Star Trek: 001

   Star Trek: 001 was an RPG started in 2003, created by RMrulz, on a now non-existent Trek Forum called E:Earth BBS. It was participated by numerous 'players'. When E:Earth integrated with the now non-existent Trek Forums The Helix-BBS, the RPG was integrated along with them. After some months, the RPG was brought onto its own separate forums. The RPG ended after 9 episodes, successfully wrapping up story.

   The year is 2752, and the future of the Federation hangs in the balance. A new power has arisen to fan the flames of war. This alliance of empires is banded together under a common banner and cause - the annihilation of the small remnants of the Federation left after the fallout from numerous wars prior. Fleet Admiral Thomas Garrison and the crew of Starbase 001 are the last defenders of freedom in a galaxy gone mad.

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