Episode 2: The Last Place You Look, Part I

Jul 8 2003, 01:40 AM

Admiral Tom Garrison - Office
Admiral's Personal Log, Supplemental

The Federation has been saved... at least for now.  Ambassador Larkin succeeded in delivering the message to the Cardassians, and as planned the Federation became aware that the Alliance now possesses the knowledge about San Francisco Shipyards not operating at full capacity.  So, at least for now, Utopia Planitia Shipyards will remain open.

Tom sat back in his chair, and thought about the log he had just recorded. Maybe it isn't such a good idea to put that in a log, even if it is a personal log, he thought to himself.

"Computer, delete that log entry, and begin recording again."
Admiral's Personal Log, Supplemental

The Federation has been saved... at least for now. It appears that, for some reason, Utopia Planitia Shipyards will remain open.  I do not know why, but I can't say I am unhappy with this decision.  Perhaps somebody in the Federation finally realized how dangerous a move this was, and how it would be sending a very bad signal to the Alliance.

Speaking of the Alliance, there isn't much of anything new with them lately.  They have been quiet for a couple weeks now.  In fact, the only border skirmish reported in the last month was the recent incident with the
Domtar.  And since then, there hasn't been a sound from them.  The rumors are flying that they are up to something, but from what I have been able to learn, our intelligence doesn't have a clue what is going on.  Also, the Captain of the Domtar remains missing.  I wish I could send another ship to help with the search, but our resources are already stretched so thin... and besides, I don't even know what they would be looking for.  All the escape pods on the Domtar were accounted for, and he wasn't on the ship, dead or alive.  I wish I had more answers, but I really don't know what happened to him.

As far as
Starbase 001 itself goes, the transition to the new crew has proceeded fairly smoothly.  There have been the usual bumps along the way, but David is an excellent Commanding Officer, and I don't expect there to be many problems.  There have been, however, several recent break-ins into the main computer.  As of yet, no classified information has been accessed... only star charts and communication frequencies.  Captain Major has assigned the two most senior Security Officers on the Starbase to track down the culprit.

Finally, there have been a few reports that the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gao Gent-al, has been acting 'strange.'  I don't really know the details, as I'm not in command of the station, but I believe it has to do with him not showing up for his shift several times, acting like he didn't know how to treat simple ailments, and being very moody.  David has ordered him to begin seeing the station's counselor, so hopefully that should help.

"Computer, end recording."

Tom sat back in his chair, and found his thoughts turning to Ambassador Larkin, who still hadn't checked in. I hope you're OK, wherever you are...
Jul 8 2003, 11:47 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Security Officer's Log

"We have recently completed the Level 2 diagnostic on the ship's computer, and have found several unusual things. Several files have been accessed anonymously; they are not secure files, but it is alarming that we are unable to identify the person who used them. I am afraid that if we are unable to identify this person, they will begin accessing classified files. I do not know why this person is viewing these files, but Lieutenant Sith and myself have been asked to investigate. I have instructed the ship's computer to alert me as soon as any files related to these accessed files are viewed. With any luck, we will be able to identify the intruder before he can do any damage."
Jul 8 2003, 12:48 PM

Ensign Othoniel Rasin - Counselor's Office

(the Door alerts Othoniel that someone wishes to see him, but he barely hears it over some loud music)

Another, already!

"Computer, pause the music please"

"Enter," said Ensign Rasin perkily

The doors glided open gracefully and the Doctor walked in silently. He stood just inside of the office.

"So... how exactly do you want to do this? inquired the doctor.

"Whichever way makes you feel most comfortable" replied Othoniel as he swiped his glass of water and walked over to the set of leather chairs that the doctor started walking towards.

There is a few seconds of silence as they both get comfortable and Ensign Rasin places his glass on a nearby table. Othoniel reaches for the PADD on the table and goes through it.

"Apparently, you have been late for a few duty shifts, cranky, and uh, just plain confused sometimes" said Othoniel as he was going through the report.

"What do you think is causing this?" he inquired

The doctor paused just as he opened his mouth and then calmly spoke of some family issues he had been having lately.

"mmhmm, well, if you are having trouble sleeping and concentrating we can always talk to the EMH about possible remedies. It would be ill-advised for you to prescribe yourself a medication, so we can talk to him about it. What might work best is just coming to see me, umm, maybe two or three times a week to talk about it. I can show you some techniques to help you calm yourself which may help with your confusion and general stress." the ensign stated a-matter-of-factly while he smiled.

"I would enjoy that, thank you Counselor." replied the doctor politely

"No problem Gao, I am here to help. If you have anything that you need to talk about just send me a message and I will work you into my schedule."

"I really must go, though, Counselor, I need to get back to my quarters."

"Oh, ok, well, message me to set up an appointment, I'll see you soon."

As the doctor left, the ensign could sympathize with him because of what, he had gone through with family troubles. He knew it wouldn't be easy for Gao to talk about it all, and to come to terms with it, but he was confident that he could help.
Captain Archer
Jul 8 2003, 02:45 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Alliance Prison Camp on Cardassia Prime


Michael felt his neck snap to the left. This is the fifth "interrogation" he has received since arriving at the Prison camp.

"Tell me why the Federation is so determined to keep the shipyards open, do you fear a massive attack?"

Michael thought a minute about his answer - but he was feeling in a playful mood despite his surroundings. "We just thought that the surface of Mars would look so tacky if we dismantled the shipyards." He then chuckled, but not for long, as the devices in his body were again activated.

He screamed out in pain.

He heard the door slide open, and looked in that direction to see a pair of military boots.

"That's enough." shouted the Cardassian.

"But Legate..." Telle sounded disappointed.

"I said that's enough." the Legate took the PADD from Telle and turned off the device.

"Ambassador, I am Legate Broden, it's my intention to make your stay here...civil, if you co-operate," he turned to Telle "take him back to his cell."

Michael stood and began to slowly walk out the door. As he and Telle walked down the hall, he saw a man in a Starfleet uniform, walking with two Breen, and a Cardassian, he had seen this man somewhere before..... Jenkins.

Captain Jenkins of the Domtar. What the hell is he doing here? and why is he not in restraints??

Michael could only come to one conclusion.

He's a spy.


Almost got it....there. Michael finally managed to get the panel off of the wall, he looked at the circuitry, but it seemed so long ago that he was toying with the idea of being an engineer.

He crossed a few of the wires and heard the lock release on his cell door. He stood up and pried it open just so he could look out and see if their was anyone around. Not a soul. He slipped out of the cell, and went down the hall to the computer station on the wall, he typed in a few commands and got a layout of the prison.

His shuttle was being detained in a bay approximately 20 meters below and 10 meters away from his current position.

He shut the terminal off and started walking down to his cell, just then Telle walked around the corner, he stopped and looked at Michael, and grinned.

"Security to Level 3 corridor C, we have an break out."

An alarm sounded and Michael took off down the corridor.
Jul 8 2003, 03:13 PM

Captain David Major - Office

David closed his eyes and massaged his temples. The past week had been filled with nothing but stress, and he was beginning to feel the effects. "Computer, lower lights and play music file Major 4 Alpha." The lights dimmed and the room was suddenly filled with the soothing sounds of the Vulcan lute.

Getting up from his chair, David stretched his muscles and slowly walked over to the sofa on the opposite wall. Lying down, he just closed his eyes when the door chimed.

"Enter" David grumbled as he sat up. "Computer, pause music."

The room suddenly filled with the bright white light of the corridor as the door opened, and in entered K'Rak.

"Sir! I'm sorry, if this is not a good time I can retur..."

"Not at all. What did you wish to see me about?" David got up and walked to his desk.

"There's been another one sir."


"This time it was some old engineering logs. Lieutenant Commander Tanik says they aren't overly important, but they were in a secure data file."

"Dammit. Did you track the access?"

"Yes sir, but it was from a public access panel in corridor 14D. Over 15 people use those controls every hour."

David thought for a moment before replying. "This is getting out of hand. Every time it happens, the person accesses a file that's a little more important, a little more secure. At this rate he'll be tapping into command functions by the end of the week. I want you to initiate a code yellow lockdown. Every time anyone accesses a file or makes an entry, I want it logged. Understood?"

"Yes sir. I also suggest beefing up the encryption on primary functions, It doesn't hurt to have a little extra protection."

"Good idea, make it happen."

"Yes sir" the Lt. Cmdr responded as he left the office.

"Making his way again to the sofa, David took a deep breath. "Computer, resume music."

Science Lab 4 - 1400 Hours

The door slid open as a dark figure stepped into the lab. Walking over to the console, their fingers began flowing over the controls until the computer chimed. "Files accessed.....Files deleted." Taking one last look around, the figure swiftly left the room.
Captain Archer
Jul 8 2003, 03:40 PM

Michael Larkin - Prison Camp

Michael got a few meters when the corridor came to a four way junction, trying to remember the way in his mind, he turned right, and ran down the corridor. The torture device must have limited range, Michael thought.

He came to a turbolift. The doors opened and a Cardassian soldier was standing inside with his weapon drawn, Michael took advantage of the soldiers surprise and grabbed the barrel of the rifle and yanked it out of his hand. The soldier landed a punch into Michael face, Michael turned the weapon and fired, it had been set to maximum, the man incinerated before him.

Michael stepped into the lift, as the doors closed Telle came around the corner, but he wasn't quick enough.

"Main Hangar Bay." Michael said.

The lift hummed as it took off. He lifted the rifle up to check the power cell, and readjust the setting to heavy stun. The lift began to slow, and it stopped, Michael stepped out and into the hangar bay.

He looked around but couldn't find his shuttle. He climbed a ladder up to the second level to get a better view, as he walked down the catwalk, he heard the doors to the Hangar Bay open. He quickly laid down on the walk looking down, it was Telle with about half a dozen guards.

"Spread out," he heard Telle say.

The soldiers began to spread away in all directions, then Michael looked over to only to see his shuttle... most of the hull had been torn away and one of the engines was on the ground next to it, opened up.

Michael thought a moment and saw a small Cardassian scout ship in the bay as well. He slowly crawled along the walk and positioned himself above the vessel.

"There." A phaser blast shot past him. Michael rolled to the other side of the walk. He turned back and fired, missing a guard and hitting a deuterium canister, the small explosion knocked three of the guards to the ground.

This was just the opportunity he needed, he stood up and jumped off the walk to the roof of the vessel, slid down the side to the open hatch and crawled inside.

"Computer seal doors."

  "Acknowledged." said the male computer voice.

"Power up the engines." The vessel powered up. Michael scanned the Hangar doors, their was a force field blocking the door. "Computer raise shields, activate thrusters and bring the phasers online."

  "Warning. Powering weapons inside this facility is not recommended." the computer offered back.

"Understood - power the weapons."


Michael scanned the force field generator to get the field modulation. He then tapped the frequency into the computer. "Target phasers and fire."

Their was a brilliant light as the force field went down and the hangar door was blasted open, the three guards that were still on the ground were blown out into space, he couldn't see any others. "Computer activate impulse engines, take us out."
Jul 8 2003, 04:45 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Systems Room 8

Sith sifted through systems swiftly. He had floating holographic buttons all over the place. Some actually began to float away from the console to the centre of the room.

He was multi-tasking, getting to know Starbase 001's Computer System inside-out. "Oh, crap..." He walked over and grabbed the floating button from the centre of the room and moved it back over to the Main Console. There were so many vertical levels of buttons and transferring of keys he totally didn't realize that he was losing track of them.

Zeta crawled over from hibernating on the wall to Sith's shoulder. "I was chasing an IP Access..." Sith explained. "...Maybe it was a response Algorythm." He shook his head now realizing he was unsure.

"Click, click!"

"Maybe it was an Algorithm." He paused. "Wait a second... why don't you track it?" Sith glanced over at Zeta.

"Chrip, click... track it?" Zeta responded.

"Yeah, plug yourself into the Starbase Computers. We did it before, remember?"

"Click, click, chirrrp."

"Scan the sub and main Access Ports and relay existing data transfer information. If you see any signals that look like hack IP Accesses, track them to their consoles."

Zeta crawled off his arm and onto the floating buttons. The spider stepped its way down the hover-buttons to the flat console maintaining them. It then launched metallic cables out itself into the console, and several hover-buttons above it and to its side.

Sith watched.

"Click, click..."

Zeta then found it, and flung out more cables. They accessed multiple ports, infecting systems. "Good job Zeta! At least searching manually is faster than getting the computer to go over everything."

The spider-robot pulled a few cables around and connected to different buttons. One of the buttons overloaded until its glow died.

"Zeta...?" Two more buttons lost their glow due to an overload of data. Zeta sucked those cables back in, in response. He then resorted to plugging them into the base console. "Zeta be careful..." Sith checked the buttons. "You've blown the tertiary power circuits on Deck 12!" Zeta backed off and pulled in its cables. Its neural net couldn't handle the entire Starbase's computer systems. Sith checked the panels. "You found something! ...It looks like an unusual access on Station Panel 34-F8..."

Zeta stood up but was too weak to jump over. "Come on, let's check it out." He grabbed Zeta and ran out the room.
Captain Archer
Jul 9 2003, 02:36 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Stolen Cardassian Scout Ship

The ship rocked under the blast of another phaser hit, "Computer report."

  The computer delayed a few minutes and finally replied "Shields down to 80%."

Michael thought a moment, then brought up a star chart of the area, he dwelled on the fact that it would take him almost a week to get back to the Starbase, but only two days to get to Bajoran Space, so he made his decision: "Computer set a course bearing 307 mark 350 and engage at maximum warp."


The ship shot off towards Bajoran space with a Cardassian ship in close pursuit.
Jul 10 2003, 08:40 AM

Lt. JG T'Kila - Starbase 001, Gym

T'Kila was running on the treadmill. Her shift had just recently ended, but she planned on going back to work after she got some exercise and ate dinner. She was currently investigating the Romulan weapon that had been used on the Domtar, but she wasn't making much progress. The sensors had picked up several elements that were not in the database, so right now she was looking into that. Thankfully the science team on this Starbase was full of some very talented people.

She stepped off the treadmill after she run 3 miles and headed back to her quarters.
Jul 10 2003, 04:43 PM

Lt. Cmdr. Tanik - Science Lab

The door opened and Tanik walked through briskly, and turned to the Ensign in charge. "Where is Lieutenant T'Kila?" he asked.

"She went to her quarters sir. If I may, why do you ask?"

"I understand she is in charge of the investigation of the Romulan weapon," he replied.

"Yes, she is sir. But you didn't answer my question." Tanik looked at him.

"Sir," he tacked on.

"I am attempting to assist in the investigation, Ensign."


Tanik looked surprised, but quickly caught it threw a stern, stony face at the Ensign. "If you wish to escort me, then by all means."

Everyone in the room looked up from what they were doing. "No, sir," the Ensign said.

"Very well." Tanik then stormed out of the room, leaving a profound silence behind, and several people staring at the now uncomfortable Ensign.

"Well, shall we continue?" he suggested weakly.
Jul 11 2003, 03:38 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Her Quarters

Halliwell threw the base ball against the bulkhead of her quarters, completely bored. She caught the ball in one hand and put it at her side on the bed, and let out a sigh as she sat up and looked round, shaking her head.

She was so bored, but she hadn't been able to go back to duty yet, not after the incident that occurred on the Domtar, the captain had wanted her to see Ensign Rasin to talk things through, she had been to see him and he advised that she have a couple of days off, anything to get back to work. She was going mad jut sitting in her quarters, throwing the baseball back and fourth.

"Great," she muttered quietly.
Jul 11 2003, 11:24 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - Deck 8

K'Rak had been informed by Lieutenant Sith that an unauthorized access had been made at Station Panel 34-F8, a secure panel designed only to be used with authorization by a senior officer. With the security lockdown in place on all access panels, it would have been virtually impossible to access the secure information without authorization. This led K'Rak to believe that the panel had been used by a senior member of the crew. However, he was unable to identify the user because he had done an excellent job of covering his tracks.

K'Rak tapped his communicator, and hailed Lieutenant Sith.

"Lieutenant Sith, report to Deck 8 immediately."

  "On my way," came the reply.

When Sith arrived, K'Rak showed him the list of files that had been accessed.
"I want you to determine who used this terminal. If necessary , I want you to place observation cameras on this and all terminals that the suspect might use. We may be forced to put a complete lockdown on all public access terminals if he continues to access secure files."

"Yes, sir," said Sith, and started to work on identifying the suspect.
Captain Archer
Jul 11 2003, 08:23 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - En route to Bajor

The ship rocked once more.

  "Shields down to 40%. Hull Integrity down by 25%."

Michael was becoming annoyed at the Cardassian computer voice. "Computer estimated time of arrival at the Bajoran border."

  "Twelve minutes 15 seconds."

The shuttle zoomed off towards the border as the Cardassian ship pursued. The ship shuddered once more under the Cardassian fire.

"Computer align targeting scanners to target the Cardassian vessel's shields."

  "Acknowledged. Sensors aligned."

"Power up the aft phasers and torpedo banks."

  "Banks charged."

"Open fire."

  "Acknowledged." The Cardassian ship rocked, "Damage to the vessel?"

  "Minimal. Warning, vessel approaching 100,000 KM from the bow."


  "Bajoran assault vessel."

"Open a channel."

  "Channel open."

"This is Ambassador Michael Larkin of the Federation Starbase 001, I'm under attack I need immediate assistance."

  "This is Colonel Bele of the Bajoran Militia cut your engines in ten seconds and prepare to take your shuttle behind our vessel and move within our shield grid."

"Thank you." Larkin said gratefully.

He counted down from ten and then cut the engines, maneuvered behind the Bajoran vessel and received the shield frequencies from Colonel Bele, dropped his own shields and re-polarized the hull to match the shield frequency and moved inside the protective bubble.

  "Incoming transmission from Colonel Bele."

"On screen."

  "We are opening our shuttle bay doors please dock and you will be escorted to our medical bay."

"Thank you Colonel."
Jul 12 2003, 02:35 AM

Dr. Gao Gent-al - Corridor outside Counselor Rasin's office

Gao paused outside the door, thinking about the upcoming counseling session. He really dreaded these sessions. It's not that he actually disliked Ensign Rasin... he seemed like a very nice, intelligent man actually. And as far as Counselors went, Gao considered him pretty easy to get along with. It's just that these sessions were... a waste of time. He knew what the problem was, what was causing what had been reported as "erratic behavior." And there certainly is nothing that Rasin can do about it... he thought to himself.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed the button signaling his presence. He heard "come" from inside, and entered the office. Othoniel was sitting behind his desk, and stood up as Gao entered.

"Gao, good to see you again. How have things been?"

The two men walked over to the plush chairs in one corner of the office, and sat down facing each other.

"Oh, pretty good."

"Have you tried any of those relaxation techniques I showed you last time."

Gao thought for a moment, and briefly recalled Othoniel showing him something during the last session a couple of days ago. He remembered how much of a waste of time they seemed... he didn't need to relax. He just needed to concentrate harder, and focus on his duties. If he did that, there would probably be no more "erratic behavior." But he doubted Rasin would understand, so he nodded.

"Yes, actually, I've been doing them everyday. They've been quite helpful," he lied.

Rasin nodded, and the look on his face told Gao that he probably at least suspected that he might be lying. Gao settled back in his chair, with an inaudible sigh. Let's just get this session over with, he thought to himself.
Jul 12 2003, 11:39 AM

Ensign Othoniel Rasin - Personal Log

Ensign Rasin thought of what to enter into his daily log. He activated his neural chip that had been implanted in his brain stem just before coming to the starbase, and started thinking. The neural chip would dictate what he thought specifically pertaining to his log, and then enter it. Othoniel was one of the few who were testing it right now.

Well, the counseling sessions with the doctor are progressing fairly nicely. He is still acting unpredictably, though. I hope he improves soon, otherwise I will have to increase the frequency of the meetings or get another doctors consent to prescribe a mild sedative. Aside from the doctor, things are still fairly calm. I am planning on having a dinner in my quarters soon. Perhaps some calming music on afterward.... Ensign Rasin, out.
Jul 12 2003, 04:44 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Deck 8

Sith went through the computer logs. It was late at night. "Click, chirp?"

"It's okay, Zeta, I can handle this one on my own." Sith moved a few buttons around. The computer returned no answers. It was obvious the access data wasn't going to turn any stones, so Sith decided to call it a night.

He went over to a few holo-imaging/bio-cell cameras set up on the wall corners and made sure they were online.

The Deck

After that, he found his way walking down The Deck, which was occupied by a few late-nighter's, when he got an idea. "Of course! A recessed bio-scan of that Console might show something..."

He made his way to the Medical Bay to get a bio-scanner.

Medical Bay

He accessed the panels and unlocked the doors. When he entered he found Doctor Gao Gent-al there going through his computer.

"Oh, Doctor. I thought your shift was over. It's the Night-Watch."

"Just have some work to catch up on. Can I help you?"

"All I need is a molecular bio-scanner."

"Sure, what for?" The Doctor got up and went over to get it.

"Well I'm going to sc--" He stopped for second, not wanting to reveal his plans.

Gao Gent-al nodded. "It's okay. Some of us can tell that Security is busy on some investigation."

Sith looked to the side thinking about this, and Gao reconfigured the bio-scanner tool. Sith then walked over and took it.

"It'll pick up almost any residue now."

"Thanks," Sith nodded and then left. The Doctor was right; maybe the guy accessing the computers knew about the investigation too. If so, he could be watching Security's movements closely.
Captain Archer
Jul 12 2003, 06:24 PM

Ambassador Michael Larkin - Bajoran Medical Bay

"Your going to be all right sir, we'll get those implants out and you'll be good as new." the bright young medical officer said.

"Thank you." Larkin suddenly felt very tired.

He laid down on the bio-bed and looked into the bright light, he felt a hypospray and he drifted off.

Quarters on Bajoran Vessel

It had been several hours since the Doctor released him from the Infirmary. He was told that he would have scars from the implants, but they managed to remove the devices without any problems. He stared out at the stars. "Larkin to Bridge."

  "Bridge here." came the Captain's voice.

"I'd like permission to contact a few people."

  "Affirmative, Bridge out."

Larkin thought a moment then decided he should contact Tom first. "Computer begin recording: Admiral, I'm okay. I managed to get away and was rescued by a Bajoran vessel, were now in route to Bajor, where I will attempt to secure some kind of alliance with the Bajorans, I found some disturbing things while I was incarcerated, we'll talk more when I get back. Larkin out."

Michael sat back in the chair and thought about who he could contact without raising any further suspicions about his absence from the Starbase. Then it hit him.

"Computer begin recording: Captain Hardgrove, this is Ambassador Michael Larkin of Starbase 001. I'm contacting you to arrange discrete transport back to the Starbase in a few days, I will be on Bajor, but I'm having trouble with some Cardassians, if you would be so kind as to rendezvous with me in orbit of Bajor I would be quite grateful. Larkin out."

Michael got up and strolled over to the replicator and got a glass of cold water, then sat back in his chair, and as he did he saw Bajor coming into view a beautiful planet.

  "Ambassador Larkin would you please meet us in the transporter room," came the Captain's voice.

"Of course." Michael strode out the door and down the hallway.
Jul 13 2003, 11:50 AM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - The Deck

K'Rak paced around the deck several times before heading to the bar, where he ordered a tall glass of bloodwine. He, as well as the rest of the Security team, was still in the dark about the anonymous person who had been accessing files from the ship's computers. Clearly, this person knew exactly what they were looking for, and knew their way around a computer panel.

As he sat brooding over his drink, K'Rak was approached by Lieutenant Sith.

"Sir, I have found something that may be helpful."

"What is it, Lieutenant?"

"Well, sir, I examined the access panel with a bioscanner. I did find biosigns from several users, but there was something interesting about them. There were no biosigns from over eight hours ago. It appears that at approximately 1400 hours, the same time our suspect used the panel, someone wiped clean all of the biosigns and biological residue from the panel."

K'Rak frowned. "Who could have done this?"

"It would have to be someone with access to advanced technology, certainly a more senior officer. Unfortunately, there are at least a dozen people who fit that description."

K'rak frowned some more. "Identify anyone who had the capability to tamper with the panel, and then investigate each of them closely. We must stop this person before he accesses any more files."

"Yes, sir, I'll get on it right away," Sith replied.

K'Rak drained the last of his bloodwine, and headed in the general direction of his quarters. It was after midnight, and he still had a lot of work to do.
Jul 13 2003, 08:39 PM

Lieutenant Rune Sith - Captain's Office

David Major tapped at his personal console. "I really don't have time for this."

Sith was standing, holding a Security Padd. "I'm sorry, Captain, but I have no choice."

David knew he was right and turned from his console. "Um, well, my stress isn't due to any kind of track-hiding. It's getting the problems on this Station fixed... Last night I was in my Quarters. You can check the logs for that."

Sith closed his padd. "Okay, thanks, sir." He turned to leave until the David spoke out.

"Sith-- If it is someone in the Senior Staff... I want them found out immediately."

Sith nodded and then left.

The Deck

Sith spoke to Ensign Rasin at a Table Area. "So you were in the Holodeck last night? What about during the time of the previous break-in?" He noticed the scar on Rasin's hand.

"Councilling session." He stated before an unmonitored pause. Sith was staring at his palm on the table.

"Oh-- sorry, I once knew a guy who contracted Kamaraazite Flu ...a good friend, actually." Sith looked down, remembering.

Rasin took this in and thought about it. "Your friend is still with you, as long as you don't forget his life, and not his death."

Sith brought his head back up. "Yeah, I guess you're right." He looked over. "Hey, you really are a Councilor." He got up to get to get back to his investigation. "Thank you for your time, Ensign."

Rasin nodded.

Halliwell's Quarters

The doorbell rang and Commander Halliwell answered it. She was already alerted of his pending arrival. "Lieutenant."

"Commander..." He remembered the incident on the Domtar a couple weeks ago.

"Look I never really got a chance to apologize for attacking y--"

Sith raised his hand. "I understand, Commander." He put it down. "Besides... you had some pretty good moves."

Halliwell smiled comfortably and let him into her Quarters where Sith continued the investigation.

Medical Bay

Sith marked off the last few questions on his padd, as he sat with the Doctor in his Office. "So, you're saying you're capable of IP rerouting?"

"No, I'm just saying sometimes the backup medical database is inaccessible during a Level 4 Diagnostic." He stated.

Sith nodded, "That's true."

"The Ferengi aren't a patient people."

"I guess that's true too."


Sith entered noticing a few padds which sat on a nearby table. T'Kila stood in the centre of the Gym, alone, placing her hands together for a momentary meditation. Exercise seemed to focus her mind when working on her Weapons Investigation.

Sith approached, about to tap her shoulder. "Hey, sorry for intrud--"

T'Kila quickly grabbed his arm and jabbed for his face. "Ha!" Sith blocked it to the side when a spin kick came around for him.

Sith blocked that kick with his forearms. "What the--?"

He then counter attacked another incoming kick by kicking her foot away. T'Kila then jumped off a nearby foot stool, spinning her to an angle in the air above Sith's shoulders, pulling Sith around to a spin as well and sending him off his balance. T'Kila landed on her foot and knee as Sith went rolling along the floor.

He got up. "Hey! How'd you do that?"

"A lot of concentration. I probably won't be able to do that again for a couple hours." She walked over, catching her breath.

Sith held out his padd. "I just wanted to, uhh, ask you a few questions."

"Very well then." She agreed. "25th Century Shaolin. I've seen your style before."

"...And after this investigation, I want to take you on again." Sith added competitively.

Security Office

K'Rak was going through the security camera's on his console. On one passing-by image, Sith approached Engineering from a lower Deck. K'Rak continued on.


Sith rubbed his neck, a bit insecure for once in his life. "Oh great." He entered.

There, Tanik approached him, quite fast.

"I just..."

"Want to investigate me." Tanik spoke as if he knew Sith's type inside out.

"Yes," Sith broke in nonchalantly. His background feelings reined on discrimination. Tanik was a really big suspect on his list.

"Let's cut to the chase, Lieutenant. You suspect me. You suspect me even more so than any other person on the crew... It's understandable."

"You're okay with that?"

"No. But there's nothing I can do about it... but do all I can to prove you otherwise."

Sith glanced at Engineering, "Oh... Okay then. Let's start the questioning."

Tanik led him to a chair.

Outside the Security Office

Sith held a bio-scanner. Everyone Sith interviewed was going through his head. Everything that happened, all thier reactions, and thier frequent locations, had some suspicion. K'Rak met him. "Report."

"I interviewed everyone. I just have to get to Admiral Garrison now."

"What do you think?" K'Rak wanted his honest opinion.

Sith shook his head. "...I suspect all of them."

They were at a momentary standstill. Not even Tanik appeared anymore suspicious than the others.

"Well, I have to return this. I'll meet you after." Sith said.

Medical Bay

Sith entered, "Hey Doc, I forgot to give this back. I think there's something wrong with the way you reconfigured it. Maybe---" He stopped, finding no one there. "Doctor?"

Sith looked around, confused. He found Gao Gent-al, working on a back panel. "Oh! Thanks, Lieutenant. Just leave it on the table there." He seemed startled.

Sith glanced at him suspiciously and placed it down, "Uhh, yeah, sure..."

"Thank you. Is that all?"

"Yes, Doctor." Sith then cautiously left the Medical Bay... Hm, now that makes a person stand out.
Jul 13 2003, 09:14 PM

Drayson Hardgrove: His Ready Room, U.S.S. Gambit

Hardgrove had been sitting at his console for more than 45 mins re-reading the letter he had started to write to Samantha Halliwell . He began reading it again.

Sam, It's been a while. I'm sorry I haven't written or contacted you. I've been busy with matter I'm unable to discuss. Point is I miss you and I want to see you just to talk. When we agreed to end it we promised our friend ship wouldn't. I'm hopping to return to 001 soon maybe we can talk then . Got to go

No matter how may times he read it he knew it sounded desperate .

He closed the letter just as a second screen popped up Hargrove read it quickly noting the origin. Hardgrove then tapped his combadge "Bridge, Alter course new heading. Bajor warp 12 - Engage. Cmdr Hurst. please come to my Ready Room."

Hardgrove then reopened the letter to Samantha and deleted the entire thing the he began a new one.


I am in need of your help

I am sending orders for you and the
Pollux, Rendezvous with the Gambit just outside of Bajor. It seems Ambassador Larkin is currently there and will be in need of transportation home. I am currently unable to more than get him out from behind enemy territory. I look forward to seeing you.

Hardgrove out.
He then sent the letter and a set of order to Sam. He then sent his request to the Admiral. Just as he finished the Door swished open as Jen Hurst entered.
Jul 14 2003, 03:16 AM

Commander Samantha Halliwell ~ Quarters

She sat up again and got into a different position to read the PADD, she shifted slightly, attempting to get comfortable and got out the bed and sat on the floor cross-legged, perfect. She got the PADD and placed it in front of her, only to e interrupted, "No," she said furiously getting up to the console and tapping the button, it was a letter of some sort, "Odd," she whispered sitting down and opening it.

She pushed her hair back over her shoulder while she read the letter from Hardgrove, she had a lot of unregistered looks on her face while she did so, she looked down at her civilian clothing, then back up to the screen and closed the letter and headed over to put her uniform on.

"Halliwell to Captain Major," she said pressing her comm.

  "Go ahead," he replied quickly and sounding a little annoyed.

Probably working, she thought to herself. "There's something I think you should see, sir."

Captain's Office

Major sat back as he re-read the letter Halliwell had brought up to him, he turned towards her in his chair, "When do you receive this?"

"Not less than an hour ago," she replied, "I thought it best if I brought it to your attention." Major stood up and looked her in the eye and nodded and smiled slightly, "It was the best thing to do, but why send it to you?"

"Does that matter?" Halliwell asked, her voice very serious, "All that matters is that it got here."

"Yes," he answered, "But still why you?" He waited for an answer "We're not getting anywhere are we?"

He headed over to the door and it opened, "Well you can tell me on the way."

Halliwell looked at Major puzzled, "On the way to where?"

Major wanted to go see Admiral Garrison about this first.
Jul 14 2003, 12:48 PM

Lieutenant Commander K'Rak - His Quarters

K'Rak reviewed the list of senior officers who were potential suspects.
Lieutenant Sith was right, he thought, they all seem suspicious.

K'Rak thought that the best course of action would be to investigate the officers who were more familiar with technology. Immediately, he thought of Lieutenant Commander Tanik, and Lieutenant T'Kila. He stood up, and left his quarters.


K'Rak approached an ensign who was sitting at a nearby computer panel.

"I need to speak with Lieutenant Commander Tanik. Where is he?"

The ensign directed him to the other side of the main engine, where he found Tanik.

"I need to ask you a few questions regarding your recent whereabouts and computer use."

Tanik looked ready to blow up in K'Rak's face.

"What do you want? I already answered that nosy Lieutenant Sith's questions! Why is it that because I'm a Romulan, I'm the first one that people point fingers at when something goes wrong?"

"Sir, I am not accusing you of anything. I merely need to ask you where you were at 1400 hours yesterday."

"I was in my quarters."

"Very well. Also, have you used any public access computer terminals lately, and have you accessed any secure files without the appropriate authorization?"

"No!" Tanik said, nearly yelling. "I would never look at files I wasn't authorized to see. Now, do you have any other questions?"

"No Sir. Thank you for your time." K'Rak left engineering and headed for the turbolift. As he stepped into the turbolift, he touched his communicator.

"K'Rak to Lieutenant Sith."

  "Yes, sir?"

"Have a security guard assigned to follow Lieutenant Commander Tanik for the next few days. But make sure that it is very discreet. We do not want him to know that we suspect him."

  "Yes, sir, I'll assign someone right away."

As the turbolift zipped upwards, K'Rak became more and more suspicious that Tanik was the one they were looking for.
Jul 14 2003, 01:40 PM

Lt. Commander Tanik - Engineering

Tanik let out a long sigh as he watched K'Rak go. It wasn't like him to burst out with all of his emotions like that, but he had been under a great deal of stress lately - most of it due to the suspicion put on him by most of the crew. In fact, he had just realized everybody was looking at him due to his outburst.

"Alright, everybody, back to work." Everybody was still looking at him. "What is it?" he asked to all of them.

An Ensign spoke up, "Our shift ends in 30 seconds."

"Oh... I must have lost track of time. Forgive me." The night shift started entering the room. "The afternoon shift is relieved. Have a good evening, everyone."

The afternoon shift started shuffling out, and Tanik was the last to leave. I need a good, stiff drink, he thought to himself, and proceeded toward the bar on the Deck.

The Bar

Tanik walked up to the bartender. "Tequila?" he asked.

The bartender pointed to a table in the far corner of the adjoined restaurant, "She's over there."

Tanik looked, confused. Lt. T'Kila was sitting there. Tanik chuckled, "No, I mean the drink."

"I know," the bartender said, cracking a half smile. He handed Tanik the shot

"Thank you."

"Don't," the bartender said, more serious.

Tanik looked down at the glass, and swished it back quickly. He then remembered that he had been meaning to talk to T'Kila the day before, but had forgot because of his anger with the Ensign in the science lab. He walked over to the table.
Captain Archer
Jul 14 2003, 04:41 PM

Ambassador Larkin - Security Ministry: Bajor

"Where?" Larkin said with both urgency and surprise in his voice.

"A set of co-ordinates in the Gamma Quadrant."

Larking took a deep breath "Are you sure?" he asked the officer.

"There's no denying it, this vessel has been making frequent stops in the Gamma Quadrant."

Larkin looked down into the shuttle bay at the vessel he had stolen. "I want those logs placed on encrypted data rods please."

"Yes Ambassador."

Larkin tried to make sense of it all, then it hit him... The Dominion, why else would a Cardassian Legate take a scout ship to the Gamma Quadrant, it has to be. Michael took another deep breath and let it out slowly.


"Yes?" Michael was snapped out of his thoughts.

"The Chamber of Ministers is waiting to here from you."

"Yes, of course, let's go." Michael stepped out of the control booth and down the hall to a shuttle, which took off towards the other side of the capital.

Chamber of Ministers: Bajor

Michael looked around the huge circular room, the ceiling was enormous with murals, religious figures he guessed.

"Ministers, I come to you today on behalf of the Federation and it's allies, to discuss the threat of the Alliance to this Quadrant." The Minister looked at one another then an elderly gentleman stood from the center of a great table.

"I am Minister Nemcke, Ambassador...Larkin isn't it."

"Yes sir."

"Please speak."

"Thank you Minister. It's come to the attention of several at Starfleet Command, that the Alliance has been stepping up the severity of their attacks. I also recently came into the possession of a Cardassian scout vessel which has been making rendezvous' in the Gamma Quadrant. I will not beg, I will not plead, but I would request that the Bajoran people join the Federation. The Federation has proven itself time and again to be a friend to Bajor, and I believe it's time that we've gotten something back for it." The Ministers all looked at Larkin. Minister Nemcke spoke, "Ambassador, we will adjourn to consider your words," and with that the Minister got up and in single file left the chamber. Larkin stood in the center of the room while they left looking at their faces.