Cardassia.

Tom sighed. I just hope he comes back alright... but even more, I hope he gets that information through to the alliance. If he didn't..... Tom let his thoughts trail off, not wanting to think about what would happen if Utopia Planitia closed down. His thoughts had been full of doom and gloom enough lately, he didn't want to consider again the implications.

His terminal beeped, and he turned around. He had received a message, text-only, from Ambassador Larkin:

Message delivered.  En route home.

Upon seeing that message, Tom immediately began considering the next phase of his plan. But he paused for a moment, and looked back out the window.

"I hope you make it home..." he whispered.
Captain Archer
Jun 24 2003, 08:54 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - On board the Tragor

The moment Larkin had stepped off the transporter pad, his communicator, and hand phaser had been confiscated, he was then cuffed and blindfolded, and led down a corridor to a small room.

They lifted the blindfold and through him into the poorly lit room. It smelled dank, and their must have been a leaking conduit, because he could here a drip every few moments. Michael tried to remove his restraints, but they were magnetically sealed.

After several hours in this room, the door opened, the rush of light blinded Michael for a moment, when his eyes readjusted he could see Telle, standing in the doorway, he grinned and said "Ambassador, would you be so kind as to come with me."

Michael just stared at him.

"I thought you might be like this, very well...Take him." He motioned to a few guards who picked Michael up and dragged him down a hallway to a large room, with what looked like a bio-bed.

Don't give into them,
Michael thought to himself. They laid him on the table and restrained him at the chest, waist, and ankles. A tall Breen officer injected him with something, he then blacked out...

Holding Cell

Michael awoke, and noticed that he had no clothing on, and that he had several small incisions on his body, one on each foot, one on his chest. This can't be good, Michael sat alone in the dark cell, hoping that the Starbase had received his message.

  Then a voice came from the darkness, it was Telle "I would like to ask you some questions Michael." Larkin didn't answer "Very well, you have been extremely difficult, you resisted our drugs, fairly well."

"Glad to here it." Michael felt an extreme shock in his feet, that worked it's way up through his legs to his stomach, he cried out in agony.

  "Behave yourself Michael, or I'll increase the intensity." Telle said.

Larkin jumped to his feet and shouted to the unseen voice "What do you want Telle?"

  "I want you to hear the good news, I've passed your message along to the leaders of the Alliance, and to say the least they were very pleased."

"Good, so why am I here?"

  Telle laughed "You'll find out soon enough Ambassador." He cut off the comm line.

Michael was again alone, he began to relax, then another shock sent him to his knees once more, but this time it did not stop, it stayed on for what seemed like hours.
Jun 24 2003, 08:57 PM

Captain David Major - Starbase 001 - Admiral Garrison's Office

David stepped into Garrison's office and took a seat. Turning around to face Major, Garrison took a deep breath.

"I suspect you've read my report?" David questioned.

"Indeed, I have. Makes for very interesting reading material."

"Sir, I want to go back and find out what happened to the Domtar's captain. The Romulans are up to something, I want to find out what it is."

"You know I value your opinion David, but request denied. There are too many issues to be dealt with here on 001, and I don't want you and the rest of the crew away any more than you have to. I've already dispatched the Celestial, she'll be leaving orbit and enroute within the hour.

"But sir.." Garrison cut him off.

"This is final David. I suggest you drop the subject."

Major glanced down at the desk, deciding how he should respond. He could tell Tom was worried about something, but it wasn't his place to ask questions. "Very well sir."

"It has come to my attention that there are some fears that there could be Romulan activity closer to home than we think. I want you to investigate the matter closely. Am I making myself clear?"


"Good. You're dismissed."

As David left, Tom turned back around to face the window. If only you knew David, If only you knew....
Jun 25 2003, 08:55 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Security Office

K'Rak yawned, and struggled to keep his eyes open. He had been reviewing the background files for days, and was nearly done. Next on his list was Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove. K'Rak frowned when he saw the contents of the file. It is nearly empty, he thought to himself. The file contained only Hardgrove's name, rank, serial number, and the title Strategic Command Intelligence Officer. So he's in Starfleet Intelligence, is he? K'Rak instinctively distrusted him, as the members of intelligence agencies were notorious for being dishonorable. However, if he was so highly placed in Starfleet Intelligence, it was highly unlikely that he was a double agent. K'Rak closed the file, and moved on to the files of Ambassador Michael Larkin, and Admiral Tom Garrison.

He was interrupted by the sound of his door.


Captain Major entered the room. K'Rak stood quickly. "Sir."

"At ease, Commander. I came to tell you that Admiral Garrison has some concerns about Romulan infiltration being closer to home than we previously thought. I want you keep an extremely close eye on everyone who lives or visits the base, and I want you to run a level 2 diagnostic on the ships computers. Report the results to me as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir, I will keep you informed."

"Very well." Major left the room.

As he began preparing the ship's computers for the diagnostic, K'Rak wondered if he was going to get any sleep this week.
Jun 25 2003, 11:32 AM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Docking Port 4C

Sith crossed his arms and leaned against the back wall, cooly. He watched out the hatch as a Vulcan Pod was Docking from Earth.

The Captain stepped out into the Port Corridor and nodded to him courteously and continued on. This was Sith's queue. He got up and walked along side the Vulcan Captain. "Greetings. I am Lieutenant Rune Sith, Security Officer. We're doing an investigation on the Station and I thought maybe I could ask you some questions?"

The old Captain stopped and took a good look a Sith. "...Rune Sith...? Rune Sith? Is that you?" He peered into Sith's eyes, knowing that glare anywhere.

"Master Shikel? Heh, heh, heh..." Oh great, Sith thought, trying to avoid eye contact, this is the second person I ran into that I know. "Hi, how are you...?" Sith asked his old fighting teacher.

"Think fast!" Shikel jabbed his fist towards Sith's chest. Sith quickly crossed his arm into Shikel's arm, redirecting the jab.

Shikel then flung his other arm out and pinned Sith in the shoulder. Sith was almost knocked back, but quickly flung both his own arms out at the Vulcan Master.... Shikel easily blocked and redirected each of these attacks. He then forced palmed his hand into Sith's other shoulder, sending Sith back a few steps. "--Augh!"

"Good." Shikel nodded without emotion. "But you still need work. I see you have survived the ranks of Starfleet. Keep it up."

Shikel then walked away, leaving Sith rubbing his shoulder which was in pain. "Grgh..." Sith growled in anger. He had yet to defeat his old fighting Master from Starfleet Academy... it's been, what, five years? Sith checked his padd. "There's no way he can be a Romulan spy, he's too irritating!" He updated the stats.

The Deck - Security Office

Sith entered, as K'Rak was sitting at his desk in stress. "Report." K'Rak inquired.

"No luck, so far." Sith put down his padd. "It's going to take me at least another two or three weeks to go through everyone."

K'Rak nodded. "It's also going to take me a while."

"Sir, we have to consider the possibility we aren't going to find anything. There's a good chance this agent is a master at covering thier tracks."

K'Rak thought about this for a moment. He then got up and handed Sith his padd back. "That is a possibility. But not all agents cover their tracks so well."

Sith nodded and left the Security Office.

He thought that maybe for all the painstaking work it'll take, the Federation was worth it.
Jun 27 2003, 01:32 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office

Tom paced back and forth in front of his desk. "Computer, what is the time?"

"The time is 0200 hours."

0200 hours... it should have happened by now. Why haven't I heard...? Following Tom's idea, before leaving the station Ambassador Larkin had arranged it so that the information he presented to his contact would be transmitted over official channels within the Alliance. Starfleet Intelligence would surely pick up the transmission, and inform Starfleet Command that the Alliance knew the secret about San Francisco Shipyards.

That transmission was scheduled to be sent at 1100 hours... three hours ago. Tom couldn't understand why he hadn't heard anything.

Suddenly, the computer beeped, informing him he had an incoming message. He quickly walked to his desk, sat down, and activated the holoterminal. Admiral Miasha Jenco, the man he had spoken with earlier, the highest ranking admiral in all of Starfleet, appeared on his desk.

"Miasha, what can I do for you."

He just sat there, not saying a word, staring at Tom for several moments. The silence stretched on, with each man attempting to figure out what exactly the other knew. Finally, Jenco drew a deep breath.

  "Tom, I'm not going to play games with you. Two hours ago, Starfleet Intelligence received a report that the Alliance is aware of a secret about San Francisco Shipyards, a secret that makes the Federation vulnerable to attack after Utopia Planitia shuts down."

Unsure of what Jenco knew, Tom said nothing.

  "For the next several weeks, San Francisco shipyards will be almost shut down while undergoing an upgrade. This information did not become available until after it was decided to shut down Utopia Planitia, so it was decided that plans would not be changed - this would just be kept a secret. But, then again, you know all of this already."

Tom wasn't surprised to hear this comment, but he still pretended to know nothing. "What are you talking about?"

  "Oh please, Tom, don't insult me by pretending to be innocent. Who do you think engineered it so that Hardgrove delivered that data rod to you. Hell, who do you think 'allowed' him to steal it in the first place? I knew he took it, I'm the one who leaked the information on how to acquire it."

Tom was shocked. "But... why?"

  "Because I wanted you to get it, I knew you would do something like this. It was the only way to save the Federation."

Tom turned away, trying to gather all his thoughts. He found an uncontrollable anger rising up in him. When he turned back to face his former mentor, teacher, and friend, his eyes were flashing with anger.

"You set me up!"

  "No, Tom... I didn't -"

"Do NOT interrupt me. I don't care if you were my teacher, I don't care if you outrank me, I don't care if we were once friends. I will NOT be interrupted."

Miasha winced at the line "we were once friends," but said nothing.

"You used me, you tricked me into doing your dirty work. There was nothing you could do through official channels, and you're too worried about your job to do anything as risky as what I did... what Ambassador Larkin is out there doing right now. So you played with me like a child plays with a toy, jerking me around to do exactly what you wanted. And if somebody ends up having to take the fall for this, it will be me."

Miasha looked down, there was really nothing to say. He didn't feel that the harsh words being spoke were justified, but really had no way to refute them. There were several moments of silence, and then Tom spoke again.

"Miasha, I don't know what's happened to you. You were a great man once, a man I looked up to, a man I wanted to be like. But now, you are old, and you are pathetic. You would do this to somebody you call a friend? ...... I don't know who you are, but you are not the Miasha Jenco I once called my friend."

  "Tom, please. I did this because I knew you would do this, because it had to be done to save the Federation. Please don't take it so personally..."

"Then why didn't you tell me all this from the start? We could have done this together, pooled our resources."

  "I.... I don't know."

"I do. It was too risky for you."


"Goodbye, Miasha."

Tom closed the channel, and sat at his desk. He just sat there for several moments, not moving, until a single thought entered his head. I wonder if Michael is ok...

Systems Room 17, Deck 9

The door opened, and a figure stepped into the doorway from the bright hallway. The lights were off in the room, and the hallway was bright, so the figure was silhouetted. The figure walked into the room, and the doors shut. It knew the layout of the room by heart, and walked over to a holoterminal. It pushed a few buttons, and a message appeared on the screen. It read:

Incoming transmission from Ambassador Michael Larkin - Automated Distress Signal.  Message suppressed, all logs of message deleted

The figure walked to the door, which opened and again bathed the room in light. It walked out of the room, and the doors shut.